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We have researched the top Wholesaler Of Beauty Products. Hence, this article on wholesale beauty products for resale and wholesale makeup distributors. Below, in this article, you will find wholesale cosmetics suppliers. Read on to discover them.

The beauty industry has dramatically evolved over the years. Both women and men are using beauty products to better their appearances. New beauty products are emerging daily, and many people feel the need to try out new products. The beauty industry receives significant changes in its products daily.

Many hair and beauty wholesalers and distributors have been established to sell beauty products at discounted prices. It is vital to develop genuine beauty products that will deliver quality beauty products to you. If you are a store owner and wish to buy beauty products consider looking for brands that sell and distribute at wholesale prices.

wholesale cosmetics suppliers

Wholesaler Of Beauty Products

Why Choose Beauty Wholesale?

1. Buying in bulk guarantees more significant returns

As a store owner opting to source your products from professional beauty supply distributors assures you get beauty products at discounted prices. The products will fetch more revenue once sold to consumers.

2. Most stock all consumers preferences

Beauty wholesalers have stocked all beauty products that consumers prefer. If you find something new from beauty blogs that want to purchase, you will get all your beauty products under one roof. Wholesalers beauty supply distributors have a better understanding of the consumer’s needs.

The only disadvantage of buying from hair and beauty wholesalers is that you might be at risk of purchasing old products. The beauty industry needs one to be very keen since most products become old fast with the emergence of new products.

wholesale makeup distributors

1. Chinabrands

It is one of the biggest dropshipping company in China. It has incorporated trusted brands that deliver quality beauty products. If you are a store owner look to source beauty products in bulk quantities for your suppliers select Chinabrands platform. Chinabrands can provide products to your consumers directly. It is an excellent platform if you have less capital to invest in the stock. Selling in bulk will earn you higher profits at an instance. It is a reliable wholesale beauty supply distributor.

2.  Alibaba

It is one of beauty supplier distributors. It is an e-commerce platform based in China where you got your beauty products in large quantities and shipped right to you. Alibaba is very renowned for delivering the most recent beauty supplies and products in the market.

Most suppliers of beauty products sell their products on Alibaba platform. Alibaba is the place to get your products. It is a genuine beauty supply distributor.

3.  Beauty Pro Distributors

They are wholesale beauty distributors; they sell their beauty products at wholesale prices. They mainly sell their products to qualified barbers, salons, spa, among others. Their prices are discounted, and their prices are very fair. They deal mostly with makeup, nails, skin care: hair care and barbering. Their products are warranted and their quality guaranteed.

4. Wholesale Ethnic Beauty Supply

It is another hair and beauty wholesaler. They sell their products at a meager amount. They deal with all types of products in the beauty industries. They deal mainly with ethnic beauty products and bath products. Their skin products are fantastic and will leave your skin glowing with no adverse effects.

5. SalonCentric

It is one of the most professional beauty supply distributors base in the USA. Consumers and store owners can acquire beauty products at wholesale prices. They sell their products exclusively to those beauty professionals that have been certified and are licensed.

6. Jinny Beauty Supply

It is one of the best beauty product distributors. It focuses on cultural factors when attending to their customers. They offer quality products at wholesale prices. They deliver general health and beauty products to store owners and consumers. They stock over 60,000 beauty products; you can get all your beauty products here.

7. Bi-Lo Distributors

It is a wholesale health and beauty supplier who supply beauty supplies to retailers at wholesale price. They are very convenient as they offer multi-cultural products and free shipping. They mainly sell to approved retailers. Retailers who are not licensed will not get their products.

8. Kiros Beauty

Kiros is a beauty products distributors; they distribute organic and natural products at a wholesale price. They are very keen on observing emerging trends in the beauty industry; they will deliver the latest and most preferred beauty supplies and products. They deal with organic, natural and Healthy beauty supplies that they ship all over the world.

9. MAC

It is the best beauty supply wholesale in New York. It offers free shipping and returns on orders. If you are looking for quality products, consider making MAC your number one supplier. They deliver to make up for all ages, culture, and gender.

10. DIOR

It is a beauty supply distributors and manufacturers European based Company. It offers luxury products to their consumers. Their beauty products are of very high quality, and one should consider sourcing products from them.

What to Consider when Selecting Beauty Wholesalers and Distributors

1. Quality of the products

Quality is a critical aspect. Ensure you select a supplier who delivers genuine products. As a store owner quality will determine the flow of your consumers. Also a consumer you need to use quality products that do not have adverse health problems on your body. Quality is what most people are looking for in the beauty market regardless of the price.

2. The reputation of the distributors

The most reputable company will have transparent business dealings. Companies that are a scam and not known will only showcase imaginary goods. Make sure you deal with reputable companies that will guarantee you safe products and value for your money. Legitimate companies are also very keen on the quality of their goods to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

3. Supplier Capabilities

Beauty Suppliers and manufacturers should be able to meet supplier capabilities. They are in a position to ship goods to you and deliver quality and quantity goods. It is a crucial factor to put into consideration when you are deciding on your supplier. If your supplier can provide your expectations, then that should be your choice of an ideal supplier.

4. Ability to incorporate the latest trends in the beauty sector

The beauty sector is the most unpredictable sector. One product will sell very high today, and tomorrow another product takes over the market. Your supplier should be in a position to bring into the market what most beauty products users are currently using. Beauty products tend to fluctuate in demand very highly, as a store owner you want beauty products that are fast moving in the market.

Selecting a platform like Chinabrands guarantees you the quality of your products. It is a common and genuine platform and has absorbed most of China’s beauty suppliers giants. Chinabrands is a dropshipping company that ensures quality products are shipped directly to your consumers or you as the consumer. You will get value for your money when you choose Chinabrands to be your choice for your beauty products. Their prices are meager.

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Wholesale Beauty Websites in China

Here is a list of Chinese beauty wholesale websites.

www.made-in-china.com Hair Dye Cosmetic, Make Cosmetic, Facial Mask CosmeticChina
www.dhgate.com Makeup& supplies, Beauty Equipment, Nail Art & Tools.China
www.alibaba.com Beauty & Personal Care, Beauty EquipmentChina
www.aliexpress.com Beauty &Health, Body and Sunscreen, LipstickChina
www.chinabrands.com Personal Care, Facial Mask, NailsChina


Just imagine getting all the products that suits all your needs in one place. Made-in-china.com provides you with a variety of wholesale beauty products. The products are obtained from the best manufacturers in China. Hence you don’t have to worry about quality. They have the best shipping services hence you are assured of delivery when you order a product.


Dhgate website you will everything on wholesale beauty products. They have a variety of high-quality cosmetic products which they obtain from the best manufacturers in China. They also the fastest shipping services and delivery time upon an ordering of the product.


Alibab.com is like the Amazon of China, from this site you will find more than 350,000 wholesale beauty products ranging from multi-functional equipment, beauty products, and makeup brushes.

Most of their products are from certified suppliers and hence you are assured of the best quality products. This has made Alibaba.com one of the leading wholesale supplier of beauty products all over China and parts of Europe.


Aliexperess.com is a product of Alibaba group. It is an online selling platform where Chinese wholesale beauty products are sold. The site has some of the best beauty products in various categories ranging from body self-tanners, bronzers, eyeshadow, face skin care tools and much more. These products are available at affordable wholesale and retail prices.


Chinabrands is a leading wholesaler/ dropshipper, offering various range of products with wholesale price, including beauty, clothing, 3C products, toys, home decor, health, car part accessories etc.

Most of sellers or retailers complain that it’s  hard for them to find a right and potential products and it also cost them lots of times and capitals on it, although they know how to find.

Most people ask , are there any platforms offer hot-sale products or new arrivals from different e-commerce platforms, countries and districts?

Yes, Chinabrands is such a company. They invest lots of money on data analysis for choosing trendy products that will sell well and product quality control system. They will push the new trendy products and hot-sale products which is from different e-commerce platforms. What’s more, each product of Chinabrands needs to be inspected at least 3 times.

Differ from many manufactures, who inspect products randomly, Chinabrands offers 100% product inspection to make sure that each products meet quality standard.

Besides, they offer over 500,000 SKU including low-end and high-end products with wholesale price.

Moreover, for each purchase, you can get CB points, which you can use as cash in next purchase. Register as their member, you can get extra discounts, including more CB points, free shipping etc., which can maximize your profits for your dropship and wholesale business.

Are all you can get from Chinabrands? No, you also can get the following attractive services from them.

  • Start your business with low/ zero risk & budgets

As we all know all business has its’ risk and need certain budgets. There is no  zero risk and budget business but you can start your business with low risk and budget. How you can do that? Chinabrands dropshipping programs allows you to staring business with low/ zero budget, which can also reduce risk for your business in capital, product inventory etc.

  •  SEO optimization save your times

Over 16 main e-commerce platforms can be interfaced by Chinabrands,such as eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Joom, Wadi etc. achieving automatically listing, sync order, inventory and send you product infringement message.

  • 24 Hour delivery

All parcels in Chinabrands can be shipped out within 48 hours and reach worldwide customers within 48 hours.

  • Excellent customers service in more than 10 languages

You can contact customers anytime , because they are working within 24 hours/ week.

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Best Dropshipping & Wholesale Supplier – Choose Chinabrands.com


Wholesale Beauty Websites in Australia

Here is a list of beauty wholesale websites in Australia.

www.beautywarehouse.com Salon Supplies, Hair Products, Beauty Products.Australia
www.mothereartharomatherapy.com Health, beauty,PharmacyAustralia
www.efbdirect.com.au Waxing, Tannings, MakeupAustralia
lebeauty.com.auLash & Brows, Lash Extension, Gel PolishAustralia
www.cosmeticcapital.com.au  Cosmetic, Beauty, Skincare ProductsAustralia
el8teaustralia.com.au  Skin Care ProductsAustralia

Beauty Warehouse

Beauty Warehouse has over 10,000 products from which 110 are local products and global brands covering hair, makeup, tanning, nails, waxing, electrical, beauty, eyelashes, eyebrows and many more.

Rest assured all the brands sold at Beauty Warehouse are authentic and sourced from the authorized Australian Distributor and Manufacturer. This company will guarantee you genuine quality products that deliver optimal results.

Mother Earth Aromatherapy

This is a wholesaling company that wholesale a wide range of products from pharmaceuticals, beauty, health, and gifts for that 26 years. They offer your business opportunity to have your own range of natural Aromatherapy Body Care Products that feature your business name, logo, and design.

EFB Salon Supplies

Won’t it be the best experience, to get all the best beauty products from one place at the same time. EFB was founded in 2000 and ever since they have been the biggest wholesale suppliers of qualified beauty products.

The company was formed to curb the increasing demand of quality nail and beauty products at affordable prices and also with a high level of customer services.

Le Beauty

Le Beauty has over 100 top brands beauty products and is your number one station for everything tanning hair, lash, brows, waxing, skincare, and makeup. They have been providing the largest ranges of beauty products in Australia for 10 years.

Cosmetic Capital

Beauty isn’t cheap and that has been proving to be a burden to most people. Cosmetic capital has been be able to provide cosmetic and beauty product to their customers at a cheaper price.

How did they achieve these? The answer is simple, they forged a great relationship with the local distributors, overseas partners, retail stores and clearance houses, to source the best deals on cosmetics that are available. They also guarantee 100% genuine products as the products are sourced from the manufactures of renowned brands.


Are you after a perfect smooth skin? El8te natural skin products are the best in the market. The products are harnessed from the rich Australian pristine landscape to create a nourishing product that is smooth, gentle and safe on your skin.

Their brand reflects and inspires a wholesome lifestyle where health and beauty decisions are made easier. They have products that you can trust, made from highest quality and integrity.

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Wholesale Beauty Websites in Dubai

Here is a list of beauty wholesale websites in Dubai.

b-connected.com Hair, Lashes, WaxingDubai
www.internationalbeautysupplies.com Hair, Eye, Face, Nails Dubai
www.ebeautytrade.com Makeup, Nails, HairDubai
www.aja-int.com Body, Face, Nails Dubai
Universalbeauty.me Lifting creams, Foot Creams, Hair MaskDubai


B-connect is the leading wholesale supplier of beauty products in Dubai and Middle East. They are the most chosen supplier of beauty products for several famous salons and spas, they have been able to achieve this because of the high quality and exceptional brands they supply.

They source their products from the best brand manufactures in Dubai, hence the needs of beauty therapists and beauticians are accomplished.

International Beauty Supplies LLC

Was founded in 2007 and ever since it has been the leading supplier of beauty products in Dubai. They import their high-quality branded products from UK and USA to offer satisfaction to their customers. They are known for offering very reasonable prices to their clients.


This is a B2B online supplier of beauty products in Dubai. The online platform offers different products for salons, spas, beauty clinics, and retailers. Spamiles platform allows you to contact them directly in case you have a question and or any kind of negotiation. When you enter their site, you will find about some of the biggest branded products they have and also you can check out their prices.

AJA International General Trading LLC

AJA international has two distribution centers one in Dubai and Seoul which make the distribution of their product much more efficient. This company is a leading supplier of beauty products aiming to provide high-quality products that no one can much and also at a much reasonable price.

Universal Beauty FZC

Universal Beauty is a personal care and cosmetic manufacture that is based in the Dubai. The company produces and supplies an array of cosmetic products for a variety of brands.

All their products are made from carefully selected ingredients to ensure that the finished product that is safe for its intended uses.

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Wholesale Beauty Websites in Japan

Here is a list of beauty wholesale websites in Japan.

www.q-depot.com Hand mask, Cleanser, Eye Mask, ConcealerJapan
www.musubi-jp.com Face wash, Beauty essence, Serum, LipstickJapan
www.yesstyle.com Blush, Eye Shadow, Blotting paperJapan
www.ohyama.net Skin Products, Hair productsJapan
www.shopjbp.com Skincare, MakeupJapan


Q-depot is a Japanese cosmetics and beauty product wholesale company. It offers Japanese cosmetic brands such as SPA Treatment, Shiseido, SK-II, and many more others. The company is committed to bringing Japanese beauty products at a low wholesale price.

Their products are authentic, shipped from all over the world and Japanese producers. They have a user-friendly website which offers a simple and fast ordering process.

Musuvi Inc

This company exports majorly Japanese beauty products, cosmetics and even export products that are not found at many websites at wholesale prices.  This supply exquisite Japanese beauty products that are in high demand such as Exideal and Roicosmo.

They accept queries from customers who are in need of Japanese beauty products. Apart from makeup, they also sell beauty and salon equipment at wholesale prices.


Shopjbp supplies 100% genuine Japanese beauty products and skin care products at really cheap prices. Not only do they sell the top beauty brands worldwide, but also the brands that are only available in Japan. They have the best customer services. Some of the products they supply include skin care products brands, blotting paper, and hair accessories.

Yes Style

Yes, Style is an online retailer that globally distributes a wide range of beauty products from Asia through their website. It offers high-quality brands and products from Japan at affordable prices. The company has a comprehensive collection of Japanese makeup, beauty products, cosmetics, and skin care products, ensuring customers receive all the products that they require.


“Beauty and Health to the world”, this is the mission of Ohyama. They have made larger strides in achieving this mission with collaborative marketing activities. It is one of the oldest and well known Japanese cosmetic industry which was started in 1921.  The company has three categories of products on their websites long time sellers, imported brands and domestic PBS. 

japanese beauty products wholesale.jpg

Wholesale Beauty Websites in UK

Here is a list of beauty wholesale websites in UK.

www.wholesale-cosmetic.co.uk Lip Balm, Eyeliners, Nail PolishUK
www.ellisons.co.uk Salon essentials, Waxing, Lashes & BrowsUK
www.wholesale-cosmetics.co.uk Mascara, Eye Pencils, Eye Shadows, Lip PencilUK
www.mxwholesale.co.uk Body Lotions, Beauty Accessories,UK
www.esources.co.uk Makeup Products UK

Wholesale- cosmetic.com/ Beauty 4 Britain

On this online store, you will find quantities of cosmetic products and beauty products, coverage and smooth foundations, rich texture of eyeshadows, a lot of make-up accessories, nail care products, pedicure tools, long lasting mascara and many more.

Beauty 4 Britain is an online beauty and wholesaler which has specialized in supplying cosmetic and beauty products to parties, market traders and a wide variety of retailers. They will offer you the best customer service, which is complemented with their efficient delivery system.


Elisons is the leading hair and beauty wholesaler. From here you will find a range of high-quality salon and cosmetics products. They offer a wide selection of bestselling hair and beauty p salon products to ensure that you are able to sale and offer your customers a wide range of beauty products. For orders above £50.00, you get a free delivery.

Wholesale cosmetics

 Wholesale cosmetics was started in 1998 in Stockport, England. It is a wholesale supplier of branded cosmetic and skincare products to the retailer, market traders and party planners.

They source their products from all the biggest cosmetic producers all over the world. From these, they have been able to provide their customers with the best high-quality products at a discounted price. All their product is 100% genuine.


If you are leading for the leading wholesale beauty products UK company then you have just landed in the right place.  At MX Wholesale the wholesale stock is constantly refreshed to make sure the customer receives the best and trending beauty product that will satisfy their needs.

Their inventory includes high quality, popular and saleable items at low wholesale prices. The company aims to equip your business with high-quality products that [you will need to provide a high-quality service on a financially agreeable budget.


This is an online directory where you can search for any product you want. The site contains thousands of wholesale and distributors of beauty products all over the world. If you search for such for makeups in the search bar you will get a result of up to 1700 makeup wholesale products and about 300 among them being wholesale cosmetics and beauty products in the UK. It will be up to you to make the right choices when choosing a supplier.

After knowing where to buy beauty products for wholesale, Next. I will list 26 top and popular beauty brands in the world.

25 Popular Beauty Brands in the World

Here are 26 popular beauty brands in the world.

· Dior

· Urban Decay

· Cover Fx

· Macca

· Bare Minerals

· Napoleon Perdis

· Stila Cosmetics

· Yves Saint Laurent

· Olay

· Nude By Nature


· Bobbi Brown

· Urban Decay

· L’Oreal


· Maybelline

· Estee Lauder

· RMS Beauty

· Revlon

· Make Up For Ever

·  Avon

· Marc Jacobs Beauty

· Charlotte Tilbury

· Anastasia Beverly Hills

· Sephora

FAQs of Beauty Wholesale

Is Japanese beauty products wholesale popular in Europe and Asia?

A: Yes, let’s keep in mind that the highest number of cosmetics and makeup products that are being brought by customers are those imported from Japan. This is because of the high quality and precision of beauty products from Japan.

What are the hot Japanese beauty products?

A: Here are some: 

· Daiso

· Cando

· Can make

· Kate

· Majolica Majorca

· Hada Labo

· Mujirushi Products

· Kotoshina

· Shiseido


Q: Is Korean beauty products wholesale business profitable? 

A: Korea is well known for its makeup industry. This is because they are come up with new innovations and new ideas for make-up manufactures all over the world. Korean Beauty products are on very high demand worldwide. It is the best ventures for wholesalers and retailer and a chance for them to reap profits.

 Steps on How to Start Your Wholesale Business

· Establish a website

· Identify a market

· Find suppliers

· Acquire an inventory software

· Know the return policy

Some FAQ about wholesale health and beauty

1. Where can l find a Korean beauty wholesale in Korea?

Asia Master Trade and Q-depot are the most reputable. They are beauty products distributors who deliver quality beauty products to Korean residents.  Their organic and natural products are genuine and do not have health-related problems. Their rates are meager, and they offer huge discounts to their customers.

They have the most recognized beauty products by consumers. Their beauty products fit perfectly with the culture of the Korean consumers and will satisfy your customers. Consider buying from them, and you will not regret.

2. How do l get branded beauty care product in India at wholesale price if I start my online store in India?

India residents use beauty products massively. Getting the right products for them would significantly help your online store to thrive. IndiaMart is the largest and most recognized supplier of beauty products in the India community. Sourcing your products from them will ensure you deliver quality and ensure customer satisfaction. In IndiaMart you will find branded beauty care products.

3. I am planning on opening beauty/cosmetics store that features high-end makeup. How do l get in touch with wholesalers/distributors which ones are the best?

Makeup is something the modern woman cannot do without. Selling high-end makeup will earn you high returns if you source your products from genuine suppliers. The beauty sector is one of the market segments that are on very high demand. Investing your capital on high-end makeup guarantees high return on your equity due to the current demand. Some of the best wholesalers that will deliver authentic high-end makeup to you include:

● Maybelline

● Estee Lauder

● Channel


They are the best supply wholesale distributors that will supply the most prestigious makeup to your store. Once you deliver quality content to your consumers, you can be assured of higher returns and consistency in your customer flow.

Bottom Line

The world has adopted beauty products widely. Consumers love competitive and products that will significantly enhance their looks. Beauty supply wholesale distributors that supply high end and products that match recent trends in fashion have a competitive advantage in the market.

Surviving in the beauty sector is challenging, but has high returns for those that do survive. Hair and beauty suppliers need to supplier products that satisfy their consumers regarding quality. The beauty sector evolves every second and all suppliers should be alert for every change. More than 85% of the population are using or proposing to use beauty products.

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