thigh high boots for plus size legs

We are in the heart of boot season in the midwest and I’m not mad about it. But if you’re a curvy girl with thick legs, whether or not you need wide calf boots or not, you know that boots that fit us and look good can be hard to come by. And if you need a plus size wide calf boot, that can be even harder. Today, we discuss our top thigh high boots for plus size legs, cheap thigh high boots for plus size legs, thigh high boots for plus size legs uk, and The Best Wide Calf Boots for Curvy Women picks below. 

Plus size wide calf boots are a must-have for women who have fuller calves. These awesome boots provide the wearer with a warm layer to keep their legs insulated during colder months. They are also stylish and will match with almost any outfit you can think of. This makes its must-have footwear for every woman who love fashion. Plus size women have curvy legs and wearing wide calf boots is the perfect way to flaunt them without looking sloppy or unkempt. If you want a pair of plus size wide calf boots, go online and visit sites like . There you will find many brands offering various types of boots at affordable prices, so take your pick!

Thigh High Boots For Plus Size Legs

plus size wide calf boot

We don’t need an entire closet full of boots, but we need to make sure the few we do have are the perfect boots for a curvy body or more specifically thick, curvy legs. We’re gonna cover mid-calf boots, knee-high boots, over-the-knee boots, and thigh-high boots in this article. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for plus size, wide calf boots of any height.

But first…

Let me say that these are style opinions based on observations made about myself and other women with curvy body types. Lest you feel like I’m being overly picky and judgy, please scroll to the last section of this post to read my thoughts on individual style. ?

wide calf boot, plus size wide calf boots, plus size boots, best boots for wide calves

I started this post in the fall of 2018 before my dad’s medical crisis caused a halt in production for the next six months. By the time I got back to blogging it was not boot-season. So that’s why the photo above shows my hair with only about 6 months of gray regrowth and I had just accidentally turned it purple and was in the process of scrubbing that out. ?

Proportion is EVERYTHING for Curvy Women and Boot Height is No Exception

I’ve never written a full post on this subject, but I’ve mentioned it numerous times; when it comes to looking our best in clothes, the proportion is everything, especially for curvy or plus-size women.

A quick Pinterest search should give you some good guidelines. But, one of the key principles we need to remember for today’s lesson is to not create a “line-break” at the widest point of any body part unless you’re trying to make an area look larger. I’m confident in assuming most of us are not going for that.

Where our boots hit our leg is no exception. And since I’m primarily talking to us wide-calf girls, the height of the boots we choose is super important to maintain a sleeker look.

Disclaimer – This post contains affiliate links. I make a commission if you purchase through one of these links but it doesn’t affect the price you pay for the item. Thank you for supporting me through your purchases and encouraging comments. You keep this website going! Full disclosure.

Wide Calf Boots or Not, Boots for Curvy Girls Require a Little More Thought

It’s not impossible to find boots wide enough and tall enough to fully cover our calf, but it’s why we’ll never have a gargantuan boot collection. Keep in mind that having a massive collection of anything should never be our goal. It’s better to have fewer pieces that fit and flatter us to perfection.

I myself have a wide calf, sometimes even an extra-wide calf and require wide calf boots. However, even if you don’t need wide calf boots, if you’re a big girl with chunky legs finding the correct boot height is key.

The visual examples below show boots in varying height on my muscular calf. These were all taken with my iPhone 11 set to 1x zoom and placed at about knee height, giving the illusion that my leg is slightly slimmer than it is. I have turned my left leg out slightly to show the boots from the side. Where your boot hits on the back and side of your calf is equally as important as it is from the front. You can see this a bit further down in the post as well.

wide calf boots, best boots for plus size women; plus size wide calf boots, plus size over the knee boots
None of these boots are bad, but some create a longer line than others

My left calf is the largest and measures 18 1/2″ at the widest point. For more tips on finding boots for wide calves, read How to Buy Wide Calf Boots.

Never Let a Boot Cut a Muscular Calf in Half

Mid-Calf Boots

best boots for wide calves, plus size wide calf boots, boot mistakes wide calf girls make, plus size knee high boots


If you look close, you will see this boot squeezes my calf a bit

Let me keep this short and sweet, mid-calf boots on a muscular calf are a big ol’ NO. Although, you probably already know that.

But did you also realize that it’s not super flattering or slimming if your boots hit you anywhere on the swell of your full calf? Yeah, this is what makes finding boots for full calves extra hard.

If you have an extra-wide calf, whether or not you’re plus-size, consider looking for boots at a plus-size retailer like Torrid or Lane Bryant.

Keep Your Unique Leg Shape in Mind

Not all shapes are created equal and that goes for curvy girls too. My grandmother was a big and tall woman but she had bird legs. I didn’t inherit, obviously. ?

Keep your own leg shape in mind when choosing a boot so you can find a boot that hits your leg at a flattering, not fattening place.  If you inherited fat knees, thunder thighs, or a weird, bulbous drumstick thigh (“Thanks Other Grandmom) find what works for you.

But in general, use these style guidelines to find flattering boots for your leg shape.

Knee-High Boots

best boots for wide calves, plus size wide calf boots, boot mistakes wide calf girls make, plus size knee high boots

Tall, knee-high boots are one of my favorites. If you can find a pair of boots that go completely over your calf but stops in that narrow spot just below your knee-cap, you’ve struck gold!

tall knee boot is the Goldilocks of boots. Not too tall, not too short. They’re just right for almost any outfit.

In my opinion, these tan boots (above) from last season are the perfect height for me from the front and the side. They stop at the knee cap which is the narrowest place on my leg besides my ankle. ?

A Little Height Difference Makes All the Difference

best boots for wide calves, plus size wide calf boots, boot mistakes wide calf girls make, plus size knee high boots

Take a look at the two “tall” boots above. There is only a slight difference in the height by look how much leaner my calf looks in the boots on the right.

Over-the-knee Boots

best boots for wide calves, plus size wide calf boots, boot mistakes wide calf girls make, plus size knee high boots, wide calf over the knee boots, plus size over the knee boots

IF we’re careful about the height and what we wear them with, over-the-knee boots can look good on a curvy body.  I’m really cautious here because I think if the boot is too high it crosses over the line into “thigh-high” boots and I’m not necessarily a fan of them on most people.

Is it just me or have some styles crossed the modesty line and have made looking like Vivian before she morphed into the Pretty Woman not only socially appropriate but even desireable?

So, if modesty is a concern, be careful what you wear with over-the-knee boots. If you choose to wear them with dresses or skirts, for good taste and modesty, keep the dress length just above the boot or even a bit below. (In my example photo, for photographing purposes, I’ve pulled the dress up higher than I normally would wear it.)

And since most of us curvy girls have large thighs finding a pair of over-the-knee boots that leave a little wiggle room in the thigh for comfort and to avoid the dreaded muffin thigh bulge above the boot.

I wore over the knee boots with this wild Faux Fur Look and with a Denim skirt and kimono outfit.

Thigh-high Boots

Higher hair might be closer to God, but higher boots might not be.

As I mentioned above, I would steer clear of thigh-high boots myself. However, if you must try it for yourself make sure the boots aren’t so tight that your thigh is spilling out over the top.

Choose a Boot Height That’s Best for You

I always end this type of post by reminding you that style is individual to YOU. If you have wide calves and you like accentuating that feature by wearing mid-calf boots, by all means, go for it!

But if you prefer a leaner look in your boots, be a bit more discriminating (a.k.a. picky) when you are choosing the boots. Be patient because you will try on lots of boots that just aren’t right. But remember, we’re not trying to build a huge collection of just any old boots. We want boots that make us look and feel great.

Let’s Talk Boots

Have you found your sweet spot for boots? And do you have an opinion about thigh-high boots? I won’t be a hater if you’re a big fan.

Wide Calf Boots for Curvy Women

World’s Greatest Bootmakers

Best Boot Brands for Men

“You get what you pay for” is a pretty good mantra to live by – especially where your wardrobe is concerned. Take boots, for example. If you’re tight with your money, you’ll be met with cheap leather (or worse, synthetic), flimsy soles and low-standard construction. Ultimately, that equates to footwear which won’t stand a chance against the harsh winter elements, will fall apart in a short space of time, and need to be replaced at further expense.

Alternatively, you could invest more and come away with something robust, handmade and built to last. It may be a bigger hit to your bank balance in the short term, but in the long run, you’ll get more for your money.

With that in mind, these are the bootmakers worth knowing and what they specialise in.


Best For: Quality British Boots With Character

Grenson Hadley Boot
Grenson Fred Commando Sole Brogue Boot Joseph Cap-Toe Burnished-Leather Boots
Grenson Fred Commando Sole Brogue Boot


They say practise makes perfect and Northamptonshire heritage footwear brand Grenson has certainly had its fair share. Founded by William Green in 1866, it was the first bootmaker to use the Goodyear-welt process (a layer of leather stitched to the bottom of the upper and then bonded to the sole) – a construction technique it still uses to this day and is now widely viewed as a hallmark of quality.

Signature styles include Derby and Chelsea boots, as well as some of the best brogues around.



Best For: Australia’s Finest Chelsea Boots

R.M.Williams Comfort Craftsman Suede Chelsea Boots Black
R.M.Williams Comfort Craftsman Suede Chelsea Boots Brown
R.M.Williams Gardener Whole-Cut Leather Chelsea Boots


Named after its founder, a travelling labourer and bushman who became a millionaire thanks to his leatherwork, Australia’s R.M.Williams is known the world over for producing some of the finest boots money can buy. One-piece leather riding boots are the brand’s most popular design and were revolutionary in terms of their construction when they first launched in the 1930s. Today, you can still find them alongside lace-ups and other classic silhouettes, all of which boast the brand’s characteristic rugged build quality and sleek good looks.

Buy now at FarFetch


Best For: Italian Craftsmanship

Velasca Pacciasass Suede Boots
Velasca Magut Brown Leather Chelsea Boots
Velasca Resegott Hiking Boots


Hailing from the small Italian city of Montegranaro, Velasca has quickly gone from a small artisanal shoemaking operation to a worldwide footwear brand without sacrificing any of the quality. Using the finest Italian materials and handmade techniques, the brand’s boot collection combines style with quality and durability in every piece. Highlights include the Giasee country boot and the classic Tirape lace-up.

Buy now at Velasca


Best For: Military-Spec Footwear

Danner Bull Run Boot
Danner Mountain Light Boot
Danner Light Boot


Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Danner is an American heritage manufacturer known for producing some of the toughest boots around. And that’s not just talk – the brand’s build quality and ruggedness has earned it a contract with the U.S. Department of Defense, making boots for the Marine Corps. And if they’re good enough for those guys, they’re good enough for us.

Buy now at Huckberry


Best For: Traditional Hikers

Fracap M120 Ripple Sole Scarponcino Boot
Fracap M120 Natural Vibram Sole Scarponcino Boot
Fracap M127 Cut Vibram Sole Scarponcino Boot


It’s been over a century since Tuscan craftsman Antonio Cappello made his first pair of hiking boots. It was a move that laid the foundations for a long-running family business that’s still going strong today. The brand is known for its boots’ traditional styling and use of fine Italian leather. And, in a move that has brought it bang up to date for modern times, shoppers can now completely customise their boots on the firm’s website and have them handmade to order.

Buy now at Threadblob:


Best For: Fashion Meets Functionality

Timberland Premium 6″ Boot In Yellow
Timberland Heritage 6″ Premium Boot
Timberland 6″ Premium Boot Black


Timberland’s signature six-inch yellow boot is nothing short of a footwear icon. In the time since it first hit shelves in 1973 everyone from weather-beaten workers to rap royalty has fallen in love with its robust build and rugged good looks. The yellow boot was originally designed to stand up to the cold, snowbound winters of New Hampshire – and it did just that, quickly becoming the basis for the entire Timberland brand and one of the most recognisable boots there is.

Buy now at FarFetch

Clarks Originals

Best For: Laid-Back Looks And Versatility

Clarks Originals Desert Boot
Clarks Originals Wallabee Boot
Clarks Originals Wallabee Boot Gore-Tex


It’s impossible to think of casual boots and not think of Clark’s. The brand is a British institution and its iconic desert boot is a timeless classic, unparalleled in terms of versatility and styling. It’s far from Clark’s only boot though. Other signature styles include the Wallabee and the Desert Trek, both of which feature its trademark crepe sole and minimal design ethos.

Buy now at SSENSEblob:


Best For: Countryside Pedigree

Tricker’s Stow Brogue Derby Boot
Tricker’s Burford Leather Boots
Tricker’s Henry Brogue Chelsea Boot


Another Historic British shoemaker flying the flag for Northamptonshire, Tricker’s has been on every self-respecting footwear connoisseur’s map since 1829, when the brand was the maker of choice for heavy-duty country boots and shoes for England’s estate owners and landed gentry. Today it’s still very much doing its thing, and thanks to some modern tweaks and the odd collaboration here and there, it’s one of the coolest bootmakers there is.

Buy now at MR PORTER

Red Wing

Best For: Classic American Work Boots

Red Wing 875 Moc Leather Boots
Red Wing Shoes 8085 Iron Ranger Burnished-Leather Boots
Red Wing 8859 Heritage Work 6″ Moc Toe Boot


If there’s one piece of footwear that perfectly encapsulates the vintage Americana workwear aesthetic it has to be a Red Wing boot. That combination of rich tan leather and white wedge sole is instantly recognisable and indicative of quality to those who know. Countless brands have attempted to better the Red Wing design and so far none have succeeded. If you’re after a pair of American work boots, why not skip the rest and go directly to the best?

Buy now at MR PORTER

Dr. Martens

Best For: Rock And Roll Attitude

Dr. Martens 1460 Smooth Boots
Dr. Martens Pascal Boot – Made in England
Dr. Martens Black ‘Made In England’ 2976 Chelsea Boots


Another Northamptonshire brand can only mean one thing: more quality boots. Dr. Martens is relatively young when compared to other shoemakers from the county, but what it lacks in heritage it compensates for in attitude. Although its boots were originally designed as workwear for gardening, Dr. Martens were soon adopted by various youth subcultures, earning them an “alternative” image which still holds true to this day.

Buy now at SSENSE


Best For: Comfort And Durability

Blundstone Dark Olive 1615
Blundstone Steel Grey 1910
Blundstone Walnut Brown 550


Hailing from Tasmania, Blundstone describes its boots as “the most durable, most comfortable ever made”. It’s quite a statement, but one that its products easily backs up. Plus, despite being one of the world’s most recognisable boot brands, Blundstone remains Tasmanian through and through, carrying out all of its design and production on home turf.

Buy now at Amazon

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