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A solid pair of boots is your foundation for (virtually) everything life throws at you, and there’s perhaps no greater marriage in the fashion world than your best boots and favourite jeans. Together, they’re two items that look better the more worn in they become – over time their natural materials will take on a look unique to you, and the combination of the two will give you style options all winter.

There’s also a pair of boots for every style preference, from smarter, ideal-for-the-office Chelsea boots, to substantial, all-weather Derbys designed to survive a rained-soaked commute. Or look to the rise in streetwear-inspired silhouettes recently – hybrid trainer-meets-lightweight-hiking-boots for those after a contemporary look.

mens casual boots to wear with jeans

What To Wear With Black Boots Mens

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It’s that time of year when it’s wise to remember these words of wisdom from author and serious all-weather walker, Alfred Wainwight MBE: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” With this in mind, alongside a decent winter coat, the most important adaptation for inclement climes is, without doubt, footwear.


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The choice is endless, and the focus is two-fold; form and function. Get both with one of the following styles, and pairing them with a selection of denim will be a doddle.

How To Wear Boots With Jeans

Chelsea Boots

Brunello Cucinelli

One of the smartest boots of all, the slim round-toe and elegant cut of this London classic was originally designed in the late 1800s for Queen Victoria, no less. Her bootmaker added the functional elasticated sides to the boot, with a pull-on tab at the back, designed to make them easy to slip on or off. Today Chelsea boots have barely changed; two plain pieces of leather form the upper for a clean minimalist look, and combined with its low heel you have one of the most iconic, adaptable styles of boot.

The Chelsea boot still works best in dark colours, as recommended by Tony Gaziano of British shoemaker Gaziano & Girling, who notes that “an elegant pair of boots are these days more important than shoes” and that “a simple black Chelsea is a perfect alternative [to shoes], as it sits neatly under a trouser or jean cuff.” With its more formal roots, we recommend going for black leather, but suede and chestnut brown are also great alternatives that won’t date.

As they’re traditionally a narrower boot with a slightly longer toe, Chelsea boots are ideal with slim-cut jeans in black, grey or navy. They double as perfect office attire, working well with the elevated look of a jacket, shirt and tie while also going smart casual as a weekend city boot to lift more casual jeans. Work the leather regularly with polish or treat them with a suede-protector spray before wearing and you’ll have these boots for a lifetime.

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Desert Boots


Another supremely cool and practical style that has remained unchanged since its inception is the desert boot. Steve McQueen riding one-handed on a Triumph motorcycle in some, with only a pair of raw denim jeans, white T-shirt and white socks is testament to just how good they can look.

Like all great designs, this boot was born out of functionality. During the Second World War, soldiers fighting in the western desert campaigns sought out an alternative to their heavier military-issue offerings, which were impractical on sandy terrains.

The desert boot was the answer. It was made from two pieces of light, supple suede and featured just two eyelets – much fewer than most other boots of the time – which when tightly laced were designed to keep the sand out. And of course there were its flexible crepe soles, which gave better grip and movement on the go.

Today, a desert boot in a light sand-brown suede with its contrast crepe sole looks best worn with the nonchalance of a vintage casual look; think dark selvedge denim jeans, a cable-knit jumper and a casual Harrington jacket or light raincoat thrown over the top. Oh, and if you have a Triumph bike, even better. Embrace the suppleness of the suede and the relaxed look of these boots as they mould to your feet and soften completely.

Key Products

Chukka Boots


The desert boot’s smarter cousin, the chukka boot is perhaps the perfect all-rounder. In dark brown suede or leather, it’s a little dressier than the desert style, but it’s an absolute wardrobe staple.

Neutrality and versatility is the key to this boot style. In chestnut suede, they smarten up dark jeans with more casual shirt and blazer or a lightweight jumper and coat. Then, at the weekend for a chilly walk to the pub, wear them with a light-wash pair of jeans, a relaxed bomber jacket or rain mac and a classic plain tee – you could always add in a check scarf to keep things interesting.

If you tend to opt for black jeans, then a black suede version is well worth the effort, especially as an evening style and they always look more considered than basic black leather shoes.

Key Products

Work Boots

River Island

As the temperatures really drop and you plan long walks in the park, or a day watching the football or rugby, you’ll soon realise that as cool as your trainers look, after a couple of hours standing in one spot on freezing concrete, they just aren’t going cut it. What you need is a pair of heavy-duty, thick-soled work boots – without any compromise on comfort.

Classic work-wear bootmakers Red Wing nailed the design, comfort, durability conundrum some time ago. Originally designed as industrial work boots, the functionality element is felt in every stitch of their construction, in the tough waterproof leather and the flat-supportive soles. The softer tan leather boots with light rubber soles and mountaineering style laces would look great with heavy selvedge denim, an overshirt and a shearling-lined jacket. For a more dressed up look they’re great with slimmer jeans, a Oxford shirt and a mid-length camel wool coat.

For black denim, celebrity stylist, Christopher Brown recommends, “a black Derby boot worn with biker-style black jeans, a leather jacket or a long black wool top coat and baker boy tweed cap”.

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Hiking Boots


Since time immemorial man has braved the elements and scaled the highest mountains. That performance-driven style has filtered into everyday clothing is testament to the fact that quality has permeated every corner of menswear, and we’ve seen hiking boots take hold of men’s winter wardrobes across the board.

One of the early adopters was Berluti which introduced a luxury version perhaps more suited to the Champs Elysée than the north face of K2. But for the metropolis, a lightweight hiking style is your best option. Military boot makers, Danner offer up one of the season’s best sports hiking boots in a multitude of colours all with lightweight rubber soles. Comfort is paramount here, but paired with the functional elements of the outdoors, they’re ideal to wear with mid-wash jeans, and a complementary puffer or parka jacket. And of course don’t forget the requisite wool beanie à la Edmund Hillary and co.

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Smart Boots

Massimo Dutti

They say you can’t wear brown in town, but we all know such stifling rules are disappearing into the style abyss, and fortunately so. A smart brogue boot with all the elegant stitched detailing can really add something to a traditional flannel suit, or a smart blazer worn with dark denim jeans.

You should follow a couple of simple rules though, as George Glasgow, CEO of British shoemakers, George Cleverley decrees: “Smart winter boots can be both elegant and stylish but also durable. Ideally a solid winter boot should have a Dainite rubber sole for the pavement and the upper should be a grained calf or deerskin.”

This elegant style has a similar shape to a workwear boot but is generally much sleeker, built on sharper lasts with less rounded toes – the key difference between the Oxford and the Derby being the closed lacing system. A dark tan or full chestnut brown brogue boot is a more traditional look than say a plain Derby, and so offers a more mature, classic style, perfect for a Sunday gastro-pub lunch.

what to wear with boots men

How To Clean Your Hunter Boots: Remove White Bloom

This tutorial will show you how to clean your Hunter boots to remove white bloom.

It’s normal for Hunter boots to bloom, aka turn white.

The good news is it’s very easy to clean your Hunter boots with common household products once they have bloomed! There is no need to buy expensive rubber boot cleaner to do so!How to clean your Hunter boots to remove white bloom with olive oilDo you own a pair of Hunter rain boots you love so much, but you’re not sure how to clean your Hunter boots that turned white from blooming?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place because today I’m going to show you how easy it is to remove white bloom marks from your Hunter boots with a common household product!

Once your Hunter boots begin to settle, you may notice that your boots need to be cleaned and will begin to have a white powdery texture on them.

Don’t worry, they’re not ruined! Blooming is a completely normal process for rubber!

Instead of buying pricey Hunter boot buffer spray cleaner, you can clean the boots yourself with something you probably already have at home!
How to clean your Hunter boots when they turn white


What to Use to Clean Your Hunter Boots

To clean your Hunter boots that have bloomed, all you need is some olive oil and a soft microfiber cleaning cloth.

How to Clean Your Hunter Boots to Remove White Bloom

To clean your Hunter boots, dab a small amount of olive oil on the soft microfiber cleaning cloth and wipe the bloomed boots in a circular motion.

The olive oil will begin to remove the white powdery texture.

Use a small amount of olive oil so you don’t make the boots too oily. When you use just enough, you should be able to remove the bloom with the oil.

Continue wiping down the boot with the microfiber cloth until the boot is dry of oil.

It’s not necessary to wipe with the boots with water, but if you put too much oil, you may need to do so to dilute it.How to clean Hunter boots at homeOnce you’re finished, your Hunter boots will look brand new again and the white bloom will be gone!

You can’t prevent Hunter boots from blooming, since it’s a common occurrence in natural rubber, but this easy way to clean your Hunter boots is affordable and simple enough to routinely follow when they do bloom.

If your boots happen to bloom again, just repeat this cleaning process.

If you have any other tips on how to clean your Hunter boots, I’d love to hear them! Share in the comments below!

Here are the best rain boots you can buy in 2019:

Malarie Gokey contributed to this article. Updated on 09/06/2019 by Remi Rosmarin and Les Shu: Updated prices, links, and formatting. Added options for luxury rain booties (Aquatalia) and wider calves (UGG).

The best rain boots overall


The Sperry Top-Sider Saltwater Rain Boots are durable after years of wear, well-designed for rain, and work effortlessly into the winter months.

I speak from personal experience when I say that Sperry makes great rain boots — I’ve been wearing my pair for almost five years now, and they still keep my feet perfectly dry in the rain.

You’ll see that this “duck shoe” design from other brands like L.L. Bean and Sorel, and each company offers something slightly different from Sperry. For instance, L.L. Bean offers a resole program, and Sorel’s boots have better traction if you plan to go hiking. But Sperry’s boots have the advantage of an affordable price in the $100-$120 range, and these Saltwaters can’t be beat if you’re in need of a simple shoe that keeps your feet dry as you go around town.

The boots come in a wider width, which is good for those of you who have wider feet, but it’s important to note that some buyers with narrower feet sized down to get a better fit. Sperry’s boots also have a micro-fleece lining for a layer of warmth, a cute and handy side zipper for quicker wear and removal, and a “wavy” outsole design that Sperry says is ideal for “ultimate wet/dry traction.”

For snowy days, a decent six-inch shaft is great for walking through snowstorms with confidence. But for me personally, I love a boot that looks just as stylish as it is practical in unpredictable weather. The hardest part will likely be deciding which color to get.

Pros: Comfortable, durable for snow, many color options

Cons: People with narrower feet may find these too big


The best ethically made rain boots

everlane rain boots

Everlane’s rain boots are ethically made of real rubber to protect your feet, and they look so cool no one will know you’re wearing rain boots.

Everlane makes lots of great shoes and clothing, and its rain boots are no exception. Five women on the Insider Picks team — myself included — tested these boots out during a nasty Polar Vortex in New York City, and we loved them. We’ve worn them in many other rain and snow storms since, and they’ve held up very well.

Everlane’s new rain boots are made of soft, flexible real rubber that bends with you as you walk. When I have them on, they just feel like super comfortable shoes — not clunky rain boots. The traction on the bottom sole is key for slippery wet surfaces that can be treacherous like stairs and the subway platform.

These boots actually look cool, too, which isn’t something I thought I’d say about rain boots. I ordered my normal boot size — 8 — and they were slightly big, which I liked because I can wear thick socks with them. The rise of the boots is fairly short, though, so you need to judge puddle depth carefully or risk wet feet.

Like all Everlane pieces, the rain boots are also ethically made in a factory with good labor practices, so you can feel good about the boots on your feet. — Malarie Gokey

Pros: Made ethically, transparent pricing, real rubber, well made, stylish, comfortable, fun colors

Cons: Not tall

Read our full review of the Everlane Rain Boots


The best lightweight rain boots


With a chic design and low price point, the Sam Edelman Tinsley rain boots are a favorite among fashionable women because they look like an ankle bootie.

If you’re looking for a pair of stylish rain boots that won’t break the bank, Sam Edelman’s Tinsley rain boots will do the trick. Given that Sam Edelman is a purveyor of trend-forward apparel and accessories, the Tinsley is likely to be one of the chicer and more aesthetically-pleasing types of rain boots you’ll come across.

With its Chelsea boot-inspired silhouette and monochromatic all-black color, the Tinsley is ideal if looks and pricing are top priority factors. After all, we know that rain boots aren’t the sexiest kinds of shoes to wear.

Like many ankle boots, the Tinsley have stretchy elastic side panels and a pull-on back tab. These boots have a cute, one-and-a-half-inch low heel and a rather impressive five-inch shaft, which makes this a capable boot in the likes of shallow slush.

But be aware: Buyer reviews most complained about the sizing of the Tinsley. Since there are no half sizes available and the shoe runs on the narrow side, those with wider feet found this shoe uncomfortable. If you’re considering this style, you may want to order both up and down in two sizes if you’re somewhere in-between, and return the one that doesn’t work.

Also consider the thickness of your socks or inserts you might want to include, which may ensure a better overall fit.

Pros: Stylish silhouette, comes in both glossy or matte finish

Cons: Customers with wider widths found this style too narrow, no half sizes available


The best rain boots for serious rainfall


The Hunter Original Tall Rain Boots are as iconic as they come with a generous 16-inch shank and durable latex construction that can handle anything.

These Hunter rain boots are another cult favorite amongst the fashionable set, especially as a summer music festival outfit staple when outdoor events become wet and muddy. Given that these Wellington-style boots have a rise of 16 inches and are constructed out of a substantial latex upper and rubber sole, the Hunters are a lifesaver when it comes to torrential rain or snowfall.

Without a doubt, they can get you through deep puddles, slippery mud, inches of snow, and downpours with nonchalance. If you reside in a climate where rain falls more often than other areas, or if the winters are particularly brutal with blizzards, the Original Tall Rain Boots are a solid option to consider for days when the big guns need to come out.

Given their sheer height and thick materials, it should come as no surprise that these boots are a bit on the heavier side. They weigh about five pounds, which isn’t too bad considering they work extra-hard to keep most of your bottom leg dry, but they may not be the most comfortable footwear for all-day wear.

The boots are ones you slip-on and slip-off, which means that those with wider calves will want to take note of the 15-inch opening.  Some reviewers have noted that the boot was too tight around the shaft. On the flip side, those with very narrow calves should also note that too much space around the opening is an unwelcome invitation for rain or snow to fall through. Luckily for you, Hunter offers other styles of this same boot, some with shorter shaft lengths.

Pros: Great for heavy rain and snow, other shaft lengths available, many color options

Cons: Customers with wide calves may find the shoe too tight, style runs slightly big


The best rain boots that aren’t rubber


Timberland’s Nellie Lace Up Utility Waterproof Boots are a fantastic and durable option if you don’t care for the “rubber rain boot” aesthetic and want a practical style that works for year-round weather.

When researching for this shopping guide, the top brands that kept coming up were ones that carry a legacy for their workwear-approved status. One such brand is Timberland, which is a company that innovated the waterproof workwear boot in the mid-’60s by directly attaching the soles to the uppers without stitching — thus, removing any small openings where moisture could potentially seep in.

Furthermore, Timberland is well-known for its use of waterproof nubuck leather, which is finely sanded cattle leather that begets that fine-grain, suede-like texture you see on the wheat-colored heritage Timberland styles. Nubuck is far more durable and stronger than suede because it comes from the outer hide. With decades of trust behind this company, it’s no surprise that a sleeker iteration like the Nellie Lace Up has found newfound fans.

This particular style is exclusive to Macy’s, and it is chosen simply for its impressively sleek and streamlined design, modified from the chunkier, classic men’s version, although other variations are available. The boots have a thick, one-inch heel made from the brand’s heavy-duty lug outsole that offers strong grip and traction fit for rain- and snow-based outdoor work.

The sole is also constructed with the company’s “anti-fatigue technology,” which means the midsole offers phenomenal support for people who are on their feet all day. Linings and footbed covers are made of a breathable mesh material, which relieves feet from over-sweating.

Though the Nellie is a hardworking style, the company recommends that customers actively take care of the boot’s materials to further preserve the shoe. Care instructions are available on the Timberland website, for those who are interested.

Pros: Doesn’t look like a rain boot, exceptional support, ideal for outdoor work and durable in snow

Cons: Requires care and upkeep to make the shoe long-lasting


Best for wider calves


The UGG Sienna Boots have a wider calf and easy pull-on style, making them a great option for all shoe sizes.

UGG is best-known for their supersoft shearling booties, so you know that their rain boots will be very comfortable.

With over 1,000 five-star reviews on Zappos, the Sienna Boots were an easy addition to this list. A thick rubber sole gives these a classic, chunky rain boot feel that’s perfect for stomping through puddles. The waterproof rubber upper hits about mid-calf, so be careful if you are splashing around, as the rest of your leg may easily get wet.

The rubber upper is relatively wide, making it a great option for those with wider calves. Given that most rain boots are made of stiff rubber, which is not particularly stretchy, it can be difficult to feel comfortable if the calves don’t have enough give. Many reviewers note that this is the first pair of rain boots they have felt fit both their calves and feet well. Additionally, many suggest sizing down if you are between sizes.

In classic UGG fashion, the insole is lined with sheepskin. This will add some softness, but don’t expect that much warmth. If you want to wear these in place of snowboots on a cold day, you should layer a pair of thick socks underneath.

At $70, these are a fair price for all that you’re getting. Durable rubber, soft sheepskin, and a range of fun colors to choose from make these an easy choice for anyone. — Remi Rosmarin

Pros: Good for wider feet and calves, affordable, warm, lots of color options

Cons: Not that tall, stiff rubber


The best luxury rain boots


The Aquatalia Tilly Weatherproof Booties are trendy with their suede bootie style, but a weatherproof finish makes them perfect for rainy days.

Rubber rain boots are probably the most appropriate choice when it comes to trekking through a downpour and getting home with dry feet. But, they can really put a damper on a great outfit.

Aquatalia makes boots that don’t sacrifice on style or practicality. The brand uses exclusive weatherproofing and stain-resistant technology to inhibit water penetration and prevent stains from forming. The suede is soft and supple, but repels water, and resists salt and other agents from the sidewalk that can cause discoloration, making it just as good for rain as it is for light snow and dirt. In the end, you get a boot that looks nothing like a rain boot, but will protect your feet from water just as well.

The Tilly boasts a chunky block heel for a lift that you can actually walk in, which also bodes well in giving you a boost above puddles. The boot’s suede upper has a fitted look, which is very of-the-moment, but also means you likely won’t be able to layer thick socks underneath. The range of neutral colors make this pair perfect for fall.

While these shoes are undeniably pricey at $450 a pair, buyers say they have lasted them multiple seasons. They praise the pair for striking the balance between fashion and function, though many also note that the slim calf is not for everyone. — Remi Rosmarin

Pros: Chic style, made from high-quality materials, weatherproof finish

Cons: Expensive, run slightly small


Check out our recommendations for the best umbrellas


The best umbrellas you can buy

A rainy day can ruin your plans, your outfit, and your mood, but with a great umbrella in your hands, rain need not put a damper on the day. The Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella is our top pick because it’s impressively rugged given its small size and affordable price tag.

We also recommend the Hunter Mustache Bubble Umbrella, because its clear design lets you stay dry and see where you’re going, even when the rain is blowing sideways.

If you’re looking to save money on your umbrella, the $24 Totes Compact NeverWet Umbrella is a great option because it’s lightweight and compact.

Those of you who want an umbrella to take with you on vacations and trips should grab the Samsonite Windguard Auto Open Umbrella. It is compact, capable, and reliable even in windy conditions.

Sometimes you just need a bigger umbrella, and the G4Free Automatic Double Canopy Golf Umbrella is just the ticket with its wide canopy and sturdy build.

However, if you need an umbrella that can handle 55mph winds, get the BLUNT Metro Travel Umbrella. It’s truly remarkable.

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