veet gold rice and milk soap

Finding the Veet Gold Rice And Milk Soap can be hard if you’re unaware of what features to look for especially that there are so many of them to find around. For this reason, we’ve put up a rice milk soap review.

Many people today have sensitive skin and also have problems with getting hair removed. This is what causes them to want to look for the best products like the Veet Gold Rice and Milk Soap. However, they may not know what features to consider if they want a product that can actually help them get rid of hair in their bodies. They need to read our back rice milk soap review so they can determine if this product is worth buying or not.

Veet Gold Rice And Milk Soap are very effective anti-hair loss shampoos that are suitable for all kinds of hair. Their sweet fragrance is appealing and also makes your hair smell good all day long. It make sure that your scalp remains free of dandruff and your hairs stay soft, smooth, and shiny. Veet Gold rice milk soap contains vitamins A and E which help to repair lost moisture in the scalp due to excessive washing or sun exposure.

rice milk soap review

veet gold rice and milk soap

  • Anti aging
  • Soft & Smooth
  • Sunscreen
  • Vitamin A, C & B6

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of veet gold rice and milk soap

Dry skin remedy.     

   veet gold rice and milk soap is a wonderful remedy for dry and flaky skin. Unlike the commercial soaps, rice milk soap moisturizes the skin while cleaning it. It works just like a soap that contains moisturizer. We (purple spinel soaps) add honey to the soap recipe to further boost the moisturizing effect of the soap.

Soothes irritated skin.

    Gamma oryzanol present in rice milk extract helps in reducing skin itching. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds in rice milk help in soothing the sunburned skin and assist in repairing the sun damaged skin.

Removes Dead Skin

    veet gold rice and milk soap also work as a body scrub. Phytic acid present in ricemilk soap helps in breaking down the dead skin cells. By aiding exfoliation, ricemilk soap helps in exposing the younger skin layer. It leaves the skin smooth, soft and reduces blemishes.

 Lightens the skin

    veet gold rice and milk soap also helps in lightening the complexion. The key constituent of rice milk soap that are primarily responsible for its lightening effect are para aminobenzoic acid, ferulic acid and allantoin. They acts as natural sunscreen. Rice milk extract contains a B vitamin derivative called phytic acid. Phytic acid inhibits activities of an enzyme that triggers melanin synthesis. Hence, it helps in preventing hyper-pigmentation.

Fights Skin Aging

    veet gold rice and milk soap also helps to slow down wrinkling of the skin. Rice milk extract is an excellent source of natural antioxidants. It contains gamma oryzanol, vitamin E, pro anthocyanidins and other antioxidants compounds. By neutralizing free radicals, these antioxidants compounds Help in maintaining the natural youthful appearance of the skin.

The Best Skin Whitening Soaps

5. Met Tathione Whitening Soap -100g

Met Tathione Whitening Soap With Glutathione and Alpha-Arbutin

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Now you could supplement your skin with the gentle natural moisturizers and influential lightening agents when you start using the Met Tathione soap. Basically, the soap is intended to enhance the power of Glutathione as well as the double-strength of Alpha Arbutin. With its regular use, you will find a decrement in the sign of aging and your skin would stay protected against damage or discoloration.

What We Like:

  • This 100-gram soap bar includes Algatrium which is one of the greatest powerful antioxidants. It is this ingredient that is known to reduce the signs of aging by limiting the DNA degeneration within the skin cells. Moreover, it decreases the melanin production and increases the natural glutathione production of the body.
  • Lightweight moisture is presented through ingredients like coconut and palm oils.
  • With a view to reducing the fine lines, the soybean extract excites the generation of collagen and it maintains the firmness of the skin. 
  • Moreover, it helps relieve the irritation created due to breakouts.

What We Don’t Like:

  • The product is fairly expensive compared to other products on our list.

4. Awanshine Skin Whitening Soaps with Age-Defying properties

Awanshine whitening soap with Age Defying properties

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The two major ingredients of this Awanshine whitening soap are Mandelic acid and Carnosine. Both these ingredients are highly popular when it comes to reducing the aging effects of your skin. If you are suffering from the concerns of acne spots, wrinkle amelioration, blemish control, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation, this soap works to alleviate such concerns with the help of its Melasma. On the other hand, Carnosine is an amino acid compound that is proven to protect the skin against the degradation of the protein.

What We Like:

  • Regular use of the Awanshine whitening soap for several weeks will guarantee promising results.
  • The included glutathione is rich in its antioxidant properties and it comes with a myriad of benefits in terms of skin health. Working as an antioxidant, your skin will be protected against the damage due to the sun.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Might be too harsh for your facial skin. 
  • Fairly expensive

3. Kojic Acid & Glutathione Whitening Bleaching Soap

Kojic Acid & Glutathione Skin Whitening Soaps

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Quick results with high efficiency are the important traits of this bleaching soap product. It’s working mechanism exfoliates and goes deep inside your skin with a view to discarding the dark spots. In addition to dark spots, it also discards discoloration from sunbathing as well as certain other skin imperfections. In the end, your skin would attain a soft and radiant look.

Multiple skin health benefits are conveyed with a blend of the whitening ingredients and the inclusion of nutritious coconut oil.  All the ingredients used in this bleaching soap are not commonly found in other typical whitening soaps. They are popular for presenting beneficial results when applied regularly on the skin.

What We Like:

  • The skin will get rid of blackheads and whiteheads. Furthermore, the age spots’ visibility will be reduced and your skin will be relieved from acne scars.
  • There are no limitations to the skin types since it can be used for all skin types. The appreciation for the same goes to its natural formulation.
  • Its chemical formula is 100% safe to use and does not harm the skin.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Might not work for sensitive skin.

2. Kojic Acid Face & Body Wash, Skin Whitening Soaps

natural skin Whitening Soaps

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The included Kojic acid in this soap bar was discovered when there was the processing of rice going on for Japanese wines. You can use the soap on the body and face. Recognized as the original Kojic acid-based lightening soap, the formulation of Kojie san effectively blends the whitening ingredients along with nutritive coconut oil. Safe to use benefits are conveyed with the use of natural ingredients.

What We Like:

  • 100% pure vegan. 
  • All-natural ingredients guaranteed.
  • Very safe and gentle for both men & women. 
  • The presence of the natural ingredients is verified to instantly and safely exhibit the even tone of the skin. 
  • This is made possible by gentle smoothing of dark spots, removal of discoloration, and several other imperfections.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Prices keep inflating. 
  • Fairly expensive.

1. Anti Cellulite Skin Whitening Soaps

Organic Skin Whitening Soaps

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The organic Anti Cellulite soap is handmade and its formula consists of the USDA plant-based ingredients. To make sure it works on all skin types, the ingredients are 100% pure, safe, and vegan. Its chemical formula is devoid of alcohol, parabens, fragrances, petroleum dyes, preservatives, animal fat, or GMOs. With the inclusion of the rosemary extract, this anti-cellulite soap facilitates healthy collage in order to invigorate your skin.

What We Like:

  • Including the Bladderwrack powder, this organic whitening soap cleans your skin to remove toxins. So, your skin would attain a youthful look.
  • There will be a significant decrement in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The antioxidants of aloe vera combat against free radicals in order to retain the soft look of the skin.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Fairly expensive 
  • Might not work as effectively.

Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Skin Whitening Soaps

The common concerned areas are the neck, inner thighs & underarms. If you are concerned about certain skin areas of your body that is even, it can be easily fixed. All you need to do is choose the right product for treatment. The process of looking for the right product that fits your needs can become overwhelming.

There are many products on the market today, and it is hard to know what ingredients are effective for your treatment. Here are a few features to look for when looking to purchase a skin whitening soap to ensure you get the most effective one for your treatment. 


Normally, most products contain so many unfamiliar ingredients that make it extremely challenging to know if it is healthy for you to use. For whitening purposes, there are certain ingredients you need to pay attention to ensure that the soap is effective. First, try looking for a soap that contains all-natural ingredients such as coconut oil, turmeric powder, or etc.

Most importantly, the soap should be formulated with vitamin C, vitamin c is full of healthy sources that help brighten your skin and make your skin glowing. Some brands contain acid that helps enhance the effectiveness of your skin such as Kojic acid.  


If you have sensitive skin, there is no better way to figure until you try it. Moreover, our skin sensitivity reacts differently depending on each person. If you have sensitive skin, avoid using soap that contains a lot of acid formula. Some soaps are naturally made out of just natural ingredients and only one or two acids to enhance the effectiveness. In that case, that is your choice. 

Customer Reviews

If you want to reassure yourself if the products would work, always go over some reviews from previous customers. It is the best way to give you some general ideas about the effectiveness of the product. Especially when it comes to beauty products it is important to know some feedback. 

Those of us that are black and that know that your skin can actually break the “black don’t crack” famous rule and for this reason, we know that we ought to treat our skin with the best body lotion for African American skin out there in the market.  When the ski1n of people from other races is dry, the visual effect is different. But, when it’s black, what you see is ashy skin! That ain’t cool, is it! In order to avoid this ‘can-crack’ and ‘ashy skin’ saga, you have to get yourself hooked with the best body lotion for brown skin. I guess that by now, I’ve nagged you enough to get you to become curious to want to ask the internet or whoever, what is the best body lotion for African American skin? Good news is, we are here to answer you! Also, not to forget those of us who are in India and would want to take special care of our skin, especially if it’s darker than most other Indians’ or that of people of other races. For this reason, we have also made a list of the best body lotion for dark skin in India for your enlightenment. Again, if you are a Nigerian wanting to use something really great on your skin in the peculiar weather of the Nigerian atmosphere, we have compiled a list of the best body lotion for dark skin in Nigeria also for your enlightenment.

Best Body Lotion For African American Skin

best body lotion for skin whitening

If you are African and know that ashy skin is not cool, you won’t be lagging when it comes to using the best body lotion for African American skin i your beauty arsenal! But hey, if yo are yet to be in the know about how to care for your black skin, we bring you a list of the very best body lotion for brown skin;

1. Skin-Evening Body Butter by Rx for Brown Skin

Rx for Brown Skin is a line created specifically for women of color by dermatologist Dr. Susan Taylor. The body butter provides moisture and treats hyperpigmentation, or the darkening of an area of skin.

Price: $27.00 (6.7 oz)

Where you can get it: Dermstore, Dillards, JCPenney, and Macy’s

Why it’s good for black skin: It contains shea butter and other natural oils.

2. Body Balm by Habibi

This body balm comes in all types of delicious flavors ranging from sugar cane all the way to green tea. The balm includes a mixture of natural oils including shea and coconut.

Price: $24.99 (4 oz)

Where you can get it:

Why it’s good for black skin: The combination of natural oils will protect your skin without suffocating it.

3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion

You grew up on cocoa butter. You remember how it virtually erased those scars on your knees?Cocoa butter melts at body temperature and is easily absorbed into the skin, improving its appearance and texture.

Price: $ 2.49 – $5.29 (3.5 oz)

Where you can get it: Most drugstores, Wal-mart, etc.

Why it’s good for black skin: It contains vitamin E, a fatty substance that protects the skin from oxidation, the over exposure of air causing the skin to dry out and appear dull.

4. Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion for Dry Sensitive Skin

This non-greasy lotion moisturizes for 24 hours. It’s fragrance free and won’t irritate your skin. It can be used on your face (sparingly) and the rest of the body.

Price: $9.00 – $10.00 (16 oz)

Where you can get it: Most drug stores, Target, Wal-mart,, etc.

Why it’s good for black skin: It addresses the needs of combination skin types.

5. Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion

You know what the brown bottle means. This product is marketed toward African Americans. This lotion helps to alleviate dark spots while moisturizing.

Price: $3.00- $4.00(10 fl oz)

Where you can get it: Most drug stores and other retail chains.

Why it’s good for black skin: It contains cocoa butter to even complexion, natural oils to moisturize, and very little alcohol, which can dry African American skin.

6. Dermalogica Active Moist

This pricey lotion receives rave reviews. This light moisturizer fights dehydration without overdoing it.

Price: $52.00 (3.4 oz)

Where you can get it:,,,,

Why it’s good for black skin: African American skin is typically oiler than other races; this moisturizer is lightweight and won’t clog your pores.

7. Eucerin

Constantly recommended by dermatologists across the country, this thick cream contains fatty acids and natural oils that help alleviate dry, itchy skin.

Price: $8.00- $13.99 (4 oz jar)

Where you can get it: Most drug stores and retail chains.

Why it’s good for black skin: It soothes skin with menthol and oatmeal. It contains alcohols that moisturize instead of depleting the skin of moisture.

 8. Body Jelly This all natural moisturizer is full of fatty substances that protect the skin from treacherous winter weather and blaring sun rays. The Jojoba oil prevents loss of the skin’s natural moisture.

Price: $13.00-$15.00

Where you can get it: Carol’s, Macy’s, Sephora

Why it’s good for black skin: It’s an alternative to petroleum jelly which sits on top of the skin instead of being absorbed by it. Some use the jelly on eczema, a common skin ailment amongst African Americans.

9. Olay ‘in-shower’ Body Lotion

This lotion is meant to accompany the ultra moisture body wash. The name is not misleading both the body wash and lotion will have you feeling luscious throughout the day.

Price: $5,99-$11.34(15.2  oz)

Where you can get it: Most drug stores, retail outlets, etc.

Why it’s good for black skin: It works with the moisture from the shower and contains shea butter.

10. Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion

This fragrance free lotion contains oats and shea butter to relieve dry, itchy skin. Think about that oatmeal bath your mother gave you when you had those chicken pox. The lotion is marketed as being especially helpful during the winter.

Price: $9.00- $11. 79 (12 oz)

Where you can get it: Most drug stores and retail chains

Why it’s good for black skin: This lotion is particularly good for skin that hasn’t been pampered in a while. It contains skin protectants and menthol.


best body lotion to even dark skin tone

Are you in India and your skin happens to be darker than you really wish it to be? Don’t despair! We have helped you with a list of the best body lotion for dark skin in India;

  1. Himalaya’s Cocoa Butter Intensive Body Lotion
  2. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion
  3. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E
  4. Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar Body Moisturisers
  5. The Body Shop – Shea Whip Body Lotion
  6. Lotus Herbals Almond Nourish Body Nourishing Body Lotion SPF 20
  7. VLCC Almond Body Lotion
  8. VLCC Almond Honey Deep Nourishing & Skin Brightening Body Lotion
  9. Lush Moisturizing Body Lotion – Sympathy For The Skin
  10. Nivea Whitening Cell Repair & UV Protect Body Lotion
  11. Biotique Bio Winter Cherry Lightening & Rejuvenating Body Nourisher
  12. Ives Naturally Indulgent Coconut Milk And Orchid Body Lotion
  13. D’VENCÉ Body Moisturiser Winter Edition For Very Dry Skin
  14. Aroma Magic Honey And Shea Butter Body Lotion
  15. Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Butter
  16. The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion
  17. Avon Little Black Dress Body Lotion
  18. Forest Essentials Indian Rose Absolute Velvet Silk Body Cream
  19. PureSense Deep Nourishing Body Butter

Best Body Lotion for Dark Skin in Nigeria

If you are in Nigeria and you are keen on maintaining a great skin, we have brought you the finest list of body lotions to fulfill this beauty dream of yours!

1. Ambi Soft and Even Creamy Oil: This product has a unique blend of natural ingredients such as Shea butter and olive oil, all of which soften and provide instant relief for dry skin. It promises a healthy looking radiant skin for its users. This brand is highly respected all over the world.



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2. Pears Baby Lotion: This lotion is highly affordable. The African skin is typically more oily than that of other races thus, this product is lightweight and won’t clog your pores, since it’s prepared with a baby’s tender skin in mind.

Related imagePears

3. Dermatological E-45: Having been clinically proven to heal extremely dry skin, this lotion is one of the best-selling moisturizer in the world today. It’s suitable for use all over face and body, as women with the African skin have caught on to the magic of this non-greasy, fragrance-free formula which offers an effective way to keep the skin soft and healthy.

afric3- DermatologicalE45-Lotion


4. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion: This is a fragrance-free lotion that has been clinically shown to provide twenty-hours moisture. It contains Shea butter and natural colloidal oats which relieve itchy, extra dry skin.



5. Vaseline Cocoa Radiant:This is  a lotion that is widely loved for the way it erases marks and scars, evens the complexion, and leaves the skin smelling great. It’s natural oil content moisturizes the skin while alleviating dark spots. It also contains little alcohol, which can dry the African skin.

Related imageVaseline

6. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion: The Palmer name is trusted worldwide. It’s got a delicious fragrance which has many Africans hooked on it. It contains Vitamin E, which prevents the skin from oxidation. It’s just too good.



These lotions would make your lovely African skin speak for you!

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Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare


The brand: While this brand isn’t super new, nor does it have the buzzy social media hype of some others, it’s a mainstay for skincare enthusiasts everywhere. Founded by dermatologist Dr. Dennis Gross (shocker), it was one of the first lines that offered clinical-inspired formulas and products. For example, his cult-favorite daily peel pads took a cue from the in-office peels he’s known for.

The hero product: While those peel pads are great, it’s one of his newest launches that has truly transformed our skin. A lifesaver when breakouts streak, DRx Blemish Solutions Acne Eliminating Gel clears up blemishes fast; the brand says within three days, but we noticed results even after just one day. Like many other treatments, it contains salicylic acid, but what’s more noteworthy is the use of monk’s pepper to control oil production.



The brand: Formerly known as Oil of Olay, this has been an undeniable drugstore mainstay since 1952; we’re willing to bet you have memories of your mom or even grandmother using the OG iconic pink lotion. These days, they still have tried-and-true favorites, but also continue to innovate across every category of skincare.

The hero product: Twenty jars of Micro-Sculpting Cream are sold every minute worldwide. We’re no math whizzes, but that’s a lot of moisturizers. It’s not surprising given that it claims to hydrate the skin and minimize fine lines and wrinkles in just 28 days. Credit a peptide complex, along with skincare stalwarts such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. Also nice: It’s available in a fragrance-free variant as well.20 Jars of This Iconic Drugstore Face Cream Are Sold Every Minute, So I Tried It



The brand: Got sensitive skin? This one’s for you. The French-brand is all about products that help calm and soothe (along with delivering results), without ever triggering irritation. At the core of many of its SKUs is the brand’s mineral-rich spring water, straight from France.

The hero product: Choice when your complexion is already stressed, and/or when you want to give it an extra layer of protection (think in the dead of winter), Cicalfate+ Restorative Protective Cream is equal parts hydrating and soothing. It restores the skin barrier and also contains copper and zinc to maintain a healthy skin environment. It tamps down itching too and is so gentle it can even be used on kids and infants.

Sunday Riley


The brand: Despite the fact that Sunday Riley has been around for over a decade, it was always more of an under-the-radar brand. That is, until the past few years when it quickly became a cult-favorite in the industry, thanks to their curated collection of products that tout high-tech formula, and fast, effective results.  

The hero product: Good Genesis largely regarded as Team Byrdie’s fave chemical exfoliant, a lactic-acid based serum that exfoliates, brightens, smooths, and plumps. And no, even if you have sensitive skin it’s highly unlikely to cause irritation, given the gentle nature of lactic acid and the addition of calming and soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera.I Tried Team Byrdie’s Favorite Chemical Exfoliator—And I’m Officially a Convert

Augustinus Bader


The brand: Dr. Augustinus Bader is a German doctor responsible for creating the moisturizer that launched both Hollywood celebs (Victoria Beckham) and every beauty editor we know into a skincare frenzy. At works is his patented TFC-8 complex, a combo of 40 ingredients that essentially help your skin heal and regenerate itself. 

The hero product: The OG cream that started it all, The Cream lives up to the hype, truly. The high-tech formula is so good that Dr. Bader says it can replace every other product in your routine (except cleanser) and promises results in 27 days. In our experience, the texture is impeccable and the formula highly effective.We Tried Hollywood’s Favorite $265 Moisturizer—Here’s Our Verdict



The brand: There’s no denying that retinol holds a prime spot in the skincare world, and when it comes to brands that focus on retinol RoC is tops. The drugstore staple is known for its use of the proven anti-aging ingredient, incorporating it into a wide array of products for the face and eyes.

The hero product: Given that signs of aging can show up around the eyes first, retinol is a choice ingredient to seek out in an eye cream, and Retinol Correxion Anti-Aging Eye Cream Treatment gets it right. Despite its efficacy (AKA ability to smooth out those pesky crow’s feet), it’s still gentle and hypoallergenic, and also addresses other peeper problems, think dark circles and puffiness. 



The brand: We’re not quite sure what we like most about this brand: the effective and innovative products, the squeaky clean formulas (they ban over 1300 ingredients), or the super affordable price point. Happily, there’s no need to choose, because you get all of the above. They take a simple and straightforward approach to skincare and have an undeniably ‘cool girl’ vibe. Oh, and possibly the best part is that most of the line is sold at Target.

The hero product: Baby Cheeks All In One Hydrating Milk somehow manages to combine the best attributes of a cleansing milk, makeup remover, and moisturizing toner, all in one bottle. You can use it in place of a face wash, for sure, or apply afterward for an extra hit of hydration and totally refreshing feel. (We also like to reach for it post-workout whenever a full-on face cleansing isn’t an option.) Editors’ Picks: The Beauty and Wellness Products That Got Us Through September

Ole Henriksen


The brand: Danish skin cosmetician Ole Henriksen has been a staple on the skincare scene since the early ‘80s, when he opened a skin spa in West Hollywood and launched his product line so that people could enjoy spa-like results at home. For Henriksen, it’s all about creating healthy, glowing skin (fans refer to it as te Ole Glow), and the products all speak to that mission.

The hero product: Banana Bright Eye Cream was inspired by color-correcting banana powder, a yellow powder makeup artists often rely on to counteract dark circles. As such, it has a subtle yellow tint to do exactly that, along with vitamin C and collagen for anti-aging effects. Plus, it also layers beautifully under makeup, a must for any eye cream you’re going to be applying in the AM.This Eye Cream Sells Every 3 Minutes at Sephora, So I Tried It

Estée Lauder


The brand: Arguably one of the most iconic beauty brands of all time, Estée Lauder has been a go-to for generations of women. Started in 1946 with just four skincare products, it’s now one of the biggest beauty companies out there, consistently innovating while still remaining true to the brand’s heritage.

The hero product: Advanced Night Repair Eye Supercharged Complex is a must-have, addressing any and every eye concern. It hydrates for up to 24 hours, brightens dark circles in three weeks, tamps down puffiness and lines, and boasts a protective anti-pollution complex. And all of that in a lightweight texture that absorbs lighting fast. 

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