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Transport helicopters are mostly owned by the military forces and are taken for them for different uses. In this Top 10 Transport Helicopter article, we will include the helicopters which are developed and working for their specific countries, and some of them are still in a production process. These helicopters are serving the military forces of their respective countries which are made with many high costs. All these helicopters are made with the latest technology to meet the new demands of the military forces.
The following are top 10 attack helicopters 2020 and top 10 u s military helicopters used for the transport purpose in the world:

Transport helicopters are mostly owned by the military forces and are taken for them for different uses. In this Top 10 Transport Helicopter article, we will include the helicopters which are developed and working for their specific countries, and some of them are still in a production process. The following are top 10 attack helicopters 2020 and top 10 u s military helicopters used for the transport purpose:

Helicopters are the main part of the military forces. They play a major role in transporting heavy equipment from one place to another without any damage. Attack helicopters are mostly used for the defense purpose, but they also transport some equipment if needed. In attack helicopters 2020, most of them are used for the attack purpose, but some countries like US use their attack helicopters for the transport purpose also.

top 10 u s military helicopters

Top 10 Transport Helicopter

10. NH90:

All the 5 European nations signed a contract for the purchasing of the NATO helicopters in 1985 but then in 1987 UK was dropped out of this contract in the favor of some other countries which includes Germany, Italy, France and Netherlands. This helicopter is the transport one which was exported to different countries which are New Zealand, Sweden, Oman, Norway, and Belgium. It can accommodate almost 20 troops in it and can carry the total weight of 2000 to 5000 kg of cargo in it which is a quite large one.

Best Transport Helicopters in the World - List of Top Ten

9. Mi—8:

Mi-8 is named as the high utility helicopter which is quite large and latest one. It was widely exported to different countries of the world and is in service in more than 60 countries. It was built for the military purpose, but the main purpose was the utility transport which can accommodate almost 24 troops there and can carry the weight of 4000 kg in it. Mi-8 helicopter is fully equipped with the needed weapons which include bombs, rockets, machine guns and also missiles in it. It can also perform different specialized roles with it which are quite latest to be introduced in any helicopter.

8. AW101:

AW101 is very lightweight helicopter which is made with the twin turbo engine and was made by the collaboration of Italian and British company. It was introduced in 2000, but the formal introduction was done in 2007. Different armed forces used it which includes Canada, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Japan and Denmark. It is mainly used for purposes for includes rescue operations, transport, medical use and military purposes as well and can carry 26 soldiers in it and can carry total 5000 kg of weight in it.

Top 10 Most Expensive Military Helicopters | Military helicopter, Helicopter  price, Helicopter

7. Z-18:

Z-18 is a new Chinese transport helicopter which is named as the largest one ever made in China for the transport purpose. It was publically introduced the service in 2014 and has replaced the older Z-8 helicopters. This transport helicopter has a very powerful engine which has more internal space and can carry high weight in it. It can carry 27 passengers in it but has the capacity of 5000kg of weight in it. It has also made a record on flying above the Mount Everest and is named the large helicopter which can manage to go high.

6. EC725:

The Eurocopter EC725 is a long range transport helicopter which was developed to meet the demands of the French Air Force requirement for transport and rescue operations. its first flight was in 2000 and exported to different countries which include Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia. It can accommodate 28 troops in it which can carry the total load of 5,670 kg of weight. It is also used for search operations, and another latest version of this helicopter is also launched with the name of ASW version.

5. Mi-38:

Mi-38 is a transport helicopter which is designed for both the civil and military purposes. It was made with completely new designs which have much-developed rotor system, engine, airframe, and avionics. The production of this helicopter was started in 2015 and can accommodate 32 troops in it which can carry the weight of 5000kg and 7000 kg in it. It is planned to be used for different missions and can also land on the water and can also be used as an ambulance.

4. V-22 Osprey:

V-22 Osprey is an amazing helicopter which is known for its high speed. It is currently used by the Marine Corps and Navy, US Army and Air Force troops as well. It can accommodate almost 24 troops in it and has the total weight capacity of 9000 kg in it. This US Helicopter is two times faster than the other utility helicopters which can fly. The most amazing feature of this helicopter is that it can even land vertically and even one rough land or spaces.

3. CH-47F Chinook:

CH-47F Chinook is another twin-engine helicopter which is designed for the heavy lifting purpose and was first introduced in 1961. This helicopter is mainly used for the movement of troops, battlefield supply, and different placements. It is enhanced with different cargo hooks for carrying and is very fast one. This machine can easily transport weapons to different places of the network and very effective one. It can accommodate 44 passengers in it and can carry the total weight of 11,300 kg in it which can also carry the light vehicles.

2. CH-53E Super Stallion:

CH-53E is another heavy lift transport helicopter which was developed by the Sikorsky. It is named as the most powerful and largest one which is used by the US military force. Only 227 units of this helicopter were ever made in the world which can deliver the expensive weapons and troops to different places and can carry 37 troops in it. It can meet all the requirements of the US Marine Corps. It is much latest one and comes with the improved performance.

1. Mi-Mi-26:

Mi-Mi 26 is named as the largest helicopter ever made in the world which is given the name of Halo. Mi-Mi 26 is very heavy lifting machine which is currently in used by almost 20 countries of the word. It started operating in 1983 which can accommodate 60 troops in it. The total load capacity is estimated to be 25,000 kg and can even carry the vehicles in it.

Best Transport Helicopters in the World – Top Rated

Sr.No.NameTop Speed
1MI-Mi-26195 KM/H
2CH-53E Super Stallion315 KM/H
3CH-47F Chinook315 KM/H
4V-22 Osprey565 KM/H
5MI-38275 KM/H
6EC-725324 KM/H
7Z-18265 KM/H
8AW101309 KM/H
9Mi–8260 KM/H
10NH90300 KM/H


Helicopters are used all around the world by almost all the countries, but their purpose differs according to the countries. All these helicopters discussed above are made with the best technology and mainly for the transport purpose. These helicopters can accommodate a large number of people and also weight in it to take them to different places in critical situations.

How to Buy a Private Helicopter: 5 Things You Need to Know When You Are Buying a Private Helicopter

There are many benefits of owning a helicopter, including getting to work on time when living 100 miles (ca. 161 km) away from your office. The main advantage of owning a helicopter is freedom. Once you have permission and some space, you can set your course for any destination.

soaring over the sky!

Content List

  1. Will You Be the Pilot or the Passenger?
  2. Predetermine Your Budget
  3. How Far Will You Travel?
  4. Other Considerations
  5. Payment

A private owner in the United Kingdom can fly to Devon and back to London without stopping to refuel. A pub in Oxford, the Manson’s Arms, has a helipad. The photographs of helicopters that visit adorn the walls of the pub. It is a thrilling and bizarre place to visit.

Modern helicopters have engines that are quieter and more efficient with advanced glass cockpits that offer fewer distractions for pilots. Airbus Helicopters’ Ed Sale responded to GQ at the Elite London event giving insight into what to consider when buying a private helicopter.

1. Will You Be the Pilot or the Passenger?

The majority of helicopter owners are pilots so they can fly themselves. Private pilots and those who own a helicopter and fly themselves prefer hands-on, less bulky designs.

Bigger helicopters are usually reserved for professional pilots while the owners sit in the back. The big shots use this as their executive means of transport. Midrange helicopters have administrative abilities too but are fun to handle.

The bigger the aircraft, the more experience a pilot requires. A well-trained amateur can fly any of the Robinson chopper models. The same applies to the B3 and B4 Eurocopter Ecureuil, AgustaWestland Koala and Bell 407. If you are looking at bigger models, like the AgustaWestland A109 with more sophisticated instrumentation, you will need a professional pilot.

If planning to become a pilot, next choose a flying school. Lots of flying schools will issue Private Pilot Licenses PPLs(H). Ask friends with helicopters to recommend a good flying school.

It helps if the flying school is local to you as you need a minimum of 45 hours of training over 12 months. Training costs vary from school to school but expect it to cost around $26,200 (around £20,000). This covers your tests, exams, flying hours, medicals, equipment, and airfield fees.

Training at Heli Air, one of the UK’s largest Robinson helicopter distributors, will cost you $10,500 (around £8,000). This covers theory in subjects like meteorology, air law, and flight planning. A Class 2 medical is compulsory.

After qualifying, you need an annual review to renew your license. You can opt to expand your qualification to include formation flying and night flying. The choice is yours.

2. Predetermine Your Budget

Design, capacity, and the manufacturer determines a helicopter’s price. Set your budget right from the start. It helps narrow your search.

Just like cars, you will have a range of options. Sloane Helicopters marketing director, Giorgio Bendoni, says first-time buyers can choose from the two-seater, single-piston Robinson R22 to the twin-turbine, eight-seater AgustaWestland Grand. It depends on budget flexibility.

While helicopters are expensive, some are cheaper than a Lamborghini. The Robinson R44, the world’s most famous helicopter, costs only $350,000 (around £313,500) and half that second-hand.

When setting your budget, add maintenance costs too. Some helicopter’s cost more to maintain than others. Lower priced helicopters can cost more in maintenance over the long run.

The AgustaWestland Grand and the AgustaWestland A109 are great in sophistication and space, but with an annual depreciation of five to 10 percent, you may want to weigh your options.

You should also consider the cost of insurance, capital investment, and depreciation.

3. How Far Will You Travel?

Aircraft manufacturers offer similar models with a small tweak in design and performance. Cheaper helicopters are smaller. And this limits the number of people it can carry, fuel capacity, and distance it can travel.

So, you need to decide how many people need to travel in your helicopter regularly. Also look at the distance it can travel before needing to refuel. The H125 is a midrange helicopter that guarantees 300 to 350 miles (ca. 563 km) or 2½ hours without refueling.

4. Other Considerations

The Airbus H160 is a new sleek design marketed to business and private customers, while the H125 has strong competition from the Bell 407. The cabin is separate from the cockpit and is luxurious. It has two seats facing each other and is a great option if you have a pilot. In contrast, an Airbus is a better option with you as the pilot as there is no separation from your passengers.

The choice of interior should reflect the helicopter’s purpose. Some people ignore carpets as it is a lot of work to keep clean. Leather seats are an attractive option as are seats with twin leather stitching which are currently in vogue.

Landing Space is Limited

Landing spaces in London are limited due to their tight restrictions on noise control, which limits helicopter paths. Battersea Heliport is the best place to land and continue your journey using other means. Places you can land outside London include Elstree, Denham, Biggin Hill, and Northolt.

Grab a helicopter landing guide to find somewhere to land in London. It has a list of landing sites around the UK and their phone numbers. This allows you to request landing permission before leaving for your destination. They may let you land for free or for a small fee (around $50).

Terms You Should Know

There are terms you should know if you intend to own a helicopter:

  • VFR (Visual Flying Rules) means you have to keep sight of the ground.
  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) means you can fly above or in the clouds.
  • A two-seat piston engine VFR is a basic helicopter.
  • ILS (Instrument Landing System) is what you dial into to get to the ground.
  • You use a noise-canceling headset for communication.
  • Autopilot allows you to control the aircraft without moving the controls and is not available in all helicopters.v

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