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Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet

2019 Update: We still love these comfortable heels for wide feet (and have updated the post to include specific brands offering wide widths) — but you may want to check out our most recent roundup of comfortable work heels instead (don’t miss our category where we list favorite options in extended widths!).

Which are the most professional, comfortable heels for wide feet?  Reader N wonders:

The Most Comfortable Heels for Wide Feet | CorporetteI always have trouble finding a pair of comfortable but fashionable shoes, for two reasons – 1) I have wide feet and can only buy wide sized shoes, of which there is limited selection, and 2) I also have flat feet/collapsed arches. Could you suggest some brands that have nice shoes in wide sizes (especially ones that are available in Canada?) and which are also comfortable and affordable? And any other tips on shoe inserts, perhaps? Thanks!

We’ve talked about how to find shoes for your weird feet, as well as the best general shoe brands (and tips) for buying comfortable heels, but we haven’t talked about wide heels for a few years now.  (I would recommend treating flat feet/wide feet as two different issues, but your podiatrist can advise you best there — we’ve talked before about women’s shoe inserts to make heels more comfortable.)

Readers have generally sung the praises of these brands as being comfortable heels; they also come in wide sizes — a lot of these have great arch support built in:

As noted before (either in our 2010 article or by commenters there), these online stores focus on shoes for wide feet:


In our last roundup of classic black heels for business attire, we rounded up some pumps that came in extended widths, including:


In our last roundup of comfortable flats for work, we rounded up some flats that came in extended width sizes…

Readers with wide heels — particularly those of you in Canada! — which are your favorite brands for work?  Which are the most comfortable heels for wide feet?

N.B. This article was originally written on Jan. 9, 2014, but was substantially updated in 2019 to include more Hall of Famer brands of comfortable heels for wide feet. Stock photo credit: Stencil.

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