types of accessories in interior design

What are the best Types Of Accessories In Interior Design and the types of home accessories? Interior design accessories are decorative or functional items that add the finishing touches to a chosen home style. Decorating a room with accessories means that exactly the right objects have to be selected and displayed, so that they make a focal point and enhance the style of that room. Let’s review the principles of interior design.

Every home interior has its own architectural features, which relate to its form and function. Interior designers make creative use of those features in the way that they plan to decorate the internal space.

types of home accessories

Types Of Accessories In Interior Design

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-2 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

Home style decorating can be done by a qualified professional, a talented amateur or an individual who has set up in the business of interior design, and who might lack the experience to meet industry standards.

When someone lacks the ability to achieve the standard of a professional interior designer, it is likely that a qualified person will have to be called in to manage the project and facilitate its completion.

Interior design accessories need to be selected carefully, or they can be custom made to fit in with the appearance and scale of a room. Some skill and expertise is required to make the right choice of interior design accessories and deciding how to arrange them.

The Aim in Choosing Home Design Accessories

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Selecting interior design accessories is all about making the right impression and how people want to be seen as individuals or as a family.

The ultimate goal of interior design is to create a living space that is both pleasing to look at and comfortable to use. By choosing suitable accessories for your home style decorating you will allow others to take notice of who you are and how you like to live.

Different Types of Accessory

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All home design accessories have certain characteristics in common, but some of them are mass produced and others are uniquely designed. Any item that has been crafted by hand and is genuinely the only one of its kind will add more prestige to an interior than any number of mass produced items.

There is nothing wrong in using mass produced items as home design accessories, when these are chosen specifically to go with a particular interior design style, but home accessories produced by independent designers in craft studios will always make more of an impact. Anything from a plant holder to a chandelier will create an impression when it is a unique object or one of a limited number.

Interior design accessories should always be kept within the overall style of the room. Each item should work with that style and support it. The right home design accessories should never look out of place in their setting, whether the interior design is contemporary or traditional.

Finding and Selecting Accessories

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-6 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

Any kind of object that has a practical or decorative in the home can be described as an accessory. Finding the best home design accessories for different rooms should be a fun experience and should certainly not be thought of as a time-consuming chore. It can be done online or by visiting studios, browsing at craft fairs and finding uniquely designed objects or decorative items in unexpected places.

The biggest mistake people make is in adding items without giving any thought as to how those objects will affect the overall look and style of the room in which they are placed. Look for items that reflect your taste and suit your individual sense of style and personality. Start by taking a look through your own possessions. You could find some great accessories if you have any sort of collection or a store of personal treasures.

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Placing Accessories on Display

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-9 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

Home design accessories can be displayed singly or in groups. They can be set on a shelf or a ledge, placed on furniture, arranged on a window sill or made to stand alone on the floor.

A plinth or a pedestal can be used to display an individual item, while smaller accessories will benefit by being grouped. Any objects placed in a group should have some element in common. When using random objects, grouping could be done according to color or pattern.

Interior design accessories can be used to create a more relaxed look when grouped asymmetrically or informally in odd numbers. Symmetrical groupings can be less effective for home style decorating. A group will be visually more interesting when it features objects of different sizes and various heights.

Consider the Color Scheme

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-7 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

Some thought needs to go into the color of any objects selected to support home interior design. Home design accessories can either be made to blend in or to stand out through use of color. In a monochromatic interior, for example, all items should all be of the same color or of a similar shade to their background. Items of a contrasting color will stand out as a focal point.

Create Visual Interest with Textures

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-8 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

Different textures placed together can create an interesting effect. A silk throw placed over jacquard upholstery, for example, or a natural object, a glass item and a pottery item, all of the same color, placed together.

Keep Accessories in Scale with the Size of a Room

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-10 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

Consider the size and scale of the room when placing and arranging accessories. In a spacious room some small items may not even be noticed, while a single big object or large group of items in a small room will appear to dominate the space.

Avoid a Cluttered Appearance

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-4 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

The best way to avoid the appearance of too much clutter is by placing the biggest accessory in the room first and then working down in size. Each time you add a slightly smaller item, stand back and view your interior design accessories again. Add another one when necessary and remove some when the space starts to look too cluttered.

Keep Within the Boundaries

Home-Interior-Design-Accessories-To-Create-A-Unique-Style-5 Home Interior Design Accessories To Create A Unique Style

Everyone has a certain amount of design skill and anyone can learn more about design, but there might come a point in any design project where a consultant has to be called in, when you know it is beyond your capabilities or you simply don’t have the time and the energy to get it finished.

The whole point of learning about interior design accessories and how they should be used in home style decorating is to enjoy the experience. You should have fun, as long as you understand the boundaries that you need to work within.

principles of interior design

The Importance of Accessories & The Do's & Don'ts

When redesigning any space, no matter how large or small, there is one element that should never ever be overlooked, accessories.

The Importance of Accessories & The Do’s & Don’ts

Without accessories, your spaces, no matter how beautifully decorated or furnished, will be left looking and feeling incredibly unloved. Think of accessories as the icing on a cake,  offering visual interest, and detail. If you source your accessories during the design process, your room/s will look complete.

The Importance of Accessories

They are a powerful tool and here’s why.

  • They make your spaces come alive as they add texture, colour, pattern and form.
  • Accessories aren’t just eye candy – objects can be functional in their forms such as vases, books, and bowls.
  • Accessories pull your design scheme together.

The Do’s

  1. Always budget for accessories when pulling together a design scheme. They should never be an afterthought. If you budget from the outset, you will ensure that you won’t end up spending all your hard earnt cash on furniture and decorating leaving a bland boring space.
  2. Tell Your Own Story – Go through what you already own, and see what works with your new scheme. Adding memorabilia such as family heirlooms, photographs, and your interests shows who you are as a person. Having things you love around you will ensure you’ll enjoy your homes more. These personal touches are often great conversational points when you have visitors too.
  3. Choose accessories that not only reflect your spaces but also your style and taste. By doing so, you’ll be making your home unique and individual to you.

Mix It Up

The Importance of Accessories & The Do's & Don'ts

Here accessories have been used to add bright pops of colour to an all-white colour scheme. Note how personal photographs, are displayed together with contemporary and more traditional art pieces. Mixing up old with new makes for an interesting space.  It tells a personal story of who lives here. The chosen accessories have created a relaxed, and fun informal styled space and tie in the fun traditional pendant lights.

Bring Your Room Alive – Add Texture

 (Image from apartmenttherapy)

Adding accessories such as throws, sheepskins, cushions, and flowers add texture and interest. This fascinating room uses accessories to visually lift this dark space.

Grouping Small Accessories For Greater Impact

 (Image from homerical.com)

Large objects aside, grouping accessories together offers greater visual impact. A good tip to remember is that smaller items will be lost if spread out in a room.

Mix Scale & Form

  (Image from baraetthem.se)

Varying the scale of your accessories, as well as taking into consideration their form (shape), will provide impact and visual interest. Here different scaled artwork contrasts with the 3d forms of the dome and trinket box. The plant adds texture, life and colour to this beautifully styled space.

Think Outside The Box

 (Image from averycheerva.com).

These beautiful mirrors are a great alternative to an art gallery wall. Providing impact, interest and detail to the space with the reflective surfaces.

Enhance The Architecture

 (Image Design rulz)

Scale and proportion are all important when adding accessories to any space. Accessories should work with your rooms and enhance them. If you’re lucky to have a room with high ceilings, go add that tall plant and show off the height of the room.

Complement Your Decor

 (Image from Jielde.com)

Chose accessories that compliment your decor. Here monochromatic accessories ((tints, tones, and shades of a single hue) visually blend in with their surroundings, creating a soft easy on the eye effect to a space.

Add The Element of Surprise

 (Image from Aliexpress.com)

Going larger than life, this clock adds an element of surprise providing a wow factor to the room. The unexpected accessory in a room is a good way of providing a punchy impact.

The Dont’s

  • Spreading accessories out within a space waters down their visual impact and become less significant.
  • Try not to clutter your spaces with meaningless objects. If you feel no love or use for an object get rid. It will only make you unhappy in the long run.
  • Don’t choose accessories too samey/unified otherwise, you end up with a contrived look that is unnatural. Mix it up and you’ll create more interest.
  • Try not to overwhelm small spaces with large objects/accessories otherwise, you will find your room will feel and look cramped.

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