Vintage sapphire rings

So you’re considering a vintage or antique engagement ring,we’re not surprised. The trend towards venerable styles and antique treasures isn’t going away, and understandably so. Vintage rings carry a unique charm, they stand out from modern engagement rings with their attention to detail and intricate designs. Today, we will review the best vintage sapphire rings, vintage blue sapphire rings, vintage sapphire and diamond rings, and vintage blue sapphire engagement rings.

The vintage & antique sapphire engagement rings in the list below are some of our favorites, they represent the best in craftsmanship and style; with our wide selection there’s something for everyone. The last piece is truly a stunner, click on the photos for more details. Remember, if there’s a setting you like but you want a stone of a different color, size or shape, check out our antique settings, design your own & loose sapphires sections and start creating. And just so we’re clear, antique engagement rings refer to jewelry made over 50 years old. A vintage piece is crafted with contemporaneity materials but made to resemble the aesthetics of an antique ring; this is why vintage rings are often referred to as “vintage-style”.

Vintage Sapphire Rings

best vintage sapphire rings
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Here is something I’ve been learning about Sapphire wedding rings and Sapphires in general.

They’re gemstones that have been set in engagement ring throughout history. Many ladies love and appreciate them over a diamond for its unique color and look. Today of of the most popular rings are the vintage sapphire rings.

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The most popular are the blue stone is considered one of the “Big Four” precious stones with the other three being diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. The reason behind this is on the Mohs scale this gemstone rates in hardness right below the diamond that is a ten with sapphires coming in at a nine.

Sapphires actually come in many colors with the blue being the richest of the colors. You may think this color makes the perfect vintage sapphire rings. The perfect gemstone is cornflower blue without colors of black, gray or green within the stone.

The cut isn’t as important like with diamonds because it does not show the same to the naked eye like a diamond’s facets. Though the oval cut has an heirloom appeal and the round bezel setting has a more modern appeal when you buy this kind of ring it will depend on your style choice. These gemstones have a quality grading like others, but it isn’t as important as it would be for a diamond as long as there is no darkness that can make the stone look cloudy.

The History of Engagement Rings and Sapphires

The gemstone first grew in popularity in the 13th century in 1215, after Pope Innocent III made a mandatory waiting period to marry. The belief was if an impure or unfaithful person wore the betrothal ring the stone’s color would fade. Some historical accounts tell that wives of Crusaders were tested with sapphire rings when their husbands returned from the campaigns.

Between the 14th and 15th-century the rings became popular for royal and wealthy families. Though diamonds, rubies, and emeralds were available these people favored sapphires. They believed the stones symbolized truth, romantic love and commitment. During the 18th and 19th centuries, diamonds flooded the market which only made sapphires more desirable as a more rare stone.

In the Victorian era, sapphire rings could be simple or elegant and often made using yellow or rose gold. They used stones to spell out a message or name with the blue gems standing for the letter S. In some countries it was believed the rings had medicinal and protective powers and symbolized wisdom. In some cases, kings wore rings with the gemstone you may be considering when they signed treaties.

Throughout history, this is sapphire engagement rings that have been popular with one of the most famous owners of the gemstone was Princess Diana.

Top 15 Vintage & Antique Sapphire Engagement Rings You Have to See to Believe

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 Gasp In Amazement At Our Vintage Blue Sapphire Ring

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A favorite choice, this vintage-style engagement ring is from our Edwardian & Art Deco inspired collection. It features a gorgeous 0.70 Ct. round sapphire encircled by 0.37 Ctw of diamonds. An Edwardian style stunner, this ring is hand-crafted by skilled gold-smiths and boast fine hand-engraved scroll work; also available with ruby. Amazing!  

The Lovely & Classic Oval Ruby Ring

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With a 1.17 Ct. oval ruby, this ring is sure to turn heads. The metalwork has a lacy appearance that calls to mind the Edwardian Period. Before the flappers were famous, this classical style was all the rage. Graceful contours and rubies combine to bring out the true beauty of this ring.

Emerald Cut Ruby Ring – An Exceptional Piece

Image result for Emerald Cut Ruby Ring – An Exceptional Piece  emeraldcut-ruby-ring-1.20-Ct-2

An engagement ring unlike the previous two, this striking piece is an actual antique.  Made in the 1880s, this emerald cut ruby gold and platinum ring features gleaming pearls, diamonds, rubies and Victorian era design. A truly unique masterpiece to swoon over, we love the pinkish tint of these lovely rubies.

A Unique & Elegant Engagement Ring

white-diamond-engagement-ring-vintage-2    white-diamond-engagement-ring-vintage

This vintage-style engagement ring contains striking Ceylon blue sapphires. With a 14kt white gold band and 0.56 Ct. diamond, this ring takes elegance to the next level. The unique sapphire halo style in this hexagon shape is striking and unique.

 An Unbelievable Beauty

oval-ruby-ring-1.3-Ct-2  oval-ruby-ring-1.3-Ct

This vintage ring uses classic 14k yellow gold to bring out the red hues of the ruby. The center stone is surrounded by diamonds and uses a design concept that dates back to the Edwardian Period. We think it’s fit for a modern day queen.

Gorgeous Blue Oval Sapphire Ring

oval-blue-sapphire-estate-ring-0.82-Ct  oval-blue-sapphire-estate-ring-0.82-Ct-2

A 0.82 Ct. blue sapphire transforms this vintage ring into a stunning accessory. Gracefully designed, it contains 16 0.16 Ct. diamonds and intricate 14k white gold embellishments. The design is in the details, understated and subtle it’s perfect for the bride who enjoys simple yet intricate designs.

Vines & Vows – Cushion Sapphire Ring

reddishorange-sapphire-vintage-2  reddishorange-sapphire-vintage

Few rings are as uniquely alluring or traditionally elegant as this cushion reddish orange sapphire ring. This exceptional ring uses a leafy laurel to twirl your finger in stunning vines. Boasting 14kt rose gold, it has a feminine design. This ring is low-key enough to wear during the day, but remarkable enough to be an engagement ring you’ll wear forever.  

A Ravishing Ruby Ring

ruby-estate  Ruby-estate-2

If you want a ring that could have been Queen Victoria’s, this ruby ring is sure to please. The antique ring uses a lozenge motif for the diamonds and the rubies. Circa 1900s, it contains exquisite detailing and a 1.00 Ct. ruby. Which lucky girl will get this beauty?

The Beautiful Cabochon Blue Sapphire Ring

blue-sapphire-ring-2  blue-sapphire-ring-2-2

This 2.00 Ct. ring will catch your eye from across the room. Its style is reminiscent of a shield, the ring contains classically gorgeous 18k yellow gold. The shimmering blue cabochon  sapphire is surrounded by a sea of round diamonds and flanked by more sapphires.

Cushion Pink Sapphire Ring – Fit For A Flapper

cushion-pink-sapphire-ring   cushion-pink-sapphire-ring-2

Stunningly simple, yet remarkably gorgeous, the vintage pink sapphire ring has a very contemporary feel, like most Art Deco styled pieces. The true focus of the ring is the vivid pink cushion sapphire. With a 4.71 Ct. stone and plenty of jazz, you can’t go wrong.

Femininity With A Twist

oval-pink-sapphire-estate-ring  oval-pink-sapphire-estate-ring-2

This 1.62 Ct. oval pink sapphire ring is in true vintage style. Alluring without being gaudy, the pink sapphire originally hails from the tropical shores of Madagascar. This flower motif has been around forever and transcends all style eras. Make it yours today.

Oval Blue Flower Ring

oval-blue-sapphire-estate-ring-1.25-2   oval-blue-sapphire-estate-ring-1.25

This antique platinum ring was handcrafted in 1915 and still retains its classical elegance. Boasting a 1.25 Ct. oval blue sapphire, this ring is a true work of art. In the shape of a budding flower, this ring is truly a romantics dream.

 A Ring Fit For A Princess

blue-sapphire-estate-engagement-ring   blue-sapphire-estate-engagement-ring-2

From 1920 this antique ring has never gone out of style. Famous ladies like Kate Middleton, Princess Diana and Penelope Cruz all have similar rings. Encased in 18k yellow gold, the ring features blue sapphires, white diamonds and platinum. We know the inner princess in you can’t resist.

Stunning Vintage-Style Ruby Ring

emeraldcut-ruby-estate-engagement-ring  emeraldcut-ruby-estate-engagement-ring-2

If you want elegant rubies dripping from your fingertips, this is the ring to choose. It boasts a 1.95 Ct. emerald cut ruby and a truly classic Art Deco geometric style. This is sure to become a future heirloom.

Diamond & Sapphire Extravaganza 

round-colorless-diamond-estate-ring  round-colorless-diamond-estate-ring-2

This antique ring is from about 1925 – 1930. When you place it on your finger, you enter into a world where flappers, speakeasies and jazz were a normal part of life. This ring uses caliber cut sapphires and Art Deco style to stand out from the crowd. The center stone is an H-color, 1.72 Ct round diamond with an impressive VS1 clarity. Melee diamonds, intricate detailing make this ring a truly exceptional example of antique jewelry.

vintage sapphire and diamond rings

I Want Them All!

We know how you feel! They are incredibly beautiful, take a look at our antique and vintage jewelry sections to find even more treasures. You’re sure to find something you like, if rings are not your cup of tea there are some exquisite earrings, necklaces and bracelets to explore. So have at it, and let us know which ring is your favorite on facebook!

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