womens boy shorts swim

In this post, we will be discussing the Womens Boy Shorts Swim options, swimsuits with shorts for ladies, two piece swimsuits with boyshorts and ladies boyshorts swimwear. Yes, swimwear is clothing worn for swimming.  True, it is also worn by people at the beach or pool that don’t actually go in the water.  OK, so let’s figure out why “women” wear “boy” shorts.

Womens Boy Shorts Swim

Boy shorts swimsuits for women comes in a wide assortment colors and sizes. Shop the latest collections of boy shorts bathing suits from popular swimwear brands at your favorite retailers.   For sporty bottom coverage, boyshorts are the perfect pick. With a short style to give your rear the coverage you want and a flirty boy cut, boyshorts are a comfortable way to sunbathe on the beach.

Women's Boysshorts Swimwear

Swimsuit bottoms that have very brief legs cut parallel to the waist, worn especially by women.

Boy shorts or boyshorts, also known as boy short panties, boys’ cut, booty shorts, shorties, or boyleg briefs are a kind of women’s underwear that goes all the way down the hips, named for their similarity in looks to men’s knit boxer shorts, which themselves are a variation on traditional boxer shorts.

Boyleg Underwear

swimsuits with shorts for ladies

Over the years, swimsuit styles have evolved tremendously. In Victorian times, women wore heavy wool swim dresses that almost covered their bodies completely. Nowadays, many swimsuit styles leave very little to the imagination.

If you are shopping for a new swimsuit this season, you certainly will be pleased by the different styles, shapes and fabrics available. Here is a brief guideline to the most common swimsuit styles. We hope this information will make your swimsuit shopping a little easier and fun.

One-piece Swimsuits

If you prefer a little more coverage, a one-piece suit is a terrific option. One-piece swimsuits come in various styles, all derived from the shape of a leotard.


Maillot Swimsuit
 Maillot Swimsuit. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

In designer’s terms, a maillot is your traditional one-piece swimming suit. It normally features a scoop neck and two tank straps. The straps vary in thickness from a couple inches wide to thin spaghetti traps.

Racerback Swimsuit

Racerback Swimsuit
 Racerback Swimsuit. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

This is the type of suit that you see on Olympic swimmers. The racer style back allows full movement of your arms. This is the perfect style for any competitive swimmers.

Bandeau Swimsuit

Bandeau Swimsuit
 Bandeau Swimsuit. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Both one piece and two piece suits can be bandeau style. Bandeau is a strapless style which the fabric can is pleated and gathered in the middle. Oftentimes, bandeau swimsuits offer detachable straps that you can attach in different manners – spaghetti, halter or criss-cross style.


 Monokini. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

When the monokini was originally created, it was a swimsuit that left the breasts completely exposed. It wasn’t popular at all and evolved into a very revealing version of the one-piece suit. Basically the monokini is a one piece suit that the sides are nearly completely cut out, giving the appearance of a bikini that the top and bottom are connected with a thin strip of material.

Swim Dress

Swim Dress
 Swim Dress. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

On the other end of the spectrum is the swim dress. This one-piece swimming suit has a built in skirt that provides extra coverage of your stomach, butt and upper thighs. It’s a common swimsuit style that is normally available in plus-sizes and maternity wear.


Also called the sling bikini or the suspender bikini, this is another very revealing one-piece swim suit. The bottoms resemble bikini bottoms but they have straps that come straight upward and cover the nipple area. The sides of the suit are completely open. The straps come over the shoulders where they connect into one section which continues downward and becomes the thong bottom. You might associate this type of swimsuit with Borat or female body builders.

Two-piece Swimsuits

For women who want to expose their mid-section, a tremendous variety of different two-piece swimsuits are available. The bikini is your classic two-piece swimsuit. You can choose bikinis with various shapes of tops and bottoms each providing different levels of coverage.

Classic Bikini

Bikini Swimsuit
 Bikini Swimsuit. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

A classic bikini top is shaped very similar to a traditional bra. It features two cups (which can have underwire support) and straps that go over the shoulders and connect to the band across the back. The classic bikini bottom offers complete coverage of the groin and buttocks. The legs are cut high. This swimsuit style is similar to a high-cut panty.

String Bikini

String Bikini
 String Bikini. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Your traditional string bikini features a two triangle shaped pieces of fabric that cover the breasts. The triangles are connected with three strings. One string runs through the bottom of each triangle with the ends tying in the back to create the band. The other two strings come out of the top of each triangle and tie at the back of the neck. On the string bikini bottom, the triangle front and triangle back are connected with a strip of fabric at the crotch. The bottom is tied at the hips with strings.

Halter Top Bikini

Halter Style Bikini
 Halter Style Bikini. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

The halter bikini top features a plunging neckline and straps that tie around the back of the neck. This lifting top is great for women who want to appear as if they have bigger breasts.

Bandeau Top Bikini

Bandeau Bikini Top
 Bandeau Bikini Top. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

The bandeau top is one piece of fabric that stretches straight across the chest. This is a strapless style. The top is usually gathered in the middle. If you have larger breasts, this style of bikini top will minimize the look of your bust.

Swim Sports Bra

Swim Sports Bra
 Swim Sports Bra. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

As the name says, this is a sports bra style top. It’s great for women who swim competitively, surf or play other water sports. This swimsuit provides extra coverage and support.


 Tankini. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

The tankini is a new twist on the classic bikini. This swimsuit style has been popular for the last four or five years and will continue to be so this season. Instead of a bikini top, this two-piece suit features a tank top instead. This is a great option for women who want the flexibility of a two piece suit without revealing their stomach.

Boy Shorts

Boyshorts Swimsuit
 Boyshorts Swimsuit. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

This style is popular in both swimsuits and panties. This bikini bottom resembles very short shorts. It gives women a little extra coverage of the upper thighs and hips. Boy shorts make the legs appear shorter, therefore they are not ideal for petites.

Thong Swimsuit

Thong Bikini
 Thong Bikini. Courtesy of Berrydog

The thong bikini offers full coverage in the front, but only a small strip of fabric in the rear. It’s very revealing but it’s very common on today’s beaches. The thong swimsuit can also be one-piece too. It appears like a traditional one piece suit but features a thong back, which leaves the butt exposed. Obviously, this suit isn’t the best for competitive swimming or water sports, but many people think it’s sexy. Even more revealing than the thong, the G-string features merely a string in the back. It’s definitely not the choice for shy women.


No matter what style of swimsuit you choose, consider both your body type and the location where you will be wearing it. Obviously the more revealing styles may not be appropriate at a family beach or pool. The most important factor, however, is your comfort. Not only should the suit fit well and be physically comfortable, you should also be confident wearing it. Select a swimsuit style that you love and flaunt your assets.

Best Boxers for Women

We’re tired of our only options for underwear being varying levels of discomfort.

If you find some that don’t ride up, chances are they have an uncomfortable waist band, or vice versa. Thongs can be really irritating but do prevent the dreaded panty line, while your classic bikini cut usually feels better down there but bunches up and creates unflattering lines. So what’s the solution?

Boxers for women (or anyone who feels like traditional boxers don’t suit their body) of course!

Men have been wearing comfortable, breathable underwear forever, and just because you don’t have the same equipment doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the magic of boxers. Or maybe you don’t feel like yourself in feminine undergarments but hate dealing with the extra room that comes with buying traditional boxers. Boxers for women give you all the benefits of boxers (including that desired more masculine look) without any of the annoying parts of wearing underwear that aren’t shaped for your body! Here are our favorite boxers made specifically for women!



Woxers are exactly what they sounds like, boxers for women. With a comfortable waist band that is guaranteed not to squeeze, these cotton boxers are breathable, healthy for vaginas, and incredibly soft. Best of all, they come in a variety of colors and cuts to ensure you find a pair perfect for you.

Shop Woxer here.



TomboyX has a simple reason for existing: “Here’s the deal, there are women who love to wear boxer briefs. Until now, they’ve had to wear men’s. Not anymore.” The company is all about intersectionality and inclusion, and they acknowledge that not everyone who wears their underwear may identify as a woman. They have LGBTQ+ products lines, including trans pride boxers and bralettes, plus they donate to a number of excellent causes like the ACLU.

Shop Tomboyx here.



MeUndies make some of the most comfortable, adorable underwear out there, and their new women’s boxers are no exception. With no buttons or unnecessary fabric to bunch or rub, these underwear fit under even the tightest pants without causing panty lines. The MicroModal fabric is soft and breathable, making these the most comfortable underwear you’ll ever own. Plus, you can trust that all MeUndies products are ethically sourced.

Shop MeUndies here.


Richer Poorer boxers

These slightly more femme boxers have a real cult following online, especially since you can also buy them with matching bralettes. The no-slip waist band ensures they stay put, and the soft cotton body keeps you comfy all day long. Whether you’re buying these to lounge around in or to wear as underwear, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Shop RicherPoorer here.


Hanes boxers

We know what you’re thinking, “Hanes, really?” While you may associate the brand with your first pair of big girl panties when you were three or maybe the underwear shoved into the back of your drawer for laundry day, we promise the brand has come a long way since then. They now offer a wide array of styles including soft, patterned boxers for women. Plus, these are very budget-friendly!

Best sport bras

The Amazon Favorite

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra

FITTIN Racerback Sports Bra$23 now 39% offFrom $14

This simple racerback sports bra has nearly 7,000 ratings on Amazon, with more than 4,000 five-star reviews. The nylon and polyester construction moves with you, but won’t stretch out and lose its shape. The bra comes with light, removable padding and provides ample support in low- and medium-intensity workouts. One reviewer said that she normally has to wear a regular bra under her sports bra for adequate support, but not with this one. If you’re looking for the most compression, size down.
Available in sizes S to 2X.FROM $14 AT AMAZON

A Stylish Yoga Bra

Core 10 Warrior Mesh Sports Bra

Core 10 Warrior Mesh Sports BraFrom $17

The Warrior Mesh bra has a number of thoughtful details that make it more fun than your average sports bra. Wide mesh straps give support without looking clunky or dooming you to harsh tan lines. The neckline keeps everything in place while the mesh panels offer a playful peek of cleavage. This bra is in the medium-support range, meaning you can do pilates or yoga in it, but it won’t minimize bouncing from running or jumping.
Available in sizes XS to 3X. FROM $17 AT AMAZON

The High-Intensity Bra for Hardcore Workouts

Enell High-Impact Sports Bra

Enell High-Impact Sports Bra$66

We’ve previously raved about this bra as one of the best for big boobs, and for good reason. This sports bra is heavy duty — it has ten front hook-and-eye closures and strong fabric for a comfortable fit with little to no bouncing as you work out. The only downside is that getting into the bra is almost a workout in and of itself. The top-rated review on Amazon gives step-by-step instructions, which are both informative and hilarious.
Available in sizes 0-8. Enell uses its own measurement system, which can be found here$66 AT BARE NECESSITIES

The Best Sports Bra for Running

Brooks Juno High Impact Sports Bra

Brooks Juno High Impact Sports BraFrom $42

Brooks’s most popular running bra is easy to customize for your body. Rather than wrestling the fabric over your head, you can create the perfect chafe-free fit with an adjustable clasp closure and adjustable straps. “It fits snugly but isn’t so tight that I can’t breathe properly,” writes one reviewer, “and I don’t feel any discomfort or bounce while I run.”
Available in sizes 30C to 40EFROM $42 AT BROOKS RUNNING

The Best Sports Bra That’s Also a Shirt

Lululemon Align Tank

Lululemon Align Tank$54

Sometimes I only want to wear one layer when I work out, but feel a little naked wearing just a sports bra. This longline tank offers the best of both worlds, plus you can wear it with high-waisted jeans on the weekend. The reviews tend to be rapturous, but do note that the fit can run small, so you might want to size up if you don’t need as much compression.
Available in sizes 2 to 12.$54 AT LULULEMON

If You Love Animal Print

Outdoor Voices TechSweat Crop Top

Outdoor Voices TechSweat Crop Top$45

I’m not usually an animal-print person, but when I tried on Outdoor Voices’ leopard sports bra and legging set, I saw an alternate future for myself — one where I was decked out in spots. Outdoor Voices describes this bra as “low support, high coverage,” meaning it won’t minimize bouncing but you won’t have to worry about revealing a ton of cleavage. If you don’t end up going for the full leopard set, it’ll look good with a black or neutral-toned legging, and the fabric wicks away sweat even during the most humid workouts. I once wore my Tech Sweat crop for a full day of hiking and climbing in 90-degree West Virginia heat and humidity. The cotton tank top I wore over the bra was soaked by noon, but the bra stayed comfortable well into the evening.
Available in sizes XS to XL. $45 AT OUTDOOR VOICES

If You Like a Strappy Silhouette

Lululemon Energy Bra

Lululemon Energy Bra$52

If you’ve gone to a yoga studio in the last six years, you’ve probably seen someone wearing this bra. If you don’t need too much support, the Energy Bra can work for higher impact activities like running and boxing, but it really shines as a beautiful medium-support bra for activities like spinning, yoga, or lifting. It keeps everything in without constricting, and it looks cute under slouchy tees or sweaters with the straps peeking out.
Available in sizes 2 to 14.$52 AT LULULEMON

A More Affordable Strappy Option

Queenieke Women's Medium Support Strappy Back Bra

Queenieke Women’s Medium Support Strappy Back BraFrom $20

This sports bra offers the same strappy back and stretchy material as the Lululemon Energy bra, but at a fraction of the price. The bra wicks away sweat, but not as much as some of the other powerhouse bras in this list.
Available in sizes XS to XXL. FROM $20 AT AMAZON

The Best Sporta Bra for Ultra-Sweaty Workouts

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra$65

This bra is made with Outdoor Voices’ “TechSweat” material, which I’m convinced is woven from strands of angel hair. Like the Tech Sweat Crop top, this one wicks away sweat in even the most humid conditions, but it offers a little more support for higher intensity workouts like choreographed spin classes or HIIT. The best part about this bra, however, is the way it doesn’t stain or darken no matter how sweaty you get. Writes one enthusiastic reviewer: “I didn’t realize how much most of the sports bras I was wearing sucked, until I put this one on.”
Available in sizes XS-XL.$65 AT OUTDOOR VOICES

The Best Low-Impact, Sustainable Bra

Girlfriend Collective Topanga Sports Bra

Girlfriend Collective Topanga Sports Bra$38

Like their signature leggings, Girlfriend Collective’s Topanga bra is made from recycled plastic water bottles. The top has a high neckline and a low back, with adjustable crossed straps. Girlfriend’s recycled material feels buttery soft against the skin, making this bra a great pick for either working out or just hanging out at home.
Available in sizes XS to 3X. $38 AT NORDSTROM

A Great Post-Mastectomy Bra

Athleta Empower Daily Bra

Athleta Empower Daily Bra$59

This bra from Athleta can be fastened with a front zipper or hook-and-eye enclosures on the back of the band, giving you several options if you have limited shoulder or arm mobility. Reviewers who’ve undergone mastectomy, reconstruction, or breast-reduction surgeries say this bra helped them regain confidence afterward. Writes one buyer, “I appreciate Athleta developing a bra for women with breast cancer that was designed so carefully.” Athleta also sells individual mastectomy inserts that are compatible with the Empower bras, in sizes ranging from an A cup to a D cup.
Available in sizes XS to L. $59 AT ATHLETA

For When You’d Rather Not Wear a Bra at All

Outdoor Voices Athena Crop

Outdoor Voices Athena Crop$45

If you’re into minimal support and maximum comfort, the Athena crop fits snugly without pinching, and the Textured Compression fabric is more durable than most performance fabrics out there. The only downside is that this bra, unlike the other Outdoor Voices bras on this list, does show sweat, so just keep that in mind.
Available in sizes XS to XL.$45 AT OUTDOOR VOICES

The Best Sheer-Back Bra


PRISMSPORT Crop Bra Top$70

My stance on mesh panels in activewear is that they’re more aesthetic than practical. And that’s okay! Sometimes you want to show a fun peek of skin in an unexpected way. This sports bra from Prismsport does just that, with black and gold iridescent sparkles on the front and a sheer back panel. The bra is lightly padded and made with lightweight jersey, so it’s probably best for less bouncy activities.
Available in sizes XS to L.$70 AT SHOPBOP

A Supportive Underwire Sports Bra

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra$66 now 24% offFrom $50

This sports bra from Elomi is great if you have larger breasts and want to avoid uni-boob. A hook on the straps allows you to convert the bra into a racerback if you want a little extra snugness and lift. One reviewer said this bra was life-changing, writing, “If you have a large frame and/or big boobs that have never had the right sports bra in their life, try this one.”
Available in sizes 32GG to 44DDUK.FROM $50 AT AMAZON

Another Great Underwire Option

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra$68

Wacoal’s underwire sports bra offers the support and separation of a regular bra with the minimizing and movement-reduction features of a sports bra. Note the wider straps, which won’t dig into your shoulders. Reviewers wrote that this bra is a dependable staple for a variety of workouts. Wrote one, “Ran five miles in this bra several times and still zero chafing around the band. That’s huge!!!”
Available in sizes 32C to 40G$68 AT NORDSTROM

If You Really Just Want a Snug Bralette

Everlane Tank Bra

Everlane Tank Bra$22

Sometimes you want something that falls between a piece of performance athletic wear and a flimsy bralette. Everlane’s Tank bra is a perfect solution, keeping you comfortable enough to move around, but not so tight or athleisure-y that you feel weird wearing it under normal clothes. It’s the perfect moving-day bra, because it’s not straight-up performance wear but you can lift things and get sweaty without absolutely destroying it.
Available in sizes XXS to XL.$22 AT EVERLANE

The Best Sports Bra for Nursing

SYROKAN Bounce Control Adjustable Bra

SYROKAN Bounce Control Adjustable BraFrom $25

The wide straps on this sports bra provide evenly distributed support, and they open from the front for easy(-ish) nursing access. The straps don’t stretch, meaning that they can keep everything in place even during the most aggressive workouts. One reviewer wrote that she uses this bra while horseback-riding to prevent bouncing, and then simply unhooks the strap to breastfeed. And if it works for someone who may or may not be breastfeeding on horseback, then you know it’s good.
Available in sizes 32B to 44DDFROM $25 AT AMAZON

If You Want to Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Beyond Yoga Double Back Alloy Speckled Sports Bra

Beyond Yoga Double Back Alloy Speckled Sports Bra$68

The material on this galaxy-inspired sports bra is great for a dark studio workout like Barry’s or a spin class. The tiny iridescent polka dots will bright up your mood enough to keep you going for one more set. And the scoop neck and dainty straps work well to provide coverage without impeding the neckline of most shirts.
Available in sizes XS to XL. $68 AT ZAPPOS

The Crowd Favorite

icyzone Strappy Sports Bra

icyzone Strappy Sports Bra$17 now 18% offFrom $14

This strappy sports bra from Icyzone has more than a thousand reviews, most of which are raves. The design is a slight twist on the classic strappy sports-bra silhouette, which reviewers found surprisingly supportive when working out. Reviewers say it’s perfect for workouts like hot yoga or barre class. The only complaint was that the sizing chart provided on the listing runs a bit large, so make sure to size down.
Available in sizes S to XXL. 

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