what is the best suv to buy in canada 2021

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1) Toyota RAV42021 Toyota RAV4 Prime, profile

Toyota’s steamroller continues to wreak havoc on th segment. In terms of sales, the RAV4 even relegated the Civic sedan to second place across all vehicle categories (excluding full-size pickups, a cash-cow bonanza unto themselves) last year. Who’d have thunk it?

The Japanese giant has built a solid reputation with its compact SUV, and it helps that the model is available in a variety of versions (gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid, the just-launched RAV4 Prime). It would be very surprising if Toyota’s SUV lost its title as the country’s best-selling vehicle in 2020, despite the period of inactivity caused by this spring’s lockdown.

In 2019, the RAV4 sold for 65,248 units in Canada, while in the U.S., the model recorded no fewer than 448,068 sales.

2) Honda CR-V2020 Honda CR-VPhoto: D.Boshouwers2020 Honda CR-V

The second-best-selling SUV is another model that doesn’t really need to be introduced to consumers in North America. Honda’s compact ‘ute may be a little longer in the tooth than many in the segment, but it keeps on trucking just the same. In Canada that’s even more impressive an achievement considering that Honda doesn’t offer an alternative powertrain for it here – unlike in the United States, where it can also be ordered in a hybrid configuration.

In Canada, the CR-V sold for 55,859 units, while 384,168 units were sold south of the 49th parallel.

2020 Ford EscapePhoto: D.Heyman2020 Ford Escape

While it’s true that the Dearborn-based automaker retains its top position in North America largely because of the F-Series pickup truck, the Ford Escape’s performance versus its rivals in the compact segment is far from disgraceful; it racked up 39,504 sales in Canada last year. In the United States, Ford sold 241,387 Escape models.

The addition of the Ford Bronco Sport is expected to boost compact SUV sales for Ford starting in 2021.

2021 Nissan RoguePhoto: Nissan2021 Nissan Rogue

We tend to forget it, but Nissan’s Rogue is one of the most popular models in the Great White North, with 37,530 units sold in 2019 across the country. Even better for Nissan, the Rogue was third in the U.S., ahead of Ford’s Escape, a model designed and built in the land of Uncle Sam.

The next few months could see thiings look up for Nissan after the tough times it’s been going through, as it prepares to launch the next generation of the Rogue.

2021 Hyundai TucsonPhoto: Hyundai2021 Hyundai Tucson

Placing just behind the Nissan Rogue, the Hyundai Tucson attracted 30,075 buyers in 2019. In the U.S., the popularity of the Korean model is a little less clear-cut, with only 137,381 copies of the model.

Will the new generation model do better? It’s reasonable to believe so, not only because it will benefit from an extended wheelbase, but also because Hyundai is doubling the product offering as it undertakes to electrify its Tucson range.

2020 Mazda CX-5 SignaturePhoto: Mazda2020 Mazda CX-5 Signature

The funnest compact SUV on the market was the sixth most popular compact utility model in Canada last year. Despite the vehicle’s generosity in terms of delivering driving pleasure, Mazda probably lost ground with those consumers who prioritize cargo space; the CX-5 is simply not as accommodating as its competitors.

Then, the addition of a turbo-diesel version wasn’t the success Mazda had hoped it would be, mainly because the extra cost associated with it is too high. Meanwhile the Signature version flirts awfully close with the luxury segment, without bringing the status with it.

Be that as it may, the CX-5 will be a major determinant of Mazda’s fortunes going forward. With 27,696 Canadian sales and 15,543 U.S. sales, the CX-5 is still one of the more popular compact SUVs around.

2020 Volkswagen TiguanPhoto: Volkswagen2020 Volkswagen Tiguan

Praised at the time it first debuted on the market, the Tiguan just hasn’t been the same since its 2018 redesign. VW significantly increased the model’s footprint, to the detriment of driving pleasure. On the other hand, the interior volume is one of the best in its group.

Volkswagen sold 19,250 Tiguans in Canada in 2019 and 109,963 in the United States.2020 Volkswagen Tiguan  profile

9) Jeep Cherokee2020 Jeep Cherokee AltitudePhoto: D.Boshouwers2020 Jeep Cherokee Altitude

The latest version of the Jeep Cherokee is certainly not as popular as the Cherokee of the 1980s and 90s, but Jeep still manages to make it into the Canadian Top 10 with 13,687 sales in 2019. South of the border, the manufacturer sold 191,397 vehicles.

10) Subaru Forester2021 Subaru ForesterPhoto: Subaru2021 Subaru Forester

Subaru has been rising to the status of a major manufacturer in North America over the last ten years and the Forester is no stranger to its progress. The compact SUV attracted 13,059 buyers in Canada last year, while 180,179 U.S. households chose the model, despite the absence of the Forester XT, now defunct.

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