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Wide Fit Shoes Mens

Wide Fittings Explained

Wide fit and extra wide fit shoes comes in a range of sizes, ranging from E fit to EEEEEE fit for ladies and F fit, G fit and H fit for men.

Shoe Sizes and Extra Wide Fit

Most people know their own shoe size, but this doesn’t take width into account at all, even though there can be significant variation that means many people require shoes with an extra wide fit. It is therefore important to check the width of your feet and find out whether you are an E fit, an EEEEEE fit, or something in between, such as an EEEEE fit, or a F fit, G fit, or H fit and to use this measurement in addition to your shoe size.

Checking Your Shoe Size

You can check your shoe size by drawing round your foot on a piece of paper and measuring the length at the longest part, usually from the heel to the big or second toe. A chart of shoe sizes and wide fit measurements will show you what size shoe you should be wearing, with each half size being about four millimetres larger than the one before. Your shoe size will be a number, with the wide fit being given by a letter, ranging from E to EEEEEE for ladies and F to H fit for men.

Measuring Feet for Wide Fit

Wide fit is determined by a combination of shoe size and circumference in centimetres, which you can measure around the widest part of the foot with a fabric tape measure while standing flat on the floor. The widest circumference is usually at a slight angle between the bases of the big and little toes. Make sure to wear socks if you want them to fit snugly into your shoes, and to measure both feet since one is often slightly larger.

Finding Your Extra Wide Fit

You can combine your width measurement with your shoe size on a sizing chart to find the right fitting. Extra wide fit is determined by a combination of the two, so feet with the same circumference can be classified into different wide fit sizes depending on shoe size. For example, a foot with a circumference of 24.8cm would be EEEE fit for someone with shoe size 5, but EEE fit for size 6, and EE fit for size 7.

Finding your own extra wide fit is actually very easy. All you have to do is read along the row for your shoe size until you come to the right circumference. For example, shoe size 7 with a circumference of 25.4cm is an EEE fit, while a circumference of 26cm is an EEEE fit. The smallest width for each shoe size is an E fit, with each fitting being about six millimetres apart. The sizes above E fit range from EE fit through to EEEEEE fit for ladies and then continue as F fit, G fit and H fit for men, with H fit being the widest option.

What are the Best Shoes for Wide Feet?

Clarks Women’s Reedly Salene Wedge Sandal

Cute Heels for Wide Feet: Clarks

While cute heels and comfort don’t usually go together, this comfortable and cute wedge sandal from Clarks fits the bill. Clarks is known for its comfortable shoes, and the Reedly Salene is no exception. Made from perforated leather with a rubber sole, this cute platform sandal features Clarks’ Ortholite footbed, which is cushion soft.

We recommend wedges when traveling if you need a heel because they are more comfortable and stable than shoes with spiked heels. While you might not want to wear them all day sightseeing, they would be great when you need a dressy heel.

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Skechers Go Walk 4 Achiever Walking Shoe

Comfortable Shoes for Wide Feet: Skechers

When you need to walk all day, our readers love Skechers Go Walk sneakers. They are some of the most comfortable slip-on sneakers for wide feet. They are lightweight, with cushioned soles, and a Goga Max high rebound footbed to energize your steps.

One reader says, “I love my Skechers Go Walk shoes. They’re comfortable, lightweight  easy to clean, and provide great arch support.” These super comfy sneakers are offered in wide sizes, too!

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SAS Tour Lace Up Shoes

Best Wide Width Shoes: SAS

SAS is known for making making quality footwear with a lot of support. Plus, they offer some of the best extra wide shoes for travel. This pair of Tour sneakers work great for hiking or long walks, as they look like standard athletic shoes.

One reader says, “SAS has really upped their game in the past few years with new styles that maintain their trademark comfort.”

Beyond sneakers, SAS also offers flats and sandals. One caveat is the price. They are more expensive than many of the other styles shared here.

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Propet Women’s Tatum Ankle Bootie

Cute Shoes Wide Feet: Propet

The stylish Propet ankle bootie with a stacked heel is available in wide widths and is designed to offer maximum comfort and arch support. This Propet boots come in both black and tan.  

One reader says, “I’m usually a Birkenstock girl, but recently I’ve discovered Propet shoes and boots, and I’m totally sold. Lots of options, especially for widths.” Another reader says, “My Propet boots have become my go-to shoes as they are lightweight and very comfortable.”

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Vionic Rest Kirra Backstrap Sandal

Cute Sandals for Wide Feet: Vionic

Vionic creates supportive and comfortable shoes, sandals, and orthotics that are designed to provide relief for people suffering from heel pain who still want to stay stylish. These Rest Kirra Backstrap Sandal are a perfect example.

A reader says, “I just bought my Vionic Samar sandals. Perfect for our summer travels! They don’t offer wide widths, but the sizes do run wide.”

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Ecco Women’s Felicia Wedge Sandals

Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet: Ecco

Our female jetsetters rave about their shoes from Ecco for being awesome for wide fit

and for the sandal’s sturdy rubber sole, offering plenty of grip and support. The wedge sole of these comfortable sandals for wide feet make them a great option if you are looking for something dressier.

One reader says, “For my 15-day trip to Europe, my hero item was my Ecco Felicia sandals. I have wide feet and need decent arch support. These were great out for the box, no break in time needed and we walked miles!”

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Birkenstock Arizona Unisex Suede Sandal

Comfortable Sandals for Wide Feet: Birkenstocks

While Birkenstocks only come in narrow or regular widths, they’re known for being wide. One reader says, “That’s one of the reasons I live in Birkenstock — wide feet in the front with narrow heels. Birks accommodate fairly wide feet, and the straps are adjustable, especially in the sandals.”

Birkenstocks also are known for being some of the most comfortable sandals around, as well as durable. The Arizona suede sandal is Birkenstock’s most popular style, but you also can find options with back straps for longer periods of walking and more stability.

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Softwalk Rocklin Dark Brown Bootie

Best Wide Shoes, Boots: SoftWalk

One reader says she has “enjoyed SoftWalk shoes,” and we agree. Not only do they create a really comfy sole, but they also offer a variety of some of the best extra wide shoes for travel.

This Softwalk pair of booties is a great example of how stylish their shoes are! They look very similar to the trendy Sam Edelman Petty boots fashion bloggers love.

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Sole Diva Basic Ballerina

Cute Flats for Wide Feet: Sole Diva

Sole Diva is a fun choice when it comes to cute shoes for wide feet. It offers D, E, and EEE width shoes in a variety of styles and types of shoes. One reader says, “They have lots of cute E/EE widths!”

They’re also inexpensive and in cute styles, like this darling ballerina flat, making it one of the best extra wide shoes for travel. You can stock up on several pairs for your travels without breaking the bank.

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Dr. Scholl’s Rate Suede Ankle Boots

Good Shoes for Wide Feet: Dr. Scholl’s

The Dr. Scholl’s brand is a favorite among women with wide feet, and come highly recommended from our readers. They may not have some of the best extra wide shoes available in multiple widths, but unlike some brands, they don’t look like orthopedic shoes. From flats to boots to sandals, you can build a whole shoe collection from Dr. Scholl’s. We love the look of this pair of suede ankle boots, which are equally as stylish as they are comfy and durable for travel.

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