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Here is a detailed post about Top Free Football Statistic Sites. Suppose you are looking for the best football analysis app. Then reading this article may help. It also includes the best football player stats sites​​.

Gamblers always look to top free football statistic sites to aid them in betting. Over the last few years there has been an expansion in the number of websites and apps that are dedicated to football stats and tips and soccer stats predictions. Many of these products offer a variety of statistics and insight to help anyone wishing to make a more informed bet.This is a list of the most helpful websites for odds, team/league information, players/managers statistics, previews and a lot of other important things. I decided to leave out the websites dedicated to news, as I think every league have different places where to look for information, but I plan to make another blog about it. When you are approaching a bet, there is not a lot of time to make research in most cases, so you need to know where to go and what to look for to make the most of your research.

best football analysis app

top free football statistic sites


Soccerway is hands down the  best football betting site for live football and statistics.

You can always rely on soccerway for your research before placing a bet. The website is not just great for Live results, but It has also have an extensive statistic part worth checking. It has stats and results about all the leagues and tournaments in the world, from the 1st division to the bottom. Every league page has information like Results, Fixtures, Tables, Top scorers, Assists and you can also find useful information for most of the important types of bet like Half Time results for every team, Home/Away records, Form in the last 6 games and Over/Under.

One of the key feature of Soccerway is the Head2Head comparison between two teams, which is very useful when betting on a football match.

Another fantastic feature is the page dedicated to the top scorers of a league or tournament. You can check very easily how many goals they have scored by penalty, and even how many times a player has scored the first goal in the game, very useful for the 1st Goalscorer market.

If you then click on the number of goals scored by a player you can see the list of games and how many goals the player has scored during the season in each game. If you click the number of first goals in the game, you can also see the exact minutes when the player has scored every of his first goal.

Soccerway should always be the first on the list of bookmarks of the serious bettor, and should be checked regularly before every bet.


  • Livescore
  • Tables (Home/Away/Form)
  • H2H
  • Half Time market
  • Under/Over
  • 1st Goalscorer


This is a quite obvious choice, but you cannot make a bet on the most important leagues without checking OLBG.

There are 3 sections very useful that you want to check for your bet research. The first one is the Comment section where you can check what the best members have written about a particular bet. You can check the performance of a certain tipster next to the comment, so you will know if the information is coming from a successful tipster. The brilliant football tips comment section is also important when you are uncertain on a bet, some comments will give you a different angle on a match or market you never thought of.

Another great section is the Blog page where you can find some useful blog about match previews, statistics on a certain markets, previews on leagues/cups, or just some great betting view from some of the best bloggers on the net.

The third useful section is the Forum, where every day there are discussions and selections on the best bets of the day in the world of football, and also plenty of useful information about the most known leagues and cups.

OLBG is a dream for anyone interested in betting also because you can experiment bets in leagues or markets you wouldn’t bet on, before committing your money. They also have an app for smartphone.


  • Tipsters comments
  • Blog
  • Forum


If Soccerway is the best website to have a quick glance at livescores/tables, Whoscored is where you should head if you are interested in having a more in-depth look at football statistics.

Not only the website includes the major game/league stats but it’s filled with interesting information essential for betting. Major categories includes: livescores, stats, comparison and previews.

The match preview section includes a general Preview section, Head2Head and a Betting preview section.


  • Probable Line-ups
  • Missing Players
  • Team News
  • Match Facts
  • Outcome Stats
  • Over/Under
  • Correct Score
  • Goal Times
  • Clean Sheets / Failed to Score


Trasfermarkt was born as a reference for everything related to football Transfers and Player’s value, but It has grown over the years to become a really great source of information for different types of bet.

At first It seems to be another website with the same statistic section you can find in all the other websites, with tables, results, transfers and game information, but if you check the website a little bit more you can find some hidden gems in the menus.

The Match Plan section of every team is organized fantastically and It can be filtered not only by date but also by competitions. This is a very useful tool when you want to bet on a team in a particular competition, as you can check very easily how the team has done over the year. You can also check the team performances in previous seasons with a few clicks and the information will be all in one page unlike soccerway where you have to go through a lot of pages if you want to check past results.

Another great thing is the Table section where you can select not just the home and away tables, but also the form table. Unlike other websites that give you the performance in the last 6 games, in transfermarkt you can change the selection from any gameweek to another. This is very useful if you want to know how a team perform in a given month, or at start/end of the season, or if you want to know how many points the champions of a certain league have had at a particular gameweek.

The pages dedicated to every player are also outstanding, with their performance record for every team they played for and for every season. A great gem can be found in the performance data menu where there is a page called Record vs dedicated to the record of a player (including goals and assists) versus any team he played against.

Very interested is also the same performance data available for the managers with sections dedicated to their record versus any other managers and teams they played against.


  • Tables
  • Fixtures / Results
  • Performance Data
  • Transfers
  • Managers H2H
  • Players Record vs Team


Betbrain is probably one of the best website for bet comparison.

There are Odds on every country, league, match in the world. Once you have decided on a bet you can quickly check which bookmakers will offer you the best odds for your selections.

If you click on a match you can filter the market you are interested in, from margin of victory to numbers of corners, from penalties awarded to 1st or last goalscorers.

If you are interested in the Outright markets you can just click the outright page under every league and you will have access to the latest odds on league winners, relegation, rock bottom, Top x, top scorers and so on.

The great thing is that all the odds are updated live every few seconds and you can quickly reach the page of the bookmaker dedicated to your bet in just a click.

If you register on the website you can expand the number of bookmakers and markets offered and you can easily customize your preferences to make it work better for your needs.


  • Odds Comparison
  • Market Offers

For each and every match that Infogol covers, we provide the percentage chance of all three match outcomes – Home Win, Draw, Away Win – according to the Infogol model, which you can then compare to the Betfair Sportsbook price to see whether the market agrees.

If the Infogol predicted outcome is not deemed to be Value, i.e. the model and the market are largely in agreement, then the Infogol Analyst Verdict will suggest an alternative market for the match based on simulations of the match using team ratings.

The Value selection that appears on the Tips category represents an outcome where the available odds with the bookmaker are much bigger than the probability of the outcome based on the Infogol model, with the number of footballs signifying the level of discrepancy.

best football player stats sites

football stats and tips

Infogol Free Football Tips

Bookmakers offer punters free bets in order to encourage people to sign-up and create an account for the first time, or indeed to reward loyalty from existing customers.

Free bets are given to the bettor in the form of a credit in their account and they can be used to place wagers – either at the discretion of the punter or on a stipulated market.

One of the most frequently available types of free bet are bonuses or extra unit stake credits provided by bookmakers to new customers as they create their account for the first time. As the punter joins the site and makes their first deposit into their account the bookmaker provides credits for a free bet.

A typical, simple free bet offer for new customers from Betfair would be bet at least £10 and receive £30 in free bets. The new customer signs up, places a bet on any Sportsbook market – including football bets such as ‘first goalscorer in a match’, a ‘full time result’ of a game or the ‘outright winner’ of a league or cup – and they get £30 credited to use on additional free bets. A typical condition of the offer could be that the real £10 bet must be on at outcome with a minimum price of say 1/5 (1.2 in decimal format) in order for the customer to get the £30 of free bets. This is just one example, there is a wealth of free bets in the market for football punters.

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