what to wear to baby shower mommy to be

This is the time to showcase your bump in style! I have some tips to help you make your outfit comfortable and fashionable. You’ll want to look back at pictures of your big day with fond memories and not wonder “ What the heck was I wearing?”

Baby Shower Style Tips

  • Don’t shy away from showing your bump. This may sound obvious, but with all the changes that are happening with your body, it can be tempting to hide under clothes. Baby showers are typically held when the mother is further along so there will likely be not much “hiding” you can do. Embrace your form or figure, however you look at this moment. You won’t get this day back.
  • Comfortable shoes are a must! Unless you are the type of mom to be wear that enjoys wearing high heels throughout your pregnancy, my suggestion is to find a cute pair of (flat!) supportive and comfortable foot wear.
  • What’s underneath matters just as much what the outside looks like. Ill fitting undergarments can make or break an outfit. Make sure your undergarments are properly sized to to help your clothes look better and provide support.
  • Fabric choices are key. Refrain from fabrics that won’t stretch or just feel too tight. Any amount of time feeling uncomfortable at this stage in your pregnancy is too long. 

Now that you have the basic rules down, let’s get into the outfit ideas and suggestions!

A lot of moms to be wonder, “Do I have to wear a dress to my baby shower?”

The answer is no! There’s no requirement or rule that you must wear a dress to your own baby shower.  Wear what looks good and feels comfortable for YOU and your body. 

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Baby Shower Outfit Ideas

A baby shower outfit can be casual or formal as you want it to be. Some factors that can influence your outfit are the venue, time of day and season of the year.In addition, if there is a theme to the baby shower you may want to wear certain colors. 

Maternity Dresses

Dresses are way to look effortlessly stylish because it’s just one piece! They come in so many lengths, colors and styles that there is no shortage of options. Here a couple of my favorite looks.

Short / Knee Length Dresses

short knee length dresses for a baby shower

Velvet cold shoulder dress / Bell sleeve floral ruched midi dress / Navy Lace Dress with Belt

short dress options for a baby shower

High low floral wrap dress / Mint pineapple print wrap dress / Lavender double ruffle off shoulder dress

image 281
image 281

Long, maxi dresses

maxi dress length baby shower outfits

V-neck lace maxi dress / Ruffle off shoulder maxi dress / Scoopneck floral maxi dress

long dresses for a baby shower
image 282
image 282

Long sleeved wrap maxi / Mermaid maxi dress / Side split maxi

Don’t forget, you’re not limited to dresses only. If you’re more comfortable pants, then that’s always an option. These tops would go well with a pair of nice maternity jeans or colored pants.

maternity tops for a baby shower

Round neck peplum pleat top / Striped peplum top with bell sleeves / Cascading ruffle peplum top

Maternity Pants

maternity pants for a baby shower

Motherhood Maternity Super Fit Secret Stretch Belly Pant

Dressing for Your Baby Shower in the Fall or Winter

A lot of suggestions for your baby shower outfit assume the weather will be nice and warm or you live in a climate that’s not cold. What should you wear to your baby shower in the winter?

A dress is still an option, but you might need to add additional layers such as leggings or cardigan. Closed toe shoes will also be a good idea. If you want to ditch your dress all together in favor of jeans or pants, add a cute ankle boot to your outfit.

fall or winter styling options for your baby shower outfit
image 283
image 283

Long sleeved tunic / Belted cardigan with pockets  / Cuffed sleeve maxi duster

fall and winter baby shower outfit for mom

Long sleeved shirt with tie sleeve / Embellished ruched maternity top /
Cowl neck A line sweater

When To Buy Your Baby Shower Outfit

Prepare for this event as you would any other special occasion that you know you’ll need an outfit for. You could start looking for your outfit at any time. However, at the latest you will want to start searching about 2 weeks out from your shower. That will give you ample time to see if you like the outfit you selected, chose your accessories or make returns if needed. 

You should be no stranger to planning at this point.  You know that your pregnancy involves lots of preparing, from getting your hospital bag ready to finishing up the baby’s room. Consider your baby shower outfit another exciting milestone to plan for.

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Have I given you some suggestions or inspiration for your own baby shower outfit? Don’t let your outfit stress you out. No matter what ensemble you decide on, your baby shower is an event to celebrate your baby! Enjoy your day in style with your family and friends because this is one party you’ll be sure to cherish.

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