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ties for men

Ties get a bad rap as a boring, default gift for guys, but giving (or getting) a tie doesn’t have to feel like a lazy letdown. Ties are one of the stand-out statement-making accessories of the men’s fashion world, and now that many of us are conducting our business in video meeting that only show up from the waist up, they’re an even more essential way for him to show off his style. The key to choosing one that won’t require your giftee to feign excitement is simple: don’t choose a ho-hum, blasé tie. Whether it’s a dynamic color, a playful pattern, or a luxe, sophisticated fabric, these ties are sure to please.Azalea Lighthouse Dots Tie

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The Tie Bar$25 AT THE TIE BAR

A punchy plum color and a mix of two different polkadot styles give this tie a fashion-plate feel without being too out of the box for a conservative office. Unlined Houndstooth Wool Grey Tie

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Guys who prefer their look a little more subdued can still get a dash of interest from the wool texture of this neutral checked tie. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWSolid Silk Tie

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A classic navy silk tie is the little black dress of the tie world—every well-stocked closet needs one. Manston Check Silk Tie

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Burberry$190 AT NORDSTROM

Burberry’s signature check pattern give this tie a dose of dynamism that’s still appealingly classic for the traditionalist. 5cm Wool Tie

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Lanvin$84 AT MR PORTER

The cool knitted texture makes this option a standout from the sea of standard ties. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWNative Herringbone Dusty Rose Tie

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The Tie Bar$25 AT THE TIE BAR

The sleek herringbone pattern of this silk tie will convert even the most pink-skeptical.  BB#5 Repp Tie

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Brooks Brothers$89 AT BROOKS BROTHERS

A gold and burgundy striped tie is preppy perfection. Pin Dot Silk Tie

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label$136 AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE

A purple-hued microdot pattern transforms what might otherwise seem like a standard silk tie into a stylish accompaniment for any outfit.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWLeo Tie

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Salvatore Ferragamo$114 AT NORDSTROM

A whimsical homage to man’s best friend makes this tie a charmer (but the petite scale and repeating pattern still keep it sophisticated.)Medallion Silk & Linen Tie

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For men who like substance with their style, this rich navy tie, accented by pale medallions is sure to hit the spot thanks to a wealth of texture.Navy Moody Florals Tie

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The Tie Bar$22 AT THE TIE BAR

Daring types will love this fun rose print, while those just dipping their toes in the print end of the pool will be drawn in by its classic navy palette. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWBrooks Brothers Repp Tie

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Brooks Brothers$89 AT BROOKS BROTHERS

Wide-spaced stripes make an impact while still letting the rest of his outfit stand out. Navy Formal Velvet Tie

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The Tie Bar$22 AT THE TIE BAR

Formal occasions don’t have to mean ho-hum dressing; mix things up with an unexpected fabric in a classic color like this navy velvet tie. Quindici Exploded Paisley Silk Tie

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Ermenegildo Zegna$310 AT SAKS FIFTH AVENUE

This stand-out orange and blue paisley pattern is a guaranteed compliment-getter. ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW Medallion Silk Tie


For the minimalist man who wants to branch out, this dark tie’s colors are only revealed by the shifting light.LAUREN HUBBARD WriterLauren Hubbard is a freelance writer and Town & Country contributor who covers beauty, shopping, entertainment, travel, home decor, wine, and cocktails.This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io

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When you are used to wearing plain ties on smooth silk, and you see a beautiful tie with a strong pattern, or just a club tie (with stripes), it’s very desirable, it’s different from the ordinary and it makes you dream, but it can immediately seem impressive. Sometimes you even wonder if you would be able to wear a strong piece well. Indeed, the pattern is imposing and it catches the eye! That’s the whole point of this kind of tie, it’s to offer an added value in terms of style. The problem is that you have to be comfortable and confident otherwise the effect is not there! Here are some tips to help you wear your first ties with ease:

I Start With A Simple Pattern

Going from a plain navy blue tie to an old yellow and orange madder pattern might be too high a step to take in one go stylistically. In fact, your colleagues who are surprised by such a bold move might point this out to you, which is not the desired effect.

It is best to start with a simple striped tie (call club tie) with two colors like our blue/green striped tie, or blue/brown striped tie . This is a first step that will allow you to wear more and more assertive ties.

II Do Not Accumulate Patterns

When you’re not used to wearing strong pieces in your outfit (in this case one of our ties), you should start simply. Wear it with a suit made of plain, sober fabric (a navy blue or grey will do very well) and a white or sky blue shirt, as well as a pair of black or dark brown Oxford.

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What’s the point ? Wear only simple pieces around, so as not to weigh down your outfit. It is better to avoid accumulating strong pieces in an outfit when you are not used to it.

III Choosing The Right Width

Although the trend over the last ten years has been to wear skinny ties (between 6 and 7cm of width), you have to know that things have been reversing for the last one or two years, and that standards will soon rise again.

Our goal is not to make you buy a trendy tie, but rather to choose one that will never go out of fashion, and that’s why we often recommend starting with an intermediate width of 8cm.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is article-gentlemenclover-cravate-fine.jpg

A rather fine knitted tie, on which one plays with the contrast with wide lapels

It is an all-purpose width, a sure and timeless value, which is suitable for all morphologies and all outfits, because the width is never disproportionate.

For the second tie, you can opt for an 8.5 cm (my favourite width)! Provided, of course, that your collar shirt and the lapels of your suits are proportionally consistent. If they are thin and short, go for 7.5 cm and if it’s the other way around, go for 8.5 cm wide! It’s a simple matter of common sense.

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Showing Rich Mahogany Knitted Tie, Striped Oldschool Pocket Square & Silver-Tone Royal Stag Lapel Pin

Your tie’s position on your chest immediately catches the eye… much like Superman’s ‘S’ emblem. And the right necktie can turn your Clark Kent look into ‘Man of Steel’ material.

As you start investing in an arsenal of quality neckwear – pieces that you’ll keep for years – questions probably start to come to mind.

“How do I keep them looking good and ready-to-go all the time?”
“Where should I keep all these ties?”
“How do I stop them from getting lost in my sock drawer?”
“What can I do about this massive wine stain from dinner?”
We know. We asked the same questions.

We’ve gathered everything you need to know about storing and cleaning ties. Tips to keep your tie looking crisp and wrinkle-free whether you’re headed to work or saving the world from bad guys.

Before we get into caring for neckties, let’s fix the primary mistake that most men are guilty of – the one that dramatically reduces the lifespan of your tie.

A man of your style undoubtedly knows how to choose and wear a tie correctly. But do you know how to take it off without stretching the fabric?

A lot of guys yank the knot loose enough to pull their heads through and then carelessly throw it over a chair until needed again.

This method – keeping the tie always tied – ruins the material, leaves permanent creases and makes the knot look tired and flat.

Ever complimented someone on their tired, flat tie? Yeah, we haven’t either.

Showing Bart Silk Boho Tie, Ben Modal Boho Scarf & Bart Silk Boho Pocket Square

We believe that men deserve fresh knots every time they wear a tie. It’s one of the small things in life that brings so much joy.

The right way to take off your tie

Gently loosen the knot
Keep loosening until you can pull the fabric through the large part of the knot
Tie Removal Tip

Avoid rubbing or catching the fabric as you pull it through the knot. Too much strain damages the thread and ages even the best of ties.

Taking the extra 2.8 seconds to properly remove your tie is the difference between one that lasts for years and one that’s tired.


Good Neckwear Is Both A Financial And Stylistic Investment.

You wouldn’t cram a wad of cash in the sock drawer, right? The same is true of your neckties. Treat them well and they’ll last longer than those socks.

The key is to store them so that wrinkles have a chance to smoothen out. This usually takes about 3 days – another important reason why you need more than 1 great tie!

2 ways to store ties so they stay smooth and wrinkle-free

Hang them up
Roll them up
If you’ve ever used a clothes hanger for ties, then you’ve noticed that they all slide and bunch together on one end.

Clothing hangers are made for clothes. Tie racks are made for ties.

Tie racks are hung on the wall or from the rail inside your closet. Don’t spend a fortune on one, but do understand that the investment helps protect your other investment… ties.

Rolling your tie is the low-cost storage option.

You can buy specific tie boxes or inserts that slip into a drawer with separate compartments for each tie. You can also place rolled ties in a drawer without other articles of clothing on top.

Fold your tie in half lengthwise and hold with one hand
Lay the tie face down on a flat surface
Carefully roll the tie towards your hand

The key here is to not roll too tightly.

Your ties should immediately go back to their natural form when unrolled. Roll too tightly and they’ll be permanently curled.

Rolling a necktie is also the best way to pack for traveling – folding will leave it creased.

Tie Storage Tip

Knitted (and all square tipped ties) and silk ties should always be rolled.
Hanging them, especially for long periods at a time, causes stretching and loose stitching.

No matter how carefully you remove it, store it and wear it… wrinkles happen.

A good tie naturally has a rolled and voluminous shape and shouldn’t be ironed in the same way as a shirt. Steam ironing is the way to go. Use the following temperatures for best results:

Silk Tie: Low temperature
Wool Tie: Medium temperature
Cotton Tie: High temperature
Polyester Tie: Low temperature

Showing Benson Silk Boho Tie, Bob Modal Boho Scarf & California Tan Small Leather Laptop Sleeve

Most everyday wrinkles can be released by hanging the tie in the bathroom while you take a steamy shower.

Try the following method, using a steam iron and your hand, for particularly stubborn creases:

Place a clean cotton cloth on an ironing board
Put the tie face down on the cloth and wrap the cloth around it
Apply steam from the iron to small portions of the tie beginning at the short end
Use your hand and medium pressure to flatten the tie
Flip the tie over and repeat for the other side
Check frequently for color loss which occurs if the material gets too hot. This is why it’s important to go over section by section and start at the less-visible thin end.

Stop immediately and lower the temperature if you notice color loss. Wait until the fabric has cooled (1-2 minutes) before continuing.

Hang the tie to dry and cool off after steam ironing both sides.

Serious wrinkles and creases may require a dry cleaner. Make sure they won’t mechanically press the tie flat and ruin the natural roll – suggest they hand-press.

Steaming Tip

Remove any stains completely before steaming as heat will set the stain and make it impossible to get out.

Avoid wrinkles altogether by properly removing and storing your tie. It’s that easy.

Your tie sits in a precarious position right in the way of dropping food. It’s like a pasta sauce magnet.

Just spilled something? Time for action and split-second reflexes… kind of like Superman and speeding bullets. The sooner you treat a stain the easier it is to get rid of it.

Showing Brown Raw Cashmere Wool Tie, Short Red Stone In Gold 925 Silver Set & Light Brown Handmade Wool Pocket Square

Remove as much of the food with a spoon or blunt knife.
Remove as much of the liquid or oil by drying it with a napkin.
Use a damp napkin to blot (not rub) the stain. Fizzy water works especially well.
Extra special stains require extra special attention.

Greasy Stains: Put talcum powder or cornstarch on it and leave for a few hours.

Ink: Allow the ink spot to dry before trying to remove it. Adding water to wet ink causes it to run and become even larger. Once dry, blot the stain with a small amount of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer and a cloth. Let it dry and repeat until the stain disappears.

Red Wine: Immediately take the tie off and pour a large amount of table salt on the stain to soak it up. Do not rub the salt… simply leave it on the spot. Next, remove the remainder of the stain using the same rubbing alcohol method as with ink.

We suggest you use a dry cleaner for your silk tie. If you use the above methods, use caution and test on an unseen part of the tie before diving in.

Water stains and color loss are problems with silk, especially if washed incorrectly or submerged in water for more than 5 minutes. Avoid water spots by only cleaning the actual stain by dabbing with a cool, damp cloth.

Always air-dry and do not wring or twist your tie.

Washing wool ties is a delicate process. Wool ties are likely to ‘felt’ when cleaned incorrectly. This means it will start to frizz and possibly shrink from rough agitation and varying water temperatures.

We suggest entrusting your stained wool tie to a dry cleaner.

Polyester and cotton ties can be washed by hand if a bit of unwanted lunch lands on them.

To remove a dried-on stain…

Use a baby wipe and wipe the stain in one direction
Don’t rub back and forth aggressively
Use light to medium pressure and check the baby wipe periodically to see that the stain comes off (the wipe will be dirty)
How to hand-wash a cotton or polyester necktie

Fill a clean sink with cold or lukewarm water
Mix in a tablespoon of laundry detergent
Put the tie in the water and stir it around
Let it soak for 10 minutes
Remove the tie, drain the sink and fill with clean cold water
Put the tie in the water to rinse away the soap residue (repeat until no soap remains and the water is clear)
Press out the excess water with a towel
Hang up to dry
Cleaning Tips

Avoid bleach. Bleach will turn even the whitest of white polyester or cotton ties into a yellow disaster.

Washing machines and dryers are rough and ties are delicate. Putting your tie through the washing machine leaves it creased and devastates the gently folded layers and lining of a well-made product.

Showing Blue Paisley Tie, Navy Pocket Square & Oxford Brown and Tan Small Leather Laptop Sleeve

The only way to never get a wrinkle, crease or stain is to never wear a tie.

Since that isn’t going to happen… the next best thing is to be armed with the know-how to remove those wrinkles and spots.

Taking care of your ties isn’t as difficult as you may have thought, and the rewards far outweigh the effort and time. Think of your neckwear as an investment and you’ll be more likely to remove it correctly, roll it before putting away and eat carefully.

Everyone gets a stain at some point in their life, so don’t stress. There’s always a way to get it out… or just cover that bad boy with a tie clip and call it style.

Washing machines are rough and ties are delicate. Putting your tie through the washing machine will leave it creased and devastate the gently folded layers of a well-made product.

The same goes for dryers! Dryers will damage the shell and lining and are also a nope.

Yes. Most fabrics like silk or wool are best cleaned by a professional dry cleaner.

Be aware: If pressed too hard (like mechanical pressing), the fibers may break and ruin the tie. Make sure the dry cleaner uses a hand press to maintain the rounded edges.

You should only clean your tie if it’s dirty or stained. The key to a happy necktie is to keep it clean and spotless for as long as possible.

If your necktie is clean but smells of smoke, air it out by hanging it in fresh air.

Outside is ideal, but avoid direct sunlight as it ruins the color. You can also hang it inside next to green plants. Leafy plants are great for absorbing chemicals and cleaning the air .

The best way to pack a tie for traveling is to roll it.

Hold the small blade and wrap it around your hand creating a loose roll. Place the rolled tie in a sealable plastic bag and then carefully insert inside one of the shoes you’re packing (one of the clean shoes!) – the shoe protects the tie when your luggage is tossed from airport to airport.

Take a nice hot shower when you arrive at the hotel and hang the tie in the bathroom. Let the steam and gravity take care of any wrinkles.

Roll the tie as you would for storing or traveling. After rolling, find a box that fits. We suggest lining the box with wrapping tissue – it makes everything look better. And don’t forget the card!


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Silver cuff links are an essential part of a well-dressed gentleman’s attire. Our masculine and stylish designs make the traditional emblem of the elegant man fashionable. Cast in fine sterling silver, our cuff links will make an impact. Created by an illustrious silversmith, our silver cuff links will please the most discriminating tastes. Most of our silver cufflinks can be personalized with engraving as well. Choose from various our various font styles offered with our silver cuff linksabout:blankEmbed URLPaste a link to the content you want to display on your site.EmbedLearn more about embeds(opens in a new tab)Sorry, this content could not be embedded.


Cufflinks actually pre-date the button, safety pin, zipper and Velcro. Luckily, advancements have been made since the first cufflinks to make them completely customizable. Cufflinks are a great way to add a personal touch to a suit or dress shirt. With so many new styles, they can also be a way to support your favorite teams, display your unique sense of style, or simply complete a look.

Prepping The Shirt For Cufflinks

  1. 1Wear the correct shirt. Cufflinks are most commonly worn with French cuff (also known as double cuff) dress shirts. This sort of shirt has extra long cuffs that fold back on the cuff material, creating layers. French cuffs don’t have buttons on the sides to connect the cuff. Instead, there are small holes on each side of the cuff, where cufflinks are added. Wearing cufflinks with this shirt means that the cufflink will be securing four layers of shirt fabric. This is a dressier look, and the most classic style of shirt to wear with cufflinks.
    • Cufflinks can also be worn with single cuff shirts, the variety typically found at department stores. Wearing cufflinks with this style of shirt is a more casual
    • This cufflink style is the most common of all cufflinks, and one of the easiest to put on.
  2. s. Whale back cufflinks have a straight post combined with a flat, solid whale tail backing, similar to bullet back cufflinks. Flip the whale backing straight so it is flush to the post. Grasp the cufflink with your thumb and pointer finger, and use the rest of your fingers to hold the top portion of the cuff still. Push the cufflink post through the holes on the top section of the cuff, then bring the bottom portion of the cuff up to meet the cufflink. Push the cufflink post through the bottom portion of the cuff. Once the post and backing are completely through all of the cuff fabric, flip the backing perpendicular to the post to secure the cufflink.
    • This style is similar to bullet back closures, but offer a more secure backing that locks into place once flipped.
  3. . Fixed backings are an extension of the cufflink face. This means that the post and backing are formed from the same piece of metal as the front face of the cufflink. The backing does not bend or move in any way. Grip the cufflink with your thumb and pointer finger, and use your other fingers to hold the top of the cuff steady. Maneuver the back of the cufflink to fit through the top cuff’s holes. It will fit through the holes the same as a button would. Then push the back of the cufflink through the bottom portion of the cuff.
    • This cufflink style may require a bit more work to put on, but can be beneficial in the long run from not having moving parts.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CUFF.jpg
  1. Attach a set of chain link cufflinks. Chain link cufflinks are the original form of cufflinks, and feature a connecting chain linking the two ends of the cufflink together. Hold the top portion of the cuff with your middle, ring, and pinky fingers, and use your thumb and pointer finger to push the back of the cufflink through the top cuff’s holes. Then bring the bottom cuff up to meet the top cuff, and again, use your thumb and pointer finger to push the back of the cufflink through the holes of the bottom portion of the shirt cuff.
    • These cufflinks are normally a bit more difficult to put on. However, the benefit of wearing these cufflinks is that the flexible chain between the front and back of the cufflink typically allows for a more relaxed cuff fit.
    • An additional benefit of this style is that there is something to look at on both sides of the cufflink
    • Attach a set of reversible cufflinks. These styles of cufflinks have a fixed backing, featuring a design on the back end, rather than a plain fixed disc. Attach these cufflinks the same way you would attach fixed back cufflinks. Use your thumb and pointer finger to fit the entire back end of the cufflink through the holes in the top layer of the cuff fabric, while your other fingers hold the cuff steady. Then, bring the bottom portion of the cuff up to meet the top portion, and push the back of the cufflink through the holes in the bottom cup. The cufflink will be secured when the back is held in place on the bottom portion of the cuff like a button.
    • This cufflink style allows for an appealing design on both sides of your cuff, and enables you to switch what is shown as the face of the cufflink. It’s like having two pairs of cufflinks

  • QuestionHow do I choose cufflinks?Tannya BernadetteProfessional StylistExpert AnswerChoose cufflinks based on your personality or interests. For example, you can get cufflinks with dogs on them if you’re a dog lover.Not Helpful 0Helpful 0
  • QuestionCan I wear a shirt with cuff links without a coat or a jacket?
  • Community AnswerYou certainly can, but fashion standards say not to. Cufflinks are usually for more formal settings and should be worn with a suit or tux.Not Helpful 5Helpful 14
  • QuestionCan I wear cuff links with a shirt that had buttons?
  • Community AnswerTypically, no, since there would be no facing (bottom side) hole or holes to receive the link fastening part. A good seamstress could, however, remove the button and create a buttonhole in its place if (and only if) the cuff were long enough to accommodate the shirt wearer’s wrist with the cuff ends overlapped for insertion of the cuff link. For the typical shirt wearer of casual, not formal, dress wearer, the more practical solution for lost buttons would be to obtain and sew on replacement buttons as needed, or to purchase a new shirt.Not Helpful 5Helpful 8
  • QuestionShould the inner arc on curved cufflink posts be facing toward or away from the sleeve edge?Community AnswerThey can we worn either way, as people looking at the cufflinks won’t be able to tell. Generally speaking, only you will know which way you put the cufflinks in.Not Helpful 4Helpful 2
  • QuestionWhere on the cuff should I attach a cufflink?
  • Community AnswerYour cuff should have have slits where buttons normally would be; If it has buttons, you need a different, cuff link-friendly shirt.Not Helpful 4Helpful 1
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is CUFFLINK.jpg
  • Be sure to wear cufflinks that match your outfit and the occasion. Usually like colors, or even a subtle accent color are nice choices for cufflink pairings.
  • Consider putting the cufflinks through the cuff holes one layer of cuff fabric at a time. It might prove to be easier than inserting the cufflink through all layers of fabric at once.
  • Cufflinks really are the perfect groomsmen gifts as they allow the couple to get something specific that really matches the personalities of each groomsman.[2]


When to Wear Cufflinks | How to Wear Cufflinks

Are you ready to upgrade your fashion sense but aren’t sure exactly when to wear cufflinks? Perhaps you’ve recently purchased a cufflink and stud set but can’t decide how to wear cufflinks with your outfit? Or maybe you’re wondering when to wear cufflinks for certain events or venues? CuffLinks.com is here to help you with the ins-and-outs of these stylish accessories so you can wear your mens luxury cufflinks like a boss.


  1. Choose a pair of cufflinks while wearing a french cuff shirt with cuffs and cufflink holes.
  2. Rotate the backing clasp on the cufflink to make a “T” shape, so the backing is parallel to the cufflink stem.
  3. Fold the cuff of your shirt over so the two holes in your cuff are aligned.
  4. Push the backing end of the cufflink through the outside button hole.
  5. Pinch both ends of of your cuff together, and bring the outer cuff closer until you can push the cufflink through the holes in both layers of the cuff.
  6. Rotate the backing clasp to keep the cuffs in position.

Understanding how to wear cufflinkswith the right outfits is important if you’re interested in upgrading your fashion sense. Even the most elite fashionistas — or fashionistos rather — must consider how to wear cufflinks with their suit, tuxedo or work shirt. Most of our cufflinks fasten together using buttons, magnets or clasps. The specific type of cufflinks you’re wearing affect how you wear the cufflinks with your outfit. From black tie events to the blue collared work shirt, there are many opportunities in which you may find yourself wondering how to wear cufflinks.


Special black-tie events are one of the more common scenarios where you may want to wear cufflinks. If you’re looking for something formal that doesn’t attract too much attention, you may be interested in wearing more subtle cufflinks, such as our collection of classic cufflinks. Dress shirts, such as tuxedo shirts and French cuff shirts, can be fastened with a matching set of cufflinks and studs.


When it’s time to attend a more formal occasion, you should opt for choosing a cufflink set that compliments, and is visible when wearing, your formal attire.

First, select a dress shirt and jacket. Next, put on the jacket over your dress shirt and make sure your cuffs extend slightly beyond the length of jacket sleeve when folded. Then, stick a cufflink through the two holes in each cuff to fasten them in place. Finally, your cufflinks should be slightly visible while wearing a formal jacket.

If you’re wearing a suit with navy blue tie, you might consider a pair of Silver and Blue Catseye Cufflinks or some high-end sterling blue enamel knot cufflinks.


There comes a time when every man must wear a tuxedo. If you’re wondering how to wear cufflinks with a tuxedo, the answer is pretty straightforward. You’ll want to add some classic silver or metallic accents to your tuxedo and cufflinks are the perfect accessory to make that happen. By adding just a bit of extra flare, you’ll achieve that bold high-fashion look while still leveraging your own personal style. Our collection of mens luxury cufflinks, such as a pair of yellow gold diamond cufflinks by Armenta, make excellent additions to your tuxedo. Tuxedo shirts require both cufflinks and studs to be worn properly.


First, fasten the studs to your tuxedo shirt. Next, attach your cufflinks to both cuffs on your shirt (see “How to Wear Cufflinks,” above). Then, slip on your vest and jacket. Finally, tug gently on both cuffs so they align with – or slightly extend beyond the length of your jacket sleeves.


White tie events are a bit different than other formal occasions. These events tend to be a bit stricter when it comes to formality and tradition. Typically, these events have a dress code you’re expected to follow. If you’re wondering how to wear cufflinks to a white-tie event, the first thing to check is if there are specific dress codes listed in the invitation.


You’ll need to step it up when you wear cufflinks to white-tie events. A common solution is to find a classy set of white or pearl cufflinks. Our Sterling Silver Classic Formal Mother of Pearl Cufflinks are subtle yet elegant and pair very well with a white-tie event. If you’d like to avoid breaking the bank, our Silver and Mother of Pearl Stud Set by Ox & Bull Trading Co are excellent lower-cost choices.


While most of us are not expected to be wearing cufflinks in the workplace on a daily basis, doing so makes you stand out from your competition. If you’re wondering when to wear cufflinks to work, it really depends on a few things:

  1. Does your workplace have a dress code?
  2. Do you wear a dress shirt to work?
  3. Are you hoping to impress your colleagues?

If you answered yes to each of these questions, then you should definitely consider wearing cufflinks to work. Our selection of Hobbies and Interests Cufflinks are just what you need to spark a good conversation at the office. From superhero cufflinks to star wars cufflinks, you can represent your favorite interests while still looking classy in the workplace.


Now that you know more about when to wear cufflinks, you may be interested in how to wear cufflinks with other fashion accessories. It’s always nice to choose a theme when you’re looking to achieve a distinguished look. For example, why not go all out with Star Wars accessories by adding a Star Wars tie or Star Wars bow tie to complement your Star Wars Cufflinks? For something more modern, check out our designer cufflinks which pair well with designer dress socks and designer money clips.

Next time you’re wondering how to wear cufflinks, turn to CuffLinks.com for some inspiration. We’re confident you’ll find something to finish your look in our extensive catalog of men’s accessories.

How To Wear Cufflinks In 2021

Cufflinks are accessories that have more power than you may first think. As is well known by masters of gentlemanly wares..the devil is in the detail. Small details really do make a BIG difference, so, for all you suit wearers out there, it’s time to turn your attention to simple and engineered men’s accessories. After all, there are few examples of men’s jewellery that are smaller, and yet more impactful, than cufflinks.

With this in mind we encourage you to link your cuffs, showcase your character and add a refined dash of personality to any formal occasion. Rather than an afterthought, think of your cufflinks as an essential and valuable styling opportunity. Cufflinks are both functional and decorative, allowing you to be pragmatic and expressive with one simple detail. At Alice Made This, we chose cufflinks as our founding product typology for that exact reason. Alice, the founder of Alice Made This, is a product designer and cufflinks mirror her ethos that form follows function. The cufflink, to us, is a mini artwork that has to perform an imperative task…to link your cuffs.

Here are some styling tips and facts to help you in the run up to the festive season, to help you face a diary full of formal occasions and maybe spark some gifting ideas for the men in your life. These small details really do make all the difference.

copper cufflinks by Alice Made This

The History Of Cufflinks

The cufflink has been a persistent element of men’s style for nearly 800 years. Prior to its existence, tailors used buttons solely as decoration, and men kept their clothes together with pins, laces and straps. During the 13th century, tailors began using buttons as fasteners. But it wasn’t until the post-Renaissance period in the 1600s that two ornamented buttons, attached in the middle with a link of chain, became de rigeur among the upper classes of Europe, especially Great Britain. Jewellers began turning out what they called “sleeve buttons” in silver and gold, with etched or stamped designs, and often encrusted with precious gems. Royals commemorated weddings and other special events with them, and the wearing of cufflinks became the mark of a gentleman.

In 1788, the first known record of the word “cufflink” appeared. In 1845, the French claim to the double shirt cuff was laid with Alexandre Dumas’s novel, The Count of Monte-Cristo, which describes Baron Danglars’s elegantly adorned cuffs. It has been said that the turned-back sleeves of Dumas’s characters inspired French tailors to begin making doubled-over, or “French” cuffs. The French cuff has remained popular for 150 years as a vehicle for cufflinks.

The practice of wearing cufflinks spread and became ubiquitous during the 19th century. By the late Victorian period, cufflinks and shirt studs were essential to every gentleman’s wardrobe. Most cufflinks at the time were still made much as they were in the 17th century, with two ornamented faces connected by a link. Although soon men would have an easier time getting dressed in the morning.

In the Twenties, jewellery designers invented the T-post and flip hinges. Snap-together cufflinks followed in the Thirties. The button-down shirt’s popularity in the 1960s and 1970s dampened the demand for cufflinks. Since the 1980s French cuff shirts again returned to men’s wardrobes, and are now popular with all ages from older gentleman to young professionals, as a tool to stand out and add character to an outfit.

how to wear cufflinks | the history of cufflinks

When Do You Wear Cufflinks?

Cufflinks are most commonly worn for formal events, weddings and with business attire. They should be worn when a full suit or a blazer is part of the overall attire.

What Shirts Require Cufflinks?

Whether or not you require cufflinks comes down to the shirt you are wearing. As a fairly rudimentary way of assessing whether you should be wearing a set or not, take a look at your shirt cuffs. If they don’t have buttons or have double cuffs, it’s probably a good idea to pop some cufflinks on.

How To Style Your Cufflinks.

Black tie: For the most formal of occasions, such as those that require a dinner suit, a rich tone and plain cufflink adds refinement to your outfit. Pair with some shirt studs and possibly a lapel pin. Stick to a single choice of metal, for example, copper or gold. Paired back shapes and material authenticity will add a level of sophistication to your outfit.

how to wear cufflinks | black tie

Weddings: An occasion like a wedding is a good opportunity to show your character. This can be done through the details such as your choice of cufflinks. Feel free to be experimental and to play with colour and design. There are many ways to stand our and add a touch of decadence or design flare in a tasteful way.

how to wear cufflinks | weddings

Business: Simple understated designs in the office can ooze confidence and authority. Match your metals. Pair your cufflinks with your tie bar or your watch. Consider the style and materials and think of details such as material authenticity or the form of the cufflinks as opportunities to highlight the qualities of your character such as honesty, quality, strength and creativity.

how to wear cufflinks | business

Which Type Of Cufflinks To Choose.

Stud cufflinks: We refer to these as our solid stem cufflinks and see them as our core design. They feature no moving parts and they are quick and easy to feed through a cuff. Durable, paired back and fuss-free, these are a great cufflinks for all occasions – from business meeting to formal affairs.

Chain cufflinks: The basis of a chain cufflink is two ends linked by a chain. This style is a more traditional style of cufflink and gives a slightly looser fit – a good choice if you find traditional options too restrictive.

Ball end cufflinks:Much like the standard solid stem or stud cufflinks, a ball return cufflink features no moving parts. Instead, the style uses a spherical head attached to a bar at the back. With its rigid body, the ball return simply pops through the cuff and into place. We have used this design to facilitate a reversible design that can be worn two ways.

Bullet back cufflinks: is the most common type of cufflink. This style generally features some form of decorative detailing on one side and a small, bullet-shaped clip on the other. The narrow cylinder on the reverse rotates to thread through the shirt’s cuff holes, where it can be twisted back into position to secure. Ideal for guys who like a snug fit, our William cufflinks use this Bullet back design.

stud cufflinks | chain cufflinks | ball end cufflinks | bullet back cufflinks

Cufflink Do’s And Don’t’s.

Do: Go for clean, simple designs with good quality materials.

Don’t: Wear novelty cufflinks…they are so last century and there are so many beautiful options out there.

Do: Gift cufflinks to your loved ones. A well-designed, good quality pair of cufflinks makes a unique and precious gift to someone close to you.

Do: Always wear cufflinks with French cuffs.

Don’t: Wear odd cufflinks. It is like wearing odd socks!

Do: Consider wider accessories to work with cufflinks. Perhaps a lapel pin or a cuff bracelet. Matching materials or designs across different accessories can complete an outfit.

Do: Own more than one pair if you wear a suit more than occasionally. Accessories can make one outfit become many.

Do: Match your cufflinks to your shirt studs at black tie events or other formal occasions.

Do: Consider your cufflinks when dressing for a wedding. It really will make you stand out.

How To Care For Your Cufflinks

In order to keep your cufflinks looking their best it is important to look after them carefully, and with the right methods for the different materials. Here at Alice Made This we are on hand to give you advice about how to take care of your cufflinks.

Brass, copper and steel cufflinks

To polish your brass and copper jewellery, use a household metal cleaner, for example Brasso. Use sparingly and this will make them look as good as new.

Cufflinks with a precious metal finish. (Vermeil)

Vermeil is not a fan of sweat and water. Before exercising or showering, remove your jewellery. Clean your pieces by buffing gently with a dry cloth and store it in your pouch.

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Solid gold

Everything deserves some care and attention, even something as strong as Gold. To maintain its beauty, scrub lightly with a toothbrush and warm water.


Platinum will not fade or tarnish but, after time, the bright shine of platinum jewellery takes on a soft, aged patina. We love this material quality, but if you wish to keep it looking as good as new you can scrub lightly with a toothbrush and warm water.

Sterling silver cufflinks

Silver is sensitive to H2O. Avoid water when wearing your piece because, over time, the sterling silver will oxidise. Did you know that the oils in your skin help keep silver from oxidising faster? So, wear often. When you do not wear your silver pieces, store them in your AMT pouch and box.

Patina cufflinks

Our Patina pieces are formed by creating a chemical reaction on the surface of the brass. We seal this with the wax, so avoid rubbing this area unnecessarily. You may wish to re-apply some wax after a few years. Rub a sparing amount of carnauba wax on to the patina, leave to dry and polish off with a soft cloth. (In case you were wondering… Carnauba wax is an extremely useful natural renewable. It is harvested from the leaves of the Carnauba palm, which is only grown in certain regions of Brazil. It should not be confused with palm oil palms).

How To Wear Casual Cufflinks

With the modern workplace becoming increasingly casual thanks to the technopreneurs of today, it’s time to talk about what it means to dress business casual or ‘Smart Casual’. In an attempt to help with the confusion over what smart casual actually means, this week we offer you some ways to wear your cufflinks more casually and embrace a more dressed down approach when it comes to your accessories.

But, first things first. The golden rule when it comes to any style of clothing, whether smart or casual, is to purchase pieces that fit you properly. Nothing destroys an outfit like an ill-fitting jacket, shirt or trouser. The first secret to looking smart is correct sizing. Think shoulders, waist and arm length. The second secret is to accessorise and that’s where we can help!

It’s easy to assume that the words ‘casual’ and ‘cufflinks’ shouldn’t go together, but with changing attitudes towards office attire and a more contemporary approach to ‘smart casual’, you could be wrong.  Whether you are putting together an outfit for a laid-back summer wedding, a more dressed down look for the office or want to look your best for a dinner date, cufflinks are the perfect accessory for elevating your casual wardrobe. Just because you are dressing more informally, doesn’t mean that cufflinks should be ignored. A simple and engineered pair of cufflinks can show that you have great attention to detail, whatever the occasion. To give you a bit of inspiration, here are our favourite cufflinks for going casual.

Casual copper cufflinks

When accessorising a casual outfit, we recommend choosing a minimalist and timeless design so as not to draw too much attention. You want the raw material of your cufflinks to speak for itself, creating a subtle statement and a refined aesthetic that doesn’t leave you looking too overdressed. The clean faces of our Edward copper and Alexander copper cufflinks are ideal for this. Pair them with a classic white, pale blue or chambray cuffed shirt and a pair of cotton twill chinos. With the Alice Made This cufflinks, try Drakes for a great selection of shirts and a brand like The Workers Club or Margaret Howell for a contemporary, high quality pair of chinos to give you a clean and considered look.

casual copper cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks and knitwear

Layering your cuffed shirt with some well-made knitwear looks smart, considered and still casual. A geometric pair of cufflinks will punch the cuffs and give an elevated look.  Opt for this look if you need an outfit to see you from day through to night, work in a less corporate office or just want to experiment with your accessories and switch up your wardrobe staples. Our Kitson cufflinks or one of our hand-engraved James brass cufflink designs work particularly well with knitwear as the patterns, graphic silhouettes and added detail sits nicely against the texture of a weave.  

cufflinks with knitwear | Alice Made This

The collarless shirt

Looking for a contemporary take on the classic white shirt? Go collarless! As we move into spring, a collarless shirt is ideal for creating a cool, collected look. We suggest wearing it under a light or striped seersucker jacket and with a silver or steel pair of cufflinks to give a fresh, crisp look.

cufflinks with collarless shirt | Alice Made This

Embrace separates

We have spoken to many people asking ‘can I wear a suit jacket with different trousers?’ and ‘how should I wear different combinations of separates?’. Our answer is always, ‘Don’t be afraid to mix different jackets and trousers’. The bread and butter of separates, navy and beige are always failsafe options because beige is neutral and is discernibly complementary to navy. Although failsafe, it can sometimes be a little too predictable, so it is all in the detail and the accessories you choose. Alternatively, you can explore plaids, tweeds, bolder colours and patterns with your jacket choice and pair with beige, grey, navy or even denim bottoms to find a smart casual vibe that suits your personal style. A pair of silver cufflinks, like our Kitson, Erno and Bancroftdesigns, can add the perfect detail to your well considered separates.

cufflinks with separates | Alice Made This

The classic blazer

When we think of a ‘smart casual’ look, many of us will traditionally turn to a blazer. Questions like ‘what to wear with a blazer?’, ‘what trousers do you wear with a blazer?’ or ‘can you wear jeans with a blazer?’ always spring to mind. Worn over a shirt, a jumper or with a pair of jeans, a blazer is a great way to add structure to an outfit and look your best while still feeling comfortable regardless of the climate. A pair of cufflinks, like those in our aerospace collection, offer precise and industrial details that look fantastic combined with a blazer. They’re sure to catch the eye of the person you’re talking to, whether you’re raising a glass at a party or are just an animated talker. We love our Lucas steel and Oliver steel cufflinks for creating a crisp, casual aesthetic.

Be bold with colour

Colour combinations in men’s fashion can be considered limited, but really there are no rules. If you like bold colour, then go for it. Colour makes people smile and dressing casually is a great opportunity to have a bit of fun with colour. You can be bold with tones that you may not necessarily feel comfortable with in a more corporate or formal situation. Embracing colour in your accessories is also a little more subtle if you are too nervous to go for those bright trousers or that neon top. Our patina cufflinks were made for colour and have a beautiful, complex kind of vibrancy. Hand-finished by London-based patina artist Derek Bayley, no two pairs of our patina cufflinks are ever the same with the rich, deep finishes being achieved by expertly layering and oxidising different chemical combinations. The Bayley Prussian blue cufflinksBayley Luna silver cufflinks and Bayley Salmon pink cufflinks are some of our current studio favourites.

colourful cufflinks | Alice Made This

Go short

Yes, you can pull off shorts with a blazer or a cuffed shirt! You can make your cufflinks work across different seasons and climates. A simple and tailored pair of shorts in a bold colour means that you don’t have to pack your cufflinks away when the sun is shining. We love this look and, if you’re contemplating this combination, you’re probably the kind of dresser who’s up for trying something new. This would be a nice outfit to wear on a holiday or for a smart occasion that doesn’t require a full suit. It’s a summer take on smart casual. Our tips here would be to go for fairly smart shorts and opt for chinos rather than denim or cargo. Choose a more casual blazer, perhaps something unstructured, or you could even choose a summery fabric like linen or seersucker cotton. Alternatively, you can skip the jacket, remove the tie and unfasten the top few buttons of your shirt, going for loafers or desert shoes rather than smarter lace-ups. When it comes to accessories, go for a brass cufflink from our aerospace collection. These would complement the climate and gleam beautifully on your sleeve.

cufflinks in summer with shorts | Alice Made This

The casual commute

Why not use your commute to dress down, while still dressing to impress beneath the layers. Commuting to and from work can quickly become monotonous. There is the balance to ensuring that your office attire is suitable for taking on both the boardroom and your morning commute with confidence. Whether you’re hopping on a train or taking the healthier route and going by foot or bike, keep things fresh and ensure you look your best while doing so. We suggest a bit of layering to accommodate the to-ing and fro-ing each day. A bomber jacket and a workwear over-shirt are great ways to layer up and treat your cufflinks a little more casually. Remove the layers for a meeting and reveal immaculate attention to detail with your cuffs. Finish your look with some wool-based jogging fit trousers and a pair of Common Projects white trainers. Another good option for a casual commute is to invest in a staple piece of clothing like a down-filled gilet. Thanks to practicality-loving designers, this mid-layer has become an essential for all. The beauty of a down-filled gilet is its weight – or lack of it – and its ease of wear. Brands, from Brunello Cucinelli to Uniqlo, have embraced this outerwear garment so you can choose to wear it under or over your suit jacket, enjoying this trans-seasonal essential. Whatever route you take, remember that layering is a great technique for bridging the seasons and maintaining a contemporary vibe, whatever the weather.

cufflinks for casual commute | Alice Made This

Opt for smaller cufflinks

The cufflink is a small yet integral accessory for any man’s wardrobe. A smaller cufflink design is also well-suited to a more casual look, offering a precise injection of personality and pared-back metallic tones.

Our Austin cufflinks work well here. They are a reversible and compact pair of cufflinks that are smaller in size than our traditional designs and come in silver or gold colours. They are a good everyday option, as are all of our stud cufflinks. With their straight and solid style of stem, our cufflinks have no chance of any fiddly, swivelling parts. They offer a pragmatic solution when compared to a more traditional cufflink that tends to require a higher level of finger dexterity and can be seen as too impractical for daily use. 

Other smaller designs include our Edgar and Alfred pieces. With their graphic detail and polished finishes, they all shout loud for their size.  

smaller cufflinks | Alice Made This

Lose the jacket

Should you wear a French cuffed shirt without a jacket? There are no formal rules on the matter, so personal preference should be your guide. A bit of confidence goes a long way too. As the weather warms up, you can get away with just a coat and a shirt, leaving your jacket or blazer at home. Opt for a textured shirt and pair of cufflinks with a contrasting texture. Our hand-finished Bayley Luna silver cufflinks are a current studio favourite, with each pair possessing a unique character and quality of its own.

Considered Outerwear

While there is still a little chill in the air at this time of year, with well chosen outwear, you can move seamlessly from the week into the weekend, ready to dress down when you get there. Choose versatile and functional pieces that look as great paired with your favourite cufflinks as they do dressed down for a Sunday lunch or a weekend stroll. A neatly cut overcoat can take the place of a blazer for informal smart casual events (where you’ll take it off anyway). Alternatively, the bomber jacket has been one of the most sought-after outerwear designs for the last couple of years, precisely because they’re so in tune with a more casual or laid-back approach. Use one to dress down a shirt.

A field jacket can also be a great choice. We would suggest going for a Private White VC jacket with their contrasting copper hardware to sit harmoniously with Alice Made This jewellery. Going for a vintage field jacket is a great option too. Finally try a classic mac or trench coat to offer protection from the elements, without adding unnecessary bulk or heat to your spring/summer look. Go single-breasted and beltless for a more casual look. You can go timeless and versatile with traditional hues of stone or navy, or choose it for a pop of colour, like orange, yellow, green or red, separating you from the crowd. Either way, these tones and colours will all work beautifully with our authentic colour palette, driven by our raw materials.

cufflinks with outwerwear | Alice Made This

Pair your cufflinks with a bracelet

Not only are cufflinks brilliant for accessorising a casual outfit, cuff bracelets are too. Whether you prefer copper, silver, gold or a combination of all three, teaming your cufflinks with your bracelet can add interest to your casual wardrobe. We love stacking different widths of our Bancroft silver bracelets and wearing them with a pair of Bancroft silver cufflinks or our Erno silver cufflinks.  Dressing casually doesn’t have to mean dressing without accessories or without refinement. You can go further and add ringspins and more bling to your look. Pair with your watch or go for layering. Wear your jewellery or accessories with confidence and enjoy being a minimalist, with a piece or two streamlined in a single metal, or a maximalist, stacking and mixing your metals.

cufflinks with a bracelet | Alice Made This

As many of us can be confused by what smart casual means, it’s reassuring to know that, as smart casual means nothing, it can mean anything. Part of the reason that smart casual is so hard to define is that it can mean radically different things in different contexts. It’s a state of mind as much as dress.

Ten Occasions To Wear Cufflinks

Whether you are getting married, attending an important work meeting or dressing up for a date night, cufflinks are the perfect accessory for injecting some personality into an outfit and expressing your unique style. Available in a variety of materials, forms and finishes, we have a pair to suit every occasion. Ranging from architectural profiles and polished faces, to timeless designs and textured edges, our full collection of cufflinks includes ideal gifts as much as wardrobe staples that can be worn for years to come. This week, the team here at Alice Made This looks at 10 occasions to wear cufflinks and recommends a pair for each.

Cufflinks for a Wedding

Whether you are attending as a guest, searching for the perfect groomsmen gifts or getting married yourself, cufflinks are the ideal wedding accessory. By choosing a refined design, you can stand out from the crowd and pick pieces that complement your suit without your accessories being too overbearing. We recommend the architectural profile and textured finish of our Erno blasted silver cufflinks.

silver cufflinks | wedding cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Graduation

Graduations mark a proud moment and the end of a lot of hard work for both the graduate and their families. Such a special occasion deserves a special pair of cufflinks – plus the photo will probably be displayed for years to come so you want to look your best! We recommend a pair of our simple and engineered Oliver steel cufflinks for a contemporary look that will see you through from the ceremony to your first job.

steel cufflinks | graduation cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for Work

It can be hard to express your individuality at work, particularly if your job is quite corporate, but cufflinks are a great way to bring a bit of your own style into the office. We recommend a timeless design in a timeless material like our Jasper brass cufflinks. You can wear them day-to-day and the stepped details will work just as well for after work drinks.

brass cufflinks | work cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for an Important Work Meeting

For some occasions, you really want to be looking and feeling sharp – drawing on a bit of extra inner confidence. Important work meetings can be nerve racking, but with a precise pair of cufflinks you can walk in feeling your best. We recommend our Thomas rhodium cufflinks with their smooth, reflective surface.

rhodium cufflinks | office cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Job Interview

Job interviews are one of the few occasions where we are centre of attention and need to be expressing our strongest selves. First impressions count, and an honest pair of cufflinks can show that you mean business. We recommend a pair of our Alexander copper cufflinks for their classic design and warm, metallic tones.

copper cufflinks | job interview cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Funeral

Sombre occasions like funerals call for respect and decorum. This isn’t the time to break the rules or go too loud with your accessories. We recommend keeping things paired back with our Edward steel cufflinks.

steel cufflinks | funeral cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Party

You can’t have a black-tie party without wearing a fab pair of cufflinks. Gold tones and reflective details look perfect with a tuxedo and can help you really stand out against the monochrome. We recommend our Alvar gold cufflinks to help you dance the night away.

gold cufflinks | party cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Date Night

Whether it’s your first date or your fiftieth, date nights are a chance to show that you care – both about yourself and the person sat opposite you. With a simple pair of cufflinks you can show that you have style, good attention to detail and that you take time over your appearance. We recommend a pair of James gold cufflinks for a rich and eye-catching detail.

gold cufflinks | date night cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for a Holiday

Holidays are a wonderful chance to let your hair down, relax and have some fun with your style. Whether you are heading out for dinner or enjoying sunset drinks, we recommend experimenting with colour with the deep shades of our Bayley Prussian blue cufflinks.

blue cufflinks | holiday cufflinks | Alice Made This

Cufflinks for Women

Cufflinks are definitely not just for men. Paired with a great suit or a cuffed shirt, cufflinks can create a modern and refined look for her. We recommend a pair of our Austin rose gold cufflinks, with their reversible ends and geometric profile


Where to tie pin and cufflink sets

personalized tie clip and cufflinks set are ‘luxury brands’ designed for royalty and women of high social status. Nairacloset is one of gold tie pin and cufflink set online review sites you can depend on if you wish to make the best decision during your purchase of gold tie pin and cufflink set.

We have varieties of silver tie clip and cufflink set, personalised tie pin and cufflink set and purses to suite your taste. It also comes in categories such as tie pin and cufflink sets, personalized tie clip and cufflinks set, gold tie pin and cufflink set, silver tie clip and cufflink set. shop with us and enjoy the personalised tie pin and cufflink set sale 2018.

For a finishing touch to your look that will pull it together perfectly, opt for the Enamel Detail Tie Pin And Cufflink Set by Black Lemon. This duo will add a little shine to your look without it looking over-the-top, so it’s perfect for your ensembles you wear to special events like dinners and weddings.

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