what color shoes with grey pants

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Black trousers can be a bit boring sometimes. Yes, they are flattering and versatile, but it’s nice to change things up sometimes while still wearing something that can act as a versatile staple. Similarly, although blue jeans are great, they’re pretty standard by now. Why go and buy another pair of blue jeans and look like everyone else? Plus, you may already have a few of them. That’s where grey trousers come in.

what color shoes with grey pants and black shirt

What Color Shoes With Grey Pants

Now it’s true that grey trousers aren’t always as versatile as black ones. They don’t go with an endless amount of color combinations, and so you have to be more choosy with what you match with them, but this doesn’t mean that they’re doomed to stay in the back of your wardrobe gathering dust. Styled correctly, a pair of grey trousers can be your go to leg wear, and will help give you a subtle, youthful and fresh look.

light shirt with grey pants

A very light cream or blue shirt will match neatly with light and dark grey chinos, giving you a softer alternative to the traditional black and white combo. A black shirt is a good combination with dark grey trousers as well, as it’ll help give a formal uniformed look and compliment the dark colors without looking over done. If you’re the type to wear a belt it’s best to avoid anything too dark if you’re wearing a light tone, as it might cut up the colors and make it look less unified.

white shirt with grey pants

Wear a fresh white shirt over your grey pants and adorn a blazer over it. The color of the blazer can be either black, grey or a light shade of blue, to correlate with the rest of the attire. Tuck your shirt in, to get the foolproof office ensemble.

pattern with grey pants

A print or pattern can be mixed with a solid piece that features on the colors found in the print.

lighter shades with grey pants

Any lighter shades – blues, peach, beige, yellow will also go well on dark grey.

tie with grey pants

If you are wearing a tie, then experiment with a strong color with a white shirt over grey pants.

grey jeans with white

Wear grey jeans with cream, white or cognac for an all-neutrals look.

grey jeans with grey

You may also wear grey jeans with similar shades of grey for a monochromatic look.

shoes with grey pants

It’s easier to find shoes that match with grey than you might think. Grey goes really well with brown or tan, adding a more smart-casual feel to your look while keeping it light and complimentary. A pair of tan or brown loafers is a good choice if you’re hoping to smarten up your look without going too formal, especially if you choose a more relaxed design, like tassel loafers.

grey suit brown shoe combination

Also, if you’re going for a more formal look, then a grey suit brown shoe combination is a great way to make your outfit more exciting. Although you could wear a pair of black leather shoes with a grey suit, this look can get a bit stale. Instead, wearing brown shoes with grey suit can add a subtle but stylish detail to your outfit.

long coat with grey pants

The Long Coat Look – Pull on your grey pants along with a crisp shirt and nice long coat. You will look smart in this look.

jacket with grey pants

The Printed Jacket Look – Have a printed jacket? Dress in this along with your grey trousers or ankle pants. This will make you look good too

grey jeans with navy

Wear grey jeans with black or navy for a high contrast look.

grey trousers black shirt

Grey Trousers Black Shirt – One of the most classic combinations to wear with grey is undoubtedly the black shirt and grey trousers combination. Wearing grey trousers with a black shirt gives a subtle monochromatic style to your outfit, without being too overbearing. For instance, if you were to wear black trousers with a black shirt, you may overpower your look, making you appear too dark.

black jacket with grey jeans

Wearing a black bomber jacket with a pair of white trainers finishes off a perfect casual autumn outfit. The trick with grey is to keep things low-key and simple. Don’t combine it with any overly bright or loud colors as this will just overcomplicate the outfit. Instead, stick to monochromatic colors like black and white. Although this may sound bland, it can actually create a great minimalist aesthetic that is extremely stylish.

black v-neck t-shirt with grey pants

Try a black v-neck t-shirt, straw hat, and black leather sandals with your grey chinos.

navy floral short sleeve shirt with grey chinos

For a more informal setting, wear green sunglasses, a navy floral short sleeve shirt, beige leather watch, and grey chinos.

grey turtleneck with grey chinos

Check out this look – grey turtleneck, beige pea coat, grey suede desert boots, and grey chinos.

green shirt with grey pants

You will love the combination of black and white and a pop of color. I like lime green and it’s a great popping color against the soft grays. You can also try another shade of green if you like. Play with different shades of gray for an ensemble in this color combination. You can even go for black for more edge, but a dark gray will be a softer option.

v-neck with grey pants

With wool trousers and a v-neck – Green doesn’t get enough respect in men’s style, and the green merino V-neck here ties together the earthiness of the grey wool trousers and brown leather boots. You could go with a white shirt here, or a more casual look, but a blue twill or poplin dress shirt works just as well. The Lands’ End Year ‘Rounder is a dress pant, but you could wear this look casually. Sure it’s an elegant/refined kinda casual – not something to wear while hitting a dive bar with pals, but maybe something to wear when you feel like kicking it up a notch for your significant other?

red t-shirt with grey pants

Combining gray with red is another fantastic idea. Try this look for a more colorful appearance

what color shoes to wear with womens grey dress pants

Matching Shoes With Light Grey Trousers Overview

Of all the spring and summer staple colors that men have to choose from, light grey is a favorite for many thanks to its versatility.

Light grey trousers, no matter in dressy wool, casual cotton, or summery linen, are actually quite easy to pair with shoes. That’s the beauty of this incredibly versatile color. The world is your oyster with these babies!

Make sure that you wear light grey trousers primarily in spring and summer. The only exception to this rule would be for light grey jeans, which tend to work quite well during the autumn and winter months.


NOTE: There are exceptions to every rule.
Use your good judgement, and feel free to leave us a comment if you have questions!
Read on for full explanations and reasoning of the above coordination suggestions. Or, click here to go see our Ultimate Shoe & Trouser Color Coordination Matrix showcasing how to match any color shoes with any color trousers.

How To Coordinate Light Grey Trousers With Different Shoes

Best Shoe Matches


Light grey trousers with black shoes are an exercise in simplicity and elegance. This is particularly true for dressy fabrications. Try this combination on a warm day when you want to look understated and sharp.


Reddish-brown burgundy and light grey pair wonderfully. For extra style points, find a grey that’s got a bluish undertone. The red in the shoe will play off of the blue in the trouser and you’ll come out looking like a million bucks.

Light Brown

It’s a relatively common pairing nowadays, but it’s popular for a reason: light brown shoes with light grey trousers is a really handsome combination. This works across dressy and casual fabrications, and across most professional scenarios. Just be sure that you keep it to warmer months, as this will look a bit out of place when it’s cold outside.


Grey Trousers With Navy Suede Tassel Loafers

Rare as navy shoes are, they’re going to look great with light grey pants. If you can find a navy dress shoe, this will be a phenomenal pairing for a regular day at the office (we wouldn’t recommend a non-standard shoe for big presentations or meetings, just to be clear). If your trousers are more casual, try a navy driver to get away from the black-and-brown shoe dichotomy we often find ourselves in as men.


Purple and grey is a wonderful pairing to look at. Keep this casual; weekends and after work are best. If you come across a well-fitting pair of light grey jeans, wear them with purple shoes for any casual outing, like brunch or coffee. It’s perfect for that kind of environment.


Don’t let Pee-Wee Herman have ruined this combination for you. Try a light grey cotton suit with white bucks and let us know how many compliments you get. Light grey trousers with white shoes and a dark blue shirt will work wonders for you as well.

Acceptable Shoe Matches


This really works best casually, especially if the beige shoe is suede. A touch more limited, but the color is still a great look.

Dark Brown

Beckett Simonon Yates Full Brogue Gravel

A bit formal for light grey trousers, dark brown shoes offer stark contrast. Still, if it’s a rich brown, it’ll work.


Keep this combination casual, but have some fun with it. Anything from a light to medium green will do the trick.


Make sure it’s a dark grey so that there’s some contrast, but this will definitely work.


An off-kilter shoe color, orange with light grey should be kept casual. Don’t wear to work, but if you’re sitting outside at brunch on a Sunday, why not?


Red shoes with light grey trousers will work in the same context as the orange shoe combination above. Keep it light and casual.

No-Go Matches

Nothing is off limits with light grey trousers. Get a little nuts with it!

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