Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing

If you haven’t found a place to buy trendy wholesale children’s clothing in bulk, well our post here will guide you through on the top places to get wholesale kids clothing suppliers across the world. We have decided to come up with a list  that include wholesale children’s boutique clothing suppliers in USA , China, Europe and several other options you can consider. 

So if you are planning to open a wholesale kids boutique clothing business or if you just want to discover the top places where you can find wholesale children’s clothing distributors across the world, then read on to learn how you can begin. 

Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing

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My advice on how to become a trendy kids wholesale clothing supplier would be to choose a niche within children clothes rather than trying to open a general children’s boutique.

You can go for an age group like newborn, boys or girls or a certain product range like T.Shirts for cute kids or flowery or pretty dresses.

You could also try to develop a brand which takes time but, can be very profitable if you go for the higher end market with quality products rather than the cheap end of the market.

Best wholesale kids Clothing & Clothes Suppliers in UK/USA/China/India

Being niche specific allows you to find your market easier and advertise directly to them. Social media is a great way to get to a specific niche market and you can find groups accounts easily that you can market to.

Picking a Niche also makes it cheaper to start up as you will only have a small range of clothes. Remember for each design and product you will need a variety of sizes and this can be expensive.

You could go for something like baseball caps for kids. They tend to be one size fits all and you can easily get stock.

Best online Wholesale children’s Clothing Distributors

The fashion world is a whole universe that is ruled by trends and that same goes for kids’ clothes. Lately, buying clothes is large quantities from wholesale kids clothing websites have become popular. On our post we will list the 15 top places you can consider for Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing. 

To start the process of buying trendy kids clothing in bulk,  it is important for you to look out for stores that deal exclusively on children’s clothing. Among the wide assortment of websites, Wholesale Children Clothing, Bambini, Kiskissing, and Kiddies World Wholesale are great ones. You can buy some of the most popular brands and stylish baby clothes at a very competitive price. These stores have a vast collection of both unisex and gender-specific clothing products. 

15 Best Websites to Buy Trendy Kids Wholesale Clothing Online


Product Category


Main Features


Baby products and general


Drop shipping, reward points, Wholesale pricing, SEO-optimized product descriptions, worldwide shipping, secure payment, free trial 


All types of products 


Affiliate program, drop shipping, coupons 


All types of products 


Payment protection program, lead management system, instant payment 

Wholesale Children Clothing 

Baby products  


Reward program, no minimums, fast shipping, wholesale pricing

Wholesale Central 

All types of products 


Only B2B, No registration, free buyers network, bonus features 

Kiddies World Wholesale 

Baby products  


Popular cloth brands, nursery products, school uniforms & accessories 


Baby clothes 


Drop shipping, orders tracking, secure payment, DHgate store 

Angel Wholesale 

Baby products & others


International delivery, no minimum order, packaging.

Dollar Days 

Baby clothes and general 


Nonprofit customers, warehouses, charitable partners 

Africa Imports

Kids Clothing & general 


African baby clothes, Donations to orphans, tools & training


Baby products and others 


Surplus & stocklots, direct delivery 


Baby products  general 


Affiliate, commissions, lead generation, wholesaling 


Baby Clothing & accessories 


Drop shipping, wholesale registration.


Wholesale directory 


Drop shipping, wholesale registration,


Baby Clothing & General


Managed payments, partner to sellers, secure payment 

How to Buy Children’s Clothes From Wholesale Distributors

This is a very big topic and there is no fixed answer for this. There are good and bad suppliers and the best way is to go through a company like wholesale kids clothing suppliers if you are thinking of China (although they do have suppliers from around the World, they are predominantly in China) They have a money guarantee, They protect your payment to the supplier which is very helpful when starting out.

If you can find a company or supplier in your own country that is, of course, better but you won’t always get the same profit margins that you will when you import from China, although you do have to also think about import duty for your country.

Buying from overseas has its own issues but it is not difficult and, once you build a relationship with a company then you do not usually have any problems.

You must remember that the culture and attitude can be different to yours and this can take some getting used to.s

Dont buy from the first person or company that you speak with, shop around.

A lot of the people you contact on Best global dropshipping suppliers for example are agents who get a commission from the factory. Some agents are better than others but if you cant get directly to the factory themselves, it is much better but this does take some added effort.

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