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Beyond a bit of a love-hate relationship when it comes to finding the right fit, we love shorts. And come summer, we sport a pair on an almost daily basis. Denim cutoffs are always a safe bet, but this season, there’s a wide range of shorts making rounds that we can’t pinpoint, which is our favorite. Bermuda shorts, biking shorts, and even leather pairs are all appealing. What all these styles have in common is that they’re the color we’ll never stop wearing and one that will never be out of style: black.

What really drew us to black shorts this season is how effortlessly our favorite Instagram style stars have been styling their go-to pairs. They’re polished, laid-back, classic, athletic-inspired—truthfully, the list can go on and on. Look ahead to see what we mean and to get inspired as well.

Black shorts and a black kimono go hand in hand. 

Take it back to the ’90s with an oversize blazer and pair of Doc Martens. 

Elevate your black leather shorts with a statement-sleeve top. 

Studded black shorts paired with a trusty white crop top are perfect for a night out. 

Rock the bike shorts with a half-tucked, oversize button-down shirt. 

An ideal pair for hiking. 


Think outside the box and pair your bike shorts with Western boots. 

It isn’t a look—it’s a lifestyle. 

Proof that animal prints look best with black shorts.

Business casual, ever heard of it?

A polished head-to-toe black ensemble is always a good idea. 

Neutrals always look good together. 

There is such a thing as a summer vest and it looks best when paired with black workout shorts. 

Black shorts are ideal for poolside activities. 

Now it’s time to try them all. 

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