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Despite all the technological advances that can be found in shiny new cameras the Canon 6D is still a great camera conference room camera for teams,wide angle camera for zoom meetings. And just because other cameras have advanced significantly since 2012 this does not automatically make the Canon 6D over the hill, past its sell by date, irrelevant or obsolete.

Meeting Owl Pro 360 Degree Video Conference Room Camera
meeting owl pro 360 degree video conference- room camera
Is this unique device a piece of modern sculptural design parading as an owl with a fully turning 360-degree head or is it one of the most innovative-looking video conference cameras ever? We’ll let you decide. All we know is that the Meeting Owl Pro looks impressive and the results match. It’s a video conference camera that can dynamically capture video and audio for an up-close and personal experience with a full 360-degrees of vision.

The setup is a piece of cake too. You simply plug-and-play the power into a USB and you have combined video and audio all in one innovative and creative-looking device. The Meeting Owl Pro is compatible with all your favorite conferencing web-based apps and means that no matter where everyone is sitting in the room, even if they’re not directly in front of the laptop screen, they can be both seen and heard. This unit is all about inclusivity and ensuring that all participants can get in on the virtual meeting action. Don’t forget to also check our guide to the best travel cameras.

Key Features:
First-ever 360-degree smart video conferencing system

All-in-one solution featuring mic, camera, and speaker

Easy to set up with simple USB plug-and-play

WiFi connectivity

Allows you to see and hear every participant

BrandOwl Labs
Weight2.65 Pounds
Innovative design

360-degree field of vision

Easy setup and use

Plug-and-play USB connectivity

Fully compatible with all-conference software

WiFi connected


Audio little on the quiet side

Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 Conference Room Camera
microsoft lifecam hd 3000 conference room camera

The next product is both budget-friendly as well as highly functional. Not everyone needs a video conference camera with super-advanced features and all the bells and whistles; if you’re looking for an occasional webcam that will deliver precise, high-quality video with real 720HP video in widescreen then this Microsoft LifeCam will be more than adequate. It provides excellent value for the money and is a great budget option.

It can stream as well as record video so you can be sure of a clear picture and with the added bonus of a noise-canceling microphone, you can also minimize that bothersome background noise for crystal clear audio. The uni-directional mic is built-in and thanks to a universal base attachment, you can easily use the Microsoft LifeCam in conjunction with your notebook, laptop, and your desktop. Video streams at 33fps and the webcam is compatible with all Windows operating systems. Make sure you also check our guide to the top-rated mirrorless cameras.

Key Features:
True HD camera for bright and colorful video

Flexible universal attachment base easily connects to your monitor

Crystal clear audio and built-in omnidirectional microphone

True Color technology for superior color

720p HD delivers 16:9 widescreen up to 30 frames per second

Weight3.2 Ounces
Affordable and reliable

High-speed USB compatible

Works with all Windows OS

Multiple imaging features

Universal attached base

Integrated microphone

Minimum computer specifications required to run

Customers reported issues running with Windows 10

Logitech Conference Room Camera BCC950
logitech conference room camera bcc950

The Logitech Conference Cam Bcc950 gives you professional quality HD video with superior speakerphone sound and is ideal for small group conferencing situations. It combines a 78-degree view field with a 108-degree remote-controlled video pan and comes with tilt and zoom functions, plus autofocus for razor-sharp images.

The functional and convenient all-in-one design comprises a built-in noise-canceling audio system with a duplex speakerphone and microphone. Even if meeting members are positioned 8-feet away, they can still be clearly heard. The Logitech Conference Cam also features an omnidirectional mic so it can pick up several conversations at once. With a remote control option as well as base button controls, it’s easy to operate, and you can mute, answer and hang up calls during your conference session. Our handy guide to the most popular hidden cameras features more great products like this. Don’t miss them.

Key Features:
HD video with superior speakerphone audio

Sharp and detailed image resolution

Pan, tilt, and zoom to ensure whole team visibility

Duplex speakers and noise-canceling microphone

Both remote control as well as base button control options

Weight2.28 Pounds
Professional quality

Easy plug-in design

All-in-one camera and speakerphone

Natural sound

Noise-canceling technology

USB connectivity

Slightly bulky design

Requires use of 2 USB ports to operate

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect Conference Room Camera
logitech conference room camera
If you’re a fan of sleek and modern design, you’re going to love Logitech ConferenceCam Connect’s minimalist tower design. It’s an excellent option for smaller group video conferencing situations and is packed with all the usual technology you would expect from Logitech. The cam is the company’s portable all-in-one video conferencing solution and it certainly is easy to transport.

It features a 1080p camera with autofocus as well as digital panning options and tilt and zoom function. Unlike many of the other models we’re reviewing, this also comes with remote control. Very business-like! While the field of vision itself is 90-degrees, the audio is a full 360-degrees so no matter where a delegate is sat relative to the microphone, their voice can be picked up and clearly recorded. That’s thanks to the addition of noise cancellation and full-duplex Omni-directional mics. This excellent web camera also features full plug-and-play compatibility, and while it’s certainly not the most inexpensive video conference camera, it’s undoubtedly one of the best. Love this product? Check out our review of the best-selling 360 cameras for our top picks.

Key Features:
Enables high-quality video conferences in virtually any setting

Delivers 90-degree field of view and 360-degree sound optimization

Full HD video with pan, tilt and zoom functions

Wirelessly project presentations from mobile devices

Compatible with most web conferencing apps

Weight1.68 Pounds
All-in-one conferencing solution

Sleek and modern design

Perfect for small workgroups

90-degree field of vision

Full HD 1080p

Portable and easy to carry

Camera doesn’t rotate

Logitech Group HD Video And Audio Conference Room Camera
logitech group hd video and audio conferencing system room camera
Billed as the affordable solution for larger group conferencing situations, the Logitech Group HD Video And Audio Conferencing System will turn any room into a conference facility. Simply plug in the full HD camera and speakerphone into a laptop, and you are literally in business! Compatible with most conferencing apps, it’s an excellent recommendation with an easy-to-delay plug-and-play setup that doesn’t require any help from the IT department.

Certainly, it’s not cheap, but since this is one of the most advanced web camera solutions at this price range, we consider it budget-friendly. It’s perfect for mid to large-sized conference rooms and groups and can deliver a 90-degree field of vision with an accompanying 20-feet diameter audio range. It’s been optimized for groups of up to 14 people. Featuring a full duplex speakerphone, it comes with four integrated omnidirectional mics as well as advanced noise cancellation. It is also conveniently compatible with both Mac and PC and works with most cloud communication apps, UC, and video conferencing platforms. To enhance the safety of your home, be sure to browse our list of top-rated security cameras, and pick your favorite.

Key Features:
All-in-one design for professional video

Easy plug-and-play USB connection

Perfect for mid to large-sized conference locations

Delivers razor-sharp HD 1080p video with auto focus and digital tilt

HD audio quality with four omnidirectional mics

Weight7.9 Pounds
All-in-one conferencing solution

Easy to set up and use

Plug-and-play USB

HD 1080p video with autofocus

Fully compatible with all video conference apps

Professional grade certifications

Cables are too short

Camera is pretty sensitive to being moved

 conference room webcams

1. Meeting Owl Pro

Best conference web cam for tracking team-member’s faces for automatic 360˚ meetings


Resolution: 1080PFrame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 8-mic + Triple speakerPan/Tilt/Zoom: Auto, DigitalField of View: 360˚Size: 273 x 111 x 111mmWeight: 2.65lb/1.2kgTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Great product design+Smart zoom+Whiteboard Owl accessory


-Phone app irritating for first time user

The Meeting Owl was a successful product, picking up several awards for its cute (but not too cute) design, capped with a 360˚ camera and equipped with the software to identify team members who are talking and give them centre stage. Along the top (unless disabled in the options) is a thin strip showing a perspective-corrected strip of the whole-room view; in both cases the images are considerably more flattering than from a shorter camera thanks to the device’s 273mm body height (nearly 11 inches), and the sound is capably handled by the 8 mics which also help locate the subject (and boast a good pick-up range of 5.5m / 18ft). The ‘Pro’ is the newer version, with a more powerful processor, better resolution and louder speakers without too significant a price bump. Camera lock is controlled via a phone app, which is a slightly convoluted solution compared to a remote, but well featured and the device is always popular.

If you want to share the discussion points, the optional Whiteboard Owl accessory adds distortion-corrected view of the whiteboard. The view isn’t even blocked as the board is written on; the software applies partial transparency, and even offers a step-by-step playback. On the downside the device requires an annual software subscription, but it extends the functionality of the Meeting Owl Pro (and only the Pro).

2. Logitech Rally

A conference camera big enough for a classroom


Resolution: 4KFrame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 2-micPan/Tilt/Zoom: Auto, Digital (4x)Field of View: ± 90° pan / +50˚ / -90˚ tiltSize: 7.19 x 5.98 x 5.98in / 182.5 x 152 x 152mmWeight: 1.69lb/766gTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+4K Sensor+Easy Setup+Parks in ‘lens-down’ privacy mode


-Are two hubs & a computer necessary?

The Rally camera is a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera which uses Logitech’s RightSense technology to automatically frame every participant. It also boasts good-quality low-light and tone control technology which prioritizes faces, no bad thing when you’re under office lighting. The camera is sold on its own, or as part of the Logitech Rally Plus system, which includes a display hub with a pair of stereo speakers and a smaller table hub to which you can connect microphones . To make setup easy, the cables and devices come stickered (though you can use a much longer Cat6A cable to connect the hubs if you choose). A nice touch is that the mic pods can be daisy chained, making fitting to different sized rooms easy, and while the remote only has two presets it is good to see a little more urgency in camera movement when one is chosen compared to gentle panning from the directional pad. See also Best Logitech webcams.

3. Jabra Panacast

Compact Panoramic WebCam for 180˚ Coverage


Resolution: 4KFrame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 2-micPan/Tilt/Zoom: Auto, Digital (4x)Field of View: 180˚ / 54˚(vertical)Size: 102 x 67 x 20 mmWeight: 3.5oz / 99gTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Portable +Great solution for laptops+Mac & Windows software to tweak features


-Hub, mic and stands are extra

This camera is ideal for meeting rooms where the table touches the same wall as a display. It can be positioned beneath the screen and get a full 180˚ screens-eye view of the whole room so no participants are excluded. Connection is via an optional hub or directly to your computer via USB (the later affording decent portability with a laptop). The system seems to do a good job of blending video from each of the lenses, though you can also opt for ‘intelligent’ mode which zooms into areas of video with movement in (sit too still too long in a meeting and you might get cropped!). Although the device states it’s 4K, it’s worth noting that the reality is that each lens has a 13-megapixel sensor but the camera will zoom past pixel parity so you may see resolution softening on close ups. If you’re not sure you want to share your whole room, Jabra have you covered too; you can choose various fields of view down to 90˚ via the Jabra Direct software. 

4. Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

A portable conference web camera that doesn’t need wires


Resolution: 1080PFrame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 2-micPan/Tilt/Zoom: Digital (4x)Field of View: 90˚Size: 304 x 75 x 75mmWeight: 1.69lb/766gTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Makes every huddle room flexible+Brilliant design with built-in remote+AF lens


-Face-tracking would be useful

With a built-in rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity, the Logitech Connect makes sense in a lot of environments where fixing a camera might not; many offices have more meeting rooms than they have conferencing cameras, or you could take one to conduct a site meeting and share it live with the main office. You can plug into a laptop via USB, or your phone with Bluetooth and all but the most intensive meetings should cope with the 3 hours of video or 15 hours audio the battery will provide (though don’t worry, Logitech still provides plugs). The remote control, when not serving as a magnetically attached lens cover, provides pan, tilt and zoom, though there are no auto-tracking features. This is an elegant device, with features like NFC and can make friends with Chromebooks as well as Macs and PCs, and will not disappoint in rooms up to six people. (If you appreciate Logitech’s tech but would like to save on wireless functionality, check

5. Kandao Meeting Pro

Best conference webcam with built-in Android system to host meeting apps


Resolution: 1080PFrame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 8-mic + SpeakerPan/Tilt/Zoom: Auto, DigitalField of View: 360˚Size: 285 x 75 x 75mmWeight: 1.65lb/750gTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Connects to a monitor as unified system+Record to Micro SD+Wi-Fi+CES Innovation Award for portable design


-Lens cover easy to lose

This meeting camera shows how useful a built-in operating system can be in simplifying the meeting process. While the device itself is built to sit table-centre in a medium-sized meeting room (up to 18ft/5.5m sound pick up), what’s really handy is that it can connect, via HDMI, directly to a wall-mounted display. Using the remote, you can use the display’s menu screen to choose your preferred conferencing app (if it works on Android, it works here). You can even keep the apps up-to-date via the 802.11ac wi-fi or Ethernet and even attach peripherals via USB. The Meeting Pro will act as speaker and microphone, and sports echo and noise cancellation to keep your call clear. It’s possible your colleagues might find the knowledge that there is 64Gb on-board recording space a little unsettling, but the ‘stop’ button is easy to find. The machine’s 8 microphones help it do a good job of identifying the active speaker for the 1080P video output. The camera crunches through 8K worth of input from both cameras which helps people look their best (less distortion correction than some).

6. NexiGo Meeting 360

A conference camera with a neat built-in privacy option


Resolution: 1080P (8K input)Frame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 8-micPan/Tilt/Zoom: Auto, Digital (4x)Field of View: 360˚ (vertical)Size: 285 x 126 x 126mmWeight: 4.82lb/2.17kgTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Automatically frames speaking person+Push camera into body for guaranteed privacy+Eight microphones to position sound


-Relatively hefty compared to Meeting Owl

The NexiGo Meeting camera creates a 360˚ view of the table it is placed in the centre of using two 195-degree field of view lenses pointing in opposite directions. In that respect it is similar to the Kandao, also in this list. It can also assemble five different arrangements of video which it lists as Discussion mode, Presentation 1 & @ Modes, Global Mode and Patrol Mode. These help you provide the AI with direction without being a slave to camera operation, while the microphone pick up of up to 18ft (5.5m) means the device works on a reasonably large conference table. Having physical volume buttons built in is handy too, since there is no need to track down a remote for problems with volume. Fitters will even be pleased to find a ¼ thread tripod mount on the base, and the device is recognized by all the leading apps: Zoom, Skype, Slack, GoToMeeting, MS Teams and more.

7. Coolpo AI Huddle Pana

A smart microphone array and 360˚ camera for lower budgets


Resolution: 1080PFrame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 4-micPan/Tilt/Zoom: Auto, Digital (4x)Field of View: 360˚ horizontally / 60˚ (vertical)Size: 304 x 75 x 75mmWeight: 2.6lb/1180gTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Automatically frames speaking person+Light elegantly integrated into base+Lower price good for families during pandemic


-AI could be better

Like the Meeting Owl, this Coolpo sports a 360˚ panoramic camera on top of a tall body which, thanks to built in speakers and four intelligent mics can automatically track the active participant in the meeting, outputting one or more active views and a thin strip of the whole room. The camera is a single lens, looking up, with a 200˚ field of view; it sees slightly below the eye line of the participants, the software does the cropping. If you can place it in the middle of the room, it’s well suited to a huddle-sized meeting table of about 7 people (assuming you have a screen on one wall) with about 15ft / 4.5m sound range. It has broad compatibility in terms of platforms (including WebEx, Cisco, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, MS Teams) and – though it looks like a waiter might use it to offer you pepper at any moment – it’s still pretty handsome. If there is a flaw, the subject tracking seems to take a better-safe-than-sorry approach, framing the round face of even a clock rather than dropping back to two cameras.

8. Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam

Best conference camera for small huddle spaces


Resolution: 1080PFrame Rate: 30fpsAudio: 4-micPan/Tilt/Zoom: Auto, Digital (1.2x)Field of View: 78˚ (vertical)Size: 344 x 147 x 154mmWeight: 568gTODAY’S BEST DEALS


+Remote control with PTZ+Full duplex speakerphone with up to 8-foot (2.5m) range+Height extension rod for best angle


-Maximum of four in conference

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