White gold engagement rings

What are the best White Gold Engagement Rings to buy? Our team has researched and reviewed these white gold engagement rings under 200 to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying the white gold engagement rings cheap, 18ct white gold engagement rings.

White Gold Engagement Rings

A lot goes into your decision to pop the question. Do you really need to add the stress of trying to pick out the perfect setting, diamond and design to that list?

Luckily, there are professionals who have a special talent for the craft of jewelry design. Trusting one of these designers is a much more efficient way to come out with a beautiful engagement ring for the love of your life.

These designers excel at what they do. When you get a high-quality designer brand engagement ring, you can be confident the highest level of craftsmanship and best materials are going into your design.

There’s nothing worse than a beautiful diamond that’s let down by a low-quality or mismatched setting. Similarly, a dazzling setting paired with a poorly graded diamond. Designer brands affix their name to their designs, which means they have as much invested in creating a perfect engagement ring as you do.

These designs are not only beautiful, they are unique. Designer brand rings have their design trademarked, which means you’re not going to see the same design replicated by the mom and pop store down the road, or on Amazon. Your partner is one in a million, and so her ring should be too.

Plus, all the best engagement ring brands have rings from some of these designers in their store, so you can find them easily.


Here we have a list of the best brands to choose from for designer bridal jewelry. Each of these designers have something special that sets them apart from the rest.

To ensure you get the best value for these designer brand rings, buy from a reputable merchant. Most of these brands are available from trusted companies such as James Allen, Blue Nile or Brian Gavin. The other option is to buy directly from the brand themselves. Just be sure not to buy from an untrusted store, as you could end up spending too much or purchasing a cheap knock-off.

1. Verragio

The catchphrase of Barry Verragio’s company is “unlike any other ring”. This is absolutely true when you see their range of stunning, unique jewelry. In the years Barry Verragio has been making jewelry (since the age of 14!), he has perfected an elegant, European-inspired style for his engagement rings.

Verragio’s designs have a signature Lumino setting, which is designed to enhance the center diamond to make it truly stand out. This style of setting suspends a diamond in mid air, with few metal obstructions, to allow a greater amount of light to hit the diamond’s facets.

The result is a unique diamond ring, with unrivaled fire and brilliance.

Verragio rings often feature elaborate accent diamonds which make the entire ring pop, such as this white and rose gold halo ring, and this white gold oval halo ring.

Verragio halo ring setting

You can buy Verragio engagement rings at James Allen.

2. Danhov

Danhov produces award-winning designer jewelry, with a varied range of captivating engagement rings.

The company was founded by Jack Hovsepian in 1984 and has since developed a reputation for innovative design and a unique look for every piece.

Perhaps the trademark of Danhov engagement rings is their spiral designs. This ring from the Abbraccio collection, for example, has a stunning all-round sparkle thanks to the 0.35 ct accent diamonds (see image below).

Another, also from the Abbraccio range, features an even more extravagant and captivating swirl setting, unlike anything you’ll find from any other designer.

Others from Danhov’s range have a more classic, refined look, such as this timeless, elegant solitaire setting.

Danhov Abbraccio ring setting

Danhov rings are available at James Allen.

3. Jeff Cooper

Jeff Cooper has more than 40 years’ experience creating bridal jewelry. It’s this experience that allows his designs to reach an understated elegance that will remain classic for years to come.

The trademark of Jeff Cooper rings is a “less is more” philosophy. The designs don’t try to do too much, instead achieving the classy, beautiful aesthetic that makes diamond jewelry so sought-after for so many years.

The Greta engagement ring is a fine example of the classic Jeff Cooper design. The center stone is the star of the show, beautifully supported by a simple pavé lattice underneath.

Jeff Cooper ring setting

Jeff Cooper rings can be found at James Allen and Brian Gavin Diamonds.

4. Zac Posen

For a stylish design that combines modern flair and vintage grace, look to the engagement rings of fashion designer Zac Posen.

As someone who is more widely known for designing wedding dresses, Zac Posen’s take on bridal jewelry is fresh and unique. See this semi-bezel pavé ring as an example. The unique setting, which includes ⅓ ct total of accent diamonds along the band, is one you are unlikely to see anywhere else.

For a design that will light up any room, see this vintage-inspired pear halo ring, which conjures images of royalty with its extravagant twists and turns.

Zac Posen Semi-Bezel Pave Diamond Engagement Ring

Zac Posen engagement rings are available from Blue Nile.

5. Monique Lhuillier

Though mostly known for her dresses, Monique Lhuillier knows what it takes to design beautiful engagement rings and wedding bands that make a bride (or bride-to-be) stand out.

As with Zac Posen rings, Monique Lhuillier designs have an innovative look, that combines the classic beauty of diamond jewelry with a modern flair.

Particularly stunning is this hexagon baguette diamond ring set with ½ ct of baguette and round brilliant accent diamonds, along with a pink sapphire just below the center stone.

On the other end in terms of flair is the subtly elegant Amour solitaire engagement ring.

Monique Lhuillier Hexagon Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring
Monique Lhuillier Hexagon Baguette Diamond Engagement Ring

You can buy Monique Lhuillier engagement rings from Blue Nile.

6. Martin Flyer

A family business, designing jewelry since 1945, Martin Flyer makes classic, elegant engagement rings. With Martin Flyer jewelry there is a focus on high-quality materials, great service and education for their customers, and designs that stay beautiful throughout the years. Think of an heirloom ring that can be passed down to the next generations.

A great example of the grace and elegance that is Martin Flyer is this three-stone engagement ring with pear-shaped side stones.

For a little more style, see this romantic white gold pavé infinity ring, set with 60 round brilliant diamonds to really stand out.

Pavé Infinity Engagement Ring By Martin Flyer

Martin Flyer rings are available from James Allen.

7. Forevermark

Forevermark is a high-end brand, whose name carries a premium price tag. While it’s questionable whether the price is justified over cheaper, better-value online sellers, there’s no denying that Forevermark is a great brand.

The big name behind Forevermark is De Beers, the world’s biggest name in diamond sourcing and marketing. This is why their brand commands such a high price. It’s not unjustified, though, as the pull and resources De Beers has means the diamonds and materials used in Forevermark jewelry are top-quality and conflict-free.

As for the designs, Forevermark produces anywhere from clean, elegant rings, such as this four-prong pavé ring, to extravagant designs such as this five-band pavé solitaire ring.

Forevermark Millemoi Pavé Solitaire Ring Setting

If you choose to buy a ring from a physical retailer, Forevermark is a great designer brand to consider – if the premium price doesn’t put you off.

Read our in-depth review on Forevermark diamond rings here.

8. Tiffany & Co

Tiffany & Co is another option, like Forevermark, that would rate at near the top of all designer brands if quality was the sole consideration. However, like the previous option, it’s somewhat hard to justify spending the premium when there are many other phenomenal designer brands available for less in online jewelry stores.

That’s not to say Tiffany & Co engagement rings are not up there as some of the highest quality rings you can get. The design is classic and iconic, none more so than the “Tiffany” setting.

Tiffany have been in the business since 1886, and as such know how to create a diamond ring that maintains its “wow” factor for generations. Add in expert craftsmanship and high-quality, responsibly sourced diamonds, and a diamond ring from Tiffany & Co will stand up in quality against any in the world.

The Tiffany Setting

See our full review of Tiffany & Co here.

9. Tacori

California-based brand Tacori is one of the biggest names in bridal jewelry and engagement rings, thanks to their handcrafted artisan designs. The trademark is their classic crescent design elements, which find a perfect median between modern and vintage.

Here is an example of the way Tacori uses the crescent shape in their settings to create a unique design with a full, all-round shine.

Tacori Crescent Ring Setting

All Tacori designs have a classic, vintage touch, which sets their rings apart and makes for beautiful heirlooms to be handed down through the next generations.

Find a retailer to buy Tacori engagement rings here.

10. Sholdt

Sholdt Jewelry Design has been producing beautiful diamond jewelry, handmade in Seattle, since 1935. With four generations of experience, Sholdt knows what it takes to create a unique, elegant diamond engagement ring.

Engagement rings from Sholdt today have a fascinating mixture of vintage class and modern experimentalism. See the “Aubrey” – a North/South half bezel design with tapered channel set accent diamonds.

Another that exemplifies this is the soft tapered solitaire “Ida” engagement ring.

Sholdt Aubrey ring setting

Find Sholdt engagement rings at Brian Gavin Diamonds.

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