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 If recent automative trends have proven anything, it’s that consumers have realized the many benefits that SUVs offer. SUVs seem to be more popular than ever, and Toyota makes several versions to appeal to a variety of drivers. The RAV4 is a capable mid-size model that feels roomy. The C-HR has two rows of seats like the RAV4 does, but it has a more compact frame and some more edgy stylistic elements.

This detailed comparison will give prospective buyers a better idea of whether the RAV4 or the C-HR might be a better fit. The RAV4 comes in six trims, which are the LE, XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, TRD Off-Road, and Limited, and four of those trims come in hybrid models. The C-HR has only three trims; the LE and XLE are the more basic versions, and the Limited is the premium choice.

chr vs hrv reddit

Toyota Chr Vs Rav4 Reddit

Size and Styling

The 2020 Toyota RAV4 is bigger than the C-HR is just about every way. It stands 67 inches tall, is 73 inches wide, and has an overall length of 180.9 inches. In comparison, the C-HR is 61.6 inches tall, 70.7 inches wide, and 172.6 inches long.

This size differential is really clear when examining cargo space, a key component of what makes SUVs so popular. In the C-HR, maximum cargo capacity is 37 cubic feet, and the rear cargo area has a volume of 19.1 cubic feet. In a stark contrast, there is 37.6 cubic feet of storage space in the RAV4, when just looking at the area behind the seating. When the rear seats are lowered, cargo capacity expands to 69.8 cubic feet.

Interestingly, front-row passengers in the C-HR have a bit more leg room than those in the RAV4. Front-row leg room is 43.46 inches in the C-HR compared with the RAV4’s 41 inches of leg room. In the back, it’s another story. Rear-seat passengers can spread out with 37.8 inches of leg room. The C-HR only provides 31.7 inches of leg room, and this can definitely make things feel cramped for adults and taller children, even on the shortest of rides.

While being modern and elegant, these models have different exterior styles. The RAV4 has a more traditional SUV appearance as it stands tall and looks muscular and athletic. It can either ride on 17-inch, 18-inch, or 19-inch wheels, and it can have LED headlights, fog lights, Daytime Running Lights, and taillights. Some trims have two-tone color schemes, and others have exclusive badging, chrome accents, panoramic moonroofs, and mud guards.

The C-HR is limited to having 17-inch wheels, and this is a clue that the upper range of what the C-HR offers doesn’t compare to what the RAV4’s features. The C-HR can have LED headlights and fog lights, red garnish on the rear bumper, piano-black B-pillars, and some chrome accents. Noticeably, the C-HR has a unique rear door handle that’s hidden in the door frame. It also has a curved roof and some angular features, giving it a slightly futuristic feel. Honestly, this may draw some customers, while turning away others.


Under the hood of the 2020 Toyota C-HR, there’s a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. This engine is paired with a continuously variable transmission. Front-wheel drive is standard, and there is no all-wheel drive option. There are, however, a few different driving modes. Normal is the mode that most people would use on a regular basis, Sport mode kicks things up a notch in terms of aggressiveness, and ECO is the most energy efficient setting.

With 144 horsepower and 139 pound-feet of torque, the C-HR isn’t the quickest vehicle on the roads. It is easy to drive and feels responsive, whether one is on the highway or on city streets. A benefit of driving the C-HR is that it’s relatively light on the gas consumption. In the city, it can achieve up to 27 miles per gallon, and on the highway, mileage is estimated to be 31 miles per gallon.

The 2020 RAV4 runs on a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine. This engine is paired with an electric motor in the hybrid versions. Hybrid versions automatically come with electronic on-demand all-wheel drive, and the Adventure and TRD Off-Road have specialized all-wheel-drive systems designed for rugged terrain. Other non-hybrid models come standard with front-wheel drive, but there’s the option to get all-wheel drive.

In the non-hybrid RAV4s, there is 203 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. The hybrids can generate 219 net horsepower. This is plenty of power and gives the SUV a more aggressive ride. Unlike the C-HR which is not rated for towing, the RAV4 has been built to accommodate towing cargo. Towing capacity is 1,500 pounds in the lower trims, 1,750 pounds in the hybrid versions, and 3,500 pounds in select trims.

The RAV4 also has Sport, ECO, and Normal driving modes. In addition, some trims have a Multi-Terrain Select function that can optimize performance for driving over mud and sand, rock and dirt, and snow. Further improving how the RAV4 handles are hill start assist control, which the C-HR also has, and active cornering assist.

Hybrid RAV4s are difficult to beat in terms of efficiency. They can earn up to 41 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon on the highway. Front-wheel drive SUVs can achieve an estimated 27 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon on the highway, which isn’t that bad considering all the capability they have. With all-wheel drive RAV4s, mileage drops only a bit, to an estimated 27/34 (city/highway) miles per gallon.

Comfort, Options and Performance

These days, automotive companies know that customers want to be treated to a pleasant ride, and Toyota has certainly built the C-HR and RAV4 with comfort in mind. Drivers will find many features to be convenient.

The C-HR starts out with a dual-zone automatic climate control system and remote keyless entry. Its seats are trimmed in a soft yet durable fabric, and the 60/40 split bench in the back seat has adjustable headrests. Up front, the seats are manually adjustable, and the shift lever is trimmed in leather.

Moving up a trim results in having a leather-trimmed steering wheel, seatback pockets, illuminated vanity mirrors behind the dual sun visors, and push button start with a Smart Key System. The top trim offers leather seats, heated front seats, and a power-adjustable driver’s seat.

Infotainment is a big selling point for customers who like to stay entertained and connected. The C-HR has an attractive system, especially given its affordable pricing. It comes standard with an eight-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth, smartphone compatibility, and the ability to recognize certain voice commands. SiriusXM Radio can provide people with dozens of radio stations no matter where they travel. On the two higher trims, there’s also HD radio. Both systems in the C-HR have six speakers, can access Toyota Connected Services, and provide Wi-Fi access if this feature is activated.

Some similar features are seen in the RAV4, but the RAV4 has many more interior elements than the C-HR has. It starts out with fabric seats, and its mid-level and premium models have a SofTex trim. This isn’t the same as leather, but it’s definitely sophisticated and easy to care for. Some trims have special accent stitching and embossed seat inserts, and on select models, the power-adjustable driver’s seat has a two-position memory function as well as lumbar support. Like the C-HR, heated front seats are standard in higher trims; ventilation is also an option if people prefer to be a little more comfortable in the hotter months. Another option on select RAV4 models is to get heated seats in the back seat.

The RAV4 starts out with a urethane steering wheel, with the mid-level and higher models having leather-trimmed steering wheels. On some trims, the steering wheel can be heated. The dash can have stitched accents to stand out a bit more, and depending on the trim, it could be red, orange, blue, or brown.

Remote keyless entry is standard on the RAV4. Higher trims have Toyota’s Smart Key System, which lets people approach their vehicles (with keys somewhere in their pockets or bags) and simply touch the door handles to unlock them. The RAV4 has an available power liftgate that’s sure to be appreciated when one has his or her hands full of groceries or anything else.

Numerous storage compartments in the RAV4 can help people stay organized. There’s a center console with covered storage compartment, an overhead console with sunglasses storage, and an adjustable deck board in the rear cargo area.

Rather than being limited to having one or two USB media ports, the RAV4 can come with up to five. This way, everyone’s devices can stay fully charged. The RAV4’s infotainment system comes either with a seven-inch or eight-inch touchscreen, depending on the model selected. While the C-HR keeps the infotainment system somewhat limited, the RAV4 gives people the opportunity to upgrade to a very advanced package. The RAV4 can come with 11 JBL speakers, built-in navigation, comprehensive remote services, and wireless charging.


What’s great about these Toyota SUVs is that they come standard with Toyota Safety Sense technology. It includes advanced driver-assist systems that can continually look out for problems, prompt drivers to take action when necessary, and potentially take measures to prevent accidents from occurring.

The safety package in the RAV4 is slightly more comprehensive than the one in the C-HR. Both SUVs have a pre-collision braking system that can detect the presence of pedestrians, lane departure alert that comes with a corrective steering function, automatic high beams, and dynamic cruise control that can adjust speed according to how fast other vehicles are traveling. In the RAV4, there is the addition of lane tracing assist and road sign assist. Lane tracing assist helps the car stay centered in the lane, and road sign assist provides drivers with extra visual cues so they can stay aware of changing speed limits and other information.

Blind spot monitoring is available on the base RAV4s and standard on the others. It’s not available on the base model of the C-HR, but it is standard on the higher trims. Blind spot monitoring can keep drivers aware of the presence of other vehicles to their left or right, and it comes with rear cross-traffic alert to hopefully keep people from backing up into a passing vehicle.

The other safety components in these SUVs are fairly standard. They have three-point seatbelts, LATCH tethers, child door locks, and tire pressure monitoring systems. A rearview camera is including on all trims, though it’s much more high-tech in the RAV4. The standard camera on the RAV4 can project a path to assist with parking, and higher RAV4 trims can either come with a panoramic backup camera with dynamic gridlines or a bird’s eye view camera that can give a 360-degree perspective of what’s around the vehicle.

Which Model to Choose?

It’s evident that both of these 2020 Toyota SUVs are loaded with features that make them fun to drive, practical in many situations, and reliable over time. While they share several similarities due to being in the same Toyota family, they’re also quite distinct from each other.

The Toyota RAV4 is the more high-end model, especially if one of the premium trims is chosen. It has clear advantages over the C-HR in terms of power, size, and available upgrades. The Toyota C-HR doesn’t do poorly at all, but it just doesn’t hit the mark that the RAV4 sets with its more spacious cabin and larger engine, not to mention the available all-wheel drive. Therefore, the RAV4 is better suited for those who have a lot planned for their vehicles, whether that involves driving a large family on long road trips, carrying all sorts of gear in the back, or going off-roading.

Where the C-HR shines is in affordability. Its base model is priced just above $21,000, a price point that’s about $5,000 less than that of the RAV4’s base model and will definitely bring in a lot of people to Toyota dealerships. The C-HR may appeal to younger drivers, people who need something versatile for regular commutes and weekend adventures, and anyone who likes the more unique look of the SUV. It offers a great value, especially when considering its advanced safety systems and technological components.

toyota chr reddit 2021

Used Car Websites

Buying a new or used vehicle is a big decision — both financially and in terms of the amount of time we spend in our cars. And wouldn’t you know it, there’s an app for that. Cars, trucks, and SUVs of all types can be found online today. You don’t even need to leave your couch to research, browse, inquire, and finance your next vehicle.

Here are some of the best used-car websites around.
Because it’s an aggregator (like, the easy-to-use Autolist site displays millions of vehicles from many different sources. Users can view details such as the length of time a given vehicle has been on the market, plus any price changes for that vehicle. Autolist has one of the highest-rated used-car apps available. It works with Android or iOS phones, and just like the website, it checks multiple online databases to help you locate your dream car. The app also has instant price-drop alerts and high-res pictures to help you find the best deals on the most local listings. Shoppers can even apply for financing. With family sharing, as many as six family members can share information through the app. Add to that reviews, industry insights, a Rotten Tomatoes-style aggregator of older vehicle reviews, and buyer’s guides to help steer you through the car-buying process.

Go to Autolist

shutterstock 427841161 (1)
Like some of the other websites here, AutoTempest’s search results are drawn from multiple sources. Their website and app work similarly to the others, including the ability to save searches. They have lots of other useful information as well, including an up-to-date blog, buying guides, and car reviews. While you can filter your searches, the criteria for doing so are much more limited, although some might consider it to be streamlined. Either way, the essential information is provided. Choices include make, model, distance, price, year, mileage, vehicle type, transmission, and whether it’s for sale from a private party or by a

Go to Autotempest
Because nearly predates the internet itself, its longstanding reputation has built up decades of trust. Available as a website since 1997, it has over 3 million listings drawn from 40,000 dealers and 250,000 private sellers, and its selection is immense. The website has a wide variety of filters that can help you narrow your search down to exactly the type of vehicle you’re looking for. You can save your searches and even apply for insurance and a loan.

Go to Autotrader
Bring A Trailer used to be a listing of interesting cars for sale around the country, now it is a full-blown auction site, with rare and unusual vehicles selling for sometimes astounding figures. It is the place to find that social ride or merely kill endless amounts of time browsing high-dollar exotics and absurdly clean early 2000s commuters. Recently, a pristine 2000 Honda Civic SI sold for $50,000. If you are in the market for something unusual or are willing to pay top dollar for your dream car, check out BaT.

Go to Bring a Trailer
This is a company that seeks to build trust through transparency. You will find many of the same search options on their website as you’ll find on the other sites. However, you’ll also find the CarGurus valuation of a given vehicle based on typical search criteria on top of this. This algorithm is similar to the methods used by KBB. The information they use to make this determination includes comparable car listings and pricing data on vehicles that have recently sold. Ratings are based on mileage, trim, vehicle history, and a multitude of other factors. CarGurus rates each available car deal as being Overpriced, High, Fair, Good, or Great.

Go to CarGurus
Carmax is a dealership specializing in high quality used cars, many available with the internet-famous Carmax warranty. This website isn’t the best for those looking for a killer deal because of their no-haggle policy, but it is an excellent place for people who want the most effortless car shopping and buying experience. For those looking for the ease of browsing and buying online, without the anxiety-inducing Craigslist test drive, Carmax can be a good option. Browse, buy, and the car can be ready for pick up, virtually all online or on their mobile app.

Go to Carmax

shutterstock 329553065 (1) is one of the largest automotive search engines. With thousands of listings covering almost every car, there is also a new tool that rates the value of used vehicles relative to the current market trends. has fewer private sellers, but it’s a great way to search dealers in your area and compare pricing for similar vehicles. It also has extensive sorting options to narrow your search by the specs and features you are looking for and leaving out those you don’t want. In addition to consumer reviews, the site has now built up an extensive archive of expert reviews written by its editorial staff.

Go to
This site works to simplify buying a car, and like Autotrader and others on this list, they can help find financing. The search criteria include make, model, distance, price, mileage, year, color, engine, and even photo availability. CarsDirect also has buying guides, rankings, and vehicle comparisons. Like similar sites, you can save your searches and vehicles of interest. The website also has educational videos, including reviews, car news and reports, and tools that include a trade-in valuation.

Go to CarsDirect
Carvana is another used car dealer that built a business around making the buying experience easier. Buy with confidence with a 7-day money-back guarantee, and have the car delivered to your door. All Carvana vehicles have accident free vehicle history and pass a 150-point inspection. You can also sell your vehicle to Carvana, even without buying from them. They claim you will get a real offer after filling out a form, which takes just a couple of minutes. With used car values near all-time highs, it may be a good time to see what your car is worth to them. Carvana is also the inventor of the car vending machine for those looking to buy in person. It’s a neat gimmick worth checking out.

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Primarily a classified site, Craigslist doesn’t have many fancy graphics or options, but the site’s selection is fairly broad, and postings usually include photos. You’ll need to be super savvy if you’re going this route because the site is rife with scammers, but it is possible to negotiate a worthwhile deal here. Search filters here include distance, price, make and model, year, mileage, condition, number of cylinders, drivetrain and fuel type, color, size, title status, vehicle type, and transmission type. A point of interest to some, some sellers on Craigslist might accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin in exchange for the vehicle they’re selling. You can also create email alerts for the specific attributes of a vehicle that you’re looking for.

Go to Craigslist
eBay Motors isn’t just an auction site for rare vehicles anymore. There are thousands of used and new cars listed by dealerships and private sellers to peruse using classified-style listings. Whether you are shopping for a custom show car or a late model Chevy, eBay likely has at least one of those vehicles. Other great searches on eBay motors include the “Replica/Kit Make” section, as well as the “Racecar (Not Street Legal)” category. Just be careful in terms of trusting sellers since eBay makes it difficult to recoup any monies lost to fraud or misrepresented vehicles. A pre-purchase inspection by an independent third party is highly recommended if you’re not able to see the vehicle yourself in person before buying.

Go to eBay
Edmunds originated as a paperback booklet available at newsstands. Decades of experience have made this a well-respected name in the industry. The website allows you to save searches and favorites and also lets you filter your selections. Although their search functions look similar to the ones available on other sites, they often have more features and options to choose between. That allows buyers to narrow and refine more thoroughly. Edmunds also has a wealth of advice and articles to help educate people about the car-buying process and the vehicles themselves.

Go to Edmunds
If you don’t mind a car with plenty of miles on it, Enterprise’s former rentals can be a good choice. They offer a no-questions-asked, seven-day “buyer’s remorse” period, in addition to their 12-month or 12,000-mile limited powertrain warranty and one year of roadside assistance. Enterprise also provides financing. Unlike most of the other sites mentioned here, the company sells cars only from one source: their retired rental fleets. They also take trade-ins and have special programs for college graduates or first-time car buyers. The website allows you to search by the monthly payment you can afford alongside the same criteria you’ll find on other sites.

Go to Enterprise Car Sales
For classic car, truck, or motorcycle collectors, this is a ‘don’t-miss’ destination. As well as vehicles, Hemmings helps you locate hard-to-find parts for project cars. Search for vehicles or parts by make, model, type, price range, and category. With more of a community feel to it, this site maintains a blog and regularly sends out newsletters. Hemmings also sells merchandise related to this niche market. They have an email list, fantastic videos, and special events, not to mention apps for Android and iOS, and several print publications to subscribe to.

Go to Hemmings
The words “Blue Book price” have been a part of the American vocabulary for nearly a century, and the Kelley Blue Book website and app both trade on this longstanding name recognition. Not only are they known for providing accurate estimates of your car’s market value, but their site has tools for checking your credit score and calculating car payments too. Expert reviews, top ten lists, and recall postings make this site a longtime go-to favorite for automotive information. They also cover motorcycles, snowmobiles, and personal watercraft such as jet skis. KBB even has an instant cash offer section on their website.

Go to Kelley Blue Book

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