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Toothpaste For Gum Repair


Taking care of your gums is essential if you want to enjoy better oral health, which in turn benefits your whole body. We show you how…


You’ve come to the right place if:

  • You sometimes feel your gums are swollen or sensitive – or you’ve noticed blood after brushing – and you want to deal with it. Or…
  • You want to learn the best ways to care for your gums and prevent gum problems. (We’ve helped millions of people with their oral health – and trained tens of thousands of dentists worldwide in practising prevention.) Or…
  • You worry your gums are receding and want to know if there’s anything you can do about it.



Learn about gum disease and the dangers of gingivitis and periodontitis…

Bleeding gums

Maybe you’ve noticed traces of red when biting into an apple. You’re not alone. Bleeding gums are very common. But you must treat it as a warning sign.


It could mean you have an early stage of gum disease known as gingivitis (other symptoms can include dark red, soft, sensitive gums and bad breath). The main cause of gingivitis is a build-up of bacterial plaque.

IMPORTANT: The good news is that, in many cases, you can deal with and prevent gingivitis by committing to a great oral health routine. (You’ve come to the right place. Please see the steps below!)

As ever, it’s also important to make regular visits to your dentist and dental hygienist.


When not treated, gingivitis can lead to periodontitis – an inflammation of the tissues that hold in place and support the teeth. If periodontitis is left untreated you risk losing a tooth. Please see your dental professional if you have any concerns.



Use a gentle, effective toothbrush with the right technique to keep your gums healthy…

Get your gum health right and you give yourself an incredible foundation for a healthy mouth. A great starting point is to understand the following…

The idea that we should brush hard with a hard brush is simply not true. The sulcus – the groove between the teeth and gums – is a breeding ground for the bacteria that form plaque. But it’s very difficult to clean with a hard toothbrush – hard bristles simply can’t adapt to the structured surface of the sulcus.

This can lead to two unfortunate scenarios.

  1. The sulcus fills with bacteria and becomes infected.
  2. Because they find it hard to clean the sulcus with their hard toothbrush… many people scrub the area all around the sulcus using lots and lots of pressure. In this case, it’s possible to achieve a clean, healthy sulcus… while at the same time destroying your gums.

Receding gums

Both scenarios can lead to receding gums.

This exposes the “neck” of the tooth that sits between the crown and the root, which can lead to the pain of sensitive teeth… followed by decay, infection, gingivitis, periodontitis and eventually even tooth loss.

Please see your dentist if you have receding gums.

Fortunately, you can avoid further recession by learning to brush the right way.

‘Gums love this toothbrush’

Gums are soft and need to be cleaned gently. Which is why dental professionals recommend gentle, fine filaments – and lots of them!

The stylish Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush is so called because it features 5,460 fine and gentle CUREN® filaments (instead of conventional nylon) – each 0.1mm in diameter. This is a super-dense, cleaning surface like no other. The CS 5460 is therefore exceptionally effective and ensures no damage to the gums. The CS 5460’s many fine filaments gently and effectively clean the entire sulcus – without causing any injury.

That’s why dentists, dental hygienists and customers all recommend it. It’s also why we proudly boast that “gums love this toothbrush”.

How to brush your teeth

Just as important as using a gentle toothbrush: brushing your teeth and gumline with just the right amount of pressure.

Here’s our essential guide to brushing with the simple – and best – technique.

Use the CS 5460 in conjunction with SLS-free CURAPROX Enzycal toothpastes, which support the protective function of the saliva to clean effectively while eliminating the potentially harmful ingredients used in other toothpastes on the market.

This is the way to brush if you want to:

  • Keep your gums healthy and clean… and prevent gum problems
  • Deal with existing gum problems
  • Make sure any existing damage does not get worse

Video correct brushing

We recommend:



Consider a sonic toothbrush made for people who suffer from – or want to avoid – gum problems…

So what if you prefer electric toothbrushes? Is it still possible to clean soft gums gently?


The CURAPROX Hydrosonic Pro is designed for people who suffer from – or who want to prevent – gum problems.

How to take care of your gums with a sonic toothbrush

As with the CS 5460, it features fine CUREN® filaments – working at up to 42,000 gentle brush strokes a minute…

… which you can take right up to the edges of the gums to treat or prevent inflamed periodontal tissue and gums.

Video for professional teeth-cleaning

We recommend:



Revolutionise your gum care with interdental brushes…

Using interdental brushes – in conjunction with a high-quality toothbrush – will revolutionise your gum care…

… and help you to deal with – or ward off – gingivitis and the risk of periodontitis.

Interdental spaces – the tiny spaces between teeth – are the perfect places for plaque to hide and grow and infect your gums…

… often undisturbed because toothbrushes can’t get in there.

How to use interdental toothbrushes to keep your teeth healthy… and what to expect

For each interdental space…

Go in with the CURAPROX CPS prime interdental brush. Then pull out. And you’re done. The bristles have cleaned out the plaque. Rinse your brush. And move onto the next space. Find out more in our full guide to using an interdental brush.

When using interdental brushes for the first time, you may well notice some bleeding. This indicates inflammation.

How to get healthy gums again

Don’t worry. Continue caring for your gums with this routine every single day, before or after brushing your teeth in the evening. After a week, the inflammation and any bleeding should subside. (Please seek advice from your dentist if not.)

Please also see a dental professional to find out which sizes of interdental brush are right for you. If it’s too small it won’t clean properly. If it’s too big it won’t fit in and could hurt your gums.

Video the correct use

We recommend:



Find relief from acute gum inflammation with a specialist mouthwash…

If you’re suffering from acute gum inflammation, CURAPROX Perio Plus+ Regenerate mouthwash can help to accelerate the regeneration of oral tissues.

It also combats bacteria with a combination of Chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX) – prescribed by dentists for decades… and CITROX® natural bioflavonoids extracted from bitter oranges.

Please note: This product should not be used for an extended period of time. Committing to a great oral health routine – including brushing your teeth twice a day and using interdental brushes once a day – is the best way to keep gum inflammation away.

We recommend



Take gum care to the next level with ‘the solo technique’ brushing method…

The technique was devised by prophylaxis professional Jiri Sedelmayer to clean the gum line with extreme precision and without any harm to the gums.

When less is more!

Making the precise, gentle movements along the gumline – almost without any pressure – takes a little practice. But, once perfected, it’s considered by dental professionals to be the perfect way to clean along the gumline and hard-to-reach surfaces behind the molars.

Take care of your teeth and gums

Now CURAPROX has developed the CS 1006 single-tuft brush specifically for use with the solo technique.

It’s a marriage made in heaven.

Plaque and periodontal disease don’t stand a chance.

Happy brushers say they enjoy using the CS 1006 – designed so the brush tuft head perfectly matches the gum line – while reading a good book or watching a movie.

Dr Sedelmayer, who passed away in July 2019, was the founder of the individually trained oral prophylaxis (iTOP) programme, teaching students and dental professionals the correct criteria – and a hands-on approach – for disease prevention. His influence in dentistry cannot be overstated.

Video for solo technique

We recommend



Why is gum care so important for your overall health?

There is no question taking care of your teeth and gums leads to better overall health.

If bacterial toxins in the mouth enter the bloodstream though inflamed gums, you could be putting your heart, brain, lungs and immune system in danger.

Dentist and Curaprox Head of Professional Education Ana Stevanović says the connection between gum health and overall health is “a two-way street”.

“The mouth is connected with the rest of our body, and it is time for us to start observing the full picture,” she says.

“There is no oral health and overall health; there is health, period. Good oral health habits, based on mechanical plaque control, can improve the health of the rest of our body.”

best toothpaste for gums

Gum recession is the point at which the edge of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth wears off or pulls back, uncovering a more significant amount of the tooth or the tooth’s root. To make sure this will not happen to you we selected the best toothpaste for receding gums. When gums recede, holes can form between the gum and tooth, permitting the entrance of bacteria that causes the disease to develop. Whenever left untreated, the surrounding tissue and bone structures of the teeth can be harmed, at times bringing about tooth loss. Receding gums is a far-reaching dental condition. The vast majority don’t know that they have receding gums since it happens gradually.

Since the gums play a very vital role in the mouth, making sure that they’re healthy is a crucial part of maintaining overall oral health. One condition to be watchful for is receding gums, in which the gums pull back or wither from the tooth, uncovering the lower regions and root of the tooth. Receding gums are a typical dental issue yet can be a moderately early sign of gum disease.

Recession forms holes (otherwise called pockets) between the teeth and gum line, making it more straightforward for microorganisms to develop. The first sign is often tooth sensitivity or a tooth that looks longer than usual. If left untreated, areas of recession become increasingly challenging to keep clean due to sensitivity and change in structure. This can lead to serious oral health issues, including tooth loss.

Top 10 Best Toothpaste to prevent gum receding

Here we have reviewed the ten best toothpaste for receding gums to make your search for the perfect toothpaste easier for you. We have listed the features, pros, and cons of each mouthwash, just scroll through them to become fully aware of the best choices you have!

1 – Parodontax complete protection Toothpaste for bleeding gums, pure fresh mint, 3 pack 

Parodontax Complete Protection is a day by day anti-cavity toothpaste and gum disease toothpaste that gives you what you need with eight advantages for more Healthy teeth and stable gums. It helps to freshen breath, strengthen enamel, deep clean, whiten, reduce bleeding gums, remove plaque, reduce inflamed gums, and reduce swollen gums. Also, it’s a gum disease treatment that is clinically proven to help lessen bleeding gums and offers an unadulterated new mint flavor. Parodontax Complete Protection is specially formulated for the health of your gum and is 3x progressively effective in reducing the plaque, the leading cause of bleeding gums.


As the name suggests, Parodontax Complete Protections accompanies impressive advantages for its clients. Alongside the primary benefit of getting solid and sound gums, you get the following as well:

  • Helps in reversing the effects of gingivitis
  • Provides relief from bleeding gums
  • Provides ultra-deep cleaning
  • Refreshes your breath
  • Helps in strengthening your enamel
  • Works to remove plaque
  • Reduces gum inflammation
  • Provides relief for swollen gums
  • Best toothpaste for receding gums


  • Reduces the risk of bleeding gums
  • Ensures corrective action from acid damage
  • Decreases bacteria that cause unpleasant smells
  • Reduces tooth sensitivity
  • Decreases bacteria that cause unpleasant smells
  • Protects against cavities
  • Reduces plaque bacteria and tarter
  • Strengthens tooth enamel


  • The grainy formula can leave a gritty feeling in your mouth
  • If you are allergic to stannous fluoride or any other ingredient in this toothpaste, then you are advised to steer clear from it as it could cause severe allergic reactions
  • Stannous fluoride, an active ingredient in the product, can stain your teeth

2 – Colgate sensitive maximum strength Toothpaste, Pack of 3

Colgate Sensitive Whitening toothpaste gives all day, sensitivity protection with twice-a-day brushing. This delicate teeth toothpaste contains potassium nitrate, clinically proven to soothe the nerves in exposed dentin. With standard use, it gives long-lasting alleviation and gets rid of surface stains to help keep teeth whiter and very bright (with regular brushing vs. non-whitening toothpaste). In addition, Colgate Sensitive Whitening toothpaste helps fix enamels that are weak, protect teeth from cavities, and gives the freshness you trust from Colgate.


  • 6 Ounce (Pack of 3)
  • Specialty Whitening Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth
  • Sensitive Teeth Toothpaste, Provides 24/7 Sensitivity Protection (with twice daily brushing).
  • Maximum Strength FDA allowed Antisensitivity Active Ingredient
  • Whitening Toothpaste with Superior Stain Removal Formula
  • Builds Increasing Protection Against Future Sensitivity (with continued twice daily brushing)
  • Active ingredients: Potassium Nitrate (5%), Sodium Fluoride (0.24%).
  • Purpose: Antisensitivity, Anticavity.
  • Inactive ingredients: Water, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Sorbitol, PEG-12, PVM/MA Copolymer, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Flavor, Poloxamer 407, Trisodium Phosphate, Sodium Hydroxide, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Saccharin, Xanthan Gum, Titanium Dioxide, FD&C Blue No. 1


  • Clinically proven sensitivity relief.
  • Sensitive teeth toothpaste that Provides 24/7 sensitivity protection (with twice-daily brushing).
  • Maximum strength, FDA-allowed anti-sensitivity active ingredient.
  • Whitening toothpaste superior stain removal formula helps to restore teeth’s natural whiteness (with regular brushing vs. non-whitening toothpaste).
  • Builds protection against future sensitivity (with continued use and twice-daily brushing).
  • Freshens breathe with fresh mint gel.


  • Build quality of tubes is questionable, some people won’t like the taste
  • May be too harsh for sensitive teeth
  • Rather expensive, may soon be hard to find

3 – Crest Toothpaste gum detoxify deep clean best toothpaste for receding gums, pack of 3

There are a considerable number of harmful plaque bacteria that can lurk around the gum line, causing gum disease. Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste has an activated foam formula that enters hard-to-reach spots to kill destructive plaque microbes, even around the gum line, for clinically demonstrated healthier gums. It is also formulated to cool gums during and after brushing for a refreshing clean. Because if you’re not taking care of your gums, you’re not taking care of your mouth.


STYLE NAME: Gum Detoxify Toothpaste 3pk

  • Use Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste for clinically proven healthier gums
  • Neutralizes plaque bacteria, even around the gum line to fight gingivitis
  • Activated foam seeks out plaque bacteria in hard to reach places
  • Gently cools gums during and after brushing


  • Active Ingredient: Stannous Fluoride 0.454% (0.14% W/V Fluoride Ion)
  • Inactive Ingredients: Water, Sorbitol, Hydrated Silica, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Carrageenan, Sodium Gluconate, Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Zinc Citrate, Stannous Chloride, Sodium Saccharin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sucralose, Titanium Dioxide.


  • Gently cools gums during and after brushing
  • Use Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste for clinically proven healthier gums
  • Neutralizes plaque bacteria, even around the gum line to fight gingivitis
  • Activated foam seeks out plaque bacteria in hard to reach places


  • Some users report a burning or numbing sensation with this product, contains triclosan, which some people dislike

4 – Jason Healthy Mouth Anti-Cavity and Tartar control Toothpaste, Pack of 3

JASON Healthy Mouth Anti-Cavity and Tartar Control Toothpaste improves oral health and renews breath without the utilization of harsh abrasives and chemicals. Botanicals, for example, tea tree oil and grapefruit seed extract, join with fluoride to protect the mouth against plaque, tooth decay, and periodontal disease. Aloe vera gel and CoQ10 help decrease gum irritation, while cinnamon keeps your breath fresh and clean. Our gluten-free toothpaste for receding gums is made with safe, gentle, and effective ingredients and no saccharin, parabens, phthalates, or harsh sulfates. It is also not tested on animals. Includes three Containers of JASON Healthy Mouth Anti-Cavity and Tartar Control Toothpaste. This brand believes more in the power of natural ingredients that will help improve daily wellness.


  • Three 6 ounce tubes of JASON Healthy Mouth Anti Cavity & Tartar Control Toothpaste
  • Made with botanicals such as grapefruit seed extract, tea tree, and cinnamon
  • Not tested on animals


  • Active Ingredients:  Purpose Sodium Monofluorophosphate 0.76% (Fluoride)
  • Anticavity Use-prevention of Cavities


  • Helps improve oral health and freshens breath without the use of harsh abrasives and chemicals
  • Free of saccharin, parabens, phthalates, and harsh sulfates
  • Three 6 ounce tubes of JASON Healthy Mouth Anti Cavity & Tartar Control Toothpaste
  • Made with botanicals such as grapefruit seed extract, tea tree, and cinnamon


  • Consistency of this toothpaste can lead to messes in the bathroom, and kids may have a stomach ache if they swallow the toothpaste

5 – Sensodyne Pronamel gentle whitening enamel toothpaste for sensitive teeth, pack of 3

Pronamel Gentle Whitening enamel toothpaste gives tooth enamel fix while brightening teeth. They are specially formulated to protect tooth polish from every day acidic food and beverages, Pronamel Gentle Whitening re-hardens acid-softened tooth enamel.

With twice every day brushing, Pronamel Gentle Whitening remineralizing toothpaste delivers minerals very deep into the enamel surface of the tooth. Effectively strengthening and solidifying acid-softened enamel, while also protecting teeth against cavities. Pronamel is the Number 1 Dentist Recommended enamel toothpaste brand for tooth enamel fix.

Provide full protection against any form of enamel erosion as a result of acid erosion by making use of pronamel twice daily.


  • Size: 4 Ounce

Active ingredients

  • Potassium nitrate 5%
  • Sodium fluoride 0.25% (0.15% w/v fluoride ion)


  • Antihypersensitivity
  • Anticavity


  • The best toothpaste for receding gums gently whitens teeth while strengthening tooth enamel with twice-daily brushing.
  • It is a teeth whitening toothpaste and a sensitive toothpaste that protects tooth enamel from the effects of acidic food and drinks
  • Pronamel toothpaste gently whitens teeth while strengthening tooth enamel with twice-daily brushing.
  • It is a teeth whitening toothpaste and a sensitive toothpaste that protects tooth enamel from the effects of acidic food and drinks
  • Gentle Whitening strengthens and re-harden enamel to protect against the effects of acid erosion
  • Pronamel Gentle Whitening toothpaste also protects tooth enamel from cavities. Maintain healthy teeth


  • Paste collects in the grooves, and it gets clogged making it a pain to close and do the snap thing.
  • Doesn’t deliver a high level of teeth whitening power, some people dislike the taste.

6 – Crest Pro-health Advanced Gum Protection Toothpaste, pack of 3

Advance to Healthier Gums and Stronger Teeth from Day 1* with Crest Pro-Health Advanced Gum Protection. This toothpaste for receding gums is filled with ActivClean Crystals for the prevention of stains. It likewise gives Crest’s most significant level of protection against plaque bacteria to keep gums sound and gives longer enduring freshness.


Includes seven key benefits:

  • Cavities
  • Gingivitis
  • Acid Erosion
  • Plaque
  • Sensitivity
  • Tartar
  • Whitening


  • Deep cleaning formula
  • Highest level of protection against plaque bacteria to keep gums healthy
  • Healthier gums by helping prevent gingivitis
  • Contains ActivClean Crystals for stain prevention
  • For best results use with Crest Pro-Health toothbrush, mouthwash, and dental floss


  • Firm and chalky texture that some people won’t like won’t deliver the same fresh breath feel of commercial kinds of toothpaste

7 – Burt’s Bees Toothpaste, Natural Flavor with Fluoride Clean & Fresh, 3 pack

Burt’s Bees Enamel Care is explicitly intended for you to experience the refreshment of Mountain Mint toothpaste for receding gums that will leave your mouth feeling spotless and fresh. It is created to strengthen your teeth, leaving you with a grin that is wonderful and solid. Burt’s Bees Toothpastes with Fluoride are ADA accepted. Not tried on an animal, the toothpaste has been made without Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS free), Triclosan and Parabens, Artificial Flavors and Sweeteners, Preservatives, etc.


  • Style Name: Fluoride
  • Includes 3 cartons of Burt’s Bees Clean & Fresh Fluoride Toothpaste, Mint Medly, 4.7 oz each
  • Formulated to stop bad breath
  • The council of scientific affairs have awarded this toothpaste with the ADA seal of acceptance
  • Fight cavity and strengthen your breath with ingredients you can trust
  • Not tested on animals


  • Tubes are recyclable
  • The product comes as advertised
  • The toothpaste as a minty taste which leaves your clean and fresh
  • Free from any form of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Triclosan & Parabens, Artificial Flavors & Sweeteners, Preservatives
  • A great choice to help prevent tooth receding
  • Essential Oil flavored toothpaste with fluoride


  • ·Not as effective as traditional options may cause gum sensitivity

8 – Sensodyne Toothpaste for Sensitivity, Extra whitening for Sensitive Teeth, pack of 3

Everybody thinks about their teeth, and with regards to choosing the toothpaste, high levels of measures are maintained. This is the motivation behind why Sensodyne offers various items that fit what you are looking for. Brushing with this toothpaste for receding gums at least two times every day will give you your expected outcomes. A few people experience twinges at whatever point they eat or even drink some foods. This is an annoyance commonly known as the sensitivity of the teeth. If you are experiencing such sensitivities, you can generally depend on this item as an ideal solution.


  • Flavor: Mint
  • Size: 4 Ounce (Pack of 3)


Active: Potassium Nitrate (5%)* Antihypersensitivity, Sodium Fluoride (0.15% w/V Fluoride Ion) Anticavity.

Inactive: Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, Flavor, Glycerin, Hydrated Silica, PEG-8, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate, Sodium Saccharin, Sorbitol, Sucralose, Titanium Dioxide, Water, Xanthan Gum.


  • This product builds some repairing layer over the sensitive areas of your teeth
  • The product is ideal for protecting your teeth from cavities
  • Other than whitening your teeth, this product will also relieve your teeth sensitivity
  • Sensodyne toothpaste arrives as a pack of 2 and has a very affordable price.


  • If used forcefully to brush teeth, may lead to gum blisters
  • Slightly unpleasant aftertaste
  • Not as effective as traditional options may cause gum sensitivity

9 – Caredo healing Periodontitis Toothpaste, Best Toothpaste for Receding Gums

This toothpaste for receding gums is one among the few that is known for its ability to cure periodontal diseasePeriodontal disease is a disease that is mostly caused by various factors. It occurs as a sign of a reduction in immune strength, abnormal count of white blood cells as well as white blood cell disorders. Some symptoms might include bleeding and swelling gum mostly after consumption of alcohol, smoking, irritating and spicy foods, etc. Within a few days of using the Caredo toothpaste, there is a very high chance of experiencing a reduction in the symptoms.


  • Loosening plaque and tartar
  • Regenerating alveolar bone
  • Recovery from the periodontal disease within 3-10 months of us Caredo Toothpaste
  • Regenerating cementum at the point where demineralization occurs
  • Stop reoccurring inflammation and promote healing of Periodontitis
  • Eliminating toxins in the periodontal pocket
  • Restoring periodontal fibers of the periodontal ligament
  • Correct loose teeth


  • Professional treatment for early-middle stage periodontal disease
  • Applicable to issues caused by Periodontitis, such as sensitive teeth, difficulty chewing, pain, loosened teeth, and bleeding gums.
  • Recovery from the periodontal disease within 3-10 months of use
  • Correct loose teeth/Stop reoccurring inflammation and promote recovery


  • Do not use when oral infection.
  • Not to be used if you have any form of inflammation
  • Not to be used if you have any form of Allergy
  • Might lead to some irritation

10 – Tom’s of Maine Whole Care Toothpaste, Natural Toothpaste, Spearmint 3-Pack

This fantastic toothpaste comes in Natural fluoride. I.e., it’s a Fluoride toothpaste that helps and is notable for fighting cavities. It helps in whitening the teeth providing fresh breath, helps in fighting tartar, preventing any form of gum receding, and absence of any preservatives, dyes or sweeteners.

NATURAL CAVITY PROTECTION: Contains 4-ounce tubes of Tom’s Maine Whole Care Toothpaste in Spearmint flavor; Toms natural toothpaste is total mouth care; It’s an ideal choice for whitening the teeth and fighting cavities at the same time freshening breath and preventing the accumulation or build-up of tartar.

FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: the absence of any form of preservatives, artificial flavor and color makes it unique. Also, the ingredients are naturally obtained.

SMILE WITH TOMS: Toms toothpaste is a natural toothpaste that offers total mouth care with six benefits in one

CERTIFIED B CORP: Tom’s of Maine meets the requirements and highest standards of the public transparency, verified social and environmental performance, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose


  • It’s a Cheap and Easy Option
  • It’s Perfect for Organic Stains


  • may cause gum sensitivity
  • It Can Scratch Enamel
  • It’s not Effective Against Major Stains

Buying Guide on Toothpaste for Receding Gums

There are a few reasons for a receding gum line, but the most widely recognized is gum disease expedited by plaque and tartar at the gum line. Regularly brushing and flossing can help get rid of this plaque and tartar. However, be gentle, over forceful oral hygiene can harm the gums and lead to recession. Notwithstanding gum disease, family history, age, impediment (tooth position), orthodontic appliance, trauma, oral piercings, and numerous different components can likewise increase the risk of gum recession.

What causes receding Gums?

There are a lot of factors that can result in gum receding, some of which includes:

Periodontal diseases

These are gum diseases brought about by bacteria that cause harm to the gum tissue and the bone that holds your teeth in place. Periodontal ailment is the fundamental driver of gum recession. The beginning period of periodontal infection isn’t usually; in this way, side effects frequently go unnoticed. Left untreated, however, early symptoms can grow to be periodontitis.

  • Early stages of gum disease can be seen with minor symptoms that include:
  • Gums that feel tender to the touch
  • Red, swollen, or purple gums
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Bleeding gums
  • Genes 

A few people are increasingly vulnerable to periodontal sickness. Studies show that 30% of the populace might be prone to gum illness, regardless of whether they take good care of their teeth.

Brushing excessively hard 

If you brush your teeth too hard or wrongly, it can make your tooth’s enamels to wear off and your gums to recede.

Poor dental consideration and care

Inadequate brushing, flossing, and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash, can make it easy for plaque to transform into tartar. A hard substance that forms on and between your teeth and must be gotten rid of by a professional tooth cleaning. It is therefore very important to buy a good mouthwash for receding gums.

Hormone levels 

Changes in the level of estrogen over a lady’s life, such as puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, can make gums very sensitive and vulnerable against gum recession.

Tobacco products 

Smokers, and other users of tobacco, are bound to develop sticky plaque which can cause gum recession.

Clenching and grinding of your teeth:

Clenching and grinding of your teeth apply a lot of pressure on the teeth, making gums recede.

Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite

When teeth don’t come together evenly, too much force can be exerted on the gums and surrounding bone, allowing gums to recede.

Symptoms of receding gums

As the receding gum increases over time, there are chances that you will notice the following symptoms:

Long Teeth 

One side effect is the seen lengthening of the teeth. When gums recede as a result of periodontal sickness, the appearance of the teeth becomes more extended than usual.

Exposed Roots 

Exposed roots are another side effect, and can be very delicate and awkward. They are frequently an indication of periodontal illness or can be credited to brushing excessively harsh with a toothbrush with hard bristles.

Loose Teeth 

When experiencing receding gums, you may notice loose teeth, credited to the microscopic organisms, and periodontal disease under the gums around the teeth. As receding gums gets worse, the gum pockets develop because of loss of attachment structure.

Can receding gums grow back?

This is one of the prominent and frequently asked questions can receding gums grow back to its normal position. Most people ask these questions, especially when they suddenly start to notice or see that the lines on their gums are shrinking away from their teeth. The answer to this question is Yes, In the course of this blog, we’ll be providing you with a list of up to 10 kinds of toothpaste to use for receding gum.

Natural solution for receded gums

In all decency, dental experts for a great job in fixing your teeth, but in all actuality, with regards to gums, their solutions come at a great expense and discomfort.

Honestly, your dental specialist doesn’t have any method for fixing gums besides dental procedures that typically mean cutting or/and joining.

Another truth is these strategies don’t get rid of or forestall gum infection and all things considered; patients will be returning for an extra medical procedure, more cost, and more pains as the years pass by.

A lot of individuals presently are acknowledging and better understanding the truth – it’s conceivable to fix receding gums from further harm and maybe grow them back to their normal position. However, it would be best if you took note of that for any regrowth to be possible, the condition of your gum recession is expertly healed, making sure that all traces of the underlying problem have been entirely cleared up.

Preventing receding gums

An ideal approach to prevent receding gums is through acceptable oral hygiene habits, particularly brushing two times every day, flossing at any rate once per day, and having an expert cleaning and check-up at least two times every year. When you brush, focus on the gum line and be gentle but thorough; if you are too heavy-handed, you can damage the gums.

Toothbrush guide help Receding Gums

How to choose the right kind of toothbrush

It is very indispensable that you select the appropriate type of toothbrush that will work better on you. There are a lot of brand names and also kinds of toothbrushes for receding gums in the market today. The mystery underneath is to choose the right one. The vital thing you should do is to review this issue to your dental specialist. It will be of utmost importance for you to contact your dentist to know which brand of the toothbrush is excellent and ideal for the tooth problem you’re having, or you’re trying to prevent.

If you have fragile gums or if you are right now experiencing receding gums or bleeding gums, a brush with soft bristle is ideal for you. You can as well make use of an electric toothbrush to help prevent the issue from worsening.

An extra significant quality you have to consider when picking the right toothbrush is to make sure it has an ADA tape on the box. This seal will positively guarantee that the quality of the toothbrush you will receive is certainly not as well challenging. Making use of too challenging bristle toothbrush is going to create some particular teeth and also gum problems.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Toothpaste for Receding Gums

What can be the primary cause of gum receding?

As stated above, there are a lot of factors that can lead to gum receding, some of which include periodontal diseases.

How Can I Prevent Gum Recession?

proper care of your mouth wash is one of the ideal ways to take prevent gum receding. Making use of good toothpaste, which we’ll be discussed later in this blog, brushing daily and visiting your dentist.
Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.
Quitting smoking, if you smoke.
Monitoring possible changes to your mouth.

How can I make my gums healthier? 

Use an electric toothbrush
Use a toothbrush with a tongue scraper
Massage your gums.
Brush your teeth correctly, at least twice a day.
Use a receding gum mouthwash and a toothpaste with fluoride to get receding gum treatment
Floss daily.


There is a lot of info on different tubes of toothpaste that help receding gums on the internet today. However, using any of the toothpaste that has been carefully discussed and following this guide properly, you’re far from getting it wrong. Gum receding can get worse if not properly taken care of. Applying this guide to your daily routine will give that shining smile that you’ve always wanted. And check this review post for the best electric toothbrush for receding gums.

Toothpaste for gum repair

The term ‘receding gums’ refers to when your gums draw back from your teeth, exposing the root beneath. The first sign tends to be increased tooth sensitivity, but you may also notice a tooth looks longer than normal or feel a notch where the gum meets the tooth (the area known as the gum line).

Although a common dental problem, gum recession should not be ignored as it can be a sign of gum disease.

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Receding gums can be caused by a number of factors, including ageing, brushing too hard or even poor oral health. Poor oral health can lead to gingivitis, when the gums become inflamed due to the presence of plaque bacteria and, if left untreated, eventually begin to recede.

If the cause of receding gums is not identified, and it is allowed to continue, gum recession can lead to more serious oral health problems.

The gum may start to come away from the tooth, creating ‘pockets’ around it where even more plaque can build up. Over time, these pockets deepen, gums continue to recede and teeth can become loose.


It’s a stark fact: once gums start to recede, they do not grow back. This means that noticing and treating receding gums at the earliest stage – and before it develops into anything worse – is vital.

Therefore, the first thing to do if you suspect you may be experiencing gum recession is speak to your dentist as they will be able to identify the cause of receding gums and advise on the best receding gums treatments for you.

By reviewing your daily oral care routine with your dentist, you can help stop gums receding in the first place or, if you are already suffering from the problem, prevent it getting any worse.

Switching to a toothpaste like Corsodyl Toothpaste can help stop and prevent receding gums. With twice daily brushing, it is 4x more effective* than a regular toothpaste at removing the build-up of plaque bacteria along the gum line (the area where the gum meets the tooth), helping to keep gums healthy and teeth strong.

*Removes more plaque than a regular toothpaste after a professional clean and twice daily brushing. Excludes Corsodyl Toothpaste Whitening variant.

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