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Underwater drones or ROVs, as some would call them, are waterproof and submersible drones. They enable users to explore marine spaces without diving into deep waters remotely. However, with so many ROVs being released on-demand, you might get confused about your pick. This is why, in this article, we discuss seven best underwater drone Amazon picks to help you make an informed decision on your purchase.

Surfing is an excellent experience, and it gets even better if you are a videographer. Capturing those experiences underwater and reminiscing or using them for research purposes is a positive venture. But what if you can’t dive into some waters because of various reasons?

Will, you quit the experience? Fortunately, we both have the answer to that question. ROVs gives you the flexibility of exploring marine environments like no other way. Whether you want to traverse colder waters, prospective fishing grounds, or even more shark-infested waters, underwater drones are your best options.

Underwater Drone Amazon


The world’s first 4K omni-directional underwater drone

fifish v6 drone
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 15 in x 13 in x 5 5/8 inWeight : 3,9kgMax depth : 100 meters (328 ft)Water temperature : -10°C ~ 60°CSpeed : 1.5 m/s (Maximum 3 knots)Battery : 4 hours
FIFISH A GOOD PRODUCT?+ 6 thrusters for omni-directional maneuverability (6 degrees of freedom)
+ Full power motion stablization system
+ 4K UHD – 166° FOV wide-angle camera and display
+ 4000-lumen integrated LED headlights
+ Full power motion stablization system
+ Auto color-enhancing algorithms with manual adjustment options
+ Immersive VR head tracking mode

The FIFISH V6 by QYSEA is the world’s first omni-directional consumer underwater drone. Utilizing its patented six-thruster engine, the V6 is able to manouver in six degrees-of-freedom. From 90° tilts to 360° spins, FIFISH V6 has the capability for all possible angles of movement.. From 90° tilts to 360° spins, FIFISH V6 has the capability for all possible angles of movement. The drone’s revamped camera system is optimized for underwater filming, delivering 4K UHD footage in a 166° wide-angle lens, complemented by 4,000-lumen LED headlights, auto color-enhancing algorithms and HDMI live streaming. Furthermore, FIFSH V6’s VR head-tracking mode offers a deeply immersive experience for its users, providing full control of vision and movement with a simple shift of the head.
Price : 1,599$ | Learn more about it


The most stable 4k underwater drone

navatics mito
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 40x30x13.5Weight : 3kgMax depth : 40mSpeed : 2m/sSwappable battery : 4 hoursLight : Two LED 1 000 lumensTravel : Meets restrictions on cabin baggage
WHY BUY?+ High performance stabilizer
+ Able to adjust pitch angle to +/- 45 degrees and keep depth and orientation while moving
+ Stream live up to 500 meters away
+ Automatic color corrector


MITO is a small underwater drone developed by the company Navatics in Hong Kong. Capable of shooting in 4K and taking high resolution photos up to 12MP, it stands out above all by a high performance stabilization that allows it to remain perfectly immobile in the current thanks to its four independent thrusters. It’s the first consumer ROV that can tilt up and down at 45 degrees while moving forward and backward. This underwater drone is piloted via a wireless remote control connected via Radio Frequency. It has a swappable battery, allowing consumers unlimited diving time. The wireless remote control has a maximum range of 500m and a smartphone attachment handle, allowing the user total control via his or her associated iOS or Android mobile application. The application also includes built-in tools for color correction and the ability to stream live or share videos via social networks.
Price : 1,499$ | Get Mito underwater drone


The perfect underwater drone for scuba divers

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 60x45x35 cmWeight : 9kgMax depth : 60mSpeed : 1.5m/sBattery : 1 hour
WHY BUY?+ The only real drone, no wire is needed, this product is autonomous and can follow you underwater
+ Automated Movie Scenarios
+ Avoid obstacles
+ Accessory to transform it into ROV


Surely the most successful submarine drone on the market but also one of the most expensive. The Ibubble unlike the other submarine UAVs of this ranking does not need a wire to move. It is fully autonomous which means it will follow you during your immersion. Equipped with a 4k camera, the Ibubble can also be used manually under water or via a connected bracelet. The delivery date is set for October 2018.
Price : 4,499€ | Get Ibbuble underwater drone


The perfect drone for fishermen

powerray drone
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 46.5x27x12.6cmWeight : 3.8kgMax depth : ≤30mWater temperature : 0°C to 40°CSpeed : 2m/sBattery : 4 hoursWire : 75/100 meters
SHOULD I BUY?+ Excellent to find out fishes


Fishing and high technology do not look like an obvious alliance, but this new innovation gets interesting results. Equipped with sensors and a sonar boarded the drone, you will have access to a wealth of information: presence of fish, water temperature, and typology of the seabed. An underwater camera can record videos in 4K or still images at 12 megapixels.
Prix : From 2,299€ | Get the PowerRay


The open source submarine drone

openrov drone
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 41×20.5×8.6cmWeight : 3.4kgMax depth : 100 metersWater temperature : -2°C to 40°CSpeed : 2 m/sBattery : 3 hoursWire : 25/50/75 meters
WHEN SHOULD I BUY THE CCROV?+ Open source firmware


This guided ROV submarine robot was created thanks to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website. After a successful campaign ($ 100,000 raised), two engineers designed this ready to use model at a very low cost. The great strength of this underwater robot is to be equipped with an open-source software running GNU / Linux and free download on the internet. The big community that is passionate about remote control robots will be delighted.
Price : from 1,699$ | Get OpenROV


Best drone for virtual reality

blueye drone
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSWeight : 9kgMax depth : 150 metersSpeed : 2m/sBattery : 2 hoursFil : 75/100 meters
SHOULD I BUY IT?+ Great angle 1080p
+ Pilots with a VR helmet
+ Integrated headlights of 3000 lumens

Blueye is an underwater drone developed in Norway. Can dive up to 150 meters deep, this UAV is designed for exploration. The drone is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and offers two hours of battery life. By using your virtual reality glasses or any conventional mobile device, Blueye is really easy to control and can record all types of videos ideally at 30fps / 1080p. The submarine drone will be on sale in 2018.
Price : 6,000$ | Get the Blueye underwater drone


A fantastic underwater drone for underwater exploration

dtg2 drone
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 32.5×25.8×27.9 cmWeight : 8.5kgMax depth : 150 metersWater temperature : -5°C to 40°CSpeed : 2.5m/sBattery : 8 hoursWire : Up to 400 meters
+ Very high quality of materials

You must know that drones developed by the Deep Trekker company have been used for year in submarine search and rescue tasks for years. They are not toys! Four models of the DTG2 are available for sale, the only difference is the max depth ability. This underwater drone will be definitely for scientist and underwater workers!
Price : from 4,873$ to 10 000$| Get DTG2 Series underwater drone


The little fish company drone

biki drone
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 26.6×14.8×10.6cmWeight : 1.1kgMax depht : 65 mètresWater temperature : 0°C to 40°CSpeed : 0.5 m/sBattery : 1 hour 30
WHO MUST BUY THE BIKI?+ Original design
+ Price
+ Fun

Biki is a little underwater robot looking like a fish. Autonomous, it is piloted with a waterproof remote control. Biki is a companion who will follow you during your dives or who will supervise your children in the swimming pool. Equipped with a 4k camera and two LEDs, the Biki renders videos of good quality without too much jerk. This model is by far the cheapest of the ranking because of its less advanced performance. It does not remain however for lack of quality and charm.
Price : from 999$ | Get Biki underwater drone


Your professional ROV at attractive price

ccrov drone
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSize : 20.8×20.4×15.8cmWeight : 5.5kgMax depth : 100 metersWater temperature : 0°C to 40°CSpeed : 1 m/sBattery : 1 hourWire : 25/50/75 meters
WHEN TO BUY?+ You can carry it in your backpack
+ Easy to rewind
+ 4k video quality

CCROV is the smallest ROV on the market, it is therefore easy to carry in a backpack. Intuitive and easy to use thanks to its 6 thrusters (4 horizontal and 2 vertical) and 5 degrees angle. The CCROV also has a special fastener deployment system that will allow you to deploy and rewind it very quickly. This aquatic drone is essentially suitable if you want to do underwater photography. It is equipped with an Ultra High Definition 4K camera to make photos but also videos.
Price : from 3,299$ | Get CCROV underwater drone


The submarine drone with 4 propellers

underwater drone nemo rov
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSSizes : 40,4 x 29 x 11,4 cmWeight : 3,4 kgMax depth : 100 metersWater resistance : from -2°C to 35°CSpeed : 2 m/sBattery : 3 hours
+ Its fast charge modular battery

Aquarobotman is a high-tech company specialized in the latest ROV generation. Its team has years of experience in robot research and design. It has, moreover, focused for more than three years on the development of a 4-speed system. Nemo, their submarine drone, is equipped with four powerful propellers (two horizontal and two vertical) allowing it to become the first to offer this innovative technology. These propellers offer a maximum speed of 2 m / s, but that’s not all because it also participates in the excellent stability of the aquatic drone.

Equipped with a 4K camera and Wi-Fi connectivity, Nemo has the ability to render images of irreproachable quality, and, moreover, live on your smartphone! Indeed, Aquarobotman offers an application to download on smartphones and tablets, available with iOS and Android. It will allow you to follow live the images filmed by your underwater drone. With a reasonable weight of 3.4 kg, Nemo is easily transportable in its backpack specifically designed and provided at the time of purchase. Thanks to the ergonomic design of the bag, traveling with your drone will no longer be a problem. Nemo is also the first underwater drone with a fast-charging modular battery. So remember to bring with you some backup batteries on your next trip to sea to fully enjoy the whole day with your new Nemo drone.
Price : from 1,999€ | Get the underwater ROV NEMO

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