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TXG Sensitive Foot series #4651
Ideal for those who have diabetics, sensitive and allergic skins, to alleviate discomfort in legs.
With high acrylic content and a soft cushioned sole, they offer an unparalleled comfort.

5 TXG unique designs :

  1. Widen stripe design giving no oppressive injuries
  2. Mesh-like ventilation designed for comfort and superb ventilation
  3. Our printed logo is at the sole, embroidering-free at the leg area to ensure gradient compression is intact.
  4. The bamboo charcoal yarn is added to be antibacterial deodorant
  5. Foot arch support designed to ease the weariness

Available Colors:White
Available Sizes:S、M、L、XL
Compression levels : 15-20mmHg Prevention
Compositions : 74.9% Acrylic / 15.4% Nylon / 7.3% Polyester / 2.4% Spandex (Lycra®) / Made in TaiwanAcrylic
Acrylic is lightweight, soft and warm, with a wool-like feel. Its fibers are very resilient compared to both other synthetics and natural fibers.

Bamboo Charcoal
bamboo charcoal is a synthetic fiber and made by active carbonized bamboo under high temperature, wet absorption, deodorizing and antiseptic.

First developed by Dupont, Lycra has a number of advantages besides being able to stretch, such as more lightweight, comfortable and breathable, not to mention quick drying.

Our compression socks come with Lycra certified tag, in compliance with international gradient compression standard.

What’s more
To create the most comfortable compression socks, we have a handful of uniquely trained assemblers meticulously align every single seam in-line with naked eyes.
The finest craftsmanship with a daily capacity of only 7 dozens per assembler.

Something you don’t know
What other brands deal with the toe seams linking:
Machine linked seamless used by most major brands. The downside is the seam line is rather thin, not soled enough and prone to torn apart.
Machine linked with seam, the least expensive of manufacturing, is visible and to the touch. It causes a pressing indent line along the toe, and prone to cause abrasion.

Please measure the maximum girth of your calf and ankle.



Attention before wearing compression socks:

Compression wears should not be worn if you have been diagnosed with any of these ctonditions: 

● Congestive heart failure
● Advanced arterial disease
● Severe deep venous thrombosis
● Inflammation due to bacterial infection 

Please consult with your doctor whether compression stockings is for you ifthe following conditions apply: 

● Sensitive skin
● Skin infections
● Atopic dermatitis
● Neuropathy or insensitivity
● Physical immobility

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