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Lace is a very gentle fabric made of yarn or thread. It is put together in form of an open web. The pattern can be made by machine or by hand. Usually, lace made by hand is considered to be more expensive and more beautiful. But these days, a lot of people prefer machine-made lace due to its durability.

Latest lace skirt and blouse styles 2017 for women

A long time ago, in order to produce lace fabric – linen, silk, gold, or silver threads can also be used. Nowadays, lace is usually made with cotton thread. However, linen and silk threads can be used as well. Machine-made lace is usually manufactured by using synthetic fiber.

Latest lace blouse and wrapper

Lace blouse and skirts styles are just fabulous and graceful! Majority of Nigerian women love them because of their elegance. You can wear lace blouse and skirt to almost any event: a party, wedding, church or even a date. We suggest that you combine lace skirt and blouse with accessories to complete the look.

Become lace skirt and blouse fan – choose your personal style!

Lace blouse with knee-length skirt

Yellow lace blouse styles 2017

Lace blouses can come in different styles and have several patterns. It can have short or long sleeves or may even come sleeveless. If you are looking for a bright top part of your outfit, make sure to match it with more light and calm color combination on the bottom. Embroideries or any other decorations on lace blouse add elegant details to your look. If your blouse has long sleeves, you can go with decorative elements as brooches to complete your look and accentuate your personal style.

Yellow lace blouse styles 2017

The lace blouse is always a top choice for every girl who wants to look both innocent and attractive. Despite the fact that lace blouses are usually combined with wrappers, you can wear it with lace skirt as well. Many fashionistas this season give preference to knee-length lace skirts either matching with the blouse colors or different colors but of the same palette. It will be a very eye-catching look!

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Also, having lace skirt and blouse in different colours is very trendy. You can combine a blouse with jeans and a skirt with Ankara made blouses, for example.

2. Igbo lace blouse and wrapper

Igbo lace blouse styles 2017

Igbo lace blouse and wrapper combination is usually worn for a very special occasion, such as a wedding. You may choose any colour and style of blouse that you like. However, one thing to remember is that family and guests usually wear the same colour as the bride at the day of wedding ceremony. You can choose some accessories to complete your look and stand out from the crowd. Therefore, choose colours that are easy to combine with accessories and look very posh.

The way to wear a wrapper is to take your piece of cloth and wrap it twice around the waist. You may also wrap it as more times as needed. You can match wrapper with a lace blouse, play with colour and design. All fashion lovers know that wrapper and lace blouse is a perfect combination.

Latest lace skirt and blouse styles 2017 - wrapper style

3. Cord lace blouses and skirts

Cord lace or Guipure are popular among Nigerian girls and young ladies. Young women are doing a great job of promoting cord lace blouses fashion and now more and more women of all ages tend to wear them. The variety of cord lace styles and materials is endless. Cord lace matches any fabric. It looks so great on any type of figure, therefore its price is very high. These highly-demanded blouses cost from ₦2,000 to ₦15,000. But once you buy it, you will not regret it.

4. Crop lace top and floor-length lace skirt

This style is at the peak of the popularity this season. Such styles come in a lot of colours, styles, and fabrics. It also has a lot of patterns and designs on the lace.

Latest lace skirt and crop tops

However, it should be mentioned that these designs are suitable only to slim ladies with a narrow waist. Lace crop top and lace skirt will emphasize how tiny and petite you are. You will definitely have all eyes on you.

Latest lace skirt and lace crop tops

The latest collections include tops which match with lace skirt look. It looks absolutely stunning! The most important thing is that the lace skirt should have the same color as the top. The designs and patterns may vary and lengths as well. If you have an ideal figure, do not hesitate – just give it a try!

5. Aso ebi lace styles

Blue aso ebi lace skirt styles 2017

Aso ebi is known as the traditional uniform dress worn in Nigeria and some of the West African countries for ceremonies and festive periods. Women often wear this type of dress to self-identify with age mates, relatives or friends during social event.

Traditional aso ebi outfit

These days, aso ebi blouses can be made of such materials as lace and Ankara fabric.In addition, African women feel enjoy choosing some glamorous accessories to accompany their look. Some earring or jewelry will make you look stunning. Everyone agrees that aso ebi lace clothes are extremely remarkable.

Latest lace skirt and blouse - stunning look

Even if you are not addicted to latest style trends and not really into fashion, you will still undoubtedly enjoy these latest aso ebi lace designs. You can choose different fabrics to accompany your aso ebi style blouse. Usually, women give a preference to Ankara, lace or velvet materials.

Pink lace skirt styles 2017

Now every woman knows how to combine a lace blouse and lace skirt. You will look definitely look awesome and have thousands of compliments from everyone. Regardless of your figure or body shape, you will look great in a gentle lace outfit. The uniqueness of Nigerian lace styles is a combination of traditional patterns and modern latest fashion trends. The elegant lace material will surely turn you into a very sophisticated lady.

Latest lace skirt and blouse styles - gorgeous combination

So many styles and options are here for you to have the perfect look. Do you want to be in trend? Then choose lace blouse and lace skirt! The latest lace collections are truly amazing and you absolutely need to buy at least one lace blouse or skirt for your wardrobe.