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Choosing the perfect wedding dress will probably be top of your agenda when you get engaged, but don’t forget that you’ll need to pair it with some beautiful wedding shoes! In this post, we will also discuss the best wedding shoes for a bride, wedding shoes for the bride, wedding flats for the bride, and wedding shoes for bride flats picks for you. 

It’s understandable that buying your shoes may throw up a few questions, like what height to go for or whether you should wear them in beforehand. If this is you then don’t panic, we spoke to a handful of shoe experts to get their best advice on picking your bridal footwear!

If you’re looking for shoes that are a bit out of the norm, then quirky brides simply must check out our round up of unusual wedding shoes!

wedding shoes for bride

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Should I choose my wedding shoes before or after the dress?

It depends which is more of a priority to you: the dress or the shoes. Emmy Scarterfield, Creative Director of Emmy London, thinks brides should choose the dress first so that you can pick your wedding shoes accordingly.

‘As tempting as it is to dive straight in to an exciting shoe shop for your wedding, it is always wise to choose your dress first,’ says Emmy. ‘The dress will dictate the mood, colour, embellishment and heel height of your wedding shoes.’

Emmy London stock both simple and embellished wedding shoes for brides

Image Credit: Emmy London

However, shoe designer Charlotte Mills believes that it doesn’t always matter whether you choose the dress or the shoes first. ‘Most Brides come to us after selecting the dress,’ says Charlotte. ‘However we do have girls who start with the shoes and work up – girls after my own heart!’ Check out the beautiful range of shoes from Charlotte Mills’s listing here on hitched!

Charlotte Mills white heart bridal shoes

Image Credit: Charlotte Mills

Which heel height should I go for?

Adam Benjamin, Creative Director of Benjamin Adams, believes that you should go for the height of the heels that you normally wear and feel most comfortable in. ‘One of the most important things to consider when choosing your wedding shoes is heel height and comfort,’ he says. ‘You will be wearing your shoes for a full 12 hours so go for a heel height that you are used to wearing.’ To see the brand’s exquisite range of footwear head to the Benjamin Adams listing on hitched!

It’s also important to consider the length of your wedding dress – you don’t want any tripping disasters if you have a long train! Flat wedding shoes and kitten heels are without a doubt the most comfortable choice of footwear.

Benjamin Adams Marion wedding shoes

Image Credit: Benjamin Adams

Charlotte Mills flat wedding shoes

Image Credit: Charlotte Mills

Do my shoes have to be white?

‘Not at all, our coloured styles are really popular,’ says Charlotte. ‘Blue is our most popular colour, as Brides often use this as their something blue!’ There’s no rule against brides straying from the traditional white or ivory wedding shoes – just make sure that the colour will complement your dress!

Charlotte Mills red wedding shoes

Image Credit: Charlotte Mills

Kym Hall, the CEO and head designer of Jakii, thinks that choosing coloured shoes is an excuse to stretch the budget further. ‘Choosing a colour you can wear again means you are able to splurge a little,’ she says. ‘Some great wedding colours at the moment are blue, pale or fuchsia shades of pink, mint and my personal favourite, aqua.’

Blue wedding shoes from Jakii are a popular style

Image Credit: Lola Images

Should I wear my shoes in?

Wearing the shoes in beforehand means that you can decide fully if they’ll be right for you and if you need to make any adjustments, such as a different size or adding extra padding and shoe inserts.

‘Wear your shoes a few times so that they mould to your foot shape,’ says UK shoe designer Freya Rose. ‘Ensure your shoes come with extra padding for comfort and a protective plastic film on the sole, so it will not get marked or damaged. This can then be removed on your special day.’

Freya Rose do stunning bridal shoes in white and metallic gold

Image Credit: Freya Rose

Which shoes would go with a vintage style wedding dress?

Whatever vintage era you are incorporating when deciding on your dress or theme, choose a pair of vintage wedding shoes that are inspired by the same era for consistency. Look out for kitten heels and bright pops of colour for a gorgeous 50s feel or opt for sparkly wedding shoes to lend a 1920s twist! ‘If your dress is tea length or shorter, go for bolder styles that make a statement,’ says Adam. Shoes that make a dramatic statement look great when paired with a short vintage wedding dress!

Benjamin Adams vintage style wedding shoes

Benjamin Adams lace vintage inspired wedding shoes

Image Credit: Benjamin Adams

What about a statement dress?

When you have a beautiful statement wedding dress, Emmy believes that you can choose to go either end of the scale with your wedding shoes. ‘A statement dress with a lot of detail could be finished off beautifully with a simple, elegant court shoe in a soft tone to create a chic statement,’ says Emmy.

‘Alternatively, just go for it and go all out with your wedding shoes to make as much as much of a statement as the dress – you only do this once! To make the most of your statement shoes opt for a shorter hemmed statement dress.’

Emmy London Amelia feather embellishment wedding shoes

Image Credit: Emmy London

Should I consider the venue when buying my shoes?

It’s a good idea to think about how much walking you will need to throughout the day when you buy your shoes. If you’re holding your entire wedding in one venue then you don’t need to worry too much about it. Freya also points out that you should consider the season that you’ll be getting married in.

‘Open sling backs are better if you are getting married in a hotter climate and peep toes are good all year round,’ she says. ‘If you will be wearing your heels on a grassy or muddy surface you should be aware that they might get stained. A great way to stop your heels sinking into grassy surfaces is to use heel protectors. ’

Freya Rose embellished heel silver wedding shoes

Image Credit: Freya Rose

What does the silver sixpence tradition mean?

In your hunt for a pair of heavenly wedding shoes, you may find that a lot of styles come with a silver sixpence in the sole. This is actually a bridal tradition and Charlotte Mills includes a silver sixpence in every pair of her bridal shoes.

‘A silver sixpence in the bride’s shoe is an old custom to bring you good luck,’ says Charlotte. ‘The sixpence symbolises prosperity, love and happiness. The tradition says that having this with you on your wedding day will bring you all these things throughout your marriage.’

Charlotte Mills silver sixpence tradition

Image Credit: Charlotte Mills

What if I don’t want to spend too much on my shoes?

If you’ve splurged most of your budget on the dress and don’t have a lot left for the wedding shoes then don’t worry, you can still find some gorgeous bridal shoes on the high street at an affordable price tag! Monsoon have a selection of stunning shoes in bridal colours such as ivory, rose gold and silver – all with prices that won’t break the bank!

High street brand Monsoon's wedding shoes are great for brides with a tighter budget

Image Credit: Monsoon

Can I customise my own pair of wedding shoes?

Can’t find a pair of shoes that you like? Why not customise an existing pair instead! Sonia Brown, founder and designer of Le Soulier, will do just that if you send her a plain pair of shoes. She’ll transform them into something incredible and unique by hand painting and illustrating a personalised design onto the shoes.

‘The aim is to bring beauty and art to your wedding with a striking pair of bespoke, hand-painted shoes,’ says Sonia. ‘We showcase the wedding theme, names and dates, personalities and love story of the couple onto each pair of shoes, making this an item that you’ll treasure forever.’ Like the concept? Find out more on Le Soulier’s listing on hitched.

Sonia from Le Soulier can illustrate a plain pair of wedding shoes for a unique bridal look

Image Credit: Le Soulier

What if I want to wear my wedding shoes again?

If you want to wear your bridal shoes again but don’t feel like they fit with your day to day wardrobe, why not consider dyeing them? However, only do this if you have a pair of dyeable wedding shoes and are absolutely sure you want to change them!

‘If you choose to change your shoes, make sure that they are an ivory silk which can easily be dyed,’ says Freya. ‘All of our shoes are made in the finest duchess ivory silk and come with a swatch for you to test for dyeing if required.’

Freya Rose embellished heels

Image Credit: Freya Rose

Finally, don’t forget your actual feet…

Don’t forget to treat your feet – you’ll want to feel your best from head to toe on your big day! After all, a stunning pair of wedding shoes would be nothing without a soft, pampered pair of feet! ‘Remember to schedule a lovely pedicure before your big day, says Freya. ‘Slip your feet into your gorgeous wedding shoes with soft skin, neat cuticles and glossy painted nails!’

Charlotte Mills happily ever after flat wedding shoes

Image Credit: Charlotte Mills

To see more gorgeous wedding shoes, check out our shoe section on hitched! Once you’ve got the footwear sorted, add the finishing touch to your look with bridal headwear and jewellery.

Best Places To Buy Wedding & Bridal Shoes Online

70 Bridal Heels Flats and Boots for You Wedding – Bridal Musings – Bella Belle – Flats Collection – Kurt Boomer Photography (2)Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography via Bella Belle Shoes

Okay, gorgeous, let’s go wedding shoe shopping! One of the most frequent questions I get asked as a bridal stylist is, “Where do I buy wedding shoes?” The simple answer – buy your bridal shoes online!

With endless variety for styles and easy returns offered by most shops, you can make this a laid-back experience to complete your bridal look. Make a mood board, get some inspiration, and find the perfect pair of bridal shoes online without leaving home.

Some brides want a pair of shoes that can elevate the occasion – something that sparkles with joy on their wedding day. Some brides are more focused on comfortable wedding shoes (check out our favorite flat wedding shoes, here!) and some brides want to invest in a pair of heels that they can wear for wedding anniversaries to come. As a recent bride myself, I wanted a pair of shoes that combined all three of those reasons!

Whatever style you are dreaming up, it’s made our top shopping list of places to buy your wedding shoes.Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoe | Bella Belle Shoes 17Photo by Laura Gordon for Bella Belle ShoesTop Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoe | Bella Belle Shoes 11Photo by Laura Gordon for Bella Belle Shoes

Bella Belle Shoes

Price range: $200 – $500

Bows, ribbons, polka dots, and all things pretty! Bella Belle Shoes makes it so easy to match a striking pair of heels to your gown’s special details.

Standouts include anything with embroidery, applique, laces and frills, that make these shoes feel as special as your big day.

Visit SiteTop Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoe | Bella Belle Shoes 8Photo by Laura Gordon for Bella Belle Shoes

Jimmy Choo

Price range: $500 – $4,000

Hello, stilettos! We love this designer for their classically simple styles. Even catch the sparkly pair of Jimmy Choos worn recently by Priyanka Chopra at her own wedding!

Choose your heel height from kitten to sky-high. Leather, sparkles, or Swarovski crystals will adorn your favorite pair and give you a very sexy, sophisticated elegance.

Visit SiteMagical Intimate Southern Wedding Under The Oak Trees – Pure Luxe Bride – Lydia Ruth Photography 9Photo by Lydia Ruth Photography via Bridal Musings


Price range: $100 – $1,000

Shop for your entire wedding look at Nordstrom, shoes included.

Their online selection ranges in price from affordable pieces to higher-priced designer looks, in every shoe style. Whether casual espadrilles make your must-have list or even ivory bridal boots, their site makes it easy to search by style and narrow down what looks you love.

Visit SiteWhimsical Romantic Wedding Inspiration With Grace Kelly Vibes – Fiorello Photography 29Photo by Fiorello Photography via Bridal Musings

The Outnet

Price range: $100 – $800

Looking for a glamorous heel and a deal on designer styles? The Outnet offers you beautifully stylish designer shoes for around 50% (or more!) off their original prices. There’s no need to compromise on quality for your wedding day. Score a rad deal and wear something fabulous!

Visit SiteIntimate & Idyllic Wales Country House Wedding | Heledd Roberts Photography 1Photo by Heledd Roberts Photography via Bridal Musings

Shop Bop

Price range: $150 – $600

For the bride looking for something contemporary and fun, Shop Bop’s bridal shoes are where chic meets bold.

We love the chunky heels, noteworthy colors (mesmerizing holographics and metallics!) and uniquely designed multi-strap styles. No matter if your dress has a high-low design or a side slit – these shoes are ready to be on display!

Visit SiteLoeffler Randall Knot Sandal Bridal Heels – The Best Places to Buy Wedding Bridal Heels Online 1Loeffler Randall Camellia Sandalls available at Shop Bop


Price range: $100 – $400

Luxe satins and feathers are calling to us in this collection of vintage-meets-modern styles. BHLDN’s online shoe collection is affordable and seriously charming.

You’ll find a range of neutrals, blushes, and soft blues. Plus, they have an array of flat styles that feel just as fancy as heels. It’s no surprise that they’ve also made our list for top recommendations to shop for your bridesmaid dresses, too!

Visit SiteWhimsical Lilac Purple Garden Wedding Inspiration – Danielle Harris Photography 50Photo by Danielle Harris via Bridal Musings


Price range: $30 – $100

Looking for cool style on a budget? Their entire shoe collection falls just under $100 making it accessible to any bride.

They have looks that are minimal and neutral, or festive pieces that are much more of-the-moment. Truly, you can find anything for your intimate family gathering or your raucous night out party that fits your own personal bridal style.

Visit SitePublic Desire Cindy block heeled sandal – ASOS – The Best Places to Buy Wedding Bridal Heels Online 1Public Desire Cindy Heels available on ASOS


Price range: $100 – $400

Anthropologie is a hub of looks for the modern eclectic.

Find current color trends like prints, neons, and hot reds! Even non-traditional styles like clog sandals and braided raffia slides we love for summer brides! Anthropologie is where bohemian essence meets modern shoe fantasies.

Visit SitePaloma Barcelo Giselle raffia blue sandal – Anthropologie – The Best Places to Buy Wedding Bridal Heels Online 1Paloma Barcelo Gisele Sandal available at Anthropologie


Price range: $50 – $250

It’s no secret that we love shopping for weddings on Etsy (especially your engagement rings!) because it’s a hub for unique items – shoes included!

Popular styles include cute and feminine heels, pretty laces and chiffons, and even detailed lace-up bohemian sandals. And since so many of these pieces are hand-crafted, some shops even offer customizations or extensive options for color-matching!

Visit SiteTop Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Shoe | Bella Belle Shoes 12Photo by Laura Gordon for Bella Belle Shoes

Yulia Nadeeva

Price Range: $130 – $200

These handmade shoes combine modern design elements with simplicity and soft color. You’ll find textures like sparkles or suedes composed with dainty details. Check out one of our favorite pairs of bridal flats, too! This collection comes along with that extra touch of something special.

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