what to wear with tan brogues

When it comes to experimenting with one’s personal fashion, not everyone is ready to throw caution to the winds and give every raging trend a try. Tan shoes, however, have stood the test of time, and are versatile pieces that jazzes up an outfit in an instant – irrespective of where you’re headed. But, if you’ve been in two minds on whether to sport ’em or not, here’s a trusty guide you might want to consider…

Brogues And Oxfords Street Style Ideas For Women 1 700x1050 2
Brogues And Oxfords Street Style Ideas For Women 1 700×1050 2
  • For a dapper formal appeal: Tan shoes are incredible options to pair well-tailored grey formal trousers with. Opt for a deeper shade of tan, if you intend on wearing them with navy suits. While you could always settle for classic brogues; if taking things up a notch is what is on your mind, pick statement tassel tan loafers.
  • Jazzing up the casual ol’ jeans look: One of the easiest ways to spruce up a casual jeans and tee look is to team them with lighter hues of brown. Sporting light tan loafers with dark jeans create a subtle yet striking contrast, without it appearing to look overwhelming. If all fails, wearing sky blue slim-fit jeans with a pair of classic tan brogues are a win-win!The refined design of brogues married to the casual vibe of jeans gives out an eye-catchy appeal, which works for the workplace and the time beyond.
  • Channeling a suave vibe through chelsea boots: A lot has been said about chelsea boots. But, if you haven’t been on trends, here’s everything you need to know: Tan chelsea boots are an incredible investment. A crisp white shirt tucked into a classic pair of blue trousers, worn with sleek and refined tan chelsea won’t disappoint. And, the biggest plus? You can wear with almost anything. Result? Suave! Suave! Suave!
Brogues And Oxfords Street Style Ideas For Women 2 700x933 3
Brogues And Oxfords Street Style Ideas For Women 2 700×933 3

Style tip

The key is to strike an intelligent balance. Lighter tones exude a casual vibe, while darker shades scream formal. A pair of sturdy tan loafers can brighten up the most mundane outfits. So, go easy on the styling. Do ensure to keep a clean cloth and some fine shoe polish in handy.

If you’ve carted a pair of tan suede shoes, you might as well consider taking its maintenance a tad seriously. Regular spritzing of high quality protective spray is vital. Pure/ genuine suede is delicate, so ensure only sensitive cleaners are used.

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