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Today, we will be discussing the versace bag sale, versace backpack for sale and best versace bags outlet. Anyone familiar with designer labels knows Versace; it needs no introduction in the fashion world. This Italian fashion powerhouse is known for its elegance and unique sense of glamour.

We won’t try to fill you with added explanation on how Versace climbed up the ladder to fashion stardom. Just have a look at these top best-seller from the brand in 2018 and you’ll know why Versace is Versace!

This list includes the best-selling Versace bags, dresses, jackets, vc apparels, vintage collection, accessories and shoes.

Versace Bag Sale


best versace bags outlet


21 Best-selling Versace Bags for Women in 2018

Versace Bags

  1. VERSACE Printed Medusa Empire tote

    VERSACE printed Medusa Empire tote

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It would be nice to daydream sipping pina colada, sand on your toes and the ocean waves at your ears. This is what inspires one to think about when they catch a glimpse of the bright striking print on this Medusa Empire Tote from Versace. But then again you remember that your are still sitting on the desk with piles of work to be done. Maybe it is time for that much needed vacation to the Caribbean.

  1.  VERSACE Printed Leather Shoulder Bag

VERSACE Printed Leather Shoulder Bag

Price: US$1,860.00
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Enjoy a cocktail or two with co-workers after a stressful day at work or even go out on a date instead and bring this  stylish printed leather shoulder bag from Versace. The gold toned chain and bright yellow print on the black leather adds a stylish yet rugged quality to the bag that says enjoy life and have fun. A greater bonus: you’ll look extra elegant and fab, a perfect look for the city night life.

  1.  VERSACE oversized colour-block tote

VERSACE oversized colour-block tote

Price: US$2,475.00
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This Versace oversized colour block leather tote in yellow, black and purple is perfect for days when you just want to throw everything in your bag. The roomy interior just fits everything in and has room for some more. It is so roomy that it would be a challenge to dig your keys and phone in this black hole of a bag.

  1.  VERSACE Medusa Head Small Pouch Bag

VERSACE Medusa head small pouch bag

Price: US$663.00
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There are days when you just want to feel light and free. Take this pouch bag from Versace, grab your phone, cash, cards and keys and then go. The leather and gold toned straps secures it to your wrist so you do not have to worry that you will ever misplace it.

  1.  VERSACE embossed Medusa clutch

VERSACE embossed Medusa clutch

Price: US$606.00
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When your office is your runway, then this embossed black leather clutch from Versace is for you. It’s like cherry on top the cake. It accentuates any outfit without being overpowering due to its classic black leather material and simple gold-toned hardware. Unleash that fashionista in you!

  1.  VERSACE Embossed Medusa Clutch

VERSACE embossed Medusa clutch

Price: US$978.00
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There are times when we are swamped by so many things that we feel like we have lost ourselves into our daily routines. When you catch yourself getting depressed and cranky, just wear a bold red lipstick, matching red high heels and this red leather clutch from Versace. We need time to ourselves every now and then, go ask the bartender for that martini.

  1.  Versace Black Medium Day Dreamer Bag

Versace Black Medium Day Dreamer Bag

Price: US$2,075.00
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For a woman who likes to read, this bag will be full of books. This black leather daydreamer bag from Versace evokes a bookworm, preppy vibe for women who wants to stay home and read.

  1.  VERSACE Mini Pouch Shoulder Bag

VERSACE mini pouch shoulder bag

Price: US$1,338.00
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Confident and assertive women will pull off wearing this Versace mini pouch shoulder bag around the waist and still look elegant and chic. Made for days when you have to rush to run some errands.

  1.  VERSACE Palazzo Empire Tote Bag

VERSACE Palazzo Empire tote bag

Price: US$2,150.00
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This Versace Palazzo Empire tote inspires thoughts of Greece. Its white leather makes one think of the white Greek buildings and homes. All you need is turquoise jewelries and a floral blue dress and youre all set for that Mediterranean holiday.

  1. VERSACE Greek Medusa Shoulder Bag

VERSACE greek Medusa shoulder bag

Price: US$1,995.00
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This is gonna be your take anywhere and everywhere bag from Versace. The black leather enhanced by the gold-toned hardwares and chains makes it perfect for casual or even formal days and nights. A must have bag that will complement any outfit and mood.

  1.  VERSACE medium DV One bag

VERSACE medium DV One bag

Price: US$2,304.00
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Go on a cruise and take this Versace bag with you . You will definitely look  as pretty as a picture in a flowing floral dress,  floppy hat and sandals and of course, this red leather DV bag.

  1. VERSACE Palazzo Pouch

VERSACE Palazzo pouch

Price: US$750.00
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This Palazzo pouch from Versace in light brown leather comes with both a wrist strap and adjustable shoulder strap. Choose however you wear it. Just the wrist strap when out with friends or the shoulder strap when you go malling so you can freely inspect that beautiful matching shoes.

  1.  VERSACE Printed Medusa Clutch

VERSACE printed Medusa clutch

Price: US$338.00
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This bright pink and blue clutch from Versace just adds a pop of colour to an otherwise plain and dark outfit. Make sure to wear a matching hot pink sandals or heels to really complement that bright and sunny disposition.

  1.  VERSACE Medusa Empire Tote

VERSACE Medusa Empire tote

Price: US$3,295.00
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This is a bag to take when get invited to a weekend family lunch at your boyfriend’s home. The classic sleek line and elegant white leather of this Medusa Empire Tote from Versace will win you points for your future in-laws.  Pair it with pastel coloured outfits and simple accessories to complete the look.



Price: US$2,325.00
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A power bag for a strong smart woman like you. This DV bag is full of character with its black leather and red trims on the side says that whoever owns it mean business. So go ahead and wear that power suit and don’t forget to take this matching bag with you and close that deal.

  1.  VERSACE Medusa Empire Crossbody Bag

VERSACE Medusa Empire crossbody bag

Price: US$2,150.00
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Your girlfriends would be jealous when you meet them for coffee with this Nude Versace Medusa Leather Bag in your hand. The colour will definitely complement any outfit that you would opt to wear. You can even take this pretty little thing to work just to show it off at the office.

  1.  VERSACE Palazzo Empire Tote Bag

VERSACE Palazzo Empire tote bag

Price: US$2,850.00
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Even when paired with another colourful ensemble, we’re sure that this Versace Empire Tote Bag in navy, beige and red will still stand out. So go ahead, don’t be shy, don that pretty colourful coat with this bag and add a splash of colour to a gloomy cloudy day.

  1. VERSACE Medusa Empire Tote

VERSACE Medusa Empire tote Red

Price: US$3,451.00
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For those days when you feel like staying home but have to go to work, take this calf leather Versace Medusa Empire Tote with you. Its vibrant red colour and embossed pattern is enough to lift one’s spirits. Style it with your favorite monochrome or all-black outfit, complete with your luscious red lipstick and you’ll surely earn glances everywhere.

  1. VERSACE studded Medusa backpack

VERSACE studded Medusa backpack

Price: US$2,846.00
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Singalong, dance and party with the crowd while your favorite band is playing. You’ll be rocking the whole night sporting an all black outfit and this awesome gold studded Medusa Backpack from Versace. Removing the hassle of carrying stuff with your hands, it will sure let you enjoy more without compromising your stylish getup.

  1. VERSACE Baroccoflage backpack

VERSACE Baroccoflage backpack

Price: US$1,152.00
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Take this pink and blue leather Versace Barocaflage backpack on your next adventure! This bag keeps your hands free to take pictures of that beautiful scenery or even hold and inspect that beautiful shell you found on the beach. Even a simple outfit will be well-accentuated by the lovely combination of red, pink and blue hues in this piece, so get ready to be glammed up!

  1. VERSACE Stardvst shoulder bag

VERSACE Stardvst shoulder bag

Price: US$2,575.00
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The warm color of this mauve leather Versace Stardvst shoulder bag makes one think of the Fall season. This is one tiny bag that packs a full punch with its zipped compartments (one solely for your phone!) and gold-toned chain. Pair it with cream coloured sweaters and leather booties and you can go have fun with friends while sipping some hot apple cider or pumpkin latte.



vintage logo cross-body bag

Donatella Versace continues to celebrate her late brother Gianni through the brand’s AW18 collection, drawing inspiration from archival prints and original designs. Expect a combination of iconic house motifs and retro elements with more a modern interpretation. Crafted in Italy from Ice blue leather, this vintage logo cross-body bag from Versace features a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, a zip fastening, a compact shape with rounded corners and a designer logo from the 1980s printed on the front.

3 Iconic Bags From Versace You Should Already Know

3 Iconic Bags From Versace You Should Already Know


This is some serious arm candy you would want to be seen with.

Bold. Ostentatious. Daring. These are all words one would associate with the Versace woman. The Italian dynasty may be known for the iconic prints and daring vision of opulent glamour in their clothes, but eye-catching bags deserve a special mention too.

As a tribute to Donatella’s late brother Gianni Versace, the spring/summer 2018 collection paid homage to his legacy by celebrating the inspirations and creations he had made by digging deep into the archives and re-releasing some of his most iconic pieces, including the bags he created in the ‘90s.

Here are three bags from the house that we strongly feel every woman should definitely know about (and not to mention, own!).

The Palazzo Empire
The Palazzo Empire


Perfect for the working woman, this top handle bag is one of the tribute collection’s more classic pieces and is perfect for any female on the go. With its supple calf leather and its boxy shape, the Palazzo Empire blends both luxury with practicality, and pairs perfectly with any wardrobe, no matter your style.

This timeless piece is great for everyday use and with its structure and shape, it is a great bag for the office and business brunches. For casual weekends? Just throw on the extra strap that allows the tote to be carried in a multitude of ways, allowing you to be both hands-free and stylish while running your errands.

Fans of Versace’s louder designs, don’t be fooled by the classic piece. The bag still retains its quintessential Versace DNA with the signature Medusa hardware, giving it an edge over a plain leather bag. And if that’s not enough, the Palazzo Empire comes in a multitude of sizes and colours/exotic skins with a special Baroque print and embroidery that matches the runway collection.


Just like its name suggests, the Tribute was created as an ode to Gianni Versace and his legendary designs. Crafted with supple calf leather in the style of a classic bowling bag and heavily embellished with plated gold-alloy Medusa medallions, this bag is the epitome of what Versace represents—being bold and in your face, with an emphasis on glitz and glamour.

With nods to bondage and Versace’s rock and roll attitude, this bag, which is meant for those brave enough to push fashion boundaries, is for true fans of the brand. The special Tribute pieces available now are a recreation of the original bag, intended to be a timeless piece for a modern generation, allowing a brand-new audience the opportunity to enjoy Gianni’s work.

The Icon
The Icon


Featuring a gold chain crafted with the Greek Key motif in gold alloy—a shoulder chain originally designed by Gianni Versace at the beginning of the ‘90s—the Icon is another Versace bag befitting of its name. With supple leather on the exterior and interior, this is the ultimate luxury must-have bag for trend-setters. This one-of-a-kind creation is available in a few different shapes, from a top handle bag with a flap-over closure with round Medusa medallion lock closures, to a handbag version, allowing customers to be spoilt for choice.

Available in medium and small sizes, it comes in several colour combinations as well as special editions like exotic skin or gold embroidery that will have any fashionista clamouring for a piece. Fans of fashion history will be pleasantly surprised to find a little piece of trivia on the Icon with the original year of creation embossed in an inside label of every bag.

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