Vintage Prada Nylon Bag


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Vintage Prada nylon bag price in Nigeria

Vintage Prada Nylon Bag

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FEBRUARY 28, 2019

Mario Prada opened a luxury store in a galleria in Milan, Italy in 1913. The store, named Frat Elli Prada, was operated back then by Mario and his brother. With the love for leather handbags, imported English trunks, beauty cases, and luxury accessories, Prada bags were born. The brand Prada, soon became a top favorite of the most famous European aristocracy. The Prada bags are handcrafted using the finest fabrics known to man. The styles are simple yet classic. Prada is known worldwide for its high quality designer fashion products.

This blog lays down few of the exquisite Prada Bags that can make your personality get oodles of compliments and make a style statement wherever you go.

Prada bags

Prada Dark Green Patch Mini Shoulder Bag

Crafted from leather, this Prada bag is just what you need to satisfy your craving when it comes to being the eye candy. With a minimal space and a few pockets, it is the fur that takes the center stage along with the bold green color. Carry it with elegance and welcome a peppy touch to your outfit.

Prada Bags

Prada Robot Print Bag

Who doesn’t like to add a little tech-savvy touch to their accessories? This Prada bag is a small box-like carryll that carries your essentials in the most peppy way possible. The pastel shades with tiny graphics robots on the leather fabric certainly comes out well. The chain strap is removable so you can carry it as a clutch as well.

3 (2)

Prada White Printed Small Satchel

You might want to take a dive into your love for animals. This Prada bag will definitely catch your attention. You can see the different animal printed on the leather which gives a quirky look to the carryall. You can also see floral prints in a sketched form which is quite versatile. Such styles are something that every woman should have in order to wear a bold statement.

1 (1)

Prada Brown Medium Tote

Definitely meant for the workaholic women, this Prada tote is a chic statement that features solid surface crafted in leather with an overlap enclosure and buckle details on the front. You wouldn’t regret owning this beauty for sure. The removable shoulder straps make it comfortable and a practical choice.

4 (2)

If You Thought Prada’s Paper Clip Was Mad, Wait Until You See This Dress

In the late ’90s and early ’00s, any hip girl (or dedicated minimalist) worth her salt would have clambered over hot coals to get her hands on Miuccia Prada’s utilitarian nylon backpacks. They were It bags, and other, flashier pieces of arm candy were discarded in favour of the nonchalance that this offbeat purchase provided.

We’ve been through many phases of must-have bags since that time—remember the chunky hardware of Chloé Paddingtons, the simplicity of Céline’s Classic, the bells and whistles of anything from Fendi or Chanel?—and back in August of 2017 when we first wrote this piece we were suddenly at a point in time where almost anything went on the luxury-goods front.

There are still pared-back options aplenty (see The Row, Hermès or Saint Laurent), medium-size statements (a Loewe or Chloé, say) and all-out craziness (think Gucci, Dolce and so on). There was also a very cost-effective flip side, with the rise of cheap-as-chips basket and net bags. It all led to something we predicted early on: that the cool kids would come around to Prada’s nylon pieces again.

Prada Nylon Bag


Forever redefining the idea of luxury, the Italian fashion house is just as adept at turning a humble synthetic fabric into something covetable as they are at making leather-goods to the highest standard. And Mrs. Prada knew the time had come to bring nylon back. The A/W 17 runways featured many new iterations of the signature nylon bag. We’re talking sheepskin handles, more ladylike silhouettes and embellishment.

The inclusion of nylon on Prada runways has continued: this season you’ll see versions in many colours and used in clothing as well as bucket hats. The men’s shows also involve a good dose of the fashion house’s signature fabric, proving the streetwear-inspired trend could filter into the wardrobes of every fashion-conscious being you know.

The looks has taken an even more adventurous turn with one particular slip dress taking off on social media over the past few days. This seemingly simple LBD features the zip and logo plaque of the classic nylon bum bag as chest-detailing and is yours for £640, while it stays in stock.

Pernille Teisbaek was one of the first girls we spotted in it, but we expect to see more over the coming fashion weeks—it’s the ultimate hands-free, carry-snacks, look bustier dress we’ve surely all been waiting for? It could be the item that gets talked about even more than Prada’s famous paperclip.

The A/W 18 runways featured many iterations on the theme: bandeau tops, layered dresses, anoraks, trousers and more were offered up by Miuccia Prada. You can now also find the classic bag versions pimped out for the season: expect studded leather straps and different colours outside of the standard #pradablacknylon.

Prada Nylon Bag


And the prompt on the bag-front hasn’t gone unnoticed by the A-list set. While we’ve spotted a sharp rise in vintage Prada nylon bags hitting the streets once more (and get this—searches on Pinterest for “nylon bag” have increased by 285% in the past six months), the Kardashian-Jenners appear to be the first celebrity adopters, with Kendall selecting a bumbag (one style that many off-duty models now own) and Kim a mini tote.

Prada Nylon Bag


Queen of London cool Adwoa Aboah was early onto the revival and has been carrying her bum bag to multiple events, restyling it depending on her outfit each and every time. A quick mention of the brand’s humble but haute creation, and our entire team got excited. Is it the fact that this offshoot product line offers a more attainable slice of the Prada pie?

Perhaps. Maybe it’s down to this item reaching some sort of hallowed status where you know that buying one will result in lifelong wear, endlessly generating nods from those in the know. Or it could be that we’d probably destroy a beautiful cream leather runway tote within 20 seconds of getting on the tube, whereas this hardy little fella will be the Duracell bunny of your accessories selection.

Whatever the reason behind our ongoing—and reignited—obsession, you’re definitely going to want one (again). Keep scrolling to shop our favourite new and vintage Prada nylon bags, as well as the pieces inspired by them.


Prada Logo Plaque Gabardine Dress

Prada Logo Plaque Gabardine Dress (£640)

They very same as Pernille’s.

Prada Nylon Double-Zip Belt Bag

Prada Nylon Double-Zip Belt Bag (£410)

Always wearing red? This is the one to go with yuour wardrobe.

Prada Classic Leather-Trimmed Nylon Backpack

Prada Classic Leather-Trimmed Nylon Backpack (£840)

And oldie but still a goodie.

Prada Stud-Embellished Nylon Bag

Prada Stud-Embellished Nylon Bag (£990)

This will still look good in 20 years’ time.

Prada Nylon and Leather Belt Bag

Prada Nylon and Leather Belt Bag (£440)

For chic festival goers.

Prada Nylon Padded Clutch

Prada Nylon Padded Clutch (£590)

Can’t help but enjoy this lurid shade of green.

Prada New Vela Nylon Bag

Prada New Vela Nylon Bag (£990)

Monochrome for the minimalists out there.

Prada Cloudburst Nylon Trainers

Prada Cloudburst Nylon Trainers (£)

Like walking on air, basically.

Prada Nylon Double-Zip Belt Bag

Prada Nylon Double-Zip Belt Bag (£410)

This is a street style favourite.

Tips and tricks when buying a Prada nylon bag

Purchase guide

Getty Images

21 January 2020

In 1984, Prada created a bag that changed fashion forever: the Prada nylon bag. The bag has made a huge comeback and is currently taking over our Instagram feed. Unfortunately, the bag is often copied due to its popularity. But don’t you worry! We’re happy to explain what you should pay attention to when buying a Prada nylon so that you always buy an authentic bag.

Materials Prada nylon

Where Prada’s nylon was originally made of a light and thin fabric, its material has now evolved and is much thicker and heavier. The material is very durable, water-resistant and the texture of the bag should not be slippery. Some nylon bags are lined, and others are unlined. If the bag has jacquard lining, you should feel it through the bag.

The classic jacquard logo lining features a coiled rope motif and the word ‘PRADA’ is repeated throughout the bag. An important detail to pay attention to is how wide or narrow the ‘A’ in the Prada logo is. The A’s should be wide and both A’s in Prada should be consistent. If this is not the case, alarm bells should go off.


Construction Prada nylon

The construction of Prada nylon bags will vary depending on the style. Most Prada tessuto and vela bags are unlined and feature bound seams. When a bag is lined, it will be 9 out of 10 times the jacquard lining mentioned previously. Now you are probably wondering what the difference is between Prada tessuto and Prada vela. Prada items with tessuto nylon have a higher value. Vela nylon is more often used for entry-level pieces with minimal trim.


Hardware Prada nylon

Prada’s hardware has changed several times over the years. The zippers of the first bags had a powder coating and a blank back with no brand name on it. If you want to buy a first-generation Prada bag, the color of the zipper teeth and the color of the bag should match. In addition, the zippers will have a nylon rectangular zipper pull.

Prada uses contemporary IPI and Riri or Lampo zippers. These are used on the most luxurious bags of the fashion house. The zipper pullers evolved as well to feature branding and leather accents have been added.


Prada nylon brand identifiers

The triangle Prada logo is perhaps one of the most recognizable and iconic logos. On old Prada bags, this logo is attached with rivets. The newer bags are not attached with rivets. The lacquer layer of the logo should be smooth and should never be bubbled or sloppy. The logo is always attached to the bag and cannot be lifted. On the non-authentic bags, the triangle is not attached properly, so the logo is loose and can be lifted.

The logo plate always mentions PRADA / MILANO / DAL 1913 and the logo. Furthermore, you should always pay attention to the font, especially the letter ‘R’ in the logo. This should always have a notch and the reverse leg. The normal logo and the made-in logo inside the bag should always match the color of the bag.


Planning to add a Prada nylon to your designer collection soon? Keep the above tips in mind! Need more certainty? We have a Prada nylon re-edition available that has been carefully checked by our team of experts! Buy it here.

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