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Top 16 Best Turkish Clothes Brands& Wholesalers Online to Boost Your Store

2019-03-06 23:23:45

Turkey is known for its travel destination like Istanbul, Bosporus and food dishes such as Kumpir, Kofte, Baklava, and so on.


But do you know Turkey also has an amazing fashion style and the people in the country are always updated with new trends and fashion?


Here are some famous Turkey Brands that you should have a look at if you love trying new fashion trends, as well as the best wholesale websites online that will skyrocket your sales you really don’t want to miss out.

What Are the Best Turkish Clothes Brands?

1. LC Waikiki: Established in France, 1988, LC Waikiki has turned out to be among the best Turkish clothes brands since 1997. The clothing brand is now available in 45 countries, including Indonesia, Iraq, Algeria, Malaysia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia to name some with the flagship of 922 stores. It has clothing categories for women, men kids, and babies. For women category, the items included are cardigans, sweaters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tunic, dresses, skirts while for men they have cardigans, sweaters, shirts, jeans, chino pants, trousers on their store.

2. Vakko: Vakko is considered to be Turkey’s most dynamic fashion label. Its items of clothing are meant to encourage the customers to live a young, excited, innovative and free-spirited lifestyle. The motto of its first store in Taksim, which was launched in 1982, was to become “Turkey’s most youthful fashion brand.” Vakko has clothing categories for women, men, and exclusive section for weddings. It also features a range of accessories on their board like home décor products and cosmetics.

3. Desa: From producing women’s handbag to one of the big names in the fashion industry in Turkey, Desa is becoming a global brand now. It has its store in Syria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Cyprus. It has clothing categories for women which includes leather jackets, leather coat, fur coat, suede jacket, leather skirts, etc. and for men, their category includes leather patchwork, leather jackets, leather shirts along with other categories like travel and accessories.

4. CollezionCollezione is one of the leading names in Turkey in the fashion Industry. It has been awarded as Turkey Fashion Apparel Leader in 2015. It has clothing categories for men and as well as women. For women, they have a variety of option to shop from like shirts, blouses, tunic, skirts, cardigans, beachwear, shorts, coats, jackets, etc. while for men category they have jeans, shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, coats, shorts, capris, etc. It also has a category for kids and other accessories like shoes, jewelry, bags, beanies, glasses and watch.

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Best Turkish Clothes Wholesale Suppliers

It is easy to find Turkish clothes wholesale suppliers but to settle down with a genuine one you need to do much research and compare the quality as well as the price of the material. Looking for the best Turkish clothes wholesale suppliers? Let me assure you that you have landed on the right page.

Sr.no Company Country Category Dropshipping Quality
1 Chinabrands China All Categories Yes ★★★★★
2 WOW Wholesale Turkey Clothing No ★★★★
3 Whocit Turkey Clothing No ★★★
4 Clup Fashion Turkey Clothing No ★★★★
5 Fimka Stores Turkey Women Clothing No ★★★★
6 Alibaba China All Categories Yes ★★★★★
7 AM Clothing Turkey Clothing No ★★★★★
8 Taha Group Turkey Clothing No ★★★
9 Momtek Turkey Clothing No ★★★★
10 Kardem Turkey Clothing No ★★★★
11 Att Clothing Turkey Women Clothing No ★★★★★
12 DDFS Turkey Clothing No ★★★★

1. Chinabrands: Chinabrands is one of the most popular names in the wholesale business. It allows you to choose from various ranges of products. It is ranking on number one position as a leading global drop shipping wholesaler based in China. They have different categories to shop from which includes fashion, bags, shoes, jewelry, and accessories along with households, decors, computers, offices, tools, sports, entertainment, automobiles, toys, hobby related, watches, etc. Its team is always updated with the new trend and fashion in the market. They cover all kinds of items from low to high end on wholesale price. It is a platform where a customer can meet thousands of manufacturers and suppliers. Before dispatching any product, the team makes sure a strict quality check has been conducted such that quality standards are maintained.

Best-Selling Clothings Wholesale on Chinabrands

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Christmas Gift Print Long Sleeve Prom Dress


Faux Shearling Two Tone High Low Hoodie


2. Whocit: Whocit is one of the best wholesale sites to order clothes from. It has all types of clothing ranges for men and women both which includes jeans, shirts, evening dresses, t-shirts, coats, jackets, cardigan, skirt, sweatshirts, sports, plus size clothes, tunic, tracksuits, athlete, maternity, shorts, bags, blouse, pants, overalls, etc. It is the best option to buy from Whocit because they have collaboration with brands which means you will receive all original and genuine brands for low prices. Its brand tie-ups include The Machek, By Gecce Jeans, Raket Collection, CCA Sportswear, Buika, and By Alba Collection.

3. Clup Fashion:  Clup Fashion is one of the fastest growing Turkey clothing wholesale stores. The company’s focus is to provide excellent experience and better services to the customers. They have collaborated with top brands of Turkey like Stella, Marisis, and Sirius. They work with 30 manufacturers all over Turkey, offering a range of categories. Clup Fashion has various options for women to shop from including clothes, beachwear, denim, ethnic clothes, sportswear, maternity wear and some more. It also offers a variety of options for men as well.

4. Fimka StoresFimka Stores was founded in 1984. This is a leading name in the field of textiles in Turkey. Fimka manufactures and supplies women’s clothing. The store offers great quality products at low prices, across various categories such as dresses, blouse, plus-size wear, evening dresses, maxi dresses, bodysuits, t-shirts, vest, tunics, leggings, denim, coats, accessories, knitwear, and suits.

5. Alibaba: Alibaba.com has over 40 major product category, including apparel, consumer goods, and machinery. They source products directly from manufacturers across the globe. They have good customer care service and supply their products in 190 countries, with their primary customer base being in Pakistan, Hong Kong, and China (Mainland).

Once you are on their homepage, you can fill the search box- Turkey Clothing Manufacturer or select it from the many dropdown categories. You can also filter out the manufacturer according to your requirements using the filter option. There you are with the list of turkey manufacturers whom you can connect with the contact details provided.

6. AM ClothingAM Clothing is considered to be the best Turkish clothes manufacturer. They product t-shirt, sweatshirts, polo piquet shirts, jogging sets, etc. They offer a variety of categories which includes pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. It also provides custom made clothes, private label, ready to wear clothes. Its main focus is to provide the highest quality product at the best rates.

7. Taha Group: Taha Group provides very high standard service to its customers. It supplies the highest quality products at a very low price. It is one of the famous women clothing manufacturers, but it also focuses on men, kids, and baby’s category. The company constantly works on innovation, better reliability, and better quality.

8. Kardem: Kardem is one of the largest ladies’ wholesale shop. It produces 2,000,000 units per month. It hires professionals to design and produce the highest quality goods. Its main focus is to become a leading ready-made clothing company, which adds value to its customers, provides sustainability of suppliers and keeps its employees highly motivated.

9. Momteks: Momtek Apparel is one of the known names in Turkey for wholesale clothing. It has various categories to shop from for men and women. It includes outerwear, knitwear, Shirts, Night Dresses, Casual Wear, Blazers, Suits, Blouses, Jackets, Trousers, Casual Dresses, Tops, Cardigans, Coats, Tunics, T-shirts, Pants, Shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Leggings, Jumpsuits, Bodysuits, and Denim. It also has collaboration with famous brands like M&S.

10. Att ClothingAtt Clothing is an exclusive Turkish women clothing manufacturer. An expert in specializing woven and jersey garment designs. It has fashion stores of its own at London, Barcelona, and Istanbul. It has tie-ups with famous brands like Zara, Sandro, M&S, Next, and Coast. Due to its designed clothes, the price may be high.

11. DDFSDDFS was established in 2002. It has mastered the art in the field of textiles. In a very short period, it has gained global recognition. Its motto is to build a good relationship between customers and the company by producing high-quality goods at lower prices. The site has various categories like women, men, kids, and shoes to choose from. You can also shop according to brands from its brand category.

12. WOW-WholesaleWow Wholesale is a distributor of wholesale clothing all over Turkey for your boutique, shops or e-commerce venture. It distributes products of the highest quality and from original brands at prices lesser than the MRP. It has many categories to shop from which includes women’s mixed clothing, dresses, blouses, jackets, knitwear, overcoat and many more. It also has a separate category for men which includes men’s clothing mix, jackets, t-shirts, pants.

It also offers kids clothing like sportswear, kids’ jackets, and t-shirts. It had collaboration with many brands like GUESS, STEFANEL, LIU JO, MISS SIXTY, TOM TAILOR, ALDO, ADIDAS to name some. Before buying any material from them, you can check their online catalogue on their official website.

turkish clothes wholesale.jpg

How to Wholesale Designer Clothing from Turkey?

If you are looking for Turkey wholesale designer clothing, there are some general rules and regulation that you must be aware of. While importing goods from outside countries, you must be careful as it can get you into legal issues for any error. Following are the steps for wholesaling designer clothes from Turkey:

1. If you are ordering your product online, you need to login to their websites like China Brands or AM Clothing.

2. Once you reach to its homepage you will find a search bar on the top, filter out the product by filling the search bar “Turkey Wholesale Designer Clothing” or perform a general search for “Turkish clothes online” on your search engine.

3. Some sites will show you information about Turkish manufacturers and suppliers. Compare the rates and order your products at a very reasonable price.

Helpful Checklist after you Order Products:

1. Documentations: You need to keep ready all legal documents in case of any checking.

2. Maintain Invoices: You need to maintain your invoices which include details of goods, number of goods, kind of goods, weight, origin, and details of the client.

3. Certificate: Origin certificate must have information about the origin of goods and should match with figures mentioned in invoices.

4. Packaging List: In packaging list, you must include the number of boxes to be imported, net weight, client’s name, and address along with details of goods purchased.

Are There Any Suppliers to Wholesale Clothing from Turkey with Free Shipping?

Yes, DH Gate supplies wholesale clothing with free shipping. It also has various categories to shop from which include baby, kids, maternity, apparel, home, garden, business, industrial, jewelry and fashion accessories.

How to Find Turkey Clothing Manufacturers?

It is difficult to find Turkey clothing manufacturer who produces the highest quality goods at the lowest prices. However, you can have a look to Turkey Clothing Manufacturers who produce the highest quality clothing at a very reasonable price. It also sends across the samples of the materials. Once you settle down to order your goods from the site, you can request them to send you the quotation.

What Are Some of the Best Turkey Clothing Manufacturers?

Some of the best Turkey clothing manufacturers are Akcakaya Textiles, OrimpexFKN Textiles, and Konsey Textile. All four manufacturers are among the best known Turkey clothing manufacturers. They have professionals and experts to design and manufacture products. Their motto is to provide the highest quality of goods at lower prices. They pay the utmost attention to their customer’s experience.


So, if you are planning to try your hands on Turkish clothing wholesale business or you want to expand your business, we hope our this comprehensive guide about Turkey clothing wholesale will help you.

Also, if we have missed any wholesale shop in the list or have any personal experience to share you can comment below.


Turkish Wedding Traditions and Customs

Turkish Weddings

Written on: 28 February 2018

Turkish weddings are a big affair, with hundreds of invites handed out to family and friends. Whether done on a budget or with unlimited expenses, Turks love to celebrate the good times and also invite people they have only just met, including foreigners travelling in the country.

If you have never been to a wedding in Turkey, accept any invite that might come your way because they are a great insight into Turkish traditions. While times are changing and increasingly more Turks are opting for a modern wedding, some time-honoured practises are still braving the test of time.

What Happens at a Turkish Wedding?

A Turkish wedding differ across the country according to regional traditions and the bride and groom’s upbringing. Couples from remote village districts can spend up to three days preparing and celebrating the wedding.

The small size of the village means it is a community celebration, often taking place in village square. Local women make the food for the guests and men play traditional musical instruments for everyone to dance together into the night.

Otherwise, couples from large towns or cities often have a salon wedding. For these types of Turkish weddings, the legal ceremony happens on the same night as the reception. Food and refreshments are served and after the official ceremony, cake cutting and receiving the gifts, the band plays music. The couple leave the next day for their honeymoon.

Religious Weddings in Turkey

There are two types of weddings in Turkey, a religious ceremony and civil. The religious service does not involve vows or documents. An imam comes to the house, and only 2 witnesses need to be present. However, it is not legally binding. For this reason, some conservatives couples opt for both types of weddings and see the religious ceremony as the equivalent of an engagement. Modern couples mostly just have the legally binding civil service.

Is Polygamy Legal in Turkey?

Turkey outlawed polygamy in 1926, and it carries a stiff imprisonment sentence if convicted. If a man says he has more than one wife, his first wedding was civil, and later marriages were religious, but because the law does not recognise the latter, it is not classed as polygamy. This example is rare and only tends to occur in remote regions.

The Maidenhood Belt for a Turkish Bride

Turkish brides look beautiful in their big white dresses. Some may cover their head, while others spend all day in the salon to achieve the perfect hairstyle to make her groom look twice. As well as the white wedding dress, another similarity between most brides is the maidenhood belt.

A red ribbon tied around the bride’s waist is a symbol of her virginity. In the past, the absence of a maidenhood belt would result in local gossip, but in modern towns and cities, it is the choice of the bride as to whether she wants to wear it.

The Sole of a Bride’s Shoes

This Turkish wedding tradition has the same meaning as throwing the bouquet. The bride’s friends write their name on the sole of her shoes. Whosever name rubs off by the end of the night, they will get married. Generally, this works for everyone if they don’t use a permanent marker.

What to Wear to a Turkish Wedding?

Remote Turkish village weddings have a relaxed dress code, otherwise always opt for smart attire. Men should wear a suit, and while women have more choice of what to wear, stay away from anything cut above the knee or showing cleavage. If the family is conservative, also cover your shoulders. Forget about the massive, fancy hats because Turks do not wear them.

Turkish Wedding Gifts

Anyone invited to a Turkish wedding can relax when it comes to the gift department. Forget the toaster, kettle or running around asking for gift lists because there are only two choices. After the couple has said yes and signed the document, red ribbons are placed around the necks of the wedding couple.

Guests either give gold coins or jewellery or pin money to the fabric. It is a practical tradition that sets the couple up for their new life together and ends the problem of receiving two or more toasters!

Turkish Wedding Traditions: The Car Convoy

The couple’s decorated car joins the convoy of guests to ride around the streets beeping their horns. On the way, children block the path of the car and the aim is to get money from the passengers. After the couple have handed it over, they continue their way to getting married and living happily ever after. If you want to know more about the lifestyle of Turks, read our article on Turkish traditions and customs occurring in everyday situations

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