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Tristar Vacuums is one of the best vacuums made and very popular but what is the Tristar Vacuum Price? We stand behind them as a quality vacuum as they have been making them since about 1946. The design from 1946 to 1998 was similar in design with improvements on all the models. These models were made largely of metal and are sometimes referred to as “Compacts” The last model made like these is the DXL model made from 1993 to 1998. This model is where we start today and is still one of our best sellers. Tristar vacuums have several advantages. Their vacuums were designed so that as the bag filled with dirt the air flow would not decrease (take that James Dyson). They are known for high powered air flow (essential for deep cleaning) and they are a quality-made vacuum that lasts for decades. It is very common to see a 30-year old Tristar working perfectly. They also have excellent filtration for allergies.

Tristar Vacuum Price

Tristar DXL. Many people claim this was the best model. It is the work horse of Tristars, was made of metal, and very dependable. The Tristar DXL was made from about 1993 to 1998. We still sell lots of this model and they are very effective deep cleaning, long-lasting vacuums.
Tristar EXL. Starting with the EXL model, they made lots of good changes that remain constant with the new style of Tristar. This one seemed to have more plastic on it and also seemed to have a larger motor. I never verified this, but we had a Tristar dealer tell us of all the newer models of Tristar, the EXL has the most powerful motor. With the EXL and models thereafter, they made the hoses, tools and wands larger (for increased air flow I believe). They also introduced the HEPA after filter as well. The tools and head on the EXL models and MG1, MG2, MG3 will all fit each other, but the tools and electric head on the DXL models and older will not fit. The Tristar EXL was made from about 1999 to 2001.
Tristar MG1. This model featured less of the plastic than the EXL had and made the vacuum a lot more lightweight. It was made of a lightweight metal alloy and easy to use. The basic look and style of tools, hose, and wands remained the same. We noticed a problem with the MG1 though. After a few years, the metal seems to get discolored. Little black splotches will start to show up. It does not make anything wrong with the vacuum, it just looks bad. I had a Tristar dealer tell us that’s why they came out with the MG2 which does not have this issue and looks very nice. However, if you want a new model Tristar, are on a budget, and don’t care about the paint job, consider looking at the MG1 as it has the same features as the newer models, but is a lot cheaper. The Tristar MG1 was made from about 2002 to 2005.
Tristar MG2. This is a very good looking Tristar model with a nice clear coat finish on it. There may have been some additional changes from the MG1 besides the finish, but we did not see any. It’s the same lightweight, easy to use vacuum with the HEPA filter and same style of tools and wands. I think they will have a hard time improving on this model. I dont know the exact years of manufacture, but I think they were made from about 2006 to about 2008 or 2009.
Tristar MG3 or A101R. As of the writing of this article, this is the newest model. Besides a slight looks change (color and decal), I don’t see many changes between this and the MG2. I think they may have changed the motor in it as well, but I don’t know for sure. They did seem to add some additional attachments, though. I noticed they sometimes come into us with a hand held shampooer. It’s basically a spray gun that can be use to shampoo upholstery or spray other cleaners.
Tristar Tools & Attachments. Tristar does make an Air Purifier called the Purestar, but I don’t believe we have ever seen one (they are very rare but we usually have a couple in stock if you want to email us). They also make the motorized mini head that works on EXL, MG1, MG2, and MG3 models called the Mini Star. These are very popular, but also very rare. Standard tools are the crevice tool, upholstery tool, and floor tool. The hand held shampooer will also work on the recent models as well, but from what I have seen it just recently came out and is not part of the standard tool set that we have seen. The Tristar bags work on all the models of Tristar Vacuums that we have seen.
Tristar DXL Vacuum Cleaner Unboxing & First Look - YouTube

Tristar Vacuum Review

In the summer of 2005, while splitting firewood (with an axe) in our side yard on a warm day and perspiring quite profusely, I was interrupted by a TriStar vacuum salesman. After a brief aggravating discussion, we went into the house to allow his vacuum demonstration to proceed.

Unfortunately, the demonstration was very convincing. The principle and performance of the vacuum impressed me. The warranty described to us by the salesman was also very convincing, being total warranty coverage for life and transferable to any of our children and at any time in the future.

After more than an hour of one-sided discussion, the salesman offered us a deal in which he would allow us $800 for our old vacuum (not a very old upright and working well). That brought the price down to an even $2000 including tax. I am embarrassed to say that we paid this much for the vacuum.

During the following eight+ years, the vacuum worked very well, being a relatively quiet model as well as powerful. The vacuum seemed very solid and had very good filtration for the exhaust air. The HEPA filtration was also used as a selling point by the salesman. The paper filter bags were reasonably priced and the suction did not reduce even with a full bag.

In March of 2014, the power carpet brush stopped working and after testing a few of the wand electrical connections, I found that the problem was within the main body of the vacuum. At this point, I found my manual and read every word of the warranty. I discovered that only the unbreakable metal body of the machine was lifetime warranteed. I was disappointed in myself for not reading the details of the warranty at purchase time and disappointed that such an expensive machine has essentially no useful warranty.

I took the vacuum to a local authorized repair shop and ordered the part required, which was a reasonable price and cost me about $30 including shipping. I received the part from Tri-Star in short order (a few days). After the repair shop replaced the part and got the machine going, it was the shop’s standard practice to run the vacuum for 10 minutes to test the operation before having the customer (me in this case) pick up the machine. A few minutes into the test, the vacuum motor electrical windings burned and rendered the vacuum unusable.

At this point, from the warranty, I was faced with possibly an additional $150 for the motor replacement plus the repair shop’s time to replace it, on top of the accumulated costs for the earlier work done. In total, these repairs could have cost me about $300 which was unacceptable to me when new vacuums with warrantees cost only a bit more. I traded the useful parts of the Tri-Star in on a Simplicity Verve purchase. We will see how well this one does in the next several years.

All in all, even though the TriStar is an excellent machine when new, the poor (almost non-existent) warranty and small overworked motor do not justify the ridiculous initial price. I do not recommend TriStar for anyone requiring good value in a vacuum cleaner.

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