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The Land Rover badge adorns elegantly styled, off-road-ready SUVs while its swanky fleet of Range Rover models include the brand’s trademark ruggedness with increased luxury. The company currently partners with another iconic British automaker—Jaguar—under the Jaguar Land Rover moniker. While the Defender generations are arguably the most recognizable Land Rovers, the three-row Discovery has similar cachet and notable passenger space. The smaller Land Rover Discovery Sport is the most affordable model, and we conducted a 40,000-mile test on the ritzier Range Rover Velar. The top-of-the-line Range Rover requires deep pockets but provides big rewards.LAND ROVER2023 Defender 80STARTING AT$30,000 est

Land Rover knows we can’t get enough of the Defender, so it’s gearing up to introduce the smaller, subcompact Defender 80.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWhttps://5847221f356f7e9044a9bf5b00d96126.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html6/10LAND ROVER2023 DiscoverySTARTING AT$57,950

For those seeking a luxurious SUV that can also tackle challenging off-road trails, the 2023 Land Rover Discovery is one of few choices.
8/10LAND ROVER2022 DefenderSTARTING AT$50,050

From businesslike off-roader to luxuriously appointed overlander, the 2022 Land Rover Defender is an adventure-mobile with prodigious capability.

6/10LAND ROVER2022 DiscoverySTARTING AT$56,350

If a Jeep is too conventional for your outdoorsy family, consider the 2022 Land Rover Discovery, which provides off-road capability with a much more upscale vibe.
ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOWhttps://5847221f356f7e9044a9bf5b00d96126.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html6/10LAND ROVER2022 Discovery SportSTARTING AT$44,250

With desirable features, all-wheel drive, and an upscale appearance, the 2022 Discovery Sport is a distillation of Land Rover’s go-anywhere-in-comfort ethos.
7.5/10LAND ROVER2022 Range Rover EvoqueSTARTING AT$45,750

While many of its rivals justify their existence with stirring performance or outsized cargo capacity, the 2022 Range Rover Evoque trades on style.

LAND ROVER2022 Range RoverSTARTING AT$105,350

Conceived as a utilitarian SUV with Jeep-like off-road capability, the Range Rover has had a glow-up since its introduction in 1970, and is now a luxury limo for the elite.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW6/10LAND ROVER2022 Range Rover SportSTARTING AT$72,250

Slightly smaller and more agile than the regular Range Rover, the 2022 Range Rover Sport offers similar luxury and cachet with a less painful price tag.6/10LAND ROVER2022 Range Rover Sport SuperchargedSTARTING AT$90,650

The 2022 Range Rover Sport Supercharged and SVR models are for a different breed of buyer, one who’s looking for attitude and a thumping V-8 engine.6/10LAND ROVER2022 Range Rover VelarSTARTING AT$59,450

One look at the 2022 Range Rover Velar is enough to convince even the most discerning eye that Land Rover’s designers hit the nail on the head.

8/10LAND ROVER2021 DefenderSTARTING AT$47,450

The Land Rover Defender’s boxy shape and retro details recall the 1950’s original but with a modern twist that makes it both sophisticated and nostalgic.
6/10LAND ROVER2021 DiscoverySTARTING AT$55,250

Serious off-roading and luxury motoring rarely go hand-in-hand, but the 2021 Land Rover Discovery is a perfect vehicle for this rare intersection of automotive categories.
6/10LAND ROVER2021 Discovery SportSTARTING AT$42,950

Land Rover is synonymous with luxury and off-road capability, but its most affordable model, the 2021 Discovery Sport, brings the brand to the masses.

Once a rough-and-tumble workhorse, the 2021 Range Rover now represents the pinnacle of the Land Rover lineup with a plush cabin and a host of tech goodies.7.5/10LAND ROVER2021 Range Rover EvoqueSTARTING AT$44,350

If you’re wanting an SUV for its practicality look elsewhere, but if you’re buying one as a fashion statement the 2021 Range Rover Evoque is a perfect choice.
6/10LAND ROVER2021 Range Rover SportSTARTING AT$70,850

As its name implies, the 2021 Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a smaller, more athletic version of the brand’s top-dog Range Rover model.6/10LAND ROVER2021 Range Rover Sport SuperchargedSTARTING AT$88,850

The Range Rover Sport Supercharged and SVR offer plenty of amenities, the prestige of the Range Rover name, aggressive exterior styling, and a comfortable cabin.6/10LAND ROVER2021 Range Rover VelarSTARTING AT$58,050

Chic styling and a desirable nameplate emblazoned above its grille make the 2021 Range Rover Velar an attractive choice in the compact-luxury SUV world.
8/10LAND ROVER2020 DefenderSTARTING AT$51,250

Far from England’s answer to America’s Jeep, the 2020 Land Rover Defender offers its own sense of style and functionality.

It might spend its days in the school pick-up line, but the Discovery yearns for outdoor adventure; thanks to its legendary off-road capabilities, it delivers.
6/10LAND ROVER2020 Discovery SportSTARTING AT$38,850

Land Rover promises luxurious treatment and off-road capability, and the 2020 Discovery Sport brings these qualities to the masses.8.5/10LAND ROVER2020 Range RoverSTARTING AT$92,250

Combine Jeep’s off-road capability with Bentley’s luxury fittings and you have the Land Rover Range Rover in a nutshell.7.5/10LAND ROVER2020 Range Rover EvoqueSTARTING AT$43,700

If you’re buying an SUV for practicality, look elsewhere, but if you’re buying one as a fashion statement the Evoque is a perfect choice.6/10LAND ROVER2020 Range Rover SportSTARTING AT$70,000

The Range Rover Sport offers an inspired combination of on-road performance, luxury, and off-road ability.6/10LAND ROVER2020 Range Rover Sport SuperchargedSTARTING AT$87,850

Among performance SUVs, the Range Rover Sport Supercharged isn’t at the top of the class, but its muscle-car V-8 still makes it a blast to drive.ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW6/10LAND ROVER2020 Range Rover VelarSTARTING AT$57,450

With its avant-garde styling, large cargo space, and high-end interior, the 2020 Velar offers Range Rover styling but without the substance and passenger room.8/10LAND ROVER2019 DiscoverySTARTING AT$53,975

Few SUVs are as capable as the 2019 Land Rover Discovery—and that refers both to its off-road potential and its people-hauling competence.6/10LAND ROVER2019 Discovery SportSTARTING AT$38,985

The dapper looks of the 2019 Land Rover Discovery Sport conceal its serious off-road credentials, which set it apart from its more on-road-oriented rivals.9/10LAND ROVER2019 Range RoverSTARTING AT$90,795

Over the course of the past five decades, the full-size 2019 Land Rover Range Rover has evolved from an off-road workhorse to a refined, ultra-luxury SUV.6/10LAND ROVER2019 Range Rover EvoqueSTARTING AT$42,795

Land Rover’s smallest Range Rover, the Evoque, turns heads with its daring exterior styling and has proved such a hit that it spurred other products throughout the lineup to take on a similar look.8/10LAND ROVER2019 Range Rover SportSTARTING AT$68,795

Agility isn’t normally a word used when the subject is a 2.8/10LAND ROVER2019 Range Rover Sport SuperchargedSTARTING AT$87,795

Only a few years ago, the idea of a high-performance SUV was something to disparage.7/10LAND ROVER2019 Range Rover VelarSTARTING AT$50,975

Compact luxury crossovers are a cliquey bunch.8/10LAND ROVER2018 DiscoverySTARTING AT$53,085

The 2018 Land Rover Discovery delivers outstanding off-road performance while also transporting passengers in a comfort and luxury.6/10LAND ROVER2018 Range Rover EvoqueSTARTING AT$42,795

In its ninth year, the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque still looks good, but its infotainment is glitchy and it lacks the off-road prowess of its larger siblings.8/10LAND ROVER2018 Range Rover Sport Supercharged / SVRSTARTING AT$83,045

The 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Supercharged and SVR have new faces and more ponies that give them some extra vitality.7/10LAND ROVER2018 Range Rover VelarSTARTING AT$50,895

The 2018 Range Rover Velar stands out for its rakish looks and posh cabin, but it’s let down by coarse engines and a ho-hum driving experience.8/10LAND ROVER2017 DiscoverySTARTING AT$50,985

The Discovery delivers excellent off-road performance but is equally at home on car-pool duty.6/10LAND ROVER2017 Range Rover EvoqueSTARTING AT$42,795

While eye-catching and appropriately luxurious, the Evoque falls short of rivals in space, ride, and off-road prowess.10/10LAND ROVER2017 Range Rover / Range Rover SuperchargedSTARTING AT$104,890

The stylish and luxurious Range Rover is, at the same time, capable of handling off-road treks and sparking around-town envy.6/10LAND ROVER2016 LR4STARTING AT$51,895

The safari-ready LR4 is the automotive equivalent of Bear Grylls, albeit with James Bond’s wardrobe.6/10LAND ROVER2015 LR2STARTING AT$37,525

If you truly need a vehicle that can conquer both the mall’s parking lot and the great outdoors, the LR2 is your ute.7/10LAND ROVER2009 LR3STARTING AT$46,750

The LR3 has a classically simple and clean Rover look, and it hews to tradition with body-on-frame construction and a tough, off-road-ready, fully independent suspension.

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