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We fulfilled our #1 customer request with wide calf socks! STRETCH-IT™ wide calf socks are more comfortable and stretchier than any knee high socks you’ve ever tried. And they can stretch up to 21″ in circumference without distorting the graphics!Color Special Features Sort By 

model wearing Secret Powers - Superhero Cat Knee High Socks Purple - Unisex

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model wearing STRETCH-IT™ Team Pride - Wide Calf - LGBTQ+ Pride Knee High Socks Rainbow - Unisex

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model side view of Chat Noir - Wide Calf - Cat Knee High Socks Yellow - Unisex

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What is your sock game looking like? For those of us who work from home and have migrated from plus size suiting to plus size lounge wear, we cannot forget our feet! How about a few fun pairs of wide calf socks?

You have your robes, soft pants (or no pants), and mayyyyybe a sports bra, right? Your feet should have a little fun too!

So, as we are cooped up in our homes, our socks should have just as much fun as our new fancy lingerielounge wear, and active wear, right?


What we have done is picked out a few fun knee-high wide calf socks that will help you stay comfy and cozy, at home…

A Few Playful Wide Calf Socks to Keep it Cozy

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STRETCH-IT™ Stay Weird! Socks

“We fulfilled our number one customer request and developed proprietary technology to create our awesome designs on stretchier socks—up to 21 inches in circumference without distorting the graphics. Our custom built machine creates a higher thread count knee high that won’t fall down, no matter your leg size.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: www.modsock.com

Constellations Knee High Socks

“These knee-high constellation socks depict a starry night in a peaceful woods with clear skies, bright stars and the silhouettes of tall trees on the horizon.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: johnscrazysocks.com

Cream & Gray Polka Dot Compression Socks Unisex Knee High Sock

These FDA-Approved knee-high Cream & Gray Polka Dot Compression Socks have an astounding variety of health benefits. up to a size 22″ calf.SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: www.sockdreams.com

Classic Care Bear Crew

“What makes these Care Bear crews “classic”? It’s the ten original 1981 Care Bears riding rainbow balloons down these sky blue socks! Can you identify Bedtime Bear, Birthday Bear, Cheer Bear, Friend Bear, Funshine Bear, Good Luck Bear, Grumpy Bear, Love-a-lot Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Wish Bear? Eat your hearts out, 80’s kids!”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: plussizecoppersocks.com

Wide Calf Graduated Black & White 15-20mmhg Knee High Compression Support Socks

These Knee High Compression Support Socks For Men & Women are a comfortable support garment that provides optimal support and coverage for your legs.SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: www.sockdreams.com

Cry Hard Dance Harder Crew

Who doesn’t appreciate a little message and reminder to keep going?SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: sockittome.com

STRETCH-IT™ Bad Ass Socks

“Our Badass socks are available in our unisex STRETCH-IT™ size, Crossfitters rejoice! Business in the front, “Badass” in the back. Kinda like a mullet. But mullets are not cool, okay. Just release the desire to rock the mullet. Buy these socks instead; your love life will thank you.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: plussizecoppersocks.com

Plus Size Hearts All Over Graduated 15-20mmhg Knee High Compression Support Socks

“Our Plus Size Hearts All Over Graduated 15-20mmHG Knee High Compression Support Socks are a comfortable support garment that provides optimal support and coverage for your legs.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: www.modsock.com

Piano Cat Knee High Wide Calf Socks

“When pet owners are away, the cat will play. . . piano!? Let your paws dance across the ivories in these stylishly mismatched knee highs featuring a family of musically inclined kitties.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: thundathighs.bigcartel.com

Thunda Thighs 

“Why can’t the plus-size community look fierce AF in a pair of thigh-high socks?Well, we say you can! We’ve designed our thigh highs specifically for our plus size peoples and are locked and loaded with options to help your thigh highs stay put!”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: sockittome.com

STRETCH-IT™ March with Pride Socks

“These might be the perfect socks to wear to Pride. But that doesn’t mean you can only wear them to Pride. Wear them to the park, or wear them to the club. Wear them every day because you take your pride everywhere with you.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: www.modsock.com

Sloth Stripe Knee Socks

“Slow down and chill out, because the sloths on these striped socks for women just want to hang out! These sloth socks are covered in three-toed sloths just hanging around, being adorable.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: sockittome.com

STRETCH-IT™ Reigning Confetti Socks

“Celebrate! New Year’s? Birthday? Regular ol’ end-of-the-week Friday? Grab a bottle of champagne, your best friends, these amazingly pink and happy knee highs and get this party started.”SHOP NOWCREATE PINTEREST PINPHOTO CREDIT: www.modsock.com

Bold Poppies Knee Socks

“The poppy is a powerful symbol representing remembrance, magic, beauty, fertility and eternal life. Whatever significance this flower may hold for you, it’s sure to bloom with every step in these lovely knee socks, available in either black or teal.” SHOP NOWSoooooo!

About those ThundaThighs thigh high socks… did you catch those? 

Do you see how much fun these are? Could you see yourself in a few of these wide calf socks?

Image via ThundaThighs

Playful, fun, exciting? Perfect to play in, lounge in, and even work in!

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