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In this wool blanket camping review, we will discuss  the wool blanket for camping, best wool blanket camping, best wool blanket for camping, and 100 wool blanket for camping. There are few things better in life than climbing under a comfortable blanket at the end of the day, but choosing the right one can be surprisingly difficult. Beyond comfort, shoppers should consider whether or not the blanket is easy to clean, if it can be used year-round or only in one season, and what fabric and design options are available.

As with most sleep accessories, there is no single perfect blanket that is right for everyone. Instead, your choice should be based on your personal preferences and requirements.

Wool Blanket Camping

Best Wool Blankets for Camping — Stay Warm Outdoors!

Some of the best camping weather known to man can be found during the cooler months. Not only are the crowds mostly dispersed, but you might also be lucky enough to catch the fall leaves turning, or witness the first snowfall of the season, or gaze at the glistening frozen air in the first light in the morning. While these experiences are beautiful, you’ll want to ensure you’re toasty warm while you’re sleeping. Sleeping bags can handle very cold temperatures, but add a quality wool blanket to the mix and you’ll be nice and cozy as you sleep peacefully.

When you initially think about wool, the word itchy probably comes to mind. However, this is an unfair association. If you invest in a quality wool blanket, it’ll be soft and cozy and provide that perfect thermal layer. We’ll also go into detail about the weight of the blanket and how packable it is if you plan to backpack because maximizing space when packing for a long winter trek can be tricky.

So without further adieu, let’s take a look at some of the best wool camping blankets on the market, what you should look for when buying a wool blanket, and a few frequently asked questions.

The 5 Best Wool Blankets for Camping

Ever Ready First Aid – Wool Fire Retardant Blanket


What We Like

This Fire Retardant Wool Blanket from Ever Ready First Aid is a fantastic camping blanket. It’s made of 80% wool and is designed in a similar fashion as military grade wool blankets. It comes in a large size, measuring 66” x 90”. With such a high wool content, the blanket provides excellent insulation while remaining soft and comfortable. Additionally, another great feature is that the blanket is fire retardant.

With such a low price point for a wool blanket, this is one of the most popular options available, especially for campers, hikers, and backpackers.

What We Don’t Like

Since we’ve highlighted some pros about this purchase, let’s also discuss what could potentially be a few cons. First, the manufacturer discloses the 80% wool content, but they don’t say anything further about the remaining 20%. This leaves us to guess and wonder about what other synthetic fibers are involved. Also, the fact that the other materials are not disclosed does not bode well for proving exactly how fire retardant this blanket is. For a wool blanket, the images look quite thin making us question how much warmth and insulation it will provide. But again, on the positive side, the fact that it appears thin means it could pack down pretty easily in your backpack or car. This manufacturer also doesn’t state if this blanket is washable or not, but some brave reviewers reported back saying they washed their blankets with no issues.

EKTOS – 100% Wool Camping Blanket


What We Like

The 100% Wool Blanket from Ektos is another one of our favorite camping blankets. It is beautifully made and comes in a nice navy blue hue. This blanket is 100% wool, which ensures that you stay warm and toasty in cold weather. Weighing a whopping 5.5 pounds, this blanket is one heavy duty blanket. Measuring 66” x 90”, it is a perfect size, and really isn’t too big or too small to manage. Thanks to to the premium wool quality, this blanket is also exceptionally soft. The product description also states this blanket is as “odor free as possible.” This description makes sense because natural wool does have a distinct smell to it. This blanket is listed as washable, which is also a great feature.

An interesting feature with this product, it does not contain chemical fire retardant because wool has naturally occurring fire resistant properties. Many companies add additional retardant for safety measures. It’s also worth noting this blanket is a moderate step up in price from the previous Ever Ready First Aid blanket.

What We Don’t Like

Weighing 5.5 pounds, this blanket is pretty darn heavy. Adding 5.5 pounds to your backpack can make a big difference when hiking long distances. This is definitely a factor. However, if you’re not backpacking and carrying your blanket in the car, then this might not be an issue for you. In addition, this blanket claims to be naturally fire retardant, but without the additional retardant, we’d suggest you keep it a ways back from the campfire to avoid any sparks from catching. Can’t be too careful.

Arcturus – Military-Grade Wool Blanket


What We Like

Another fantastic wool blanket for camping is the Military Wool Blanket from Arcturus. In terms of its price point, this blanket is the middle ground between the EKTOS and Ever Ready First Aid blankets. The wool blanket comes in three different colors: military gray, navy, and olive green. It’s 80% wool and 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers. The manufacturer states that the synthetic fibers were added to make this an easy to wash blanket, which is certainly a feature we won’t complain about. In fact, Arcturus actually recommends periodically washing the blanket to add to the softness. It is a bit smaller than the previous two blankets, with dimensions of 64” x 88” and a weight of about 4.8 pounds.

This blanket is definitely aesthetically pleasing and truly looks great in all three color options. It has a nice brown lock stitching all the way around the perimeter to seal the edges and to add a touch of style

What We Don’t Like

A potential con, this blanket does not have additional fire retardant. We list this as a potential con because this topic is highly debatable. We’ll discuss fire retardant further in the frequently asked questions towards the end of the article.

Additionally, this blanket weighs a hefty 4.8 pounds, which can be difficult to carry and travel with, especially for hikers and backpakers.

Woolly Mammoth – Merino Wool Camping Blanket


What We Like

The Merino Wool Camp Blanket from Woolly Mammoth is a great option for camping trips. It’s a bit larger than similar models and is extremely soft and comfortable. The blanket consists of 80% high-quality Merino wool. The other 20% is made up of a nylon/polyester blend. The Merino Wool Camp Blanket comes in gray, navy blue, and olive green, and also has a nice stitching along the edge to prevent any fraying.

The blanket comes in a 66” x 90”, which is slightly bigger than comparable wool blankets. Even with the larger size though, it’s actually quite a bit lighter, with a weight of about 4 pounds. This blanket does come at a higher price point, but that is to be expected with the higher quality Merino wool.

An interesting note, this blanket does not contain any recycled wool. It is all brand new. The manufacturer points out that the blanket is made with a twill weave to hide stains and spills. It also has a milled finish which provides a nice thick density to this blanket for warmth and durability in the outdoors.

What We Don’t Like

This blanket is not machine washable, and is dry clean only. This could potentially be a large drawback, especially if you are camping often, as the blanket will accumulate dirt and a campfire smell over time. While it isn’t a dealbreaker, dry cleaning can be a pain.

Also, this blanket is not treated with any additional fire retardant.

Pendleton – Yakima Wool Throw Blanket


What We Like

The Yakima Camp Throw Blanket from Pendleton is a game changer — it is fantastic. We own and it and we love it. The blanket comes in three different sizes: twin, queen and “one size.” It also comes in four different color patterns and is made of pure virgin wool and cotton. This sleeping bag is definitely for the camper that desires aesthetic appeal. If you’re a travel photographer looking for the perfect blanket for your photos, this is the one for you. It’ll give your photos all of those cozy campy vibes. But also on a more serious note, this company has been around for a long time and their reputation for being a great brand and providing great products is there for a reason. They’ve withstood the test of time and it’s no wonder so many bite the bullet and spend the money on their wool blankets.

Pendleton also proudly supports the American Indian College Fund, the National Park Foundation, the FisherHouse, and the Native American Rehabilitation Association. So while this blanket may cost more, you can feel good about your purchase knowing that this company places such an importance on philanthropic endeavors.

What We Don’t Like

Compared to other wool blankets for camping, the Yakima Camp Throw Blanket is significantly more expensive. However, with hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews, this is truly a case of “you get what you pay for.” This blanket is very high-quality, exceptionally warm, and extremely comfortable. It’s worth the price tag.

Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Wool Blankets

Folded Wool Camping Blankets
Look how comfy they look!

When deciding which wool blanket to purchase, it’s important to consider exactly how you’ll be using it. What type of climate do you usually camp in? Will you be sleeping on a cot or laying in a camping hammock? Different sleeping scenarios call for different requirements. So before purchasing, take a look and decide what features are important to you.

Cost Verses Durability

For those longer backpacking trips, it’s important to remember that investing in quality gear is a matter of safety. When you’re out in nature, it can be highly unpredictable. It is up to you to be prepared for whatever mother nature decides to throw your way. In our opinion, investing in a high quality wool blanket that packs down nicely in your backpack is a necessity. Not only will it provide a great layer, but that layer could also make a difference between life and death if you get caught in a surprise storm. A prepared camper, is a smart camper. However, if you’re parking your car next to your campsite than the ability to pack down your blanket might not be a big issue, it’s alright if its a bit bulky because you won’t be carrying it across miles.

Size & Weight

Consider if you’ll be sharing this blanket with someone or just using it by yourself. If it’s for one person only, then size may not be as big as a factor. When it comes to weight, a lot of campers believe it’s better to have multiple light weight blankets not exceeding two pounds each so you can add additional layers as necessary.

Woman Camping with a Wool Blanket Over Shoulders
A small, wool blanket for one person.

Care Requirements

Be realistic about what you’re willing to do to care for your blanket. Do you have a busy on the go lifestyle? Then a machine washable blanket is probably the best bet for you. If you have the time and resources to maintain a dry clean only blanket, then go ahead and invest. But be sure if you are going to make that investment that you will actually follow the instructions. You will instantly regret it if you choose to machine wash that pricey dry clean only blanket and it comes out of the wash perfectly sized for a toddler.


It’s important to note that wool blankets are designed to be an insulating top layer. They will not block out the cold ground. Use your wool blanket in conjunction with a good quality sleeping pad to ensure warmth.

Wool Camping Blanket FAQs

The manufacturer claims the blanket is naturally fire retardant, is this true?

While wool might naturally be fire retardant, these blankets are manufactured. The companies might claim they follow a natural process to maintain the integrity of the wool but fact of the matter is, the wool is still being stretched and woven and quite often other fabrics are mixed in as well. If the company adds cotton or polyester to blend with the wool then this blanket is no longer naturally fire retardant because the cotton and polyester are not fire retardant.

Can I wash my wool blanket?

It is not recommended to wash your wool blanket in the washing machine. We recommend bringing it to the dry cleaner’s. Often times, people think they can throw the blanket in the washing machine as long as they hang it to dry. However, the wool blanket can still shrink or become damaged.

Because my blanket is wool, will it be itchy?

Not necessarily. High quality premium wool should be very soft especially when woven together with other fabrics. But also remember, this blanket will likely not come into contact with your bare skin. It’s just an added layer of warmth.


Wool blankets can be extremely beneficial when used for warmth while camping. Just remember to really think about what features are important to you before choosing which blanket to invest in. Overall, it’s a worthwhile purchase and a good wool blanket will serve as a great addition to your collection of camping gear.

wool blanket camping

For all those of you out there who have gone camping during the summertime will know how pleasant of an experience it is. However, as delightful as summer camping might be, it goes without saying that it’s

not very challenging or exciting. A bit too pleasant for some. If you are an enthusiastic camper and you are always looking forward to new challenges and experiences, then starting camping during the colder seasons will be a great start.


A good sleep is always crucial when you are camping. However, during cold conditions sleeping in the midst of the chilly winds can be a bit tough. Especially if you do not have a good blanket with you. We personally believe that camping blankets are a part that does not get much attention and not many people talk about it. That is why we have decided today to talk to you about the best wool blanket for camping. Let’s check it out.


There are many different types of camping blankets made from many different materials. So why did we particularly chose wool? Well, the very first reason behind that is because wool is one of the warmest materials that you can find out there. And that is something that you would definitely want during the cold as it will keep you warm and snug in the cold. Some of you may complain that wool blankets cause itching and rashes. Well, that will only happen if you are using cheap low-quality blankets. Something that we most definitely don’t recommend you to do. Now, that we have gone through on why wool is the ideal material it wouldn’t hurt looking at a few other types of blankets as well.


Thermal blankets can also be used while winter camping, however, we would only recommend you to use these sort of blankets only in extremely cold conditions. As they are heavier and also thicker from wool blankets.


Sleeping blankets are something that we like a lot. And that is because of their sheer versatility. Just as the name suggests, this can be used to sleep as well. Just by pulling a few things here and there you can easily transform it into a sleeping bag. They will give you the optimum level of warmth at all times.

Best Wool Blanket For Camping:

  • Arcturus 80% Heavy Military Wool Blanket.
  • Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Explorer Collection Wool Blanket.
  • Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket with Leather Carrier.
  • RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern.

1. Arcturus 80% Heavy Military Wool Blanket:

The one major plus point on getting a wool blanket is that they will be very durable. With also keeping the comfort part in place. And the Arcturus 80% Heavy Military Wool Blanket is one such product that is very sturdily made and well designed. Weighing at just above 4 lbs, we think that this is just the perfect weight for a camping blanket. The weight also makes sure that you are nice and warm inside and no cold winds pass through you.


A very crucial indicator for judging the quality of this blanket is that it is military grade. Meaning that it can be used for military and emergency purposes. So you can already understand that no matter what it goes through, it will stand strong under all conditions.


Most wool blankets are a bit tough to wash and also take a lot of time to dry out. However, this one is an exception. As they are machine washable, you can easily wash it without any hassle or worries whatsoever. And after a few washes, the blanket becomes even better and softer.

2. Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company Explorer Collection Wool Blanket:

The Woolly Mammoth Woolen Company specialize in making woolen products for all purposes. Their blankets are of very high quality and the price that is charged for them is completely justified. Coming to the product itself, the blankets come in four different colors. All of them which are very simple and minimal, there is nothing fancy about them. And so matter which one you get, it will look good nonetheless.


Once you touch these for the first time you will notice a bit of a superior touch in comparison to most camping blankets out there. And that is all down to the build quality of this product. The blankets are made from something called Merino wool. This is one of the highest quality wool available out there. So there is no issue of recycling or anything going in here. We all know that wool blankets over high use can tend to get mushy and wrinkly. To tackle that issue these ones have some sort of a acrylic on the edges, in addition to the weave. These help to sustain the overall durability.

Overall, this is a very premium looking and feeling product. Starting from the stitching to the overall quality. It is insanely good. You cannot go wrong with this.

3. Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket with Leather Carrier:

Image result for Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket with Leather Carrier

Now, if normal traditional wool blankets do not excite you and you are looking for something that looks a bit better and feels a lot exciting, then the Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket with Leather Carrier would be your most ideal option. Now, if you didn’t know, Pendleton is a very old and traditional brand. They have been in this industry for quite a long time and their products surely show that experience matters.


Now, we really want to talk about the looks first because that is what will attract the most attention. As we mentioned before, this is not like your traditional blanket. Coming in at around many different color patterns you can surely boost up your Instagram feed with the aesthetics. The quality of the material is top notch and that is something that you would definitely expect from such a high-end manufacturer. In addition to the color patterns and the high-quality material, the Pendleton patch on the bottom really gives a nice overall look to it. This bag also comes with a leather carrier as well, making the task of carrying it much easier.


The measurements of 84-inch x 66-inch are ideal for two campers to easily fit in. Not too big or not too small. It can also be used as a sleeping bag in certain conditions as well.

4. RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern:

If the Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket is a bit too expensive for you, but you still want to have a blanket that looks good and aesthetic, then you can definitely check the RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern. While this is not fully a wool blanket, it still feels like one and will also serve you like a wool blanket. Keeping you warm in the cold and as there is very little wool it will help to keep things cool as well. They come in two grey and orange color patterns. Both of which look very good. Being machine washable you can easily clean this without any problems.

The RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern might not be as durable, warm or heavy duty as the other blankets on the list. But it is still an excellent option and you can definitely give it a try while going camping.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Blanket and Camping Blanket – #1 Reviewed Blanket!


Sneaky Night Sky Blanket

“The best blanket for nearly everyone.”


Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Blanket

“By far the BEST blanket I have ever used.”


Fortem Pocket Blanket

“Super easy to pack and unpack.”

If you’re serious about camping, you know that a good night’s sleep is a necessity. Montem knows how valuable that is, which has lead to the development of the stylistic and functional Sneaky Snuggler Night Sky Blanket, with stitching inspired by famous works of art, you’ll feel cozy and sleek. Spending a cold night on the verge of hypothermia makes for a dangerous situation. Even if you’re camping in the desert at night, temperatures can be bone chilling. We at Montem made this guide to guide you through the correct outdoor blanket. The right camping blanket is just as important as any other essential piece of your camping or hiking gear.

100 wool blanket for camping

How To Choose A Camping Blanket

Types of Camping Blankets

Making the correct type of camp blanket can be a lifesaving decision. Choosing the right camping blanket, also referred to by some as technical blankets or puffy camping blankets, can also save you energy if you buy lightweight or keep you dry if you choose a waterproof type.

  • Puffy Packable Blankets – These are blankets conveniently packed in a small pack. They can be carried in a pouch and are extremely lightweight. These are ideal to use outdoors at any time. If you are hiking, camping, picnicking, or even in the mood for outdoor yoga! They can replace sleeping bags by replicating the warmth and comfort but removing any feelings of constriction.
  • Sleeping Bags – Sleeping bags are the general choice when camping, if you need the extra insulation and don’t mind packing the additional weight and area. Sleeping bags come in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes and thermal ratings.
  • Wool Blankets – Wool blankets are a natural way to stay warm. They are good enough for our military to use because even when they are wet, they still insulate.
  • Emergency Blanket – Emergency blankets come in many styles. They come in large and small sizes. Some are small enough to put 3 in a shirt pocket.  Most emergency blankets are constructed for a few uses before tearing.
  • Fleece Blanket – A fleece blanket is made of a synthetic polyester that maintains warmth and wicks away moisture to keep you dry. Some people may be allergic to fleece camp blankets, so test one before depending on it.
  • Thermal Blankets – These thermal blankets are very similar to the standard emergency blankets but are generally more durable and made for more than one use. They do have a high thermal rating but don’t really feel as comfortable as a blanket.

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Camping Blanket Materials

  • 100% Wool – Wool is probably the warmest of all natural materials. Wool blankets keep you warm by trapping air between its fibers. Even when these blankets become wet they still have trapped air between the fibers. They don’t soak up moisture or water like some other materials. This makes it ideal for wet situations. If your wool blanket becomes wet, just wring it out. The only drawback is that if it is wet it can take some time to totally dry out. Wool will also wick moisture away from your skin keeping you dryer and still insulated. Wool is made from sheep hair and can become itchy with direct skin contact. If you buy Merino wool, it won’t give you the itch that most wool will. Another benefit of wool is that it’s fire resistant!
  • Fleece – Fleece is a material made to mimic wool. It’s great for trapping air between its fibers. Fleece camp blankets also wick away moisture while holding warm air between its fibers. The main difference from wool is that when this gets wet it can be rung out and dries quickly. It’s much lighter than wool but is highly flammable.
  • Cotton – Cotton has a very comfortable feel but it is heavy especially when wet. If wet, it tends to clump and can take a very long time to dry out. It’s flammable and not a really good choice for most camping. Some blends of cotton with synthetics have proven to work well using a synthetic shell with a cotton center.
  • Acrylic – Acrylic is a synthetic fiber that is made into a filament then cut and spun like wool. Acrylic can be made from many synthetics but will contain at least 85% acrylonitrile monomer. It’s used in many applications like faux fur, clothing and boot liners. This synthetic fiber is good for wicking moisture and is becoming a top choice for sportswear. Acrylics will pull sweat from the skin keeping you dry and pull it to the outer layer where it can evaporate. This is a stain and mildew resistant fiber. It is very flammable so caution should be taken near open fires.
  • Polyester – A non-flammable synthetic fiber like polyester can shrink if exposed to high heat. Don’t leave it too long in the dryer either! Polyester is an extremely warm and lightweight fabric with a luxurious feel. This synthetic fiber will also wick moisture from the skin and keep it’s insulated properties when wet. As a result, make sure you don’t use a dryer to dry these types of outdoor blankets.
  • Nylon – Nylon is a very strong fiber and highly resilient. As one of the first synthetic fibers, it’s used in many types of clothing and furnishings. Nylon is fairly heat resistant but can melt if exposed to direct heat. Nylon can be machine washed but should be hung to dry or put in the dryer at low heat. If you dry on high heat, it may shrink. Nylon is also waterproof!
  • Nylon Ripstop – As if regular nylon wasn’t durable enough. Nylon Ripstop is a woven fabric that is highly resistant to tearing. The fabric is woven in crosshatch pattern making it tear resistant. This has all the benefits of regular Nylon waterproof, easy cleaning and wicking action with extra durability.
  • Mylar – Mylar is the synthetic aluminum foil-looking material you see in survival situations. Mylar is really lightweight and can save your life, but it has many drawbacks the other listed materials don’t have. It is waterproof but isn’t a wicking material. If you do get wet or perspire, the Mylar material will hold it in. It’s noisy and also tears easily. It will hold the heat in but should only be used as a last resort. If you have a chance to prepare properly, other choices would be better.


Weather plays a big part in the proper choice of camping blankets. Colder temperatures may call for higher thermal ratings. Warmer weather will obviously call for lower thermal ratings. But you have to ask yourself: if the weather will change, will it be windy and will it be wet? All these questions need to be answered if you want to make the right choice.

  • Heat – What sort of high temperatures will you have to deal with? When it’s hot outside you will still need some sort of cover. The ideal outdoor camping blanket offers protection from wind, insects and simply makes you feel secure while you sleep. While you sleep in the heat, you will sweat, and a proper wicking camp blanket will keep you dry and feeling cooler.
  • Cold – The cold weather brings challenges. A high percentage of people get hypothermia because of sweating in cold conditions. The best thing you can do if you find yourself sweating in hypothermic conditions is to undress and dry off. This is where the right cold weather camping blanket can save your life. A warmth-creating wicking blanket will draw off the perspiration on your skin and help you dry off.
  • Wind – High winds can dry out your skin’s moisture or cause hypothermia. Having the correct camping blanket that stops the wind from penetrating can help you survive with less water. It can also save you from freezing to death. Waterproof materials will also stop the wind from penetrating.
  • Rain – If you get stuck in the rain, I hope you have access to a waterproof camp blanket. Even in hot weather, you can die from hypothermia if you get wet. Our bodies don’t do well when we have prolonged contact with water. You have 2 options here: one is to stay dry with a waterproof camp blanket or getting dry with a wicking camp blanket. Some camp blankets use multiple materials so that you can have a waterproof shell over a wicking bottom.

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Where are you going and how long will you be camping? I know that when I have been hiking or on hunting trips, packing gear such as trekking poles is very important. Miles into your hike you wonder if you really need to take that heavy item. Next time, you will want to choose a lighter option. Weight is an important factor and you don’t want to carry more than you have to. When choosing the right camping blanket or sleeping bag, you should take weight into consideration. Smaller pocket-styled camping blankets may be the best option as far as weight and space, but you also have to take all the other options we talked about into consideration.

Choosing the Right Size

An important but often overlooked option for technical blankets is size. Camping can be really uncomfortable if you have your feet poking out of the bottom. Is the camping blanket too large and will it just get in the way or be heavier than needed? Check for the proper size which should be displayed on the packaging or description.


Some people do have allergies to some materials. Acrylic, polyester, nylon and even wool can cause skin reactions if there is any lanolin oil left on the wool. The symptoms can be anything from reddening of the skin to a runny nose. You shouldn’t find out that you have an allergy to your camping blanket when you need it. You can purchase hypoallergenic fleece camping blankets if you are sensitive to other materials.

Testing Your Blanket

The best way to find out if you made the right choice is to test. Get your camping blanket home and check for length. Lay down and roll around a bit to get the feel for it. If you don’t think it feels right, take it back and get another. Spending a night outside is totally worth making sure you made the right choice!

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The Best Camping and Outdoor Blankets

Whether you are picnicking in a local park or camping in the Smoky Mountains, a good outdoor blanket can help keep you cozy and comfortable. Outdoor blankets come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, and they are designed to excel in many different scenarios.

Outdoor Blanket Styles

Outdoor blankets come in three basic styles, which are designed for different types of outdoor applications. Although any blanket is better than no blanket, you’ll be much happier with your purchase if you select the style best suited to your needs.

Puffy Blankets

A puffy blanket is essentially a rectangular sleeping bag that has been unzipped and laid flat. They typically lack the full-length zipper that comes standard on most sleeping bags, but many have snaps or Velcro closures that allow you to use it as a sleeping bag or warm outdoor blanket. Puffy blankets provide great warmth and comfort, but they often take up a considerable amount of space. Many models have enlarged draft collars, which can help prevent the warm air underneath the blanket from escaping into the chilly night air.

Throw Blankets

Outdoor throw blankets are pretty similar to those designed to be used on your bed or couch at home, and they serve similar purposes. However, they are usually made from much better materials for outdoor use, which makes them more durable. Some outdoor throw blankets are even waterproof on one side. Most good outdoor throw blankets can be rolled or folded up to conserve space and make them easier to transport – some even include carrying handles.

Folding Blankets

Folding blankets or folding technical blankets are often the preferred choice for people who spend time in the great outdoors. They are generally made of extremely durable materials, and many are waterproof on one or both sides. While they will keep you a little warmer, they function best for providing you with a clean, dry place to sit. Most of these blankets can be folded into a very compact size, which makes them ideal for space-restricted backpackers. You can also throw one in your trunk or glove box for impromptu outings.

Features You’ll Find in High-Quality Outdoor Blankets

There is a big difference between a really good blanket and one that isn’t worth the trouble to bring. While you needn’t spend top dollar to obtain an acceptable blanket, you must choose a blanket that possesses the features that characterize high-quality products. Some of the most important features to look for are listed below:

Waterproof Materials and Finish

You should always look for blankets that have waterproof finishes or one that will fit in a dry bag. If you intend to use your blanket outside your tent. Not only will absorbed water make the blanketless comfortable, but it will also increase the weight of the blanket when you have to pack it back up and carry it home.

Quality Insulation Materials

There are a variety of different insulation materials used in the construction of parkas, sleeping bags and outdoor blankets, and each material has its own devotees. It isn’t important whether you prefer a given synthetic fill material or good-old fashion down; it is important that you avoid low-quality fills that are often used in the construction of economy models blankets and bags.

Sharp Styling

While it doesn’t matter what color your blanket is, there’s no reason you have to use a gaudy blanket – plenty of stylish models are available to suit your tastes. If you truly do not care what color the blanket is, always give thought to selecting a light-colored option, as it will be easier to see things on it (like your flashlight) in the dark.

Considerations for Buyers

When setting out to purchase a new outdoor or camping blanket, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you anticipate using the blanket? Different outdoor blankets excel in different circumstances, and you’ll need to match your intended use with the best type of blanket. If you need maximum warmth around the campfire, you’ll want to select a puffy blanket. On the other hand, if you want to use the blanket primarily as a clean, dry surface, a folding model will work better.
  • Do you want a blanket for a specific purpose or do you want one that can do it all? Throw blankets offer a moderate amount of warmth in a relatively compact package. If you get one made from a waterproof material, you can also sit on it when the ground is cold and damp.
  • Where would you use this blanket? If you intend to use your blanket at the beach, you’ll need one that can stand up to the abrasive sand and occasional wayward wave. On the other hand, you’ll definitely want the most water-proof model you can find if you are heading into a tropical rainforest.
  • How much space do you have for storing the blanket? If you don’t have a lot of storage space or there isn’t a lot of extra room in your backpack, you’ll definitely want to opt for a folding blanket. These provide the greatest space savings, and you can often carry two or three of these in the same amount of space you’d need for a throw blanket.

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Important Blanket Applications and Uses

Obviously, you can drape a blanket over yourself at night to stay warm – that’s the basic point of a blanket. But there are also a number of other things you can do with a blanket to make your time at the park or on the trail more fun.

Staying Warm While Hanging Out in Camp

Many campers spend lots of time and money assembling great cold-weather gear to help them hike through snowfall or sleep through the long, cold night. But it is also important to consider your warmth while you are simply hanging out in camp. You don’t want to wear your parka and boots while snuggling with loved ones around the fire or roasting marshmallows, and a good camping blanket is often the perfect solution.

Staying Clean and Dry During Picnics

There’s always going to be a little dirt involved with outdoor eating, but it’s wise to keep your eating area as clean as possible. A good camping blanket can help you to spread out your food, Nordic walking poles, plates, and utensils, and eat in a relatively dirt-free setting. If you like, get a folding blanket and just store it in your picnic basket so it is always ready for use.

Staying Warm While Lounging in a Hammock

If you like to sleep in a hammock, you probably already know how difficult it can be to use a sleeping bag while hanging out in one. A camping blanket – particularly a puffy-style blanket – can be a great solution for this problem. Many camping blankets even have snaps on the bottom, which allow you to create a “foot box” that keeps your toes warm through the night.

Staying Warm on Really Cold Nights

Camp for long enough and you’ll end up shivering through a night in which your sleeping bag isn’t quite warm enough. A warm camping blanket or warm outdoor blanket can be a lifesaver on these nights, as it will help keep you much warmer than your sleeping bag alone will. Any blanket will help in this regard, but a puffy blanket is probably the best option if you have the room to carry it.

Improving the Comfort of Your Tent

Blankets don’t have to be used to cover things – they can also help make the area inside your tent more comfortable. Just roll or ball up the blanket and use it as a pillow or stuff it under your knees (this can be heavenly after a long day spent hiking). You can also use a blanket to help fill in divots in the ground under your sleeping pad or cover the odd tree root sticking up under your tent.

Making a Sun or Wind Screen

With a little ingenuity, you can use most camping blankets to block the sun or wind. This can be amazingly helpful when cooking or be trying to start your campfire, and it can even make your campsite a bit warmer. In the summertime, a light-weight, foldable blanket can block the sun during the heat of the day and give you a little shade wherever you need it.

Staying Clean While Packing and Organizing Your Gear

It can be challenging to keep all of your gear organized and clean while packing and unpacking your backpack, but a camping blanket can make it much easier to do so. Additionally, by placing your stuff on a blanket when organizing your gear, you’re less likely to forget something and leave it behind. Be sure to keep your blanket in an easily accessed portion of your pack, so you can grab it first and then put your stuff on it.


Try bringing along an outdoor blanket on your next journey or adventure. You’ll enjoy much better comfort on the trip, and you’ll be glad you made the purchase. Just be sure to consider the ways in which you’ll likely use the blanket and make the best choice for your circumstances.

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