Top 10 fastest scooters

Are you looking for the Top 10 Fastest Scooters? Read through for the fastest scooter in the world top speed. You will also find the fastest moped 2021 guide in the post.

If you’re thinking of buying an electric scooter for fun or commuting, the top speed is always going to be a major factor. A higher top speed means more fun and quicker commutes. The top speed of the scooter shouldn’t be the only consideration you make when buying and there is a lot more to electric scooters than just speed, but don’t worry, as we’ll cover all of that in our reviews of the Top 10 fastest scooters below.

With the improvements in battery technology and electric motors, the time is quickly coming where electric vehicles are matching the performance of their traditionally fuelled counterparts. Tesla is doing it for the car, and many companies are continually improving electric capabilities on two wheels. For example, the Lightning LS-218 is the world’s fastest motorcycle, gas or electric. In addition to this a small Dutch company called Bolt are working on their product – the Appscooter – a high tech, efficient and speedy electric moped that directly rivals any gas powered mopeds on the market. All these improvements are happening in the world of electric scooters as well and have resulted in the record for the fastest electric scooters being broken multiple times. There was a time where 20 mph would have been incredibly rare, but we’ve got a list of fast electric scooters where the majority comfortably go past 20 mph.

Top 10 fastest scooters

fastest scooter in the world top speed

10. WideWheel – 25 mph

WideWheel Electric Scooter for Adults

Quick Specs 

  • 2×500 Watt motor
  • 25mph max speed
  • 20 mile max range
  • Weighs 37.9 lbs

We’ve recently been able to test the Mercane WideWheel and we have to say it’s one of the most fun and enjoyable to ride electric scooters we’ve ever tested. The model we tried was the single motor model and even that provided enough power to really get the blood pumping.

The WideWheel comes in a single and double motor configuration with the double motor reaching at least 25mph, with some people managing to get it up to 28mph! This scooter’s unique feature is the pair of ultra wide wheels. This helps to add traction so it can use all its power in addition to offering a smooth ride. It not only uses the specially designed wheels to help it with traction, but it also aids with one of the most impressive full front and rear suspension systems we’ve used. In addition to this, the WideWheel comes with a quality rear disk brake that can easily manage to stop you when going full speed.

The other specs are also quite impressive, boasting a realistic 20 miles on a single charge (dual motor version) and having a range of neat features to keep your ride as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, such as a wide deck, front and rear LED lights and a kick stand.

Overall, the WideWheel definitely deserves its place as one of our highest rated products. If you’d like to know more about the WideWheel, we’ve done a full Mercane WideWheel Review where we go much more in depth and share our experiences with one of our favourite ever scooters. Recently the newer model Mercane WideWheel Pro has been launched, with enhanced overall features and a slightly higher top speed of 26mph. We will do a full review of this one shortly.

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9. Super Turbo 1000W Elite – 27 mph

Super Turbo 1000 Elite
Super Turbo 1000 Elite

Quick Specs 

  • 1000 Watt motor
  • 27 mph max speed
  • 20 miles max range
  • Weighs 75lbs

The Super Turbo 1000-Elite is a seated scooter manufactured by a California based company called Super Cycles and Scooters LLC and can hit a top speed of 27 mph. The 1000 Watt 36V motor runs at a speed of 3000rpm, which is the main reason this scooter can hit it’s impressive top speed. This product is great for all-terrain commutes and simple good fun due to its wide 10.5” tires and dual rear adjustable shocks, giving it a smooth and controllable ride. It has many removable parts for easy part replacement and features a seat that is fully removable if you prefer to be standing.

This scooter has a heavy duty chain, and LED headlight for night rides with front and rear disk brakes. It also has a weight capacity of 300lbs which is more than almost any other scooter on the market. An interesting feature is the Econo/Turbo mode, a button that allows you to decide what type of ride you want; Econo for longer journeys and Turbo for pure speed.

Overall this is an impressive, powerful scooter that has clearly had a lot of work put into it. It works well with steep hills due to good acceleration and it’s powerful motor, and is great for carrying heavier weights with its 300lbs limit. The 27 mph top speed is plenty and you’ll really feel the exhilaration of such a high speed whilst being so close to the ground.

The Super Turbo also made it onto our list of the best off road electric scooters because of its great performance and ability to keep a high speed when not on smooth ground.

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8. Velocifero MAD ( Formerly MotoTech MAD) – 26 mph

MotoTec Mad
MotoTec Mad Electric Scooter

Quick Specs 

  • 1600 Watt motor
  • 28 mph max speed
  • 35 miles max range

The Velocifero MAD (MotoTec Mad) is an impressive looking electric scooter designed by Alessandra Tartarini who is one of the top 100 industrial designers in the world. The Velocifero MAD can reach a top speed of 26 mph due to it’s 1600W motor and has a maximum range of up to 20 miles. The Velocifero MAD is a perfect choice for having fun off and on the road. It’s got huge tires to help it manage rugged terrain and a seat that is removable so you can choose the most comfortable way to ride. It also has a nice range of features such as foldable handlebars, double headlights and handlebar and saddle bags. This could be the perfect option for off road adventures.

However, it’s not all good. There have been numerous reports of the scooter having problems shortly after being bought. There have been problems with the build quality and some people needing to get replacement parts or scooters without ever using it. If you manage to get a working one we think this could be a great investment and provide a lot of unique fun.

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7. Speedway IV – 28 mph

Speedway 4
Speedway 4 Electric Scooter

Quick Specs 

  • 600 Watt motor
  • 28 mph max speed
  • 20 miles max range
  • 6 hour charge time

The Speedway IV is the bigger brother of the Speedway Mini4 Pro. It’s physically bigger, as well as having better performance stat and a few extra features. It has a top speed of over 28 mph and an incredible range of 80 miles! This is made possible by the scooters 600W motor and the 1347Wh battery capacity. It uses 10″ tires and front and rear suspension to give a very smooth ride. It has front and rear disk brakes which includes a regenerative braking system to help keep the battery topped up. It also has a nice big LCD screen, cruise control and multiple ride modes. A major plus of the Speedway IV is that it also has a foldable frame and small trolley wheels somewhat similar to the Glion Dolly to make it easily transportable.

The Speedway IV has similar drawbacks to the Mini4 Pro. It doesn’t quite have the same expert build quality as other electric scooters and does struggle with steep inclines. Apart from that these scooters have a lot going for them and we’d generally highly recommend them. They are premium products, and come with premium rice tags, so be aware you’ll have to reach fairly deep into your pockets to pick one up.

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6. UberScoot 1600W – 30 mph

UberScoot 1600W
UberScoot 1600W

Quick Specs

  • 1600 Watt motor
  • 265 lbs weight capacity
  • 25mph top speed
  • 12 mile max range
  • Weighs 117 lbs

UberScoot Powerboards, formerly known as Evo, is a reliable brand of powerful electric scooters and this specific model is their most powerful electric scooter yet. It comes with a brushless 1600 Watt motor which can give you a top speed of 30mph! It has four 12V batteries and an average max range of 12 miles. Whilst this certainly isn’t as good as other scooters on the list there are still plenty of reason we love the UberScoot series of electric scooter.

They have a handy economy mode button, which slows down acceleration and top speed to conserve battery life. Further specs include front and rear disk brakes for quick stopping, front and rear lights, a key ignition, a horn, and a chain driven motor. UberScoot claims that the battery can withstand 250 full cycles before it dies, which is around 3000 miles in total. The seat has an adjustable height and is even removable and is made purposefully very straightforward as it is quick release, this also means the scooter can be converted into standing rather than seated at any time you want. The scooter comes in at 117lbs, which is obviously heavier than a lot of the other scooters on this list. We find this to be a bit of a shame as since it is folding you’d hope you could carry it around quite easily. However the folding mechanism is very good and you could easily slot this into your car or take it on the train.

Despite the small problems here and there the UberScoot is a great electric scooter and it’s incredibly fast. It’s one of the most powerful electric scooters you can buy and is a whole lot of fun whilst being incredibly versatile.

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If you want a cheaper version of this product then UberScoot also offers a 1000 Watt electric scooter for around $150 less, I’d happy endorse this scooter as well, while it’s less powerful than its big brother it still packs a punch when riding and is a lot of fun!

5. Qiewa Q1 Hummer – 35 mph

Qiewa Q1 Hummer
Qiewa Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

Quick Specs

  • 800 Watt motor
  • 35mph top speed
  • 60 mile max range
  • Weighs 60 lbs

The Qiewa 800W is a super fast electric scooter that can can reach a top speed of over 35 mph! It’s made by a Taiwanese manufacturer and these heavy duty scooters can outperform almost all other scooters on the market. Not only is it one of the best high speed electric scooters, but it also has a lot of other features that make it well worth buying. For example, it has a maximum range of up to 60 miles! It also has plenty of features that make it road ready, such as full front and rear suspension, front and rear disc brakes, LED headlights, taillights and even side lights. The Qiewa also includes a horn, keyless entry remote and an alarm system to keep it as safe as possible.

The build quality of the Qiewa is also really good. It’s made from high strength aluminum and has an IP6 waterproof rating. It can also be folded to be taken with you or stored easily. All of this combines together to not only offer one of the best fast electric scooters, but just one of the best electric scooters in general.

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If you’re looking for something a little less, that’s a bit better for commuting, then Qiewa also offer a Qmini model that takes the best parts of this scooter and just scales everything down to make it easier for the morning commute.

4. Mantis PRO – 40 mph

Mantis Pro

Quick Specs

  • 2x 1000 Watt motors
  • 40mph top speed
  • 45+ miles on one charge
  • Weighs 65 lbs
  • 13 – 16 hr charge time

Launched in early 2020, the Mantis PRO comes with a top speed up to 40mph, great specs and features such as motor torque adjustments,  dual suspension, full hydraulic dual braking disc system and air filled tires (10″ x 2,5), making it a comfortable ride over a wide variety of terrain.

The Mantis PRO has dual 1000 Watt motors, and you can choose to use one or both motors depending on how far and fast you’d like to go, changing the number of motors from the cockpit as well as choosing between eco and normal mode, meaning that you can adjust the power when you’re in a city to make it more manageable, or put it in turbo mode when you want to go exploring. With both motors turned on the Mantis PRO accelerates really fast and climbs inclines up to 35% with ease!

With a weight of 65 pounds this scooter is lighter than most other electric scooters with similar specs, and while carrying 65 pounds for a long period of time is still no fun, the foldable design means it can be carried in one hand if needed. Two front and rear led lights as well as led stripes on the sides make you easily see and be seen at nights. The Minimotors display is large and bright but for our taste it does stick a bit too much out of the general seamless design of the scooter, but as mentioned this is really a matter of taste.

This Mantis PRO is great for commuting, but it really comes into its own on the weekend, when you can zip around town before going out into the countryside to explore dirt roads and really have some fun. The scooter feels stable at high speeds and the dual suspension means that you can take the scooter on almost all surfaces, which makes it a perfect all-round electric scooter.

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3. Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter – 50 mph

Quick Specs

  • 5400 Watt dual hub motors
  • 50mph top speed
  • 75 mile max range
  • Weighs 95 lbs

The Dualtron Thunder is claimed to be the best performing electric scooter in the world. And from our research that seems to be about right. The only reason it isn’t in the 1st position is because the next scooter is just a tad faster, however the Dualtron Thunder has a notably better maximum range at a staggering 75 miles! The specs of the Thunder are as impressive across the board. The 60 volt, 35 AH battery can be charged in around 5 hours with the Dualtron quick charging kit and the scooter can climb a very impressive 47% hill. It’s not just the power and battery that are worth mentioning, the entire scooter is incredibly well made, with some of the best materials and features you will find anywhere. For example, the braking system uses hydraulic brakes with ABS as standard and 160mm disks and the frame and handle are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminum alloy with the shaft being made from SCM440 steel, and plastic covers.

If you’re looking for one of the absolute highest quality and best performing electric scooters then the Dualtron Thunder is the one to get.

We’ve recently released an article looking at all of Dualtrons range of scooters, including the new Dualtron X! Check it out here.

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2. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 – 50 mph

Kaabo Wolf Warrior Fastest Electric Scooter

Quick Specs

  • 5400 Watt dual hub motors
  • 50mph top speed
  • 80 mile max range
  • Weighs 101 lbs

Tied for our number 2 spot is the Kaabo Wolf Warrior. This is a beast of a scooter that is very simmilarly specced to the Dualtron Thunder. The differences that make this stand out is that there are different tire types, one set for street riding and another for off-roading. It also has a slightly better range of 80 miles, rather than 75. But what we really love about scooter is that it is about $700 dollar cheaper than that Dualtron Thunder! Not only this, but it is currently $200 dollars off at FluidFreeRide and they’ll even throw in an extra charger and FREE SHIPPING to continental US. 

This is a high speed electric scooter designed for the ultimate on or off road experience. It can reach 50 mph and delivers insane acceleration (road tires recommended for high speed road use). The 35Ah LG battery can last for 80 miles on single charge with eco mode but also delivers a good range for the high speed rides where you’ll be hitting it’s top speed. Its motorcycle grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and rear spring brake allow for a comfortable and safe ride on any terrain. Full hydraulic brakes in combination with an ABS system provide for safe and accurate braking power. It’s not all power though, the Wolf Warrior also offers some utility. It has powerful dual front LEDs that can light up the night and side and rear LEDs ensure optimal visibility from any direction in addition to extra safety.

While the Wolf Warrior’s 101 pounds of weight is certainly not made for portability, it nevertheless folds down for easy transport in your trunk to travel to your favorite off road spots.

In addition to all of this, it has only 7-8h charging time with a second 2A charger that is being included as introductory offer by FluidFreeRide.

If you’re looking for one of the all round best and fastest electric scooters to show off to your friends, then this is the scooter for you.

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1. NANROBOT RS7 – 55 mph

Quick Specs

  • 2x 1600 Watt motors
  • 55mph top speed
  • 55 mile max range
  • Weighs 88.2 lbs

Now onto the fastest electric scooter that you can buy right now. If you’re looking for the absolute quickest electric scooter then the Nanrobot RS7 is the one you need to buy. It has an insane top speed of 55 mph due to its dual 1600 W motors. It’s maximum range is 55 miles, which is very impressive but is 20 miles less than the Dualtron Thunder. It can, however, climb hills of up to 65 degrees. Another place the Nanrobot really shines is its build quality and features. Its big and looks a bit brash but is made from high quality aluminum and steel with a fairly nice black and red finish. It has hydraulic shock absorption, a wear resistant tire and even has high power LED headlights, is foldable and has a kickstand. This means, that although this is built for performance and a high top speed, it still has the practicality of some scooters that are built specifically for commuting. For more info on Nanrobot as a company, check out their profile on our Complete Guide to Electric Scooters.

This isn’t the only Nanrobot scooter that could have made it onto this list, but for the sake of variety we’ve decided to just include their best. Their other products include the very popular D4+ which is more of a mid range scooter but can still manage a top speed of 40mph! All of Nanrobot’s scooters tend to be positively reviewed and offer some of the best value for money out there.

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