womens racing briefs

Looking to get the Womens Racing Briefs? Our team has researched and reviewed these womens athletics briefs to help you come up with a better decision. We’ve also put up a shopping guide with the features you can consider when buying womens sprinter briefs.

When you are planning on shopping for the right racing briefs, the criteria are quite different from what you would use to select regular underwear. This is because these running shorts are made using specific fabrics. Therefore, they have different physical characteristics. The seams of the underpants must be thick enough so no irritation will occur while you are moving onto your next destination. At the same time, the fabric has to stretch slightly so you can move properly.

womens athletics briefs

Womens Racing Briefs

For those who don’t go commando, these briefs provide that in-between layer to wick sweat away and prevent nasty chafing. According to a Runner’s World State of the American Runner survey in 2016, 61 percent of runners are for going commando, while 39 percent can’t imagine running without some support underneath. But have those 61 percent actually tried it? Sure, we love everything about the idea of running without underwear—the ease, the breathability, the joyful freedom of springing lightly into motion without excess fabric to hinder our movement. But the sweaty, skin-chafing reality? Ugh. Not always so fancy-free.

Plenty of running shorts have built-in drawers for a reason—not only does down-there moisture feel gross, but it also harbors bacteria. Cotton, as we know, holds moisture, which can breed bacteria that can cause yeast infections and jock itch. Technical fabrics such as wool or those with antimicrobial treatments—like the ones listed below—will disperse sweat from your sensitive parts and minimize chafing with their seamless construction.

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How We Selected

Every product here has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our team of test editors. We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with product managers, and use our own experience wearing and running in these products to determine the best options. Most models have been tested by our staff, and those that haven’t have been carefully chosen based on their value, technical fabrics, comfort, looks, and ability to wick away sweat and prevent chafing. Here are the best new picks for those times you’d like a little more fabric and support.

Womens Racing Briefs

Patagonia Active Briefs



Active Brief

Designed for hiking, these stretchy bikini briefs are ideal for trail adventures and all-day runs that lean more toward exploring than working out. The recycled nylon and spandex jersey fabric is soft and breathable against your skin, with an anti-odor treatment to offset its wicking strength.

Runderwear Boyshorts

Price: $28



Women’s Boyshorts

In case the name didn’t tip you off, Runderwear makes seamless, chafe-free performance underwear for runners and triathletes. These comfortable, full-coverage boy shorts are made of breathable technical fabric that stays put while you’re in motion.

Reebok High-Waisted Seamless Briefs



High Waist Seamless Brief 3-Pack

If you like a bit more coverage from your running underclothes, these lightweight, seamless briefs have a higher rise so they’re less likely to slide around or divide your midsection into segments. A breathable blend of polyester and spandex maintains stretch and wicking abilities while you run, but they’re soft enough that you might want to change into another pair for all-day wear.

Asics ASX Boy Brief



Women’s ASX Boy Briefs

A super-lightweight nylon and polyester blend keeps these boy shorts breathable and quick-drying. Even the sweatiest runner we know (ok, I’m talking about me) has praised their wicking superpowers. A high waist and more than two-inch inseam provide full coverage that won’t ride up.

Balanced Tech 3-Pack Classic Seamless Panties

Balanced Tech


Seamless Bikini 3 Pack

Two things stand out about these mid-rise hipster briefs: They keep you miraculously wedgie-free while your body is in motion, and they’re a stellar value for the comfort and quality. Cool, quick-drying nylon-elastane fabric staves off that swamp-pit feeling down south, while the seamless fit prevents chafing or digging in.

Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong

Under Armour


Pure Stretch Thong 3-Pack

Good news for thong enthusiasts (and thong enthusiasts only): There’s no reason to waste extra fabric now that these minimalist workout panties are a thing. Made of a lightweight and breathable soft fabric, the thongs are comfortable and budge-proof no matter how far you’re running. You can also wear them under anything and trust they’re on your side in the battle against panty lines

Running Underwear for Men

Under Armour 6″ Tech Boxerjock

Under Armour


Tech 6″ Boxerjock


$26.25 (25% off)

These boxer-briefs have been a longtime runner favorite for their high level of support and polyester-elastane blend that doesn’t chafe or hold moisture. The fabric feels soft and chafe-free against your skin, with a four-way stretch construction and no uncomfortable side or back seams.

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Brief



Men’s Give-N-Go Flyless Brief

On a running vacation? Rinse these gems in your hotel sink and they will be dry by the time your alarm goes off. And even if the farthest you travel from home is on your usual 10-mile loop, you still get flatlock stitching, anti-odor treatment, moisture-wicking magic, and a functional fly.

Saxx Kinetic HD



Kinetic HD

These performance boxer briefs have a semi-compressive fit, which means they’ll hold everything where you want it without restricting your movement. Runners on our test team have found these to be comfy for both working out and everyday wear, thanks to the quick-drying fabric, flat seams, and a just-right amount of support. We did experience a small amount of bunching at the cuff but not enough to stop these from becoming favorites.

Smartwool Sport 150 Brief



Merino 150 Active Boxer Briefs


$31.50 (30% off)

From socks to base layers to briefs, Smartwool is practically synonymous with soft merino undergarments that keep you warm and cozy without any chafing or scratchiness. These light boxer briefs are soft against your skin while fighting odor and wicking sweat, so you can focus on the mile you’re in—not the underwear you’re in.

New Balance 6″ Boxer Brief

New Balance
New Balance


Men’s 6″ Boxer Brief

Deal alert: These boxer briefs come in a three pack at a great price, so you can stock up and ignore your horrifying mountain of laundry longer. They’re made of lightweight polyester-spandex fabric that wicks sweat and dries quickly. The fit is snug, but the briefs move well with your body without bunching up.

Mack Weldon Air Knit Boxer Brief

Mack Weldon


AirKnitx Boxer Brief

Best known from its many podcast ads, Mack Weldon makes an online-only line of men’s basics, including socks, undershirts, and underwear. These boxer briefs are made of lightweight, moisture-wicking microfiber that breathes well while you’re in motion, and dries quickly once you’re not. This pair has a 3-inch inseam; check out the 8-inch version if you’d like something with more stay-put leg coverage.


What length of running shorts should I go for?

While there are no hard and fast rules, different short lengths lend themselves to different purposes. Have a look at some of the scenarios befitting the scale of short lengths. 

Short length (three-inch)

Shorts that finish high up the thigh provide the best ventilation and range of movement when you run, which is why they are favoured by competitive runners in general. They’re ideal for both sprinting and long-distance road running (such as a marathon) as their technical construction, lightweight and non-restrictive cut makes them the ideal choice for all-out performance.

Medium length (five-inch)

Providing a balance between the aggressive competitiveness of the short-short and the robustness of the long, medium-length shorts give you the best of both worlds. The most popular style among runners, the medium short is a versatile garment for the modern runner and ideal for those who vary their training from track to trail.

Long length (seven-inch)

For shorter running distances a longer short is often preferred. These shorts are also perfect for changeable conditions, as well as running off-road, offering you protection against debris or shrubs. It’s important, however, to ensure the material used will not retain heat or moisture and disrupt your comfort. Look for sweat-wicking fabrics and ventilation to ensure they don’t hamper your performance. This style of short is also more likely to have pockets for quick and easy storage. 

Running shorts explainer

While the various lengths provide a basic idea of the type of shorts you need for your running discipline, there are a number of other features to look out for. There can be, however, some confusion about the purpose of these features, so here’s a look at some of the frequent questions asked…

Where are running shorts measured from?

The measurement used for running shorts is the inner seam – that is, the distance between the bottom of the short’s leg and the seam at the base of the crotch. For those of around average height, a three-inch short will finish on your upper thigh, a 5″ short should approach the mid-thigh area, and a 7″ short will finish just above the knee. 

What are split running shorts?

Split running shorts take the advantages of short-length shorts a step further, and are the garment of choice for serious runners taking part in a competitive race or seeking to break a PB. They provide super-lightweight comfort and complete freedom of movement.

Shop split running shorts at Wiggle 

Why do running shorts have a lining in the inside?

If you’re new to running, it may surprise you to learn you’re not supposed to wear underwear under your running shorts. An inner lining is instead provided to keep you secure and comfortable, and wearing another layer of underwear underneath can cause chafing and discomfort. The shorts and the lining are designed to keep you ventilated and fresh over long distances, where the build-up of sweat and constant motion could cause a nasty rub. An increasingly common alternative to using a lining inside the shorts is to incorporate compression materials under the shorts.

Why do runners wear compression shorts?

As mentioned above, compression shorts can be incorporated into traditional shorts to act as a replacement for the inner lining. These are known as 2-in-1 shorts. Compression can contribute to better blood flow, muscle activation, and general comfort.

Do compression shorts help prevent chafing?

With less moving parts, as it were, compression wear can greatly reduce chaffing. With rubbing fabrics eliminated, you can run further and in more comfort than ever before. Be sure not to wear underwear under compression fabrics or these benefits can be quickly undone.

womens sprinter briefs

Shorts type for trail, track, or road

Here are some examples of various shorts at differing lengths and for different disciplines to help you find the right style for you. Of course, the shorts below are categorised only to illustrate their likely use, so choose whatever type of short makes you most comfortable no matter your preferred terrain or running style. 

Shorts for the trail runner

Trail and urban runners tend to wear tougher gear and can afford to wear slightly heavier kit. 2-in-1 shorts provide extra protection from the elements and comfortable support even on the longest of routes. 

Salomon Agile 7″ Short

These durable and lightweight shorts from Salomon perform just as well on the road as the trail. The AdvancedSkin ActiveDry technology keeps you warm, dry and protected and a zipped pocket and stretch waist offer added convenience. 

OMM Women’s Pace Short

The OMM Pace Short is highly functional and features two mesh pockets big enough for trail essentials like gels, windshorts, compasses. Flexible, durable, and soft, these shorts will provide comfortable performance cool comfort on the most challenging mountain runs.

Arc’teryx Motus 6″ Short

Comfortable, stylish, breathable, and fast-drying, the Arc’teryx Motus 6″ Shorts will help you push your running distance even farther with their super-wicking built-in boxer liner, multiple gel pockets and reflective details.

Shorts for the track runner

The track runner is generally looking for super-light shorts that provide freedom of movement for aggressive sprints or the long strides of distance running. 

Under Armour Women’s Fly By Printed Run Short

​The Under Armour Women’s Fly By Printed Run Short is cut to give a non-restrictive fit and allow for maximum freedom of movement. Ideal for tempo runs and races and the built-in brief means they’re also great for workouts incorporating bigger strides, lunges or squats.

New Balance Impact Run 3 Inch Short

Stay dry, focused and strong with these men’s race-ready shorts designed in soft, lightweight, quick-drying fabric for lasting comfort. The placement of the seams ensures freedom of movement with no chafing. A small zip pocket gives you just enough room for some cash and your keys.

adidas Speed Split Short

The adidas Speed Split Shorts use AEROREADY technology which draws sweat away from your skin and help keep you dry and comfortable and there’s a hidden front pocket for keys. They’re made from recycled polyester making them an eco-friendly choice.

Shorts for the road runner

The road runner needs a versatile garment that is as happy in the sun as it is in the rain, and these shorts deliver on both counts. 

Asics Road 5 in 1 Short

Lightweight, durable and functional, the Asics Road 5 in 1 Short Short is equally at home in the gym or out on the road. There’s a secure pocket for valuables and 360 reflective elements add visibility for those early-morning or evening runs. 

New Balance Women’s Relentless 2-in-1 Short

Take on the great outdoors with the New Balance Women’s Relentless 2-in-1 Short. The lightweight outer layer and supportive inner keep you cool, dry and comfortable even as your workout heats up.

Ronhill Everyday 5″ Short

The perfect short for your everyday training. Constructed from a windproof fabric that is also breathable, they’ll keep you comfortable for most of the year. 



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Measure around the narrowest part (typically the small of your back and where your body bends side to side), keeping the tape horizontal.


Measure around the fullest part of your hips, keeping the tape horizontal.



Use the chart below to determine your size. If one of your measurements is on the borderline between two sizes, order the smaller size for a tighter fit or the larger size for a looser fit. If your measurements for hips and waist correspond to two different suggested sizes, order the one indicated by your hip measurement.

SIZE CHART: REGULAR (5’7″–6’0″/170–183cm)


XS< 73< 888277
XS< 29< 353230

SIZE CHART: BIG AND TALL (6’0″–6’5″/183–196cm)

S TALL73-8188-9687.5
M TALL81-8996-10488
L TALL89-97104-11288.5
XL TALL97-109112-12089
2XL TALL109-121120-12889.5
3XL TALL121-133128-13690
4XL TALL133-145136-14890.5
S TALL29-3235-37.534.25
M TALL32-3537.5-4134.5
L TALL35-3841-4434.75
XL TALL38-4344-4735
2XL TALL43-47.547-50.535.25
3XL TALL47.5-52.550.5-53.535.5
4XL TALL52.5-5753.5-5836


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