what does the grandma wear to a baby shower

Did you know, wearing texture, reduces the appearance of facial wrinkles texture on the woman over 50? It does and it’s a simple trick I use often. The older I get, the more texture I add to my tops! Pattern does the same thing. I only wear pattern in scarves. Which works because they’re worn near my face. This week I’m sharing my newest top with texture.

Style has the power to transform your confidence.

The trend is for young mothers to be registered so they get what they want. I’m old-fashioned. I like to give hand-knit baby things. I gave these at my girlfriend’s shower for her daughter. She was having twins!

One hat is a Tomato and the other is a Pumpkin.

Unique fashion for the Woman Over 50.

I chose this mid-length tunic in a soft shade. The elbow-length sleeves help the petite woman (me) appear taller. It has permanent, broomstick pleats at the waist, to slim my shape and fun zigzag pleats at the bottom.

I chose to wear it with slim black pants and low heeled, suede shoes. The low vamp and peep toe on this shoe help my legs appear longer.

A close up of the pleats on this dress.

I’m wearing a necklace in my eye color which coordinates with this dress.


Professional fashion advice for the woman over 50. Tip-wearing texture smooths the appearance of facial skin.

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