what is the width of the tesla model 3

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Tesla Model 3

L x W x H: 4694 x 1850 x 1443 mm
Boot capacity: 542 dm3

New Tesla Model S 2021

L x W x H: 4970 x 1964 x 1445 mm
Boot capacity: 793 dm3

Tesla Model Y

L x W x H: 4750 x 1920 x 1624 mm
Up to 7 seater. 

New Tesla Model X 2021

L x W x H: 5036 x 1999 x 1684 mm
Up to 7 seater. With 5 seater: 1145 dm3

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Length of new Tesla automobiles:

Model 3   4694 mm
Model Y   4750 mm
Model S   4970 mm
Model X   5036 mm

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