Tiktok light price

If making TikTok videos is your thing, how do you light them so they look great? We’re going to take a look at the top 7 TikTok or Musical.ly photography lighting setups and equipment 2020 so you can be sure that your videos are always on fleek – just like you! If you want viewers to be super-impressed by your slick vids, then good lighting is a must-have to make you look flawless and professional. Let’s check below for the best tiktok light price models for you

Tiktok light price

Top 5 Best Ring Lights For YouTubers, Makeup Artists And Photographers Of 2020

Neewer 18″ LED Ring Light Kit (Editors Pick)18 Inch55W5500K/3200K with Filter$$$4.8Find Out More!
INKELTECH 18″ Ring Light18 Inch60W3000K – 6000K$$$4.7Find Out More!
Neewer 14″ LED Ring Light14 Inch36W5500K/3200K with Filter$$4.6Find Out More!
UBeesize 8″ Ring Light8 Inch8W3200K – 6600K$$4.2Find Out More!
Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light3 Inch3W5600K$4.3Find Out More!

Neewer 18″ LED Ring Light Kit (Editors Pick)


Best Ring Light

First off, let’s look at the Neewer Dimmable 18 Inch Diameter 55W LED Light Kit. This is a great value and a very useful kit. Neewer is a manufacturer and distributer of professional DSLR and photography equipment, including flashes, battery grips, remote shutter controls, camera and phone lenses, and other photo video and camera phone related products.

I first became aware of them around 10 years ago by word of mouth among other professional photographers. I’ve been using several different Neewer lighting set ups in my own business and have been completely satisfied with them.

The 18” light delivers a continuous output of Daylight balanced 5500K, and two sets of filters that fit directly on the ring light, soft white and orange.

It’s a well thought out kit, including a camera mount, a very sturdy light stand, and a bag to carry it all in. It isn’t the most portable but the light quality and reliability of this product is unmatched.Using it is very straightforward. Mount the ring light to the stand, mount your camera, video camera, or phone inside the ring, plug it in and turn it on. You will notice it’s very bright. You can adjust the brightness quite a bit by turning the adjustment knob. It is AC powered, so its best use is going to be for loosely posed people or items.

The goose neck allows for variation in the angle you point it, but it’s a little stiff. Needs to be stiff for some of the heavier uses it’ll get, but it would be a good habit to set it and shoot, rather than try to vary the angle while you’re shooting video. You can use a DSLR or a phone on this ring light.

You’re going step up your game on Tik Tok or YouTube with this light. This unit is easily my favorite of all tested and Neewer is a high-quality, affordable company making awesome products. One of the best ring lights out there!

INKELTECH 18″ LED Ring Light



Next, we look at the Inkeltech Ring Light. This is also a kit, with a stand, mount, bag and remote. Rated at 60W, it’s a little lower wattage, but the LED light is balanced for 3000K to 6000K. This gives you a very diverse color temperature to make your scenes very cool or very warm.

This Inkeltech Ring Light might boast more attractive features than the Neewer 18” Ring Light but it’s barely edged out because some customers have complained that it is a bit flimsy and not as reliable as the Neewer.

In this ring light, there are 480 LED bulbs, which makes this light super powerful, while keeping the picture soft.

LEDs are not one big tube or globe of a bulb, but a whole lot of little bulbs put together. A huge advantage to LEDs is that they give off very little heat compared to similar wattage conventional bulbs. A disadvantage is their price. Also, with this particular lighting tool, if the LEDs go out, you can’t replace them.

Set up and use is very easy, but the instructions leave a little guess work for you to do. Not to worry, though, since once you get it set up the first time and see how it all goes together, then each next time will be easier. This ring light operates on AC power. The diameter is a generous 18”, which we are really beginning to enjoy.Another enjoyable feature is the remote control. It allows you to adjust the color temperature effortlessly as well as dim it iff there is too much ambient light. Adjusting it allows for using a wider lens aperture for selective focus.

Also by combining a ring light of this caliber with a backdrop system you will get great results.

This light set up is another great tool for videographers, YouTubers, photographers, and make-up artists. The fit and finish of certain parts of the stand and mounts seem a little underwhelming, but nothing to diminish its intended purpose. All in all, a very nice unit. Because of the above mention features, it deserved a spot on our best ring lights list.

Neewer 14″ Inch LED Ring Light


Best Ring Lights

Third, we have the Neewer Dimmable 18 Inch 55w kit. Almost everything I said about the other Neewer ring light applies to this one. Neewer products look, feel, and act like quite high quality tools. This 18” ring light is no exception.

At 55 watts, the light output is slightly lower than the fluorescent bulb. In certain situations, that slight variation of maximum output might make you decide to opt for more power. Especially if shooting small products close up, where more depth of field becomes critical.

That being said, this unit was a joy to work with. My expectations were high for this light, and I wasn’t disappointed. Easy to set up, easy to use, and a very understandable set of instructions.

Getting used to LEDs is interesting. You forget that they’re on! LED bulbs are cooler operating lights, so you don’t notice the warm feel on your face when setting up the rig for close ups.The AC power source did seem to get quite hot, however. I think this may be because of the difference in how LEDs and conventional bulbs work, because I didn’t notice the power supply in the other Neewer light getting too hot, and my Neewer studio strobes operate with very little heat build up.

The value factor of this set up was, for me, a little lower. You don’t get a stand or adapters with this kit. And there’s 20 watts difference in power. Overall, though, a very good ring light, with all the advantages of the LED crowd of lighting products.

UBeesize 8″ Ring Light


Best Ring Lights

Fourth, we have the UBeeSize Dimmable 8 Inch Ring Light Kit. Almost everything I said about the other Neewer ring light applies to this one. Neewer products look, feel, and act like quite high quality tools. This 18” ring light is no exception.

My expectations were high for this light, and I wasn’t disappointed. It comes with the normal kit supplies – a stand, phone holder and remote. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and a very understandable set of instructions. At 8 watts, the light output is certainly lower than that of the previous lights mentioned. Though, this unit was a joy to work with.

For a small light like this one, the versatility makes it a great gadget to play around and experiment with. You get the same benefits as a bigger light, such as the ability to adjust a wide range of brightness and color temperatures. Though, you get a considerably less strong light.

You can adjust the stand to as tall as 51 inches and as short as 17.5 inches. It’s small size makes it fairly portable, but it does have to be plugged in. Hopefully, in the future, we can get a fully portable light without any cord at all.The value factor of this set up was, for me, a little lower. You get all the advantages of other LED Ring Lights, though it only has 8 watts of power. Overall, it’s a very good budget ring light fit for people who don’t need a huge amount of light in their setup.

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light


Lastly, Auxiwa markets a ring light for phones and laptops. This a 3 inch ring light that has 3W of light power and a 5600K color temperature, which is perfect for indoor shooting. This does not come with a stand, because it is designed to be extremely portable and clamp onto the top of your phone or laptop with ease.

One great feature this light has is that it is rechargeable. So, you don’t have to be tied down by a cord. The lithium battery has a decent enough charge life, but once you notice it start to dim, it will be mostly out of power in a few short minutes. A three position switch allows for reducing the light output, which will also increase battery charge life.

Charging is easy through the supplied USB cable. Though, the connections sometimes didn’t feel quite secure. After several times of plugging and unplugging, I had to wiggle the cord to make sure the charging signal came on.

The battery charge lasts about multiple hours and recharging takes about the same. After it’s charged, it feels great to not be tied down by a cord.The most attractive feature of this light is how portable it is. You can easily store it in a bag, purse or even pocket. You simply clamp on the lamp to the top off your phone or laptop, switch it on and start looking your best!

It has a much lower light output but it is portable and versatile. I would include make-up artists (or selfie aficionados) in my recommendations for users, because this will give you just enough light coverage for close ups. For YouTubers or videographers, I would recommend a larger ring light kit.

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