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In today’s post, we will be focusing on the best underwear of ladies, sexiest underwear for ladies, calvin klein underwear for ladies, and best jockey underwear for ladies. Shopping for underwear may seem like a necessary evil: it’s something you know you have to do, but with so many styles and fabrics to choose from it can feel overwhelming (to say the least). You need to find something that feels comfortable, stays in place, isn’t visible under clothes, and won’t break the bank. And most importantly, it needs to be hygienic.

The fiber scientists in the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab are constantly testing undergarments like bras, pantyhose, shapewear, and swimwear both in the lab and with real consumer testers. The team evaluates things like washability, stretch recovery, fit, comfort, and more to find the ones that will feel great and actually last. We also got medical input on finding the best underwear for your health from Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MD, a gynecologist in New York and author of The Complete A to Z for Your V.

Underwear For Ladies

The picks ahead are from brands that have performed well in the past as well as newer styles with unique features and rave reviews from users. But first, here’s what you need to know as you shop for your best underwear.

What is the best material for women’s underwear?

It depends on your personal preferences and how active you’ll be, but below are the main materials you can choose from when it comes to women’s underwear. Most fibers are blended with spandex in the fabric to give them stretch and offer the best fit. It’s also typical for underwear styles to have a cotton gusset – i.e. the layer of fabric on the inside – regardless of the main fabric. Dr. Dweck says this is especially important to avoid yeast and bacteria growth.

Cotton: It’s a natural fiber that’s breathable and soft, so it feels great against skin. The downside to cotton is it doesn’t dry quickly, so if there’s any moisture (e.g. from sweat) the fabric will stay wet.

Plant-based fabrics: Fibers like rayon and modal are made from plants, though they’re chemically processed so they’re not technically natural. These fabrics are super soft and drapey, and often have moisture-wicking benefits so they dry faster than cotton.

Performance fibers: Synthetics like polyester and nylon are common in activewear because they wick moisture and dry quickly. For the same reason, these fibers are ideal for underwear, especially if you’re working out. Lace underwear and microfiber styles are also usually made from synthetics. Just remember to remove them after sweating; according to Dr. Dweck, “it’s important to remove wet exercise clothes as soon as able to avoid infection and irritation in intimate areas.”

Silk: It’s not as common and it’s expensive, but silk is a natural fiber, feels luxurious, and has inherent temperature-regulating and moisture-management properties. (We love this fiber for pillowcases!)

Novelty styles: You can find underwear made of unique materials, like wool, or with added benefits, like extra layers of absorbency for periods or built-in shapewear.

What is the best style of women’s underwear?

First and foremost, it’s important that the underwear fits you properly. If it’s too tight, Dr. Dweck warns that there’s potential for chaffing, rashes and irritation. Depending on your outfit and activity level, these are the most common underwear styles you can choose from:

Brief: A basic style that gives you good coverage in both the front and back. There are variations within this style, like a high-rise waist or a high-cut leg opening.

Bikini: It looks similar to a brief, but there’s less coverage. It’s usually a lower rise and has higher leg openings.

Hipster: Like the bikini, this is a low-rise style that sits on the hips. It has more coverage around the hips with wider panels of fabric.

Boyshort: This one offers the most coverage and looks like a cross between underwear and shorts.

Thong: Giving you the least amount of coverage, a thong has just a strip of fabric in the back to prevent panty lines from showing through clothes. According to Dr. Dweck, they’re totally safe as long as they’re not too tight. “The right thong with a cotton crotch and non-chafing ‘G-string’ that fits well is not a problem for those who prefer them,” she advises.

Cheeky: It has more back coverage than a thong, but still less than a bikini.

Here are the best women’s underwear styles you can buy:


Best Value Cotton Underwear

Cotton Bikini Underwear 6-Pack

Underwear can get pricey, but the cost often goes down when you buy it in bulk. This Amazon set comes out to just a few dollars per pair and is available in lots of different colors, including neutrals and fun prints.

It also has thousands of five-star reviews from users who say this set ended their search for comfortable underwear that fits well and stays put. Amazon also has variations in this fabric, like a high-cut bikini and a thong.

• Fiber content: Cotton/spandex
• Available sizes: 


Most Comfortable Briefs

Second Skin Briefs 3-Pack

Tommy John amazon.com


This style is made with modal, which is known for being a super soft fabric that feels incredibly smooth against skin. This brand is pricey, but the underwear is designed to be breathable and pill-resistant while giving a good fit that’ll stay in place all day.

The brief style in particular offers good coverage, but some users note that there are visible panty lines under clothes. As an alternative, you can also get these in a boyshort, cheeky, or thong.

• Fiber content: Modal/spandex
• Available sizes: 

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Best No-Show Underwear

Under Statements Thong

SPANX amazon.com


If you’re worried about VPL (visible panty lines), this smooth style from Spanx has laser-cut edges to lie flat against your body all the way around. This also helps prevent the sides from digging in so it feels comfortable, and on top of that the fabric is lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: 


Best Stay-Put Underwear

Vanishing Edge Microfiber with Lace Hipster

Soma soma.com


Nothing’s worse than underwear that rides up, but this genius design has silicone strips on the inside to keep it in place throughout the day. These strips also help get rid of panty lines despite the full coverage in the back. The style has hundreds of five-star reviews from users who swear it stays put and feels incredibly comfortable.

The fabric itself is silky smooth and comes in lots of colors and prints. There are also plenty of other styles in this collection with gripping capabilities.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-XXL

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Best Underwear for Exercise

Performa Bikini

Athleta athleta.gap.com


When you’re working out, you need underwear that will stay dry when you sweat and stay in place as you move. This one’s made with a lightweight, breathable fabric that’s both wicking and quick-drying. It also has bonded seams to give a good fit and prevent it from moving around on you.

If you prefer less coverage under workout leggings, the same fabrication comes in a thong version. Both the bikini and thong are top-rated on the Athleta site.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-XL


Best Lace Underwear

Signature Lace Original Rise Thong

Hanky Panky amazon.com


Hanky Panky is super popular for its lace thong, which comes in a seemingly endless amount of color choices and is surprisingly comfortable, despite not looking like your typical comfort panties. It also only comes in one size, though there is a plus-size version. There’s also a boy short style for those who want more coverage.

All of the brand’s styles have a V-shape in both the front and back instead of going straight across, which is designed to be more flattering. Hanky Panky also recycles old lingerie into carpet padding instead of the fabric ending up in a landfill. 

• Fiber content: Nylon
• Available sizes: One size (fits 4-14)

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Best Seamless Underwear

Essential Scalloped Bikini

Knix knix.com


Seamless underwear means the entire garment is just one piece of fabric instead of multiple pieces sewn together. Not only does this all-around stretch mean it’ll give a great fit, but it also has no stitching at the seams that can rub against you and cause irritation. 

This bikini style has medium coverage all around, but the Essential collection has other seamless underwear like a cheeky for less coverage and a boy short for more.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: S-XXL


Best Seamless Thong

The Seamless Thong

Lively wearlively.com


This one’s seamless and also backless so you don’t have to worry about constricting seams or visible panty lines. It has a low rise fit to sit on your hips and the material is smooth and stretchy so it can move with you, yet stay in place on your body.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: S-XL

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Best Cotton Thong

Stretch Cotton Thong Panty

Victoria’s Secret

If you prefer a cotton-based fabric with more minimal coverage, this cotton-blend thong from Victoria’s Secret is a must-have. It feels soft and natural against skin, yet still has an elastic band at the waist for a good fit that’ll stay in place. It also comes in lots of colors, including neutrals, pops of color, and prints.

• Fiber content: Cotton/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-XL


Best Plus-Size Underwear

Lace Cotton Cheeky Panty

Torrid torrid.com


Torrid designs clothing and accessories specifically for full figures, with lots of options for plus-size underwear. This medium-coverage cheeky style is one of its bestsellers, with a cotton fabric that feels comfy and lace trim that adds stretch.

The underwear sizing goes from 00 (for size 10) through 6 (for size 30), which fits up to a 64-inch waist. Users say the undies run true to size and love how comfortable, durable and good-looking they are.

• Fiber content: Cotton/spandex
• Available sizes: 10-30


Best Value Plus-Size Underwear

Fit For Me Breathable Brief 5-Pack

Fruit of the Loom amazon.com


If you prefer to save money by buying in bulk, this plus-size set from Fruit of the Loom is a total steal. It’s part of the brand’s Fit For Me collection, which is underwear that’s designed to properly fit women sizes 14W to 32W.

The cotton-blend fabric is mesh that’s breathable and moisture-wicking to help keep you cool. It also has a comfortable waistband that prevents pinching.

• Fiber content: Cotton/polyester/spandex
• Available sizes: 2XL-6XL


Best Nude Underwear

Comfort Stretch Bikini


Since typical “nude” doesn’t match most skin colors, ThirdLove offers underwear in seven different shades to help you find your skin’s best match. The style itself is seamless and stretchy while offering good coverage, but it also comes in a thong version. 

Most underwear is final sale when you buy it, but ThirdLove has a generous 60-day, any-reason return policy so you can get a full refund, even if you’ve worn it and just don’t love it.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-3X


Best Slimming Underwear

Higher Power Panties

Spanx amazon.com


This all-in-one garment is underwear and shapewear so you don’t have to wear two separate pieces. The underwear portion has a cotton gusset so there’s no need to double up.

The seamless design helps smooth all around without constricting you or feeling too tight. The high fit also means no worrying about muffin top, and there’s a silicone strip at edge to prevent it from rolling down.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: S-3X


Best Sustainably-Made Underwear

The ReNew Barely There Hipster

Everlane everlane.com


Everlane is known for its transparency and focusing on ethical fashion, so when you buy this underwear you can see the cost to make it and the markups. On top of that, it’s made with recycled nylon so it’s a more environmentally-responsible garment. 

The underwear has a high-rise fit with bonded seams that lay flat to reduce visibility under clothes. The fabric is smooth and stretchy to give a good fit and feel comfortable on.

• Fiber content: Nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: XXS-XL


Best Period Underwear

Hiphugger Panties

Thinx nordstrom.com


We’ve evaluated period panties and Thinx is a top performer in both lab absorbency tests and consumer wear tests. It’s still not as absorbent as a traditional maxi pad, but this super popular brand lives up to the hype.

This particular style can absorb the same amount as two tampons, but there are other styles from the brand that vary in coverage, absorbency levels, and intended use (i.e. light or heavy days). 

• Fiber content: Nylon/cotton/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-XL 


Best Underwear for Incontinence



Thinx’s sister brand makes underwear for pee leaks instead of periods. The underwear is constructed differently because the fluids absorb differently. They’re designed for light to moderate leaks and can hold up to eight teaspoons of liquid in the core.

The high waist offers the most coverage, but there are other styles that can absorb just as much liquid, plus a thong that can hold up to three teaspoons. Dr. Dweck said she’s a big fan of this brand for the security it offers women and the fact that there’s less waste for the environment.

• Fiber content: Nylon/polyester/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-5XL


Best Organic Underwear

Organic Cotton Cheeky Hipsters 2-Pack

Pact amazon.com


If you prefer to buy organic products, this brand focuses on clothing made from organic cotton at Fair Trade Certified factories. Organic cotton is not only grown without pesticides and harmful treatments, but it also uses a lot less water to grow. And because it’s certified by GOTS, you know the entire production process follows strict standards.

The underwear is made from 95% organic cotton that feels soft and has medium-coverage with its cheeky fit. There’s also a delicate lace trim and it comes in several different color options.

• Fiber content: Organic cotton/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-XXL 


Best Silk Underwear

L-rise Mulberry Silk Underwear


Silk underwear is hard to find and it can get pricey, but this style from Amazon is more affordable and made from Mulberry silk, which is considered the highest quality. 

Reviewers say this underwear feels soft against skin and fits perfectly. Just note that it’s hand wash recommended, which doesn’t get your underwear as clean as a regular machine-wash cycle.

• Fiber content: Silk
• Available sizes: S-XL

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Best Wool Underwear

Merino Siren Bikini


Merino wool is softer than traditional wool and has temperature-regulating properties, so it’s ideal for year-round use and not just colder weather. The merino fabric in this underwear is blended with nylon and is lightweight, smooth, and stretchy.

The style has a low-rise fit with good coverage all around. There’s also elastic around the waist and leg openings to help it stay in place.

• Fiber content: Merino wool/nylon/spandex
• Available sizes: XS-XL

Lexie Sachs, Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Director Lexie Sachs earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Fiber Science from Cornell University, and she researches, tests and reports on fabric-based products ranging from sheets, mattresses and towels to bras, fitness apparel and other clothing.

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