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Running the gamut from function to flair, wall lights come in a wide array of styles and serve many purposes. Wall lighting can provide necessary illumination for safety, accent architectural features and artwork, add task lighting or serve as décor all on their own. Here, we examine the best Wall lamp price options for you and we answer some of the most frequently wondered whats, wheres and whys of wall lighting.

Why do I need wall lights?

Shop Boyd Lighting Icicle LED Wand Wall Sconce – Color: Brass – 10548-Etched-P/B and moreShop Boyd Lighting Icicle LED Wand Wall Sconce – Color: Brass – 10548-Etched-P/B and more

When “wall light” is mentioned, the first notion that pops into many people’s heads is of an ornamental sconce that provides little useful illumination beyond an accent light. While this application is certainly important as a decorative feature, wall lights also serve myriad functions for reading, proper task lighting and general safety. And wall lights are important components of properly layered lighting, which adds both beauty and utility to overall design schemes.

Where should I use wall lighting?

Wall lights have applications in any room, indoors and out. Working alongside ceiling lights, a wall-mounted fixture provides supplemental illumination, while using wall lights in place of overhead lighting creates a more atmospheric effect and can alleviate glare. In bathrooms, vanity lights are a key part of light layering: Flank a mirror with wall fixtures to banish shadows from your face that overhead lights tend to cast.

In an office or craft room, a wall-mounted swing arm light is a practical alternative to a traditional desk lamp, freeing up your horizontal surfaces for your tasks. Artwork can be better displayed beneath a picture light, while niches, sculptures and other architectural details benefit from wall-mounted spots. Outdoor wall lights are commonly used on the porch and along exterior walls for security, though many designs provide a decorative touch as well as safety features.Shop Pablo Lighting Link Wall Mount Task Lamp – Color: Silver – Size: Medium – LINK MED WAL SLV – Style: Industrial and moreShop Pablo Lighting Link Wall Mount Task Lamp – Color: Silver – Size: Medium – LINK MED WAL SLV – Style: Industrial and more

In rooms where overhead lighting and floor/table lamps will do much of the lighting work, wall lights are still a valuable addition to add ambiance and to brighten corners that may become shadowy after sunset. Try flanking large windows with wall sconces to emulate the effect of daylight coming in, adding a wall light near a particularly dark corner or next to a doorway to light your way into the room. And keeping all your lights on separate switches allows for better control of your lightscape: Wall lights are particularly suited to dimmer switches that allow you to determine the mood of the room.

Wall lamp price

10 Head-Turning Modern Wall Lights

Too often relegated to the “functional” or “ambient” category of lighting, wall lights aren’t exactly known for being statement makers in a space. Whether used in a small bathroom or a grand living space, there’s no reason a beautiful wall fixture can’t steal the show with superb design. These 10 favorites will make you want to flip the switch on ho-hum wall lights.

1.Counterweight Wall Sconce from Roll and Hill

Counterweight Wall Sconce By Fort Standard, from Roll and Hill|YLighting Top 10 Wall + Ceiling Lights
Counterweight Wall Sconce By Fort Standard, from Roll and Hill

The Counterweight Wall Sconce combines a clean silhouette with a mix of materials: a marble backplate, soft white glass, brass accents, and a wood frame. The result is an elegant contrast that would work just as well as lining a hallway or accenting a dining room.

2. Acuo LED Wall Sconce from Cerno

Acuo LED Wall Sconce By Nick Sheridan, from Cerno|YLighting Top 10 Wall Lights+ Ceiling Lights
Acuo LED Wall Sconce By Nick Sheridan, from Cerno

The Acuo LED Wall Sconce is a handmade piece, accented with either walnut or brushed aluminum. Its deconstructed, 3-three-sided box frame is a mix of overlap and gaps, which adds a complex element to this functional LED wall sconce.

3. Stiletto 24-Inch LED Bath Bar from SONNEMAN

Stiletto 24-Inch LED Bath Bar By Robert Sonneman, from SONNEMAN|YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
Stiletto 24-Inch LED Bath Bar By Robert Sonneman, from SONNEMAN

Just like a stiletto heel, the slim and minimal profile of the Stiletto 24-Inch LED Bath Bar adds a sleekness to any room. Bright, even LED lights light up the frosted acrylic diffuser, which then can be slid up or down the mounting box. Its versatility makes it perfect for flanking a vanity in a modern bathroom.

4. Monocle Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing

Monocle Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing|YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
Monocle Wall Sconce from Rich Brilliant Willing

Ever-so playful yet highly functional, the Monocle Wall Sconce swivels to allow adjusting the angle of light. Its milled aluminum body is available in 3 finishes (including this brass beauty) while the diffuser is available in either a flat or domed shape.

5. Abstract LED Wall Sconce from Modern Forms

Abstract LED Wall Sconce from Modern Forms|YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
Abstract LED Wall Sconce from Modern Forms

As artistic as it is functional, the Abstract LED Wall Sconce is made up of overlapping geometric shapes, forming sharp angles into a visually striking design.  The light sources are tucked between the layers of aluminum, creating an interesting interplay between the reflections of light.

6. 14 Wall Sconce by Bocci

14 Wall Sconce By Omer Arbel, from Bocci|YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
14 Wall Sconce By Omer Arbel, from Bocci

The Bocci 14 Wall Sconce is an ultra-unique design that can be used indoors or outdoors, alone or in groups. The subtle style can be used to enhance every style, from rustic, modern, industrial and glam. Each fixture is made of cast glass, using an organic process that creates unique bubble patterns and beautiful halos of light around the fixtures.

7. IC C/W Wall Ceiling Light from FLOS Lighting

C C:W Wall Ceiling Light By Michael Anastassiades, from FLOS Lighting |YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
IC C/W Wall Ceiling Light By Michael Anastassiades, from FLOS Lighting

The IC C/W Wall Ceiling Light began from a playful source of inspiration: juggling. The simple design was inspired by the movement and balance of spheres as controlled by a juggler. The right-angle frame is a sharp contrast to the smooth glass sphere.

8. QB LED Wall Sconce by Bruck

QB LED Wall Sconce from Bruck Lighting |YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
QB LED Wall Sconce from Bruck Lighting

In design, clean and simple can go a long way. The QB LED Wall Sconce has a cubic form that provides up and downlight and shields the light source from view.

9. Staple Wall Lamp from Menu A/S

Staple Wall Lamp By Søren Rose Studio, from Menu A:S|YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
Staple Wall Lamp By Søren Rose Studio, from Menu A/S

Taking its inspiration from Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood in the 1930s, the Staple Wall Lamp is a modern throwback to simpler times. Its style is extremely minimal, featuring only an exposed lightbulb dangling from a steel arm, with a touch of industrial glam from the brass finish.

10. Dioscuri Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce by Artemide

Dioscuri Indoor:Outdoor Wall Sconce By Michele de Lucchi, from Artemide Lighting|YLighting Top 10 Modern Wall Lights
Dioscuri Indoor/Outdoor Wall Sconce By Michele de Lucchi, from Artemide Lighting

The Dioscuri Wall Sconce is great for indoor or outdoor use and comes in multiple sizes so you can create a bubbly display of light. The support plate is concealed by the hand blown glass diffuser, allowing the glass sphere to lie flush against the wall.

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