white closed toe heels

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White Closed Toe Heels

The trend of wearing open toe shoes is also known as peep-toe. This shoe cut is very interesting, and it is definitely making your outfits appeal modern and very stylish. The white color is basic, neutral color that you can style with everything. In this post, I will show you how to wear white open toe heels.

White open toe heels are a broad term. I have found booties, heels, as well as sandals that have an open toe. That is why, I have decided to show you all of them, just to see how smooth and effortless they can look in your outfit combinations.
You will see how you can wear your open-toe booties with jeans, pants, dresses, and skirts. Also, I will show you the power of open toe sandals. There is nothing that can make your outfit chicer than these.
Scroll down to see some of the best outfits ideas!

How to Style White Open Toe Heels: Best Outfit Ideas

white open toe heels outfit white jeans

Types of White Open Toe Heels

white open toe heels sandals
Strappy sandals in snow white color make every outfit look amazing and very stylish. You can choose heights of your heel. In my opinion, wear shorter heel on your work, or business meetings, and higher for going out or cocktail parties.
These sandals are superstars favorites. They are wearing them all the time. Honestly speaking, they don’t seem like the most-comfy-shoes-on-Earth, but they look very chic. You can wear them with both casual and elegant garments.

white open toe heels booties
Open toe booties are a fantastic type of shoes. They appeared a few years ago, and I can still remember myself in a shop wanting them so much. However, the thing is, back in that time, I was buying my first heels, and they were so high!
White open toe heel booties are great for wearing every day if you choose block heel or platform. You can also select super high heels for elegant occasions or parties. Either way, they are perfect to wear with cropped jeans or pants, as well as with dresses and skirts.

Outfit Ideas with White Open Toe Heels

white open toe heels lace up sandals
Lace-up heels work perfectly for both casual and elegant outfit combinations. The white shade is so easy to mix with other bright or dark colors. If you want to keep your outfit low-key and professional, then wear neutral colors like white, beige and black. This one in the photo above is perfect workwear inspiration, but it can also be great for casual meetings with your friends.

white open toe heels outfit white jeans
These eggshell white booties seem like very comfortable shoes to wear. You can pair them with white jeans, striped sailor top and mix with a baby pink tote bag.
These casual outfits are perfect for the daily stroll, coffee in the sun or for work. If you choose the last, make sure that you can wear white jeans. If you don’t, you can style your booties with chino pants in beige or black.

white open toe heels yellow dress
Summertime is ideal for wearing strappy sandals with your flowy, bright dresses. This one with lace hem and knot bodice, worn by Selena Gomez, reminds me of Italy and yellow Tuscany fields. The dress is paired with white open toe heels, for an ultimate summer look.
Pair your favorite summer dress with the white heels, and you can have the same look as she within five minutes.

white open toe heels striped pastels
If you like pastel colors and stripes, then you will, for sure like this dress. It has beautiful straight cut, which is very flattering and comfortable. The short, wide sleeves make this dress look casual. You can wear it every day in the summertime. Paired with white open toe heels, which look a bit retro, you will achieve a great look that is comfy and easy to wear.

white open toe heels pom poms
When these sandals appeared on the fashion scene, I immediately fell in love with them. They look so lovely and exciting. The pom poms in different colors are a head-turner. You can wear something very simple with these sandals, and you will still have a fantastic and unique outfit combination.
In summer, wear these open toe sandals with white pants and a button-down. Keep it relaxed and casual, and let the strappy sandals make a statement.

white open toe heels rihanna
When I have said that superstars love strappy open-toe sandals, I have really meant that. Here, we can see Rihanna wearing the sparkly white open toe heels with a printed black-white faux fur coat! Yes, they are wearing these sandals even in winter time. She pairs elegant sandals with the casual coat, but it doesn’t matter because it looks fabulous!

white open toe heels elegant cowl neck
Rihanna also knows how to style strappy sandals with super elegant garments. This long slitted dress with cowl neckline is gorgeous. If you are planning to wear something like this, try to save it for a special occasion only because this kind of dress is exquisite.

white open toe heels fit flare dress
This dress is adorable. It has tan and white round disc lace. The cut is fit with flared hem, which is very beautiful. If you want to keep it ladylike and neutral, then pair this midi dress with beige tote handbag and white strappy sandals. This look is perfect for family gatherings, dinners, and other formal celebrations. When it comes to jewelry, don’t wear necklaces, but you can surely put some gold or silver bracelet or ring.

white open toe heels black white combination
Nothing compares to black and white outfit combinations. They are always in style. You can make hundreds of different combination, without being boring.
This outfit is classy and elegant. A black bodycon dress with small slit and lot of stretchy material is ideal for parties and night-outs. If you pair it with white open toe heels, you get lovely, classic combination that you can wear a million times, and still be stylish.

white open toe heels denim shorts
Open toe booties are not necessarily reserved for colder days. There are some booties that you can wear in the summertime, without feeling warm or uncomfortable.
This girl decided to pair her white open-toe booties with denim shorts with a high waist and long sleeved bodysuit in white. The look is flattering while the jeans are highlighting your curves and body line.

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Cheap Shoes

Cheap Shoes Online

Learning how to buy shoes online has been a huge advantage for my family in keeping our cost of living low.  how to buy cheap shoes onlineFinding a nice pair of shoes can be extraordinarily expensive and getting them at a good price very difficult for most people.

Over time finding your preferred shoes at the cheapest prices becomes an art, but getting the hang of does take some time.  I have drilled this down into a four step process.

Step 1 – Know Your Shoe Size

You cannot buy shoes online without knowing your size.  This would seem easier than it is. Different manufacturer’s have slight differences in their sizing.  Women know this much better than men because women’s shoes are apparently made to be uncomfortable (how do you fit your toes into a point anyway?).

The key is to know your favorite manufacturer.  For instance, for running shoes I am a big fan of New Balance.  They do a great job for my feet.  When I discovered this I figured out that in those shoes I wear a size 11.  For my general athletic shoes I prefer Nike.  Nike fits me best at size 11 1/2.

No matter what the manufacturer you are going to have a preferred size.  So hit the town and find out which size works best for you  Without this information you are never going to get the best deal on your shoes.

Step 2 – Find the Shoe Discount

When I say find a shoe discount I am not talking about getting your shoes on sale (That’s step 3).  What I am talking about is getting your order discounted.  There are two ways to do this.

My preferred method is to use cash back rebate websites.  These are sites that pay you a percentage back on your order for using the link from their website.  So if I want to shop at the nike store online, I go to my preferred rebate site, search for nike store, and then click the link they provide.

This activates the rebate and I get whatever percentage back they offer on that website.  My preferred site is MrRebates.  They tend to get the best rebate price for their advertisers.  Second is Ebates, which is the largest and has the most retailers, but tends to give less cashback.  So I check MrRebates and if they don’t have the retailer head over to Ebates.

No matter which cashback site you choose they will work with TONS of online retailers so make sure to check both before you start shopping and they are great for any shopping you do online (not just shoes).

Backup Option – Your next best bet is to get discount codes from around the internet.  I used to use these ALL the time, but I have found that the codes are getting less and less reliable.  You can also try to use discount codes in conjunction with the cashback sites, but many times they will cancel out your rebate.  The biggest and oldest site to get discount codes is RetailMeNot.com.

Step 3 – Get Your Shoes On Sale or Clearance

When we make purchases on items we know we are going to need, the most important thing you can do is not make a purchase in an emergency.  I try to buy all my shoes as my current pair are just starting to show wear.  This gives me time to find a ridiculous sale or clearance price.

This means you need to be visiting your preferred shopping websites on a regular basis to know exactly when the sale or clearance event is in effect.  If you are new to shopping for shoes online here are some of my preferred sites:

  • 6PM – they have some of the best clearance online and have all types of shoes.
  • Sammy Dress – great place for dress shoes
  • Joe’s New Balance Outlet – Like I said, I am a big fan of New Balance.  This is the best site to get low prices on this brand.  MrRebates gives you 5% cashback on this site.
  • Nike Store – Nike’s online site has great clearance and the cashback from MrRebates is 7%.  That is a really good combination.

You may find another site is better for your brand but these will get you started on your way to getting the best discount shoe prices.

Step 4 – Purchase with a Credit Card

If you cannot control your spending then shopping with a credit card is not going to be your best option, but if you are disciplined then using one of the many cash back rewards credit cards will get you at least another 1% cashback on your purchase.

The other reason to use a credit card for online shoe shopping is that the credit card companies are vigilant in stopping fraud.  This is because when fraud happens they are on the hook for the money.  With a debit card the money is already out of your account and you may have to deal with the bank not putting your money back right away.

Bottom Line

With this strategy for buying my shoes online I typically save at least 50% off the retail price.  If I realize my shoes are wearing out early enough I can get that number as high as 80%.

With a little practice and a little luck, you too can get your online shoe shopping to a much smaller part of your budget.

Where to Buy Discounted Shoes

To make buying discount shoes online easy and stress-free, here are the best places to look.

1. Amazon

Amazon makes the top of the list because it has reasonable prices on everything. If you’re one of the more than 90 million Amazon Prime members in the U.S., you’ll enjoy free two-day shipping, too.

Whether you’re looking for low prices on brands big or small, you’ll find something here. You can easily compare Adidas and Under Armor to Sorel and Skechers and get the features you want.

To make finding discount shoes on Amazon easy, shop the “Shoe Discount Warehouse” and  “Shoes Under $25” section of the website.

And as a bonus, if you have a Prime membership, most returns are free.


  • Free two-day shipping if you’re a Prime member
  • 30-day return policy for easy refunds
  • Variety of price points
  • Lots of brands and styles


  • Big marketplace can be overwhelming
  • Different return policies if item not sold and shipped by Amazon.com

2. DSW

Clearance sales and discount prices are where it’s at when shopping DSW. It has a decent selection of shoes in-store but its online shop has even more to choose from.

At Designer Shoe Warehouse, or DSW, you’ll find footwear for all activities, including walking, running, basketball, dancing, work and hitting the town.

Its name-brand selection tends to be higher in price, but they always have sales and clearance shoes to pick from.


  • Massive selection of the biggest brand names
  • Clearance section offers deep discounts
  • Rewards members get free shipping
  • Free exchanges within 60 days


  • Not as many deals as some other sites
  • Can’t exchange purchases by mail

3. Zappos

With a wide selection of shoes for every budget, Zappos has something for everyone. Its easy-to-use search options make finding shoes easy.

There are specialized categories like running, diabetic-approved and eco-friendly, and each item has multiple photos to show you the shoe from all angles.

Zappos is also an excellent place to read reviews that can help you select the right shoe for you. Pay attention to pricing because some styles have different prices for different colors, even if they’re the same brand.

There’s a generous return policy that lets you return your shoes for a full refund up to 365 days after purchase. That’s a whole year!

It gives you plenty of time to try on the footwear in the comfort of your own home, and return them for free if you don’t love your shoes.

Probably the best thing about Zappos is you never pay for shipping, even on returns.


  • Large selection
  • Multiple photo angles
  • Free shipping
  • Full refund if returned within 365 days


  • Never offers coupons
  • Pricing can vary for different colors of the same style shoe

4. Overstock.com

Though most notable for its big selection of home goods, Overstock.com also has great prices on shoes for men, women, kids and every age in-between.

It has a lot of designer brands to pick from and budget-friendly choices, too.

Saving on shipping is easy since orders for $50 or less ship for $2.95; orders over $50 have free shipping. Women especially can save big because most of the footwear for women is less than $30.

Overstock’s selection and sales change daily, and that makes shopping fun because there’s always something new to find on the site.


  • Only $2.95 for shipping every day
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • 30-day return policy


  • Partial refund for returns over 30 days
  • Varying return policy from marketplace sellers

5. 6pm.com

If you didn’t already know, 6pm.com is the outlet store for Zappos. It carries a little bit of everything, and it usually has a lower price than what you can find at other online retailers.

Sales on Ugg and Hunter boots are typical, and 6pm.com frequently offer coupons to save you an additional 10% or 15% on your total purchase.

You’ll want to check the site often because its deal of the day can save you up to 70% off the shoe’s already low price.

And their clearance section has a vast selection of brands, so you can always find a discount on a super pair of shoes.


  • Discounts of up to 70% off
  • Numerous brand names to choose from
  • Frequent coupons to save more


  • Return shipping is not free
  • Doesn’t offer exchanges
  • No reviews on shoes they sell

6. Shoes.com

If you’re looking for specialty shoes, Shoes.com has a nice selection of eco-friendly, vegan and diabetic-friendly shoes available.

There are loads of non-specialty shoes, too. The search feature on the site helps you find the exact shoe you’re looking for. You can shop by category, too.

Returns are hassle-free and can be done within 60 days. Plus, the company will send you a prepaid shipping label, so you don’t pay return postage.

The variety includes designer brands and a decent selection for work, play and casual shoes. Shoppers looking for a great place to buy sneakers and outdoor footwear online will find a fantastic number of options here.


  • Free shipping on purchases and returns
  • Great for sneakers and outdoor footwear
  • Eco-friendly, vegan and other specialty options available


  • Doesn’t ship to PO Boxes or APO/FPO

7. Poshmark

Some of my favorite finds are from second hand stores. One of my favorite places to find amazing deals on gently used shoes is Poshmark.

Poshmark offers higher-end designer clothes, accessories and even shoes. Trust me, there is treasure on this site. Especially when a new pair of shoes at a fraction of the cost can be found.

Another bonus feature with Poshmark is you can find a seller that has the same size shoe as you and follow them. I met a clothing line retail manager once who told me she wore something new everyday. Here gently used clothes are sold on her Poshmark page.


  • Fantastic selection of well-known brands
  • Make offers and lower the price


  • Returns are based on seller

8. Foot Locker

As one of the best places to buy discount athletic shoes online, Foot Locker has deals on everything for running, soccer, tennis, general exercise and even cheerleading. What you won’t see is anything unrelated to sports.

If you’re looking for fashion or dress shoes, DSW is a better place to look, with an excellent selection at low prices.

Foot Locker makes it easy to find the right fit if you have specific needs, such as motion control and stability. You can use filters to narrow down your choices.

They offer free shipping on orders of $75 or more, and returning can quickly be done in-store or by mail.

For bigger savings, sign up for their newsletter to get discounts and coupons sent right to your inbox.


  • Best selection of athletic shoes
  • Can return or exchange in-store or online


  • Orders must be for $75 or more to get free shipping
  • “SmartLabel” fees charged for returns

9. Onlineshoes.com

With free shipping, you can’t go wrong with Onlineshoes.com. Even their return shipping is free, which makes refunds a breeze.

There are dozens of different shoe styles to choose from for men, women and children at discount prices. You’ll find brand names at a variety of costs to fit your budget, including work boots, running shoes, sandals and boots.

The site features daily deals and low prices every day, making it an excellent place to buy discount shoes online.


  • Free shipping on purchases
  • Free return shipping


  • No returns accepted beyond 45 days
  • Doesn’t offer product exchanges

10. Famous Footwear

Offering some of the best value when it comes to discount shoes online, Famous Footwear has low prices. It’s a great place to buy shoes, boots and sandals for up to 50% off every day.

Plus, there are additional sales and discounts to save even more.

If you sign up for the rewards program, you’ll get access to exclusive offers and free shipping.

Famous Footwear has a fabulous selection for men, women and kids. The range of children’s shoes isn’t as extensive as what you’ll find on 6pm.com, but you’ll find a decent choice of infant and toddler sizes here.


  • Return in-store or by mail
  • Rewards program for exclusive discounts


  • Exchanges not available by mail
  • Must pay for return shipping
  • Limited children’s shoes selection

11. Zulily


Though the selection isn’t large, you’ll save serious cash with deep discounts on shoes at Zulily. The styles can sell out fast, so don’t hesitate to buy if you see something you love.

You won’t find free shipping here, but you can qualify for free shipping on subsequent orders after you place an order with paid shipping. Just note that the time period when you can add on an additional order for free shipping is limited. If you wait too long, you’ll have to pay to ship your purchase.

If you’re in a hurry to get your shoes, Zulily isn’t the best option. Orders frequently take two to three weeks to arrive on your doorstep, and that can seem like an eternity when you’re used to next-day shipping.


  • Qualifying additional orders ship free
  • Deep discounts on shoes


  • Smaller selection
  • Long shipping times

Tips Before you Buy Shoes Online

When you shop for shoes online, you’ll quickly realize how much lower the prices are, compared to local stores.

Even though you can’t try the shoes on first, buying shoes online is a pleasant experience for many consumers.

“It is the only way that I’ve bought my shoes over the past 15 years,” says Carol Gee, an author in Atlanta. She looks for sales that are at least 35% off the regular price. “That is when I pounce if I see something I have to have,” she says.

To have more confidence when buying shoes from home, here are the best tips:

Shipping – If you can score free shipping and a great shoe price, that’s the ultimate combination. But some stores will give you free shipping only when you hit a minimum purchasing requirement.

Make sure you know the shipping costs before spending too much time browsing the site.

Returns – Your life is busy and sometimes it’s tough to meet a 30-day return window if you don’t like the shoes you ordered. Look for a store that offers you at least 60 days to save yourself some stress.

Pricing deals – Comparing prices from different sites is easy when you’re shopping online. And there are tons of options for discount, clearance and coupon savings, especially if you sign up for the company’s email newsletter. Save even more by using a coupon app.

Search options –A deep discount isn’t any good if you can’t find the shoe you want. Being able to filter by price, style, brand, size, width, heel height, color and more will help you find your perfect shoe faster.

Images – Since you can’t physically hold the shoe in your hand, find a retailer that has large enough images to see the details. Having multiple pictures from different angles and a zoom-in option can help you decide if you like the shoe or not.

Don’t wait to try them on – When you get the shoes, try them on right away without removing any of the labels. Even though some stores offer generous return policies — Zappos gives you 365 days! — if you miss the window to return the shoes, you may not get a full refund.

Test them indoors – Before removing the labels or price tag, spend some time wearing your shoes inside. If you wear them outside, you risk damaging them, and that makes it impossible to return. Remember to walk around carefully, so you don’t accidentally remove the labels.

Sell older shoes once you’ve used them – You’ve bought a great shoe, worn it for a while, and then feel it’s time to get rid of it so you can make room for a newer style. You don’t have to throw the shoes away. Try selling your used shoes, either online or in person.

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