Top most prestigious football competitions

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We have often seen most footballers cry after losing a major competition. Like all aspects of winning, footballers love a good and well deserved trophy. Every footballer is judged by the trophy and laurel won in his/her career. Apart from the huge popularity of domestic leagues, there are some best football tournaments taking place, each of them has a unique claim to fame. cup tournaments always engage in an invisible competition with International football tournaments for superiority worldwide. All these tournaments, domestic or International, always draw a huge people of different countries. After all it’s all about football. People go crazy to find their teams, to find their heroes at the top. The best football trophies in the world might not necessarily be linked can be directly linked to the best football tournaments. 

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Top most prestigious football competitions

10. Copa del Rey

The Copa del Rey, or “King’s Cup,” is one of European football’s most prestigious cup competitions.
The history of the Copa del Rey is both rich and regal. Until the formation of the Campeonato de Liga in 1928, the Copa was Spain’s principal domestic competition. It is the longest-running competition in Spanish football.
Although Spanish giants Barcelona and Real Madrid are frequently distracted by European competition, for most clubs, the Copa represents the sole realistic opportunity to break the duopoly and claim silverware.
The current holders are Atletico Madrid, who defeated rivals Real Madrid at the Bernabeu to win a 10th Copa del Rey title.

9. Confederations Cup

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The Confederations Cup rose to prominence in 2005 when it was established as a vital forerunner to the World Cup.
Since that auspicious summer, the tournament has been held in the same country that will host the World Cup the following year. The Confederations Cup has subsequently become a vital part of preparation for global football’s most celebrated tournament.
The Confederations Cup allows FIFA to assess a nation’s preparations for the arrival of their most prestigious tournament.
More importantly, it is a chance for the host nation to pit themselves against some of the world’s best ahead of the real thing.
The excitement around the current tournament in Brazil is indicative of the Confederations Cup’s rising profile.

8. FA Cup

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The FA Cup is arguably the most famous domestic competition in the world.
Established in July 1871, it is the oldest association football competition in the world. The FA Cup has produced some of English football’s most iconic moments and is partly responsible for Wembley’s status as “The Home of Football.”
English clubs from the Premier League right down to the fifth tier of the FA National League are invited to compete. The tournament has subsequently become known for “giant killings”: occasions when minnows overcome the odds to defeat a club with far greater resources.
The 2013 final was a case in point, as Roberto Martinez’s gutsy Wigan side showed remarkable bravery and discipline to beat the financial superpower that is Manchester City.

7. Africa Cup of Nations

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Africa is a continent that is seemingly in love with football. This tournament pits Africa’s greatest international sides against each other in a fascinating battle for supremacy.
The continent’s most successful side is Egypt. They have won the tournament a record seven times, although they have not yet managed to transfer this continental success to the global stage.
The competition is not without its flaws. The Africa Cup of Nations generally takes place in January, meaning that many European-based players are forced to abandon their clubs to take part. This has led to the withdrawal of some of Africa’s major stars.
If the tournament is to retain its status, it may need to move in line with the European calendar.

6. UEFA Europa League

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The UEFA Europa League is the much-maligned successor to the UEFA Cup.
As the Champions League’s younger and less glamorous sibling, the Europa League is vulnerable to snipers who criticise the competition’s enormous fixture list and plethora of dead-rubber ties.
However, a glance at the recent list of winners suggests that European football’s major clubs still take the competition seriously. Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and Porto have all experienced the joy of Europa League triumph in the last few seasons.
In 2003, Porto were Europa League Champions. A year later, they lifted the Champions League. This competition is no joke.

5. Copa Libertadores

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The Copa Libertadores is the South American equivalent of the Champions League.
The Libertadores trophy is the most coveted prize in South American club football, and the competition’s final is broadcast in an incredible 135 countries across the globe.
The Copa has extraordinary cultural currency in South America. It has spawned the Spanish phrase “El Sueno Libertador,” referring to the dream of lifting the historic prize aloft. Since the competition’s inception in 1960, many have chased that dream.
Argentine club Independiente are the most successful team in the competition’s history, having claimed the Copa a phenomenal seven times.

4. Copa America

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The Copa America is the oldest existing continental football competition.
The first formal Copa America was held in Argentina in 1916 to commemorate the first century of Argentina’s independence.
The competition involves the teams associated with CONMEBOL as well as two other nations, frequently Mexico, Costa Rica or the United States.
Although Brazil and Argentina are regularly referred to as South American football’s “Big Two,” current holders Uruguay are in fact the competition’s most successful team with 15 wins to date.

3. UEFA European Championship

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The first pan-European international tournament was held in 1958 in France.
In the intervening 55 years, the European Championship has established itself as one of world football’s most exciting competitions.
The European Championship is characterised by its unusually competitive nature: The 14 tournaments to date have produced nine different winners. Germany and Spain currently lead the field with three triumphs each.
In 2014, the competition will expand from 16 to 24 teams, prompting concerns that the increase in size may precipitate a drop in quality.

2. UEFA Champions League

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The UEFA Champions League is the most glamorous club competition in world football.
This tournament brings together the greatest teams in the world.
As the financial clout of club football has grown, it has managed to supersede international football. In terms of the quality of play on the field, the Champions League is now the best tournament there is.
Although the pure knockout form of the original European Cup is still missed, the re-branding as the Champions League has helped turn Europe into football’s most financially powerful continent.
There is no club competition to match the Champions League.

1. FIFA World Cup

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There is no greater competition than the World Cup.
The European Championship may have a greater variety of winners. The Champions League may provide better football. However, nothing matches the prestige of lifting the FIFA World Cup.
The World Cup pips the Champions League to the No. 1 spot because of the enormous cultural impact that a victory can have. Nothing unites a nation like being crowned the best in the world.
Next year’s competition in Brazil promises to be another enthralling chapter in the story of the World Cup.

Others include:

-Efl and community shield

1. FIFA World Cup

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Soccer is one of the most-loved sports in the world, offering the largest spectator numbers across the globe. While the likes of basketball, baseball and football can be exciting, there is something about soccer that triggers emotion and passion inside a fan that few sports can replicate.

If you would like to immerse yourself in the most intense and competitive championships in the sport, check out the biggest and best soccer tournaments to watch.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup might only be held every four years, but it is definitely worth the wait. The premier international soccer tournament is basically a celebration of the finest international sports teams in the world, all of which will be competing against one another to lift the sought-after World Cup.

The event dates back to 1930 and has become one of the most anticipated sporting events, with people from across the globe tuning in to cheer their homegrown players to victory. However, you will have to wait until 2022 for the next FIFA World Cup, which will be held in Qatar.

UEFA Champions League

Every professional European club will be vying to become the next Champions League winner, if they are good enough to qualify for the celebrated tournament. It is easily one of the most-watched competitions in the sport, attracting billions of TV viewers and stadium spectators each year.

Only the strongest soccer clubs in the continent will compete in the challenging event, as they will need to qualify through multiple rounds to secure a place in the final. The winning team will then automatically qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Super Cup.

UEFA European Championship

The UEFA European Championship, also nicknamed “the Euros”, is a quadrennial sporting event that will commonly take place two years after the World Cup. Twenty-four European teams will need to qualify for the tournament, which will allow them to compete for the coveted title of European Champion.

While the event is commonly hosted in one or two European countries, the 2020 event will be hosted by not one, not two, but an incredible thirteen nations in celebration of the tournament entering its 60th year. However, while many countries will have the honor of hosting a game or two, both the semi-final and final will be held at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Premier League

While the Premier League consists of solely English teams, it is the most-watched soccer tournament in the world, attracting an average of 4.7 billion people. Despite there being much competition, only six soccer clubs have managed to win the Premier League:

  • Manchester United
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester City
  • Arsenal
  • Blackburn Rovers
  • Leicester City

There are, however, various clubs that are determined to change the league’s history, with Liverpool FC making a serious play for this season’s trophy.

La Liga

The National Professional Football League, known to many sports fans as La Liga, is an unmissable tournament that features the 20 best Spanish club level teams. Each qualifying team will complete in 38 rounds in an attempt to win the sought-after title.

The season typically starts from early August and will come to a close in the following May. Sports fans can, therefore, enjoy 380 matches that are commonly held on Saturdays and Sundays. The four highest-ranking clubs will also automatically qualify for the European Cup, while the fifth and fourth-ranking teams will enter the UEFA Europa League.

Cameroon at the African Cup of Nations
Photo by Ben Sutherland / CC-BY-2.0

The African Cup of Nations

The African Cup of Nations is not to be missed, as the biennial tournament determines the finest international teams in all of Africa. Twenty-five soccer clubs will compete to prove they are the best of the best, but they often face tough competition in the form of Egypt, which is the most successful team in the event’s history (with a superb seven wins). However, Cameroon aren’t far behind with five wins.

So, if you want to absorb many action-packed soccer games throughout the years, the above tournaments will not disappoint.

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