what to wear if you are short and curvy

How to dress if you’re short in height (petite) and curvy?

Creating a stylish look is all about creating a balanced and well-defined silhouette. Being petite and curvy comes with the added challenges of finding the right hem length for skirts and pants, right sleeve lengths for tops and the right cuts for dresses. In my journey of finding the right fitting clothes,  I’ve gathered these insights which I use in my day to day life and am now sharing with you. I encourage you to try these styles and see how you feel. All clothes look different on different bodies even though you might be petite and curvy like me but if you don’t try you’ll never know!

1) Tops: A lot of fashion bloggers include the basic white t-shirt as a must have item in your closet. I only have 2 and I hardly wear them because I don’t find them flattering for my body type. I feel they make me look wider and my arms thicker. The following styles of topsthat I love and highly recommend:

V Neck/ Wrap Tops: My all time favourite style is the V-neck blouse as it draws the eyes from the shoulders to the waist and is very flattering if you have a fuller bust. They look great on a petite and curvy body type paired with an A line skirt or jeans.

Balloon Sleeve Tops: Tops with balloon sleeves flatter our body type. These are in trend and will continue for some time. When styling balloon sleeves tops, always remember to wear bottoms that are fitted at the waist be it skirts or trousers/ jeans otherwise they will have the opposite effect of making your silhouette look wider than it is. You can also accentuate the waist with a belt.

Crop Tops: My next favourite type of tops are crop tops. One of the reasons I really like crop tops is because on a petite body they fall just above the naval so there is no hassle of tucking them in like you would a normal sized t-shirt.

2) High waisted jeans/ pants: If you’re petite and curvy, then high waisted jeans and wide pants will work wonders. They help create a more defined waist and visually elongate the legs which makes your silhouette look more balanced. Always wear pointed shoes with wide pants otherwise your toes may not be visible making the whole look a bit strange.

3) A line/ Flared skirts: These are the best types of skirts to define the waist line. You could opt for a shorter length for a fun look or a maxi skirt for a more elegant and chic look.

4) Shoes: The best styles of shoes for a petite girl are pointed pumps. You should avoid ankle strap shoes unless you wear them under a maxi dress or the straps are in nude colour as they can make you look stumpy. For casual styles simple trainers also work well. 

5) Accessories: Avoid wearing loose fitted clothes as they can make you look heavier than you are. Instead wear belts to define the waist. Regarding handbags, use smaller sizes than large ones. I noticed that wearing smaller sized bags flattered my outfits more than when I wore larger bags. Large handbags tend to overwhelm the petite body type.

I hope these tips help you create styles that are unique to you. I encourage you to play with different cuts, styles and colours to find a wardrobe you will truly love and feel confident in wherever you go.

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