womens wide width shoes for problem feet

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From cute sandals and office-ready flats to athletic shoes, we’ve got a wide-width shoe for every occasion.

By Susan Brickell

March 27, 2019
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If your toes tend to feel cramped in regular shoes or the sides of your feet often pinch uncomfortably while you walk, you might have wide feet—and investing in a wide-width shoe is a smart choice. A wider-fit shoe provides extra wiggle room thanks to a roomier toe box, which helps prevent bunions from forming. Selecting a shoe with plenty of arch support and a cushioned insole is also key, since these features help minimize foot and heel pain.

Have a pair of wide-width shoes you love, but need a bit more cushioning? Just add insoles to support your foot, New Jersey-based podiatrist and American Podiatric Medical Association spokesperson Alan Bass, DPM, previously told Health.  His pick: Superfeet Widegreen Orthotic Insoles ($50; amazon.com), which boast plush high-density foam, odor control coating (zero stink), a deep heel cup, and a wide forefoot to match the shape of your foot.

Below, we rounded up the best wide-width shoes for women—from cute sandals and flats to athletic sneakers—backed by glowing shopper reviews.

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