vlogging cameras for beginners under $100

On the following note we will be talking alot about vlogging cameras for beginners under $100 different machine and the most important factors you need to know before getting really great machine according to the latest price and contract rumors, it has been a wild ridethe year ahead will bring more questions about original machine and vlogging cameras for beginners cheap,cheapest camera for vlogging philippines,cheap vlogging camera with flip screen how to use them and get information of great prices on this blog will offer some answers. See benefit from Gegumall where we provide affordable prices.

Despite all the technological advances that can be found in shiny new cameras the Canon 6D is still a great camera best cheap vlogging camera 2021,best vlog camera under 200,cheap vlogging camera with flip screen under 200. And just because other cameras have advanced significantly since 2012 this does not automatically make the Canon 6D over the hill, past its sell by date, irrelevant or obsolete.

1. Sony Cybershot 16.2 MP Digital Camera

This camera has one millions of hearts and has gathered the topmost position amongst the best vlogging cameras under 100 USD. The camera is simple in design, easy to use with wonderful end results.

Sony Cybershot 16.2 MP Vlogging Camera with 16x Optical Zoom

  • The quality that makes the camera simply brilliant is its capability of optical image stabilization.
  • Image stabilization is very important for vlogging as most of the initial vloggings are done by walking and talking simultaneously.Except for the image stabilizations, other important features are the capability of the camera to record videos at 720p. The videos that are shot are very smooth, high quality and with remarkable precision.
  • The battery stays for 200 shots so it is better to keep a spare battery.  The battery life is the only thing for which you might have to sacrifice however still it is better than some of the other high budget cameras.
  • The camera also has zooming facility even though zooming is of not much use in case of voggings. However if you are recording videos for some other purposes, the camera will give you some excellent zoomed shots.
  • The camera comes with 20.1 megapixels and CCD image sensor. The videos that will be shot will be of high definition or HD quality. Moreover they will be crisp and precise and of super quality.  The camera is also facilitated with TFT LCD screen that has the brightness adjustment facility which can be increased up to six settings.

Except for these qualities, the camera is very easy to handle and provides some best quality videos and images at a very low price.


  • Optical Image stabilization.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sleek design.
  • Smooth video quality.
  • Facilitates zooming while doing a video shot.


  • Battery life is a bit low and hence a spare battery should be carried.

2. Nikon Coolpix L32

Nikon Coolpix L32 has grabbed the eyeballs of the millions of photographers and customers because of the cool designs and colours that it comes with. However, the trendy design is not the only plus points of the camera.

It has wonders packed into such a small camera. As a result of these features, it has grabbed the second place amongst the listings of the best vlogging cameras under 100 USD.

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera with 5x Zoom Lens and 720p HD recording

  • The most important feature of this camera is the articulation that the screen provides.
  • This feature enables the videographer to know whether by chance he has intruded into the video or not, while at the time of recording.
  • Also the battery life of the camera is superb. The battery life of Nikon Coolpix has the ability to compete with even some of the high budget vlogging cameras also. The battery life is about 320 shots.
  • Other attractive features include the larger size than the other small censor cameras and also the flip screen that enables you to have a personal video. The videos are recorded at 720p and the qualities of the videos are unquestionable.
  • However the image stabilization is not there and therefore it is better not to walk around or move with this camera while shooting videos. Also the night shots are good but not of a higher quality.So it is best to avoid this camera for recording videos at night or at low lights. Except for this con, the camera is easy to use, has auto selection facilities and also motion blur reduction technology.


  • Articulation feature that notifies the videographer whether he has entered into the video or not.
  • Flip screen that enables taking selfies and personal videos.
  • Superb battery life facilitating 320 shots.
  • Good quality of videos with blurs reduction technology.


  • There is no image stabilization as a result of which you cannot shoot while moving.
  • Low light or night videos are of poor qualities.

3. Canon Powershot A2300

The Canon Camera has won hearts of the million people with its classy looks and equally classy functions and hence it has been kept at the third position of the first five best vlogging cameras under 100 USD.

The camera comes with 16 megapixels and has a very flexible shape. The size of this camera is almost the size of a pocket and hence it best fits into a pocket.

Also a hot pink colour variation is present that jazzes up the whole appearance of the camera.

  • The camera records videos at 720p. The videos are high definition videos or of HD quality which means they are very minute and clear. It however comes with the traditional point and shoot technique which can be considered to be a negative aspect about this camera.
  • Except for some of these technical negativities, the camera is very useful. It is very easy to use first of all and does not require extra toils.  Also the most important feature for vlogging, namely digital image stabilization, is present in this camera, making the video qualities all the more enticing.
  • The camera is also charged with the technique of optical view finding. The camera also has about 32 predefined image shooting techniques that are automatic. Also the 28mm full angle lens provides total zooming facilities and other such precisions in the image quality.

The digital IS that has been incorporated into the camera prevents shaking and extra movements while shooting a video.


  • HD video quality.
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • Optical view-finding technique.
  • 32 auto shooting techniques are some great advancement.
  • There is also a zooming facility.
  • Digital IS that prevents shaken images and videos.


  • Traditional point and shoot technique.

4. Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera

Nikon Coolpiz s33 has been hot favourite with the millions of customers out there because of the fact that it has come with the waterproof technology. The video is also recorded with 1080p video quality and also the quality of the video is very good. The camera also comes with shockproof and freeze proof technologies.

Nikon COOLPIX S33 Waterproof Digital Camera in $100

  • The video camera comes with NIKKOR 3x wide angle lens that has the zooming facility that comes with shooting portraits and landscapes.
  • The picture and the video quality are so good that this camera has been one of the most favourite vlogging cameras of the time. The cons of this camera will definitely be the battery life.
  • Also the low light shootings in case of this camera are poor in quality. Moreover the picture quality under water, in this camera is not very high quality.
  • The camera also comes with CMOS sensor, 13.2 in range. The camera is also adorned with over sized buttons making the camera handy and easy to use. Menus are properly and distinctly carved that makes the handling of the camera even easier. Also there is a capability of recording the stereo sounds along with the video and the sound quality even if it is not like a pro, is quite good.
  • The camera is available in some cool colours also that upgrade the style quotient of the total item.  Thus the camera is trendy, has a cool design and is also very good for recording your vlogs.


  • Waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof technologies that have made it immensely favourite with the customers.
  • Easy use of the camera with oversized buttons and instructions at every point.
  • NIKKOR 3x wide lens that provides a zooming facility.
  • Its capability of recording correct video sounds along with the image.
  • Trendy styles and colours.


  • Poor battery life.
  • Poor quality of low light pictures and images.
  • Poor quality of pictures under water.

5. Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera

Ivation may not be as popular Canon or Nikon or Sony, still as a camera it is of great quality. One of the most interesting features of this camera is that it is shockproof and is particularly designed to shoot your vlogs in the rugged terrain.

Ivation 20MP Underwater Shockproof Digital Camera

  • The camera is thin and compact in design, making the handling very easy.
    Also this camera has a unique feature of being dustproof, thereby making it all the more strong and easy to use for the rough terrain. Also the camera has the waterproof technology for 10 feet under water.
  • The camera comes with 20 Megapixel and the video recording comes with 640X480 VGA resolutions. Thus the camera has some really outstanding video qualities.
  • Also the image qualities are of great standard and if you want, you can even improve them by photoshop and other editing tools. But the videos are over the mark always and there is no need to edit them.
  • The digital zooming technology that the camera is armed with enables it to zoom four times on the object and then shoot it. Thus the camera is very good a sport scenes because of the shockproof mechanism.
  • It runs of two AAA batteries. There is also a front facing 1.8 inches display that enables you to capture perfect selfies. This camera is also very good as it accepts microSD card up to 32 GB in space.


  • Shockproof technology of the camera.
  • Dustproof technology.
  • The outstanding video qualities because of the 640X480 VGA resolutions.
  • Its ability to accept a microSD card up to 32 GB.
  • Outstanding video qualities under water.
  • Front-facing 1.8 inches display that enables you to capture selfies.


  • Battery life is sometimes questionable

Thus these are the few below 100 USD cameras which you can definitely use for your vlogging purpose. Sony Cybershot acquired #1 rank among all these cheap vlogging cameras.

If you think that there is any other camera which deserves to be among our top 5 list of vlogging cameras, then please share it via comments.

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